Who recognized raw food and vegetarianism mental illness

Who recognized raw food and vegetarianism mental illness

The World Health Organization has expanded the list of diseases to be psychiatric treatment, adding a vegetarian and raw food diet. They are included in a group of habit and impulse disorder F63.8

One of the arguments in the decision to classify vegetarianism and raw food diet to disease for doctors was the news that in Spain in Malaga rawfoodist family brought their children to coma strict diet — children barely managed to save, according to the Voice of Russia.

Note that the category F63.8 disease characterized by repetitive actions without a clear rationalization of motivation, which are contrary to the interests of the patient and others. The man said that this behavior is caused by desire, which can not be controlled.

Earlier, the broad resonance due to the inclusion in the list of diseases in this category, the love that WHO is also equated to mental disorders along with addiction.

Vegetarian lifestyle eliminates the use of the products associated with the exploitation and killing of animals. Vegans exclude from your diet all foods of animal origin, including meat, fish, eggs, milk, dairy products and honey.

Raw food — supply system, which completely eliminated the use of food, subjected to heat treatment.

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