Ziggurat in the center of moscow

Ziggurat in the center of moscow

In January 1924, the founder and leader of the dead Bolshevik state — VI Lenin. After talks with Vladimir Zbarsky Dzerzhinsky had decided to initiate the embalming. Where did such an unusual idea? What is behind the strangest monuments built during the Soviet era?

The official version states that after the death of the leader of the Kremlin flood of telegrams and letters with requests to leave the body of a great man incorruptible, preserving it forever. However, no such letters were found in the archives. The common people are offered only to perpetuate the memory of Lenin in the grand structure. Already on the day of the funeral Ilyich — January 27, 1924 — Red Square a strange building, the mausoleum was once conceived in the classical form of pyramid ziggurat — the occult structure of ancient Babylonia. The building was rebuilt three times, until in 1930 did not get finalized. Next to the mausoleum in the Kremlin wall was arranged cemetery prominent figures of the communist movement. Around the mausoleum was established post number 1, and the ceremonial changing of the guard has become an essential part of the state attributes. Visited the mausoleum of at least 110 million people.

Since its construction, the mausoleum was used as a platform on which there were figures of the Politburo and the Soviet government, as well as special guests during the celebrations in Red Square. From the rostrum of the Mausoleum of the parade is usually treated with the speech the Secretary General of the Communist Party.

All these facts suggest that the mausoleum of Lenin’s body and is an important symbol of the Bolshevik state. The Soviet Union has disappeared, and with it many of his attributes. But building on the Red Square still stands. Lying there and the mummy of the «leader of the world proletariat.» Moreover, by continuing with parades and demonstrations. This building today remains secure facilities: it guards the Federal Security Service — the one that is responsible for the safety of the higher officials.

Obviously, this construction of the situation remains an invisible part of the system.

Ziggurat in the center of moscow

Mystery stories

Educated people from the beginning of Bolshevism arose the question of where in an atheistic state such a thirst for the occult? The Bolsheviks did not promote religion, closed churches, but instead built a ziggurat — the clearest reminder of religion and mystical mysteries of the ruling classes of Babylon. More oddities occurred after 1991, when the streets and squares of the historic names of Lenin returned, Leningrad was renamed St. Petersburg, closed museums founder of the Soviet state and its monuments were demolished. But no one touch the mausoleum did not return.

Written thousands of works, leaving no doubt as to the effect of this particular building. It is also clear from borrowed equipment — from Ancient Mesopotamia and Babylonia. Mausoleum — a replica of ziggurats of Mesopotamia, to the room at the top, framed by columns, in which, according to the ideas of the priests of Babylon, rested their demonic patrons. But as a ziggurat «works»? What are the consequences of its action?

We assume that the mausoleum — it is not nothing but a piece of psychotronic weapons. Let’s try to imagine what the principles laid down in its work. But the hypothesis we have to prove, examining the reasoning steps.

Strange Tomb

Inside the ziggurat Chaldeans often «build» a pyramid of dead heads, but the tombs of these buildings have never been. So strange building on the Red Square — it does not mausoleum and tomb. Architecturally it is a ziggurat-like ritual pyramid Chaldeans, performing occult function. You can see this, take a short journey into the mausoleum.

Visitor gets there through the main entrance and down the stairs to the left a three-meter wide at memorial hall. The hall is in the form of a cube (edge length 10 meters) with a stepped ceiling. Visitors bypass sarcophagus from three sides at a low podium, leaving the memorial hall, up the stairs to the right and out of the mausoleum through the door on the right wall.

Structurally the building is based on the concrete frame filled with brick walls, which are lined with polished stone. The length of the facade of the mausoleum — 24 meters, height 12 meters. Upper portico is shifted to the Kremlin wall. Pyramid mausoleum consists of five different height.

From the point of view of Mesopotamian mysticism Lenin’s body like a teraphim — a cult object, specially preserved and used for occult purposes. And the very tomb for the body — obviously not a place that provides peace. In this strange mausoleum not end there. Shchusev designed it, never built anything like this. How to tell the architect himself, he was instructed to accurately reproduce the shape of the stone wooden mausoleum. For five years the image of this building became known around the world. Therefore, the Government has decided not to change its appearance. Who actually designed the building is unknown.

Bolshevik Party in the construction of the mausoleum represented by Minister of Defense Voroshilov. Why is not the Minister of Finance or Agriculture? It is clear that this only covered the head of the real leaders. The decision on embalming leader was taken by Felix Dzerzhinsky, the all-powerful head of the political police. Overall, it was a political authority control and investigation, not architectural control guided the construction process.

In order to understand, resulting in a building of the mausoleum have a little distracted and consider subjects seemingly unrelated to the main. Death after death …

Let’s start with the mysteries teraphim, placed in a mausoleum. We know that Lenin was ill for a long time before his death completely incomprehensible disease. The unusual state leader tried to explain trivial reasons. The paper-Zdrava Commissar Semashko, «How and why Lenin died?» Is an interesting conclusion: «When we dissected the brain of Vladimir Ilyich, we were surprised not that he died (such vessels can not live), and the way he lived: a significant part of the brain has already been affected, and he read the newspapers, interested in the events, went hunting … «Lenin really interested in the events, read the newspapers and went hunting — at the time, both because of the critical state of his brain, he had to be … this living corpse, almost immobile due to paralysis, unable to think, perceive, talk or even see. In this case, about the middle of the summer of 1923 Lenin’s health was so improved that physicians have assumed that no later than the summer of 1924 Lenin returned to the party and the state of the …

Another little known fact. October 18, 1923 he arrived in Moscow, and he stayed there two days. Lenin visited his office in the Kremlin, made out of paper there, then walked into the conference room of the CPC, complaining that no one was found. In the first days of January 1924 Nadezhda Krupskaya concluded that Lenin was almost recovered.

Want to ask the question: what was it? That control the body of the leader, when the brain was almost turned off?

Occult interests young Sovdepiia

To suppose that could be the basis of such a life after «death», it is necessary to examine what looked Bolshevik secret service. Interest in the occult intelligence arose immediately after the Bolsheviks came to power — in 1918, the year. Even then, the KGB paid attention to the Russian scientist, journalist, mystic and occultist Alexander Barchenko, worked lectures to the revolutionary sailors. According to the official, at one of those meetings attended by security officer Konstantin Vladimirov, who carefully examined the speaker.

Ziggurat in the center of moscow

A few days later Barchenko called the Cheka, which made an offer he could not refuse. Among those who spoke with the scientist was the same Vladimirov Konstantin (aka — Yakov Blumkin). Except the names Jacob Blumkin, Yankel Herschel and Konstantin Vladimirov, he wore another — Simcha Lama.

It is known that Blumkin was linked to the most intriguing pages of Bolshevism. He, according to Trotsky, «was behind the strange career and played a role even more strange.» Blumkin became one of the founding fathers of the Cheka, committed the murder of the German Ambassador Mirbach, participated in the massacres in the Crimea in 1920. Boris Bazhanov — fled abroad Stalin’s secretary — Blumkin writes as a man who could afford to argue with Trotsky (the second man in the party!) And even tell him.

In the spring of 1923 Blumkin was active with the St. Petersburg mystics and Henry Alexander Barchenko Mebesom. GPU then seriously interested in the problems of mental effects on man and the crowd, hypnosis, suggestion and even predict the future. Blumkin survey supervised directly Dzerzhinsky.

In 1923, when the ruling elite have already guessed about the imminent death of Lenin, who oversaw special projects Blumkin and Boky Barchenko … sent to the Kola Peninsula — to investigate the problem of the local tribe, the falls, the so-called meryacheniya (state close to the mass obsession). Note: the country’s famine, the economy is barely ended the civil war, and the government will organize a scientific expedition.

The Kola Peninsula Barchenko went with several assistants, among whom was an astronomer Alexander Kondiain. The problem of the falls could not handle the group, completely forgotten about them. Barchenko more interested in other things. His path lay right on Seid-Lake — a sacred place in almost all the tribes of the Northern Urals to Norway.

Expedition Finds partially reflected in the records Kondiain: «From this place was visible Horn Island, which alone could step Lapp sorcerers. There were deer antlers. If you lift a witch horns it storms on the lake. » Despite the warnings of local shamans Barchenko decided to sail to Horn Island. Suddenly, the storm on the lake, and the boat carried away from the island. Kondiain wrote: «On the other side is seen a steep rocky shore Seid-lake, and on the rocks — huge, with Isaac’s Cathedral, the figure. The contours of her dark, as if carved in stone. In one of the holes we saw mysterious things. Near the snow patches, lying on the slopes of the gorge, could see a yellowish-white kolonna like a giant candle, next to her a cubic stone. On the other side of the mountain from the north see the whole cave at an altitude of 200 yards and the next — a sort of crypt immured … «

Astronomer writes only about one of the detected poluzasypannyh caves. Altered mental state near the ruins — irrational fear, dizziness and nausea — reported carrying.

Found that it was the expedition is uncertain, however, is clear: Barchenko explored the ruins of some ancient and powerful civilization.

Setting up the transmitter

Let’s put ourselves in the place of people who came to power in Russia in 1917. The terms of the task was extremely large, we had to somehow brainwash if not all 150 million Soviet people, at least most of them. To this end, the authorities had knowledge to pass this signal to millions — building codes ziggurats brought from ancient Babylon. So what kind of base is undoubtedly present.

But this was not enough. Possible to build a ziggurat, put in it teraphim (or more, for example Lenin’s body and head ritually murdered the king and queen), thus creating a kind of transmitters on occult principles. However, for the tog of the program was on it, transfer sensor must be synchronized with the «successor», that is, with the heads of millions of Soviet citizens. How to do it? The transmitter should be adjusted «on the wave» of the receiving nation.

Some mystics call attunement field representatives of one nation, culture or religion «egregore.» Perhaps the supreme guardians egregore and determine the behavior of the nation, giving it a national community. So, if you can not act directly on the egregore, we need a way to stifle the wave or block a receiver — or that part of the brain.

Ziggurat quite mozhno be used as a «jammer», that is, as the Russian national egregor. For this we set it to the desired frequency, and then begin to transmit information through the corpse of Lenin. Adjust to the desired frequency ziggurat had to help some artifacts associated with the entire ethnic group, the internal vibrations that resonate with the information field of all Russian. Such an artifact to an entire nation could become a cult rock and other items from the Russian pagan sanctuary. And the ancient artifact, the more coverage the ethnic group, because the likelihood is high that the ancestors of all living were associated with it. Consequently, we had to find an ancient sanctuary, get out the artifact, set it inside the ziggurat with seraphim — and everything had to «earn». Ziggurat was to carry information, is removed from Lenin, or simply «stupid» egregor.

Kola Expedition GPU was chosen not by chance. It was there, according to some sources, there is the ancestral home of drevlyan Hyperboreans, the direct descendants of which is including the Russian people, why should look for the ancient sanctuary in the Russian north, NKR for which perfectly suited the Kola Peninsula. Undoubtedly, these are the artifacts looked under Yakov Blumkin Barchenko expedition.

The blood of the poet for the altar

Sacrifice, blood. Dark occult rituals often require such things. And the most important ritual, more significant to be a victim.

December 27, 1925, was found dead in a hotel Yesenin. The investigation of the case was similar to the OGPU people, so the examination showed that Esenin hanged. And although the poet’s hands were strong wounds, and he was covered with blood, and the body was not of any traces characteristic of death by hanging, the Commission’s conclusion was inexorable.

The whole story was so wrought with white thread, that the people had the right opinion: Esenina killed. There is a hypothesis that the poet was killed by people from the OGPU and the title role in this was played Yakov Blumkin, who organized the expedition Barchenko.

Serious occult rituals require sacrifices, because the blood of the victim gives the ritual necessary to implement it energy. For not very large-scale problems as the victim is well suited a particular small animal or bird. However, the tasks require large casualties. Special value is attached to the blood of monarchs, military chiefs and priests.

Most likely, if some people who have built a ziggurat, decided to work on Russian egregore, they needed a special blood sacrifice sacred carrier of the Russian spirit.

And those to whom it was important to see the spirit of this Yesenin Russian sorcerer. So, it is very suitable for the blood ritual.

The Bolsheviks in search of Shambhala

If in Soviet times have you told someone about that atheist Bolsheviks in the 20s sent an expedition in search of mysterious Shambhala, you definitely would have taken for a madman. Yet this — proven fact! Whom to trust GPU and some influential Bolshevik state power these searches? Blumkin. And there is no randomness can not be. He was with the expedition special department of the OGPU and Nicholas Roerich penetrate the legendary Shambhala in inaccessible mountains of Tibet.

In August 1925 Blumkin penetrated through Tajikistan to the Pamirs, where made friends with the local leader of the Ismaili sect — the Aga Khan, who lived in India, Pune. With his convoy «Dervish» Blumkin penetrated to India, where, under the guise of a Tibetan monk appeared in the location of the expedition Roerich. Roerich Blumkin first presented as a lama. But at the end of the expedition Blumkin spoke in Russian. That’s what Roerich wrote in his diary: «Our Lama even know many of our friends.»

Generally, Blumkin was a mysterious figure: Officially, in 1918 he was only 20 years old. At the same time of him writing that Blumkin was a brilliant polyglot and even owned a Tibetan dialects (?!). Where and when a Jewish boy Yankel Herschel learn the language, it is not clear, but it is not everything. In addition to outstanding ability in languages, Blumkin was a great connoisseur of martial arts.

What has changed in Russian man?

To understand what happened to the Russian people in the 20’s, after the construction of the ziggurat-mausoleum, a closer look at this time.

From the beginning, the Bolshevik government tottered on all sides, its days seemed numbered. The victory in the Civil War was considered temporary. The victory of the Bolsheviks by dissociation of the White movement, due to the fact that in the hands of the commissioners were strategic military resources of the empire, was by no means definitive. Economy gave her unrelenting evaluation Bolshevism. Socialist tale, which was led people not to work. In Paris, White Russians were preparing to return to the structure of Russia. This inevitable end of Bolshevism in the years clearly seen by many. Even the Soviet elite organized warehouses with arms, money, printing and preparing for the underground struggle. It seemed that nothing could save those who seized power in Russia: the people of this mode is rejected. And with that it was urgent to do something.

But the process «on the zombies’ hundreds of millions — this task seems overwhelming. But why? If you can do this with a couple of hundred, why not a million? The same Babylonian culture is fraught with a lot of unknown.

In this situation, the Bolsheviks could only save one thing: the need to create something that at least 50 million people suddenly feel that they are ready to do anything for those sitting in the Kremlin comrades and for the world revolution. Just fantastic technique could «make the Bolsheviks remain in power.

The awakening of the people

Passivity, fright, dissociation, and other similar features in the XX century, firmly glued to the Russian, becoming a sort of synonymous with ethnicity, and the examples are not far to need.

Is a Russian’s lack of tribal solidarity — tribal hell? No. And the whole of Russian history proves it. And even in 1918, in 1919, our ancestors actively fought, and all the early 20’s Soviet uprising that shook the workers, the peasants revolt.

But in the mid 20’s changed dramatically. Exuberant, irrepressible Russian people suddenly forgot himself. Suddenly, as if by magic. So what happened? In the XX century, the world has witnessed a veritable miracle: a huge 150 millionth people, established a powerful empire win many wars and has an ancient history, was suddenly transformed into a submissive flock.

Really there was not only involved propaganda? Maybe the magic? Or secret knowledge, giving power over people? Perhaps the knowledge of the Babylonians in some way into the hands of the Bolsheviks?

In Red Square, and to this day is not a mausoleum, and a specially tuned mechanism acting on the mind, the will, and the life of our people. Moreover, this machine may have already lost the operators who created it. They have died or fled without passing secrets. The car has been running a lot worse, and those who rule now, do not know how to operate it. Only the hollow made possible the «awakening» of people — the sudden realization that the position in which they hit. One thing is certain: the liberation of the people must begin with the removal of the feeling against the people of the occult mechanism.

In January 1924 the reptile died founder and leader of the occupation of the Bolshevik state, established in the earth Russia, known as the party name «Lenin». Officially. March 21, 1024, after negotiations with certain B. Zbarsky founder and leader of the Cheka-OGPU F.Dzerzhinskim had decided to initiate the embalming. Why did you decide «still embalm the body of» Lenin «? The official version: a stream of letters, telegrams, to perpetuate the memory of the leader, please leave Lenin’s body incorrupt, saving it for the ages. (However, these pi catfish were found in the archives.’s Letters offered only to perpetuate the memory of Lenin in the grand buildings, monuments).

Already on the day of the funeral, «Lenin» on January 27, 1924 in the middle of Russia, in Moscow on Red Square a strange building. The building was a slice? conceived in the classical form of pyramid ziggurat — occult structures known in the history of ancient Babylonia. It was rebuilt three times, until in 1930 did not get finalized. This building is where the mummified corpse of «Lenin» was exhibited to the public, it became known as «the mausoleum.» Next to the «mausoleum» in the Kremlin wall was arranged cemetery «prominent figures of the communist movement.» Near the «Mausoleum» was established by the so-called post number 1, with a guard of honor. Solemn changing of the guard has become an essential part of the Bolshevik state attributes. The purposes for which a mausoleum was built by Russian researchers speculate esoteric Vladislav Shcherbakov Caravans and Gleb.

Mausoleum — brain processing technology

To understand what happened to the Russian people, in the 20’s, after the construction of the ziggurat — «mausoleum», a closer look at these years, we trace the change of mentality of the people.

From the beginning, the Bolshevik government tottered on all sides, and its days seemed numbered. The victory in the Civil, seemed to all, including the commissioners themselves, time. The war, the Bolsheviks won by disunity and incompetence of the White movement, due to the fact that in the hands of the commissioners were strategic military resources of the empire, was not the final victory. Economy gave her unrelenting evaluation Bolshevism. Especially in the 20’s, when the NEP designated for people Bolshevik abyss of mediocrity. Socialist tale, which was led people have ceased to operate. Peasants, workers, intellectuals hated this power, as evidenced by the widespread peasant uprising. In Paris, White Russians were preparing a framework for the return to Russia, the heirs of the Romanov tried to find out who will take the throne. This feeling is the inevitable end of Bolshevism was filled with many, as there is ample evidence. On the other hand, seeing the situation, many of the first wave together revolutionaries fled abroad from the USSR with stolen good (for example, Stalin’s secretary Bazhanov). Even the Soviet leadership has organized all sorts of caches of arms, money, printing and preparing for the underground struggle. It seemed that nothing could save any foreign scum, who seized power in Russia — the people of this mode is rejected. Since the people had to do something, to do something that would make it a close eye on the new government, led, if not to love her with all my heart, but, in any case, to carry out its orders without complaint, go to the battlefield and die as a zombie, shouting «for Comrade Stalin!».

Technical feasibility of such a program is known, what a great life example — all sorts of conspiracies and Love Potion. Someone in this might not believe it, but this is its limitation — in the USSR problems the 50 institutes, and there really are not idiots obviously worked, the more all of this was not based on the enthusiasm, and the generous government funding. However, a love potion recipes occult intended impact on single objects — man or woman to zamorochit head. Here, for example, the African sorcerers have a system of more serious — they can deny the will and reason dozens of people, turning them into zombies — the walking dead. Such examples are processing a lot of brains.

Group of followers of Reverend Jim Jones in the jungles of Guyana established «exemplary» commune. Be that as it may, this day 914 members of the sect Jones «People’s Temple» («The People’s Temple») have committed mass suicide. They took a vat of fruit punch with cyanide and sleeping pills. Jones ordered his men to drink, saying that soon they will attack the CIA and that it would be better to die the death of the revolutionaries. The adult members of the group were forced children to drink first, and then drank the mixture themselves. In October 1994, a member of the apocalyptic fifty-three «Order of the Solar Temple,» died of a series of explosions and fires in Canada and Switzerland. Their leader, Luke Zhure, Belgian homeopath, believed that life on this planet is an illusion and it will continue on other planets. In December 1995, a further sixteen members of the «Solar Temple» was found dead in France. March 19, 1995 Five members of the cult «Aum Shinrikyo» («The literal translation -» The way (or teaching) of the true AUM. «English-language version — (» Aum Supreme Truth). Placed bags, of which spread poisonous gas sarin in the largest The world underground, eventually causing the death of twelve and poisoning more than five and a half thousand people. sect members «Aum Shinrikyo» were paid seven thousand dollars a month to carry PSI, ie Perfect Salvation Initiation («An introduction to the ideal rescue «). What is PSI? This cap covered wires and electrodes, sending the 6-volt shocks (3 volts for children) current to synchronize brain waves carrier waves with Master Shoko Asahara. Several members of the sect of» The Gate of Heaven «castrated themselves, wanting to get into the kingdom of God.

As you can see, it is technically possible to force any person to give everything another person — love, property, freedom and life. Man threw the bayonets with joyful shouting, «Glory to someone Shoko Asahara, saying before his death» if I perish — consider me a member of the Order of the Solar Temple communist! «. But it is one person, two, ten, maybe — a few thousand. But treated as a hundred million — the task seems overwhelming. But why? If you can do this with a couple of hundred, why not a million?

A situation in which the Bolsheviks were to top 20’s, we have described. In this situation, the Bolsheviks were able to save only one thing: he had something to at least 50 million people suddenly woke up and felt that they were ready to do anything for those sitting in the Kremlin comrades, for the sake of these comrades they will throw under tanks and readily give them in aspic their children — for all justified for the sake of the world revolution, or even any fantasies, the data in the form of installation. If there was such a method, and if this technique worked — the Bolsheviks would remain in power. This technique would be truly a miracle — an example of the fantastic, incredible sverhmassovogo duping crowds. And — the Bolsheviks would have remained in power. But … because they stayed! Moreover, they are the direct descendants of this power so far, but the common people removed from power. So, a miracle happened? Try to deal with this issue.

This «generic» Russian trait or a new feature?

Passivity, fright, dissociation, and other similar epithets in XX century, firmly glued to the Russian, a kind of stasis synonymous nationality. And the examples are not far to be — they are more than enough in the daily life of any. Who was in the «army» of the Soviet Union who live in this country, that is familiar to the situation when three Dagestani put the whole company on the ears or five Caucasians «hold» the whole block in the city. Massa described the history, when a couple of recruits Caucasians pounded down the line sergeant grandfather and the other old-timers, or countrymen, Russian, stood silently on the sidelines. A lot of stories as a dozen strangers terrorized the whole area, and even the city. Sound familiar?

At the same time, reports of military prosecutors described the Soviet Union was a very illustrative case of the Chechen rebellion in the 70’s, in one of the parts, where part of a new appeal was manned by soldiers from Chechnya. Stories with a single armed soldier shoots were many in the USSR, but somehow conspired Chechens and started buzu together. Buzu, as usual in such cases, was sent to suppress the whole unit — with armored personnel carriers, and all the rest, designed to level the stones all the rebels. In this unit, abandoned by suppression, happened to be three soldiers from Chechnya, extreme long thought, they switched to the side of his, though it had started buzu was doomed. Three Chechens stood with them. On all but the tribal solidarity these guys did not care: the oath of the Soviet homeland, the dead-end on punitive and other armored vehicles. Sense of kinship prevailed. In Russian the same reason there is no sense of this, which is manifested in all areas — from business and government, ending the criminal showdowns. Russian arrives abroad — and how he has helped arranged tribesmen? You do not. Come to work in the Russian government department or service in part, as a help to him his people in leadership positions? For example, appears in the Ministry of Health of the Georgians — and, as if by magic, then in a hospital, then to the other, the head doctor are Georgians. A little more time passes — and these Georgian head doctors all heads of departments also Georgians. And so everywhere, whether they trust the production of cardboard or criminal community, where Georgian «authorities» somehow disproportionately to the number of Georgians in Russia.

Similarly, the behavior of all nations — from Chinese and ending Jews druzhnost and solidarity which has long been the talk. The social behavior of the Russian tactics opposite way around — they also actively help her drown. All of the «brotherly nations», summarized in the USSR, buzili throughout the lifetime of the USSR and the Caucasus, and Central Asia, and in the Baltic. Is it possible that a Russian’s lack of tribal solidarity some generic trait. Genetics is that?

Prior to 1917, there were some other Russian. Although 1917 was the — it’s actually not a little dated. In 1918, in 1919, our grandfathers and great-grandfathers actively fought with each other, and all the early 20’s that shook the Soviet workers’ uprising, the revolt of the peasants. But suddenly, somewhere in the mid 20’s, this changed dramatically. Exuberant, irrepressible Russian people, who denounced Lenin of chauvinism, suddenly forgot himself. Ceased, faded, lost its sense of the elbow. All of a sudden, as if by magic daddy ustakanilos: Komsomol together wearing red handkerchiefs and began to reel, the proletariat pushed me to the military parades and demonstrations, the Soviet intelligentsia rejoiced and rushed to chant victory of socialism. All of this can, of course, to explain the work of repression and propaganda — but only abstractly theoretical. For example, the Anglo-Saxons conquered Ireland about 800 years ago, the Irish assimilated by all the rules: encouraging mixed marriages, giving children from infancy to school, where they fashioned «Englishmen», and so on. As a result, even the Irish tongue forgotten. But did Ireland England? No, it did not become. Could not do anything to promote either Ireland or to Scotland, where to this day talk about autonomy. Huge Russian people and the Soviet propaganda school broke for some ten years. Although the same ten lats in Western Ukraine was absolutely hopeless struggle against the Soviets. And no one even did not occur to give up and run to record s Komsomol. Moreover, since the late 20’s propaganda Moscow suddenly became so strong that it was able to reach out and emigres, turning men into a herd of recent pacifists, anti-fascists, since the mid 20’s White emigre organization, recently focused on a triumphant return to Russia, the fading .

In the 30 years in Ukraine, as well as the Don, Kuban was a terrible famine. Ten years earlier, Ukrainians actively reaching for axes with one glance at the commissioners, and pan chieftain Makhno gave Bolsheviks pendalya in full. One block to the Crimea, and ordered the Red Army «to shoot all this dissent.» However, the Russian people on the other on the other side of the isthmus, although spoke different dialects, quickly found a common language, and Makhno quietly left with their «hloptsyamy» because who the commissioners — understood not only Makhno. But already in the 30th East Ukraine quietly ate each other and bleed no lack. At the same time, finally win the Western Ukraine Bolshevik «and could not. That’s the question: why is a «mausoleum» affect the brain, the other not?

What kind of propaganda is that? Is it possible at all? In the XX century, the world has witnessed a veritable miracle (although miracles in a negative sense), when a huge 150 millionth people, established a powerful empire win many, war, and has an ancient history, was suddenly transformed into an obedient herd. And the herd is not only in the occupied territory, but also on a global scale, where almost every Russian became oblivious of his kinship Ivan, stupid, forgetting their roots individual. » Could there have been involved something other than propaganda? Maybe some kind of magic? Or secret knowledge, giving power over people?

We see how the Russian people in the vast majority consider themselves suddenly became Soviet. Atrocities, created by the Bolsheviks on the tribe ceased to excite people. Memories and memoirs are full of real evidence, when planted in the camp people maintained there selfless faith and love for Joseph Dzhugashvili (demon — «Stalin»}. Even having survived, having cool hell and came out of the camps, many were genuine communists and even the Stalinists. Russian people to a greater extent than all other nations to exploit the Soviet Union, and now shows a surprising, completely inexplicable commitment to communism, «Leninism» and other nonsense.

This phenomenon can write entire monograph, Russian and today in most meekly allowed to call themselves «the Russians.» In the United States — the home of modern management masses, melting pot, where, except Indians not aborigines — and then not so many «Americans.» Not only that there is a white, black and colored, each living in the neighborhood, so still and white clearly remember one of them German, who is Irish, Anglo-Saxon who who Frenchman. All photos and grandparents of the last century, many ethnic communities, some — and even national Mafia. But for hundreds of years people live b Empire for hundreds of years they hammered that they «amerikantsy4. A Russian who call themselves «Russians» — good 2/3. So the propaganda explanation can never be exhausted. Therefore, it would be natural to assume that we are dealing with a treating consciousness of the Russian people. Treatment of consciousness as a result of which it was somehow blocked sense of tribal solidarity, and with it a sense of passivity, detachment. indifference. In recent history, we do not know the living examples of the vast crowds of zombies, but in ancient times, it seems, such a method could own, perhaps? Why not?

In the mid-eighties, the problem of creating a bare psihogeneratorov and remote influence on human psyche studied in almost all developed countries. Serious and scientific experiments. And the circle succeeded from the beginning of the century has grown considerably. In the Soviet Union, in general, the time to realize the importance of this issue, as well as the danger posed by the need to protect other people’s minds and to manipulate it. Possibility of remote influence on the psyche of the Soviet Union learned about fifty institutions. Appropriations for education amounted to hundreds of millions of rubles. Although investment good return, but then received the results of development have not received.

After the collapse of the Union, all works were stopped, experts in the fields of fine psychophysical scattered around the country and do other things. Today focused research on these topics and the Russian Federation are not conducted. In the USSR, as many as 50 institutions engaged in what used to be called «magic», and now «energy-information action» and «subtle psychophysical field.» Question: when the Soviet Union began in these studies the occult? When and who founded the 50 institutions? Not from the beginning right? In the sixties of the XX century, when the United States has publicly announced the termination of the experiments with the paranormal? In the fifties of the last century, when in the hands of the NKVD were people and documents belonging to such an organization is not very materialistic as Annenerbe? Or may, experience began even earlier? And when we started — started it from scratch or whether there was any basis? Actually, if we recognize those who wanted to seize power at the very top, witchcraft amused anytime, anywhere. Russia is no exception. For example, Konoad Busse (foreign fighters in the Russian service) wrote this: «SHUISKI began to thrive on magic, gathered all servants of the devil, Warlocks, which only you can find in the country to that which could not have one, could do other. Thus sorcerers have ensured that people Shumsky win. «

If we change the word «warlock» and «servants of the devil» by «experts impacts of Energy» and «psychics», the actions of Shuya are not that unusual. Since the request is not in existence batons, but rather who has it bigger and better.

To sum up some of what is said. Above we have discussed, what preparations under the Cheka-OGPU were made. Told that oversaw construction of the «mausoleum» — the ziggurat is the same all-powerful political police Bolshevik OGPU. We talked about the possible mechanism of the ziggurat in Red Square, and then looked at what is today the Russian people, the most natural, the most ancient social instinct, inherent in any people — tribal solidarity.

Told how to actually relate to the current powers that be zombies and the occult. What other evidence needed to understand — in Red Square is not a «mausoleum», a specially tuned mechanism acting on the mind, the will, the life of our people. Moreover, most want to emphasize, this machine can even lost operators who created it. They have died or fled without passing ace secrets. The car was already running a lot worse, and those who rule now, do not know how to operate it. Therefore, it was possible today awakening that occurs with the PASSIONARITY Russian people, although most are still sleeping. But one thing is certain, the liberation of the Russian people must begin with the dismantling of the feeling against us occult mechanism.

Everything should be swept even to the ground, a hundred meters in radius, and one hundred (or maybe more?) Meters in depth. Requests concrete, lead and cleaned with all the necessary for this ritual. Perhaps some of those who read this study, the authors suspect the unknown and being obsessed with the paranormal. We hasten to dispel such speculation — the authors know very serious political and economic analysis. And here, in the heart of Russia, its main square is a real Babylonian ziggurat, a teraphim inside, it’s not nonsense? No nonsense! Hence, all the above is well founded.

Ziggurat in the center of moscow

Information for consideration:

Want to give something to the reader as a certain reference. In the period 1941-1946, «mausoleum» was empty. The body was taken out of the capital at the beginning of the war, and marching to the «mausoleum» 7noyabrya 1941 troops before battles for Moscow passed empty ziggurat. «Lenin» was not there! And it was not until 1948, more than a little odd: the Germans threw in 1942, and his body was returned only in 1946, in our view, Stalin or those who really managed, so, figuratively, removed «deep stream from the reactor «. That is, removing the teraphim they stopped work machines. In these years he Russian will and solidarity were very much needed. As soon as the war ended, «reactor» restarts, returning teraphim, and the people-winner wilted and died. This change is then very surprised many contemporaries that were sealed in many memoirs and works of art.

The first «mausoleum» in Red Square

The first «mausoleum», knocked together for a week, is a truncated step pyramid to which the two sides joined L-shaped extension with stairs. Visitors walked down the stairs to the right, avoided a sarcophagus with three sides and out the left stairs. After two months of temporary mausoleum was closed, and the construction of new wooden mausoleum, which lasted from March to August 1924.

Second mausoleum, wood, similar to that architect Shchusev later made of stone. It was a large (height 9, length 18 meters) truncated stepped pyramid, stairs have now been included in the total volume of the building. This painting is a television antenna, such early and stood on the roof, and the house was for everyone. Similar antennas are still standing on the radio and telemachtah. The principle of their pyramidal ™ is simple: such stair outline amplify the signal, each successive loop adds the radiation power. Naturally, the ziggurat not transmit radio waves as an antenna. But physicists proved that radio waves, sound waves and waves in fluids have much in common, they have the same basis — a wave. Therefore, the principles of all wave devices are the same, whether the sound waves, light waves, or some unknown radiation, which today is called the energy-convenience. Note: Ceiling «mausoleum» is also a step as external pyramid. This circuit in the circuit, which uses the type of reinforcement of the transformer. Modern instruments showed that the interior angles of delay information energy from outer space, and its external emit. That is, the Tomb ceiling absorbs energy, the upper most add-Ray (there are several dozen short-outside corner edges).

What kind of energy is it? See for yourself:

In the years 1924-1989 the mausoleum visited by over 100 million people (not including the parade and demonstrations) from all over the Soviet Union. «Grandfather Lenin» Soviet power fertilize regularly and in large quantities, even though he is only a small part of getting any needed for preservation of the corpse. The rest goes to another place. Still there is a «mausoleum» and the other corner. In fact it is not even a corner, and three angles: two internal, retractors energy like a bowl, and the third — external. It divides in half a notch, moving outward like a thorn. This is more than the original architectural detail, the detail is unbalanced — he is such a triple angle. And it aims to marching to the «mausoleum» crowd. Such strange angles are called triple today psychotropic devices (in fact, worked on them, and those same 50 Soviet institutions). The principle is simple and described above: the interior angle (for example, a corner) involves a hypothetical information energy, outer corner (eg corner of the table) — emits. What kind of energy in question — we can not say. Nobody can, physical devices it does not register. But organic fabric to such energy over sensitive, and not just organic. Everyone knows the world is as old as the reception to put in the corner of the child who is too active, why? Because it takes a corner if there is surplus energy to stay for long. And if you put a bed in the corner — the dream forces there not add. Known effects of the pyramid — negniyuschee, mummified flesh, self-sharpening blades. A pyramid — are the same angles. The same angles are used and psychotropic devices, but there is also the operator — the person controlling the process and reinforcing power of the device several times. From the mind can be reduced by irradiating a «gun.» What makes it «shoots» — not very clear (the words «information» and «torsion fields» — these are only words), but drive a person crazy, or to make him a thought psychotropic «gun» may.

By the way, the question: where there was a military parade Dzhugashvili comrade? That’s right — he was just over the angle thus with a thorn, greeting appropriate to the Ziggurat crowd of citizens. He was the operator. The process apparently was so important that the summit was the idea to demolish not only St. Basil’s Cathedral, and all buildings within a kilometer, so that the area could accommodate a million people running systems. Hardly millionth box proletarians would produce for the White House more impressive than a ballistic missile, therefore, not for a million impressions crowd was needed, but for something else. For what?

If someone does not believe the stories about bioenergy psychotropic weapons — believe the U.S. press, which in the 80s was a scandal. It started with the fact that even in the 60 ambassadors have become bad — head began to ache, bleeding from the nose to go, could not think and speak coherently. After the change, but the same has started and the successor, as well as other members of the embassy. Then he realized the monkeys to the embassy to settle and close — keep an eye on them scholars. And the monkeys actually began to «go roof», based on which was placed a little belated conclusion that after the KGB something irradiated. What — press and disassemble, although to this day, the mystery of dark corners. True, the Americans after the incident dramatically increased research in this area.

Another interesting story about this «mavzoleevy angle» results in their works known bioenergetics Mr. M. Kalyuzhny:

«For a niche website is no mystery no idea, but natural curiosity pushed him to hold, as it were, natural experiment, and he came to the two constantly on duty in front of the Mausoleum of young militiamen. On the question of whether they knew what the niche (and the conversation took place in front of her), — followed by the astonished question — «What is a niche?» Only after repeated-pointing the finger at her with a detailed verbal description of it, the police more than two-meter height and almost meter width, niche noticed. The most interesting thing was to watch the eyes policeman, staring into the conversation in an emphasis on the «corner» of the Mausoleum. First, they do not express, as if a person looks at a blank white sheet of paper — suddenly, his eyes began to expand, and get out of the eye orbits — see! Curse fell! It is impossible to explain this miracle visually impaired or mentally disabled people in uniform, because they have passed a medical examination. Only one thing — a special magic (psychotronic, zombie) the impact of the Mausoleum in others. «

Now consider the following interesting point — wear «mausoleum.» What is the wear, shows the analogy with the motor, if the engine is running — it wears out, he needs new parts, but if the engine is — he can stand forever and nothing with it will not be. In the «mausoleum» no moving parts, of course, but there are no moving devices that are worn out — batteries, rechargeable batteries, gun barrels, carpets and road surface, some of the internal organs (eg the heart moves, and liver — no, but I still wear ). That is, it should be understood that all that work, sooner or later develops its resources and needs repair. And now we read Mr. Shchusev (architect «mausoleum»). Mr. Shchusev (in «Building newspaper» № 11 dated January 21, 1940) says the following:

«This third edition has been decided to build a mausoleum made of red, gray and black Labrador, the upper plate of the Karelian red porphyry columns installed on a variety of granitic rocks. Frame constructed of reinforced concrete mausoleum filled with brick and coated natural granite rocks. To avoid shaking the mausoleum in passing during parades in Red Square of heavy tanks, pit, which installed concrete slab foundation, and concrete frame of the mausoleum covered with clean sand. Thus, the building of the mausoleum immune from transfer shake soil … mausoleum designed for many centuries … «

However, although all were built and for centuries, in 1944 the Mausoleum had thoroughly repaired. It took another 30 years and someone suddenly became clear that it needs to be repaired again — in 1974 it was decided to carry out a major reconstruction of the tomb. It is even unclear such as: what does «it was clear»? «Mausoleum» is made of reinforced concrete. That is, iron, concrete shelters from the atmosphere — a stone. Reinforced concrete is almost forever — it must be a thousand years, even reinforced concrete, made in the USSR (and only for the «mausoleum» certainly had the right and fittings, and cement superintendents did not save). Sanitation is not there a special, toxic fumes not. That repair? He’s a must? It turns out, no. Someone knew that not all that needs repair.

Let us turn to the memoirs of one of the leaders of the reconstruction of Joseph Rhodes: «The project involved the renovation of the mausoleum complete disassembly cladding, replace about 30% of granite blocks, strengthening the construction of publication, the complete replacement of the insulation and isolation on advanced materials, as well as device a complete cladding of a special lead. All the work worth more than 10 million we took 165 days … Having looked granite facing of the Mausoleum, we were amazed at what he saw: rusted metal frame, brick and concrete walls were destroyed in some places, and isolation, insulation became sodden mud and water, which had to bail out. Peeled structure were reinforced and covered with the latest insulation and heat insulation materials. Over the whole building was made concrete arch-shell, which is covered with a solid zinc armor … Also, in reality, had to replace 12,000 facing blocks. «

As you can see, Comrade Rhodes was as surprised as our all rotten! Rot that could rot in principle — fiberglass and metal. In both! And most importantly, someone knew about the processes occurring inside the ziggurat, and gave the team time to repair. Someone knew ziggurat — this is not a miracle of Soviet architecture, and the device is very complex instrument. And no one, he probably is.

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