Historical traces mysterious hyperboreans

In ancient written sources, Greece, India, Persia and other countries there is a description of the peoples inhabiting the territory of Russia circumpolar over 2.5 thousand years ago. Among the ancient states there was also a mysterious country of the Hyperboreans, virtually unknown and unexplored today.

Historical traces mysterious hyperboreans

The encyclopedia says that the Hyperboreans — it’s the people who live on the other side of the north wind Boreas, which blows from the caves of the northern mountains.

They are fabulous people, who lived in a paradisiacal country, forever young, not knowing the disease, enjoying uninterrupted by the «light of heart.» They did not know wars and even quarrels, never came under Nemesis vengeance and were dedicated to Apollo. Each of them could live to be 1,000 years old.

These days, trying to relate to the Hyperboreans, many people living in the Arctic zone, including the Ural-Altai, Chukchi, Kamchadals and American natives. But the issue remains largely unresolved. What ancient sources report?

What people say about the Hyperboreans the Greeks

Greek geographer Feopont (IV c. BC) gives information about the Hyperboreans, which demigod Silenus reported Phrygian king Misadu during their conversation: «Europe, Asia and Africa is an island surrounded by the ocean. Out of this world there is an island with a lot of people. Large army of the island (the empire of Atlantis) tried to invade our land, crossed the ocean. They reached the land of the Hyperboreans, who was believed to be the happiest people of this part of the land (the polar part of modern Russia). But when the conquerors saw live Hyperboreans (taken refuge in a cave), they found them so miserable that they refused all of their aggressive intentions and returned home, concluding a friendly agreement. «

Herodotus (IV c. BC) reports that the Hyperboreans lived Riphean Mountains (Urals), followed by the Scythians to the north of them. It is reported also that the Hyperboreans sent once to the Greek island of Delos (for Summer with Apollo and Artemis) gifts to their girls Giperohoy and Laodicea, accompanied by five young men. The fate of the envoys remained unknown, but since then the Hyperboreans themselves on the island does not happen, and the gifts passed through the neighbors in the relay, until they reached the island of Delos.

Povsany claimed that the famous Delphic temple of Apollo was built Hyperborean priests, among whom was the singer of Aries. It is known that, as adults, in a chariot of Zeus, Apollo flew every summer in Hyperborea, to the banks of shady Istria (modern river Ob, but the source of the Irtysh) in the land of their ancestors — the god of the Hyperboreans, titanium Koya and his wife Phoebe, are the parents of his mother Leto. At the same chariot flew and the king of the Scythians Prometheus to his Northern Urals (near the source of the rivers and the Great Lobva Kosva).

Apollo was considered a prophet, an oracle, a healer god, founder and builder of cities. Vozvedshy by Hyperborean priests cities and temples at Delphi, Asia Minor, Italy, Claros, Didyma, colophon, Kum, Gaul, on the Peloponnese, he is in his life, was closely associated with the Hyperboreans. There, he, his son, Asclepius, and other children receive knowledge from the sage Chiron and Hyperborean priests.

Greeks reported that Hyperborea flourished, morality, art, religious and esoteric beliefs and various crafts necessary for the country’s needs. It was the development of agriculture, animal husbandry, weaving, construction, mining, leather, wood production. We Hyperboreans was land, river and sea transport, a lively trade with the neighboring nations, as well as India, Persia, China, Europe.

It is known that the Greeks moved to Greece because of the Caspian Sea about four thousand years ago. Previously they lived near rivers and Khatanga Olenyok, adjacent to the Hyperboreans, arimasps, Scythians. That’s why these people so much in common in historical reports.

Children of Apollo, Asclepius, the most famous, famous in the medical field. He wrote and left a general knowledge on medicine in voluminous books mentioned in various sources, but did not come down to the present day. Shamans our northern peoples (up to XX century.) Was widely used to treat acupuncture, moxibustion, and many other techniques related to the now traditional Eastern medicine, which confirms the exposure of the Tomsk Medical Museum of the North. It is possible that such knowledge in the field of healing existed in all the ancient continents, and were later lost. But these days, they began to march again on the continent from the East.

Hyperborea visited Greek merchants, scholars, travelers, who left information about the polar regions, where it snows, polar days and nights, and the population is saved from the cold in underground abodes, which were temples and other structures.

The ancient Greek writer described Elion amazing ceremonial country of the Hyperboreans, where there are the priests of Apollo — the sons of Boreas and Chiron — an increase of six cubits. Whenever perform rites set at the prescribed time, with Rhipaean mountains flock flock of swans. The majestic birds fly around the temple, as if clearing it your flight. Fascinating spectacle in its beauty. After that, when harmonious choir of priests accompanied Citharist begins to praise God, swans second experimental singers smoothly and accurately repeating the sacred singing.

In the folklore of some people survived description wonderful yasnogolosyh virgins who could fly like swans. The Greeks identified with their wise Gorgon. Perseus is in Hyperborea, made his «feat» by cutting off the head of Medusa the Gorgon.

Hyperborea also visited Greek Aristeas (VII c. BC), who wrote the poem «Arimaspeya.» By birth, he was considered the Hyperboreans. In the poem, he described the country. Aristeas had clairvoyance and was able to lay in bed, fly in the astral body. However, he (through the astral body) are seen from above a large area, flying over the countries, seas, rivers, forests, reaching outside of the country of the Hyperboreans. After the return of his astral body (soul) Aristeas got up and wrote down what they saw. This ability is reported to Greek sources, which also has some priests Abaris, who came from Hyperborea to Greece. Abaris, the five-foot metal given him «boom of the Hyperborean Apollo,» with a special device in its plumage, cross rivers, seas and impassable places like traveling by air (see Fig.). During the trip he made atonement, cast plague and epidemic disease, made accurate predictions of earthquakes, soothed and calmed the stormy wind river and sea waves.

Historical traces mysterious hyperboreans

Apparently, a reason many ancient authors, including the largest ancient historians, strongly suggest Hyperborean flying abilities, that is, possession of equipment flight. Such, however, is not without irony to describe more Lucian. Can there be such — that the ancient inhabitants of the Arctic owned aeronautics technology? And why not? Preserved because of possible images in a variety of aircraft — like balloons — of Lake Onega petroglyphs

Hellenic Solntsebog Apollo, born in Hyperborea and received at the place of birth of one of its main epithets regularly visited his distant homeland, and the ancestral home of almost all Mediterranean peoples. A number of pictures of Apollo, flying to Hyperboreans. This artist persistently reproduced quite atypical for the ancient pictorial symbols winged platform upward, I suppose, to some real prervoobrazu.

Apollo (and his sister Artemis) — Children of Zeus from his first wife, she-titans Summer is uniquely related to the Hyperboreans. According to ancient authors, and the conviction of the ancient Greeks and Romans, Apollo not only revolve Hyperborea in a chariot drawn by swans, but they themselves are constantly Hyperboreans-northerners came to Hellas with a gift in honor of Apollo. There is also a substantive link between Apollo and the Hyperboreans. Apollo — God of the Sun, and Hyperborea — the Nordic country where the sun never sets in the summer for a few months. Geographically, the country may be located only in the Arctic. Cosmic-star Apollo entity due to its origin.

Sister of Apollo — Artemis — is also inextricably linked to the Hyperboreans. Apollodorus (1, 1U, 5) draws her defender Hyperboreans. About accessories Hyperborean Artemis are mentioned in ancient ode of Pindar, dedicated to Hercules Hyperborean. According to Pindar, Hercules reached Hyperborea to make another feat — get Zlatorog Kirineyskuyu Lan:

«He reached the land, behind the ice Boreas.

There daughter Latona, stremitelnitsa horses

Met him, who came to take

Of the gorges and winding depths of Arcadia

By decree Evrisfeya at rock father

Zlatorog doe … «

The mother gave birth to her she-titans Summer solntsenosnogo son on the island Asteria, meaning «star.» Aster (Star) was called and sister Summer. There is a theory. that the cult of Apollo was re-recorded in the Mediterranean, in the time of ancient Rome. This cult of Proto Indo-European tribes brought Solntseboga Wends who founded and gave their name to the modern city of Venice and Vienna.

That Hyperborean priests, the ministers of Apollo founded the first church dedicated to the sun god at Delphi, keeping in constant contact with the northern metropolis.

Pausanias claimed that the famous Delphic temple of Apollo was built Hyperborean priests, among whom was the singer of a deer.

So here mnogoslavnoe onovali sanctuary God

«Also, deer [b]: He was the first prophet prophetic Phoebe

First, the songs that made up of the old tunes.

Pausanias. » Description of Greece. H. V, 8.

Swan — the symbol of Hyperborea. Fork sea gods — the son of Gaia, the Earth and the prototype of the Russian sea king married a she-titans Keto. Their six daughters born to Hyperborean limits originally revered as the beautiful Swan Maiden (only much later, for ideological reasons, they were turned into hideous monsters — Gry and Gorgon). Discrediting the Gorgon was the same way, and apparently for the same reasons as the attribution of opposite signs and negative meanings in the decay of the total Indo-Iranian pantheon into separate religious systems (this was after the Aryan migration from North to South), when «the devi «and» Ahura «(light divine beings) become ‘devas’ and ‘asuras’ — evil demons and bloodthirsty werewolves. It’s a global tradition inherent in any and all times, nations, religions.

During the reign of God Kron, who ruled during the Golden Age, in Hyperborea began conducting large sports national games, long before the Greek Olympics. These games were held in several places: the sources of the rivers Poore and just east of the mouth of the Yenisei (there are remains of large stone structures) and others. It is recommended Hyperboreans the Greeks to award the winners of the Olympic Games instead of the apple branch olive branch and gave them the sacred olive tree.

Scythian king during the time of Koya and Zeus had Prometheus. Country of the Scythians was the Northern Urals. Prometheus residence was at the source of the rivers and the Great Lobva Kosva. Legends tell that Prometheus gave them writing and counting, but in reality, he probably spent the next reform of writing that existed before it.

There is no doubt that the Hyperboreans had a written language, because without it, Chiron and Asclepius could not have written the book on medicine. By the way, the ancient writing of the northern peoples (Yamal — Taimyr), persisted until the beginning of XX century.

Hyperborea owned development technology of underground deposits of metals. They could pave the tunnels under rivers, lakes and even the sea bottom. Hyperborea built unique underground facility. During the cold season they found shelter in underground cities, where it was warm and there was protection from space and other influences.

Aristeas, describing his trip to Hyperborea, reporting numerous marvelous stone sculptures.

Contrary to current opinion, culture pyramids — not the southern and northern origin. In the cult-ritual and architectural and aesthetic form they reproduce the ancient symbol of the Arctic Grand-Motherland — Pole Mount Meru. According to the archaic mythological representations, it is located at the North Pole and is the axis of the world — the center of the universe.

There is a mountain in the world, krutoholmnaya Meru

She can not find either of comparison or measure.

In the supramundane glory of reach space

It shines in the golden decoration

Top of her wearing pearls.

Top of her hidden by clouds.

On top of this, the pearl palace,

We sat down one day heavenly gods …

Mahabharata. Book 1. (Translation S.Lipkina)

Arrow of Apollo

Historical traces mysterious hyperboreans

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