Ancient faith slavs

Ancient faith slavs

This article aims to tell the real truth to modern man, with no distortion and false interpretations of the ancient belief of Aryan and Slavic peoples — Ingliizme.

For our contemporaries in the Russian state and beyond the very name of the ancient faith and Slavic Aryan peoples — Ingliizm forgotten and seems to be something alien, a stranger. In today’s world there is «indisputable, scientifically proven opinion» about the so-called traditional Russian religions which have their «invaluable contribution» to the creation of Russian history and the Russian state. These religions today include Christianity, Islam, Judaism and Buddhism.

But if you look closely at this «undeniable, proven scientific opinion» on the traditional Russian religions, the tradition of it can lead. Christianity is only 2000 years ago, has been brought into the Russian land from the Byzantine Empire, later Islam — of Saud, Judaism — from Israel; Buddhism — from China. And what was with the Russian people initially, in the «what» or «whom» they believed before the «traditional Russian religions»?

Official history on this question is answered unequivocally — The Russian people were pagans and professed pagan, barbaric cult of ignorant, semi-human.

But look at the word «pagan» on the other side. On Old Church — pagans it

1) aliens, strangers, foreigners, the representatives of other nations, with foreign to the Slavs beliefs, traditions and culture (Old Church Slavonic Dictionary. Moscow, 1894), or

2) «hostile Slavic tribes speaking different languages and believed in other gods» (Russian Veda. Appendix. Moscow, 1992). That is, from the point of view of the Slavs, the Gentiles were Christians, Buddhists, Jews and other religious followers foreign scientists, flood the Russian state.

If you ask the representatives of the official historical science about which beliefs were the other peoples of the world until the world’s traditional religions, the answer is the same — the paganism. Unwittingly it seems that all of the nations in the world until the world’s traditional religions practiced only one religion, paganism. People worshiped the same gods, the same forces of nature, and consequently all the polls were ignorant barbarians and had no history. Or all the same in every nation on earth created its own history, culture, tradition, have its own folk belief, which had its original framework and its unique name?

History of the peoples of the Earth throughout their existence was inextricably linked to various beliefs of these people, with their ancient traditions and unique culture. Therefore, you should never consider the history of a people apart from his faith, tradition, and culture, or in terms of beliefs, traditions and cultures of other nations, as is done in modern times, to humiliate other people, to label «pagan.»

According to the modern view of the history of mankind, and it covers about 5-6 thousand years, from ancient Egypt to the present day, almost all nations of the world, except the people of Israel, the story begins with a sacred legend, unique epic or myth, led is a great hero, the father, who gave his name to the people.

Our Russian history, unfortunately, are beginning to consider the time when The Great Powers had already posed the greatest social system with a strong people. Moreover, the Great Power, a rich trade, crafts and industry, somehow divided into two independent states: Kievan Rus and Novgorod Russia, as well as several small Russian principalities. Although the size of any small principality was several times larger than any Western state. Now very few people know, even among scientists, as originally called The Great Duchy, and the fact that they were one of the Slavonic-Aryan Power, covers vast areas of Europe and Asia, called Russenia.

At the same time hide the fact that the division of Great-Power into separate and sometimes conflicting Principality started due to interference in the VIII — X centuries. in the internal affairs of Russia foreign countries, from the Volga Bulgar and Khazar Khanate to the Byzantine and Roman empires. Highest authorities of these countries used various ways inciting hatred and enmity among the princes of the Great-from flattery, deceit, fraud, slander, bribery to armed raids on the Slavic towns and villages, and when these methods have not had success, due rebuff from Slavic ratey then Great Russian princes and their retinues in the guise of a «civilized education» began to impose new and alien to the Slavs and Aryans religions: Judaism and Christianity of the Byzantine wing Arianism and a Roman Catholic, Assyrian Zoroastrianism, Islam and Arabic chaynsky Buddhism.

Slavs and Aryans have always been tolerant people, because they knew that God the Creator is the same for all living things. They possessed information about Christ and Jehovah, the Mithra and Osiris, of Allah and Shiva, of Gautama Buddha and the creator of a new ritual fire worship — Zarathushtra and calmly took these and other trends. In those ancient times in cities on the Great-land more than a century there were temples of different religions, who come to the mart of foreign merchants and celebrating their religious ceremonies. It is these churches later became centers for the destruction of the Slavic and Aryan Ancient Faith, History, Culture and Tradition.

Should be immediately clear that the persecution of practicing the ancient faith and its priests, arranged Clergy are not true followers of a religious scholar who recognized the deep, inner meaning of the Word of God in a new form, and the latter-day followers, who used the new religious teachings for their own personal and selfish purposes. As a rule, the latter-day followers to achieve their goals, including the usurpation of power used bigotry and utter ignorance of converts followers who do not know the essence of Spiritual Exercises, inciting their followers to ancient beliefs with a call to destroy the latter, because they are supposedly enemies of the «true faith.»

We will not talk much about those who set themselves the duty to humiliate and denigrate everything that relates to the history of the Slavs and Aryans. These «experts» are engaged in falsification of history to this day. They attempted in the past and is now trying to take away from the Slavs and Aryans not only their history, the glory, majesty, power, wealth, industry, commerce, and all the good qualities of heart and soul, but even seek to eradicate their ancient faith, traditions and unique culture .

One of the ways that these «experts» have chosen, this imposition plausible lie. For example, the myth that supposedly ancient faith Slavic and Aryan peoples disappeared more than a thousand years ago, during the Christianization of Russia, and in the modern world has been preserved no trace of the old faith and its followers do not exist.

This is a lie, which imposed on people for a long time. If there had been a period of dual faith in Russia, destroyed by Patriarch Nikon and Tsar Alexei Mikhailovich Romanov in the XVII century, when lived in peace in the Russian representatives of the pre-Christian lands of Ancient Faith — Orthodox Old Believers-Ynglings and faithful, in other words the righteous Christians. But the period of dualism is well described in the works of Academician Rybakov.

Patriarch Nikon in the XVII century, led the Christian Church in Muscovy. Held a church reform, which led to a split among Christians. Did not accept the reforms of Nikon Christians were called Old Believers, or official church dissenters. Patriarch Nikon of its reform, not only to replace dvuperstie trehperstie and procession around the church sent towards the Sun, he did his best to erase from the peoples inhabiting the Muscovy, the memory of the ancient pre-Christian Orthodox Faith. Burning in the monasteries of the Old Believers Old Believers, Nikon was trying to get it.

Greatness, wisdom and glory of the pre-Christian Orthodoxy was the main obstacle to the spread of Christianity among the common people, whose culture and traditions of the Christian missionaries did not understand and, therefore, considered wild. To wean people away from the mother of all, to substitute words and roots, by order of Nikon in the liturgical books of the Christian phrase «orthodox Christian faith» replaced the phrase «the Orthodox Christian faith,» which led to the assignment of spiritual achievement of pre-Christian Christianity Orthodoxy.

Another lie, occasionally appearing in books, newspapers and on television, is that the alleged «heathen» have been engaged in bloody sacrifices. From the position of the ancient faith of the Slavs and Aryans, it is absolutely not true and completely unsubstantiated claim, but which, nevertheless, finds echoes in the hearts of the ignorant people. Lies spread specifically to tarnish our ancient faith. Bloody ritual killing of a sacrificial animal and people, including children, there is in Judaism. This is written evidence. In people with black skin blood sacrifice ritual existed since ancient times, although the Aryans at the time long before the birth of Christ committed two campaign in India to punish local Negroid tribes Dravidians and the Nagas for a bloody ritual. But what pagan, in the Slavic sense of the word, the rituals of Judaism and Negroid peoples have to Ancient Faith White people — Slavs and Aryans? Any sensible person the answer is clear: no relation.

Must immediately declare that Ingliizm — Ancient Faith ancestors — in its original basis will not be anything anti-Christian, anti-Semitic and anti-Islamic, as like to claim «experts» of pre-Christian religion and culture of the Slavs and Aryans. For Ingliizm existed long before the appearance on earth of Judaism, Christianity, Islam and other religions. The original sources of Ingliizma to be found in the depths of antiquity, and the grace of the legendary country Daarija, which was on the North sinking continent.

Orthodox Old Believers-Ynglings always been, is and will be tolerant people who respect the right of every person to profess any religion or belief, and worship the God what he dearer and nearer to their liking. But tolerance of Orthodox Old Believers Ynglings does not mean that they will throw mud at their ancient faith to all and sundry, in every way to distort it or make of the ancient faith of our ancestors of the object of ridicule.

The name of the ancient faith ancestors — Ingliizm, comes from da’Ariyskogo character words — the image of «Ingle». Meaning given by our wise ancestors to the original image Ingle, always meant the Divine Primary Fire of Creation, in which there were a variety of life forms in endlessly endlessly generated in the new reality, that is, multiple universes. Primal Light Zhiznrodyaschy Ingle, who quit the One Almighty Creator, Creator, which we call the Great Conservatives Ra-Ha-M, formed Life and our blessed land. But out of this statement does not imply that Ingliizm is, as they say now, monotheistic system.

Ingliizm is not a polytheistic system, although in each Slavic Aryan or Rod Great Race honored its own circle of the gods. Lap of the gods — that is, The terms of the 16 ancient gods of the Great Race. Each ancient family Staroverov-Ynglings originally worshiped One Creator-creator of Ra-M-Ha, 12 light Kin Gods and Great Triglav. Circle of relatives to honor the Gods near housing Staroverov posed Kummirnya that included fire altar — Dunja — and posted around 16 Kummirov most admired in each Rod Old Gods. The altar was for bloodless sacrifices and rites (the fruits of labor of the Slavs, the honey, the gifts of forests, etc.). Ingliizm can be described as Rodoteizm because Slavs and Aryans Originally bred to live for reproduction, are Rod and leave the world to the Explicit Rod.

In modern times you need to know, or to any representative of the Slavic Aryan clans that spiritual system called Ingliizm — is ancient Faith of our ancestors, not a religion or a neo-pagan doctrine is like trying to treat today, some of our «scholars.» The word «religion» means the artificial restoration of destroyed or interrupted by the spiritual connection between people and the gods out of any religious doctrine. The modern term «Neopaganism» was coined specifically to divert people from their search on the ancient faith, ancient history, traditions and culture.

We, Orthodox Old Believers — Ynglings, no need to restore the great spiritual connection between us and our gods, because this spiritual connection we have not had collapsed and was not interrupted, for our gods — the essence of our ancestors, and we — their children. Moreover, conscience, character trait is genetically inherent only Slavic — Aryan peoples. The concept of «conscience» is easily revealed the meaning: to wage God and man in his soul.

Old Russian Orthodox Old Believers’ Church Ingliisticheskaya Ynglings-old community is the One Great Race and descendent of heaven, which brings together all of the white people of the world based on the ancient ancestors of the Faith. Moreover, all people with white skin, living on different planets in star systems are one Universal Rod, descendant of the ancient race of Heaven and from which originates and White humanity on planet Earth.

Should immediately calm the political, social, and «religious» leaders, koi shout at each corner of the threat of racism and racial discrimination alleged in Ingliizme. Ingliizm teaches that every nation (clan, tribe), regardless of color, must maintain its own ancient original (generic) Faith, unique culture, unique traditions and live there, where the graves of their ancestors. Only under these conditions, people will continue to Eternity, and dissolved in a mass of faceless citizens of a democratic state.

In our daily life we call ourselves Old Believers Ynglings or Orthodox Slavs, for:

We — Conservatives, as practice the ancient faith of the Great Race, revealed Rod Heaven.

We — Ynglings (drevleslovenskoe — Inglyane) as store Ingle — Sacred Divine Fire of our ancestors, and burn him in front of the Gods of Light and Kummirami Mnogomudryh and our ancestors.

We — the Orthodox, because we are right and the glory of praise. We know indeed that the right — the gods of our world brighter and glory — Bright World, home to great and Mnogomudrye Our ancestors.

We — the Slavs, for the glory of our pure hearts of the Old Gods of Light and Mnogomudryh our ancestors.


Writing Slavs.

Common start date of writing of the Slavs in the form of so-called «Cyrillic» — 863 AD It is believed that two of the Greek monk Cyril and Methodius Slavic alphabet made, learned to read and write to this «ignorant» of the Slavs. But who can say (and prove) that the Slavs to the Saints Cyril and Methodius, to 863, were illiterate?

Such evidence does not exist. Moreover, the Kirill YIII chapter «Pannonian lives», wrote that he had acquired in the Chersonese Gospel and the Psalms, written by Russian letters.

Ancient inscriptions, mentioned in the chronicles, archaeological excavations, inscriptions on monuments allow contrary to popular opinion about literacy to the Slavs of Saints Cyril and Methodius to prove, as it did, for example, VA Istrin in the book «1100 Years of the Slavic alphabet,» the presence of the Slavs dokirillovskogo letter. But still most of the authors of books about the Slavs, especially in academic circles, and thoughts are not allowed on the «priority» of the Slavs in all areas of the world culture, the presence of Slavic writing from ancient times.

We present some evidence to the literacy of the Slavs of Saints Cyril and Methodius of them. That is a historical fact. Peter I introduced c1 decree in January 1700 a new era — the birth of Christ — in digital notation. However, he canceled existed in Russia since ancient times Slavic calendar that at the time of the decree passed Lto 7208 from the Creation in the Star Temple. And the Russian people have written in years not numbers, and letters, which proves the existence of the Slavs in writing, at least for 7208 years. Other historical evidence gives Catherine II, in his book «Notes on Russian history,» which he wrote that «Slavs before Christ had many letters.»

Efforts of many scientists, including F. Volanskogo, EI Klassen, PP Oreshkin, SG Grinevitch, using the Russian language studied Aryan language, read the ancient Egyptian «characters» on papyrus, clay and stone, deciphered Etruscan inscriptions and inscriptions on the Phaistos disk, solve Proto-Indian inscriptions on clay seals of Horappy and Mohenjo-Daro. Wrote PP Oreshkin in his book, «The Babylonian phenomenon»: «The signs are different — language — one.»

To determine what are the «letters» were Slavs, once we define the word «Slavs». Slavs — is a spiritual and cultural unity of the white nations who profess the ancient faith ancestors, worshiping their gods and ancestors. Since the population of the earth people of white race record, store and passed on from generation to generation Wisdom ancestors, the Vedic knowledge. The source of this knowledge in modern times are 4 of the book «Slavic-Aryan Vedas,» released Ancient Russian Orthodox Old Believers’ Church Ingliisticheskoy — Ynglings.

Vedic knowledge is written in the languages of the Slavs, because a single Slavic language as such does not exist. But there is a general mention of the Slavic and Aryan Clans, the four types of writing:

1) da’Ariyskie Tragi — a figurative symbols that combine the kind of hieroglyphic signs, transmitting values multidimensional and diverse Runes. Part crypto hieroglyphic symbols is the basis of cryptograms Cretan-Mycenaean culture, hieroglyphic writing of ancient Egypt and Mesopotamia, Chinese, Korean, Japanese and other hieroglyphic writing.

2) h’Ariyskaya Karuna (Union of 256 PR), commonly known as the priestly writing. Karuna is the basis of the ancient Sanskrit (samskryt), the usual Sanskrit Devanagari, which were used by the priests of India and Tibet. An interesting note. «Sanskrit» is read correctly as «samskryt», which means «independent secretive.»

In a simplified version, ie with less Runes Karuna used western Slavs who inhabited the ancient Scandinavia, Iceland (48 PR), the territory of modern Germany (19), France, Scotland (33), Denmark, Ireland (38), etc.

In ancient times, runes h’Ariyskie used more among the people of the Great Race because of the simplicity of the mark, and da’Ariyskie Tragi were very difficult to write, so they are mainly used only da’Ariyskie clerics keepers of ancient wisdom.

3) Rasenskie Molvitsy (Image-mirror writing). This script is called Etruscan writing, as they wrote Raseny or Etruscan, ie Slavs who inhabited in ancient times to Italy and founded Rome.

Etruscan letter formed the basis of the ancient Phoenician alphabet. Later the ancient Greeks took the Phoenician alphabet as a basis, to simplify it and make the ancient Greek alphabet, from which later emerged the «Latin».

4) Images of Holy Russia is the most common letter to all Slavic birth in antiquity. Also called Drevleslovenskim letter. Short name — Drop Cap. Email is used for intergeneric and mezhderzhavnyh contracts. There are various options to reduce the Drop Caps: Byzantine unitsial, Church Slavic alphabet or «Cyrillic». The same can be Velesovitsu or font Veles book and Holy Russia Volhvari, ie texts written on the tablets of oak, birch, pine or ash.

Each Slavic written language has different spelling of the same signs, depending on the material on which they were written. Most suitable for the manufacture and storage are Harati (texts written on parchment Tragami or other signs). For example, the narrative of the «Avesta» or «First News» was written on the 12 000 bovine skins.

Another common form of knowledge retention is Santa (texts written on plates of gold, platinum and other metals). The runes on the plates are squeezed and filled with paint. Sheets are made in oak salary, which is sheathed in red cloth.

There are texts on parchment, written polurunicheskim Slovenian statute called Glagolitic Harati or Slovenian Harati.

There had been circulated rusichej another dokirillovskaya pimennost Glagolitic or commercial email that you used to keeping registers, counting, processing transactions and commercial contracts. Subsequently Glagolitic was used along with other languages to write epics, tales, historical facts of the holy book.

The simplest is the Slovenian national letter that was used to send short messages. Later it became known as «Birch bark letter» or «traits and Reza.» This is a letter from the permanent items. Any Rusich owned by it and on a piece of birch bark could write a message to his relative.

Drevleslovensky language formed the basis of many European languages, such as English, the letters which are written the words «Latin», and on the content and Slavic sounding words.

Then, what really created the Cyril and Methodius? In fact, these monks in the writings of the Slavs in our understanding of the words have nothing to do. They created a Church Slavonic writing for the Christian Church in the Slavic lands, based Drevleslovenskuyu «drop cap» consisting of 49 letters, removed the 5 (or 6?) Letters, and 4 (?) Gave the Greek letter names (what?). With the «Cyrillic» translate from Greek Christian liturgical books.

The main difference between initial and any Slavic letters from all other alphabets is that each letter has not only the shape and sound, but the figurative meaning. Words made up of letters — this is not a set of letters, roots, prefixes, endings, etc., and certain complex image.

In turn, the archetype of each letter «letters» are certain Runic characters. For example, the archetype characters called «al» are the two Runes — «God» and «Earth». This yields the figurative meaning of the first letter «Glagolitic» — «az» is «God, who lives on the earth.» This is the name of our ancestors, the first white men in the world.

In addition to letter characters «initial» and «Cyrillic» have images in a numeric value. Slavs of any written order only letters.

Subsequently, «Cyrillic» is called «ancient language», which has also undergone significant changes in the historical development of Russia. Modern Russian language is not figurative, and his letters bear no information for the spiritual development of man.

It should be noted that the image of the numerals and drop caps are connected and the universe of energy-informational connections. From that, as we speak, read, write, independent flow of energy coming from us, positive or negative. Every word has a certain image that is projected on the subtle plane. This information is waiting to be used (utter, write, thoughts), and converted into energy. Bad thoughts, words, images excite destructive elements, and good thoughts, words, and images of harmonizing nature and calm of nature. Hence it made sense sayings word — not a sparrow, fly — no catch, that written with a pen, it will not cut down with an ax.

Russia and the Russian people are the direct heirs and the traditions of the ancient Slavic culture. Therefore need to significantly move the date the Day of Slavic Writing and Culture in a hundred thousand years ago.

Conscience Soul Clans of the Great Race

God Svarog installed Universal Laws ascent of the soul to the Golden Path Spiritual and mental perfection. Free passage of the soul, the Golden Path of Spiritual Development, help wise knowledge of these worlds.

In our universe, the Golden Path of spiritual ascent leading up called — SMAD on which are bright and harmonious Worlds. They follow one another: the world of men, Legs World, World Arlegov, Aran World, World of Radiance, the world of Nirvana, Peace initiatives, the world of spiritual forces, World Knowledge, World of Harmony, Peace Spiritual Light, Worlds spiritual heritage, World Law, Worlds of Creation , The World of Truth, Worlds patrons. At the end of SMAD is point beyond which begins the Great Peace of rules.

Four-dimensional world of people — body, soul, spirit, and conscience. Existing world, located on the gold road, have the following number of dimensions: the human world — 4 World Legs-16 World Arlegov-256, World of Aran-65536, World of Radiance-65536 in the square, … Peace, 65,536 patrons in four thousand ninety-sixth degree. There are worlds intermediate: five, seven, nine, twelve, and smaller number of dimensions.

Soul transition from one world to another world is possible, but you need to step over the threshold, which is associated with the loss of the body, this dimension. Such a shift in the World Soul Reveal people called Death. Death — the loss of soul body in which the soul lives. In the other world the soul inhabits the body of a rational being of the world in which it is directed.

Body controls Soul, Soul manages Spirit and Spirit manages Conscience. Conscience — a joint news of the human soul and the Gods of Light. Virgin Jiva gives every pure soul Ancient Wisdom — The Spirit, that is, part of the heavenly things. The soul must learn this wisdom in the explicit world according to the course of the lifetime. This is the Supreme emotional and spiritual sense. Wisdom in the soul, through the energy channels to interact with heavenly things. Their constant, harmonious relationship is called conscience. If a spiritual person commits an act in accordance with the Spirit bestowed in the soul, the conscience is calm, Soul and Body develop harmoniously. Peace in the soul fills the time the meaning of life. This is called us to live in good conscience! If the people of the Great Race Births, neglect of conscience, and commit sins voluntary and involuntary, their grasps of unrest, ailments and illnesses. People Clans of the Great Race, can not lose the Supreme Truth and Wisdom of the Light of the Gods and our ancestors, because it is impossible to lose it, which is associated with the souls and the hearts of our people.


Go along the path of human life of the

And they know not what they are born?

Why the gods sent them into the world of waking,

Koiya purpose in life, and that after thereof?

Where will their present way of life,

Whether to Light White, and whether the Darkness?

Such thoughts do not leave the human,

From birth in the World Reveal to death.

And these reflections are not marvelous at all,

For the time is now — Night Svarog.

Onaya Night of Svarog is not on the court,

And in human hearts lie.

And if those who forget their ancient race,

That night and the darkness in his heart lies.

And no one in fact, human acre themselves

Unable to disperse the night darkness.

And until he has tasted human light

And do not follow him on the White Way

Until the very pores, Sia night Darkness

Will live in the hearts of men.

For the most malevolent gate of men,

Huddle in their hearts and in their souls.

Only human by their deeds,

Koi focus on the beauty of Births,

Able to wrest from Himself, all the evil

That settled in the hearts and souls of them.

Sloth and Gluttony, and the desire of others

Becloud the whole mind of man.

And the human is no longer behold the White Way

A wander neprekaennymi the world.

And the search for them in vain, for behold,

Cold Dark Heart and Soul bound them.

And swept away by the great anguish,

Begin to gnaw at the inside of man.

Only a return to their ancient roots,

Helps vozvernutsya on White Way.

This way, man, starting in Svarga,

And then in the explicit world of fall.

Virgin gives birth to them Jiva Soul

Giving life to the greatest of wisdom.

Swiftly fly to the Halls of the Soul

And then the earth blooming fall.

Soul for life itself Childbirth elect

To the people in the great Rodach.

And be under prizorom Great Gods,

Whose patronage Childbirth protects.

Great Destiny Makos their consent,

With the worlds Gods and Conscience strong.

Born in the Reveal their leads to creation

And to give spiritual life aspirations.

Cognition across Svarga and Peace of the Earth,

To human wisdom begins with Rhoda.

And this wisdom — not prilozhna, Eternal,

She’s primordial roots Rod leaves.

But of all the routes in the coming time,

The wide paths that in Steer through.

Different people Your Way-destination

And in different worlds await their return.

Race for the Great White Way prepared for

As she goes to him only.

In glorious worlds that are filled with light

At the Worlds, where they meet the descendants of the gods.

Indissoluble link between the Government of the Worlds,

And the light they are given the primordial beginning.

Soul from birth, there tend to Reveal,

But not every soul reaches of the Worlds.

For dark forces of the Ancient of the Worlds,

Seek to attract all souls in his hell.

Falsehood and flattery, gluttony and lust

Souls are trying to fill each day.

Strayed to them, and rushed into the darkness,

And not tasted White Way cherished.

And the way this is not simple, it is glorious zeal,

Labor creative and ancient faith.

Everyone is born begins to co-create

Own world by Svarog Laws.

As a child shalashik twigs of trees,

Kremlin or sand on the banks of the river.

And then, according to the will of the Parent,

Clans of the good co-create it begins.

Only in labor, creating a kindness,

In Reveal White Way gets born.

Walking along the White Way, he listens to conscience,

The ancient gods instruct him in every way.

Births from the elders, he knows all the wisdom

What to put Mother Soul Jiva.

Wisdom is knowing the only body and getting stronger

He created the family unit begins.

Love, Joy, Happiness and Ancient Faith

Confer holy seed in league.

Children are filled with the light of Wisdom Family

They are trained purest look.

Kojima cover this beautiful world

And learn the secret meaning of the universe.

These things reveal born in Light Force

That shines White Way ascent.

Of Manifest, born in the glory world gets,

Births where his ancestors greeted joyously.

And there he will continue to do creation

Which began to administer in an explicit world …

But all of the Dark Realms are not pleasing to the foundations,

By which they live all born in the Light.

Do not like them white path of ascent,

And jealousy all their eyes dwarfs.

They are hard and tight in Pekelnom World,

Where greed and malice legalized everywhere.

There’s no love, prosperity, happiness,

Only self-interest, but for profit endeavor.

Desire Alien Deception and debauchery,

The only meaning Pekelnoy life.

They do not know in the world that life without malice,

That gives out only one creation.

And leave their thick, dark forces,

His gaze to the sky-Realms lighter.

Where the bowels are filled with worldly riches,

And the residents there, Lying, Cheating not tasted.

And they rush boundless expanses,

And on Earth flowering secretly arrive.

Using Lies and words very flatteringly,

Velma penetrate the Trust to residents.

Once people gain confidence,

Begin to comprehend their ancient heritage.

Learn all you can in the ancient heritage,

It to your advantage to interpret the start.

Declare themselves the messengers of God,

But the world bring only strife and war.

Using Stealth and Acts perverse

They hid from the wisdom of the young.

In idleness celebrates teach them to live,

To disobey his father’s Traditions.

And those who heed the messengers of hell,

Lose their way and immortal soul.

Bezputnymi they wander in your world

But the soul then they plunge into the hell …

Only those who did not heed the hypocrites from hell,

Behold White Way that goes into Svarga.

Reaching out into the darkness, in the darkness dwell,

Aspirants to the Light, Svarga learn.

Every living Your Way chooses

His actions he Gate opens.

One, the gates will open at Svarga God Velez

Others, the Wii to show the way they baked …

Only living God shall stand

Help in every possible way all the bright gods …

And human izmerno move in Svarga,

White Way, the Laws of Svarog.

Go sim By helping them Conscience

It aims at the accomplishments of acts.

Births to glory, in the greatness of the Fatherland,

And turns away from all the work is not decent.

All Sorts of ancestors help walking,

So as not to interrupt their tribal thread …

No trail of death hozheny Hell,

For those who are born under the light Yarily.

Wherefore White Way Decrees living,

Where they will find all the ancient powers …

Word of Wisdom Prophetic Oleg

That is born, dies and then.

Wounds characters heal faster than wounds losers.

Magi — healers, casters, vedmachat, kudesnichayut, akudnichayut, charm, portend.

Meat prevents Wizardry from him zvereyut.

Magus is able to hide the pain and disappointment.

Any magician seizes destruction before creation.

Behold the relationship of words, be able to retrieve the magic only takes one to the other.

Our everyday life can be for some of the worlds creatures — hell, and for beings of other worlds — a paradise.

If there was something here, somewhere, has disappeared.

A fault confessed is half redressed, but whipped else.

In this world it is difficult to find another, even more difficult to lose the enemy.

Friends are often false, but the enemies are always real.

If a soldier need to win only enemies, the magician have to win two at once: yourself and the enemy.

Unworthy magician fight like a wild beast, he must use the knowledge volhovaniya.

Better safe than sorry any of your and other people do not touch.

Stars show the way for the weak and the strong themselves driven by them.

A real man should be changed, only fools do not change.

Insiders clearly hear the voices of the gods.

In every man there is a drop of blood Rod Almighty God.

You people — younger Gods who live an instant.

A slave wants to eat to satiety but to drag a woman into bed, he can free himself only, if it starts to dream of something other than slave pleasures.

Everything is a poison, and there is a cure all. One way or another it makes dose.

The most powerful gods are people that have gained power.

Magi prefer spring water instead of wine.

The hardest thing — take over.

What would spell worked, must be very accurately and vividly imagine in your mind what you want.

For spells need a clear mind, a cool head, concentration. If even a little anger mixed into, any spell down the drain.

Word of Wisdom Magus Velimudra

And to tell you, the children should it ever be this word, the word Velma wise, ancient word. Word of these things is not that rested in the darkness, and the fact that the Mother herself and life will Magus Velimudr name bestowed. Word of Wisdom this, that is to say bad news, for the good of his people all his life to carry. Heed the call, the children, poznavati news, not that of the Marshes torit causeway. The news of this very need and the mind and heart of his vosprinimati prinimati, and above all in every way, a wise vnikati.

«All the children of God who chooses the right path leading to the top of the Spirit, with each step it becomes difficult to walk, for the road on which they are constantly tapering into a trail that steeper and steeper rises and disappears in the sky-high given. But those who will go to the end of this path, despite the hardships, shall find such spiritual benefits, wisdom and spiritual power, about which they did not even think. Those who decide to go on down the road leaving, never get enough strength to come back to our roots, to climb to the very heights, because going down, lose your mind and forces and baked before them open wide their doors wide, and for going to the persistent top of the Spirit, Velez-God opens the Gate of Heaven and all the many colors of the Blessed Svarga, proof spirit finds itself. «

«Who is likened to a man koy lives but their desires and all sorts of evil deeds, he destroys his soul clean and does not put the debt to come from. And after that it is not surprising that such a refuge of people at the end of life’s journey to become an immense Sunshine. «

«Someone is trying to learn little, and some of the great wisdom of the ancients, thinking that it is easy to do, but to experience less or more of the wisdom of the ancients might not be enough, and hundreds of human lives.»

«Getting to know the world around us waking, we will sooner or later come to a clear understanding of what we know of ourselves, for our existence in the world Reveal is an integral part of ourselves.»

«If anyone in the severity of the Soul, it is easiest to share with your neighbors and kinsmen, and when your neighbors need your help, and you will help him.»

«If your neighbor in trouble, never refused to help him, for the trouble never comes alone, and can look to visit you, too.»

«If anyone caress and feed an orphan child, giving him shelter, warmth and comfort, from the soul, and not paid for, then he will make a good act and benefit from it will be more than hundreds, saying of the Sages.»

«Those of the children of men who long for a world without knowing the joy of creation in its World Reveal, not developed your soul and spirit, not to seek wisdom of the gods and their ancestors — expect disappointment and great darkness, for they are not able to see the beauty and greatness of the new world, as the soul and the spirit of their sleep. «

«Not being accomplished errors, only those who have dreamed of committing any acts of good, and will put up his hand for creativity for the benefit of their clans.»

«The greatness of every kind and breeding due to his creative work to the benefit of Rod unity and friendship with other clans and tribes, and if all generations will live in unity, kindness and mutual respect, to build, for the good of their children, to the glory of the gods and their ancestors, then no dark force or an enemy army can not defeat this great people. «

«Anyone who can find small, and shall find that small, and those who do not learn much gets nothing, but his spirit becomes stronger.»

«Relationships in the community should be based on diligence, kindness, love and mutual aid, and not on coercion and fear. Forced labor can not bear good fruit, for creating under duress or fear of his closed in itself and can not put soul into the fruits of his labor. The creative work for the benefit of your Clans and Communities Your should only be voluntary and at the call of your hearts, otherwise barren and ugly are the fruits of this labor. «

«One of the children of men who are able to hear the sounds of the diversity of the surrounding World of Mother Nature, could hear his heart beating in unison with the universe, and who only listens to himself and his arguments will never hear a great heavenly music.»

«Who Yoga Mother points to the place where the children of orphans languish, the small deed done. A child who raises an orphan to his feet, in the shadow of his great sort, the more committed the act. «

«The longer the Vlasov person, the greater the power of God, that he is, for power supplies Teles And this, mind and spirit of man, and sends it to the creation and righteous deeds, in whom the measure of everything, is the conscience.»

«The best and efficient, pleasant and refreshing potion of heavy fatigue, after the works and deeds of righteousness — is sleep late.» But man for so long turn in on themselves, which now sees the world Reveal only through narrow slits in the cave of their own ideas. «

«From a pure heart and pure thoughts bring a bloodless sacrifice and require their gods and ancestors in the World Reveal, because what they will sacrifice, then will appear before them in the World of Light, Navi and in the World Right».

«Protecting All of their fathers, the Holy Land of their fathers, the ancient faith of their ancestors, is the prime duty of every man of the Great Race, or descendent of heaven, but at all times shines Jarilo-Sun.»

«From hunting Obey instructions of their parents and their Elders Rod, for no parent or elder does not want to harm her daze or grandson.»

«In all our deeds, great and small, and in all the relations between community members and their kinsmen other genera — Conscience and Truth, our sheaves, should be the measure of everything. In relation to all the nations must fulfill the commandments Perunova: «Which acts are doing you people are the same and you sotvoryashe them, for every act of his measure faces off.»

«The most unforgivable acts for the person — is a betrayal, envy, slander, gluttony, desire the good of others Rod and extortion.»

«The most important thing in life — it is life itself, above human life can only be a duty to the Native.»

«Unexpected in human life happens more often than expected. This is due to the fact that the person can perceive the world in the corresponding explicit with their conclusions on a limited level of knowledge. In connection with these inferences man in life is often wishful thinking ignoring the Laws of Being Explicit World. «

«Protect and take care of their parents and of the Elder’s of their fathers, and all the days of their advanced in years, for the children of your looking for you when the time will also apply to you.»

«Any effects of various natural forces exerted around us, do not exist by themselves, and being accomplished in strict accordance with the ancient law of the universe, which are respected by all who live in the Nature of Midgard, creatures, and therefore must be respected and men.»

«If no one will use force to accomplish their righteous deeds, as you shall see that good will happen in the future with you and your loved ones. They build up so you that are able to create, and happen to what was to happen, because nothing happens to those who do nothing, and therefore, as they would not, if they were not born in this world. «

«Dark forces are using two ways, which lure people and prevent them from developing in the explicit world of Midgard, creatively build on the good Rod, spiritual and emotional improve: first — lack of knowledge, and the second — ignorance. At first do not give way to know the people, and the second — assert that knowledge is unnecessary and harmful to the people. «

«Alien life not to have known the mind and you will not become smarter, not knowing the mind essence of life and peace Reveal how you can live it with dignity and to fulfill their duty to their Rod and Rod Heaven.»

«Nothing happens in our world without a primary cause. Why can not the world in general, that never in the world and does not exist. If something happens in the world, then, in this world is possible. Nothing happens by chance, because each has its sluchaynot law, the cause and starting point of the event. «

«Three Great Secrets of Being hidden to the human memory, and they are stored for nine seals: As a people person in this world, and how his whole life was not flown much, and when people go to the Honorable Path of Glory, a world brighter Navi, the heavenly abode of Svarga, where he again sees his ancestors. «

«Veda children of the Great Race that only the true descendant of the gods, who are able to create and build for the benefit of its ancient clan, to the glory and grandeur of their ancient patrimony The original faith of his.»

«If koie mladye Parents will protect your child from creative acts for the benefit of their clans, then ruin the soul, and his life. And it will be the soul of Chad — stale and joyless life and worthless. And if mladye Parents will indulge in every way different to the whims of their offspring, it will ruin his bright spirit, and destruction of the Spirit of the child does not say goodbye to any of living. «

«Getting to know the hearts surrounding world, one begins to understand that all life in this world, the stone and the tree — a soul. Discovering the power of the soul stone and the tree, the man finds an ancient source of healing forces of Mother Nature, with whose can banish the pain and sickness of corporal man. «

«Remember the children of the Great Race that your strength lies in unity among all the clans and tribes, based on the ancient ancestors of the Faith.»

«In Ancient runes hidden meaning of all of old-reminder: a blind destiny — verb, the lot-seeing — the silence.»

«How many of the children of men thought about the original, true essence of all things and the One Primordial who created this nature and a variety of worlds, in those ancient times, when there was not something else, or nothing, and especially not something of what we call ponaitiyu Nature, Time, and the Worlds, and when darkness covered with darkness. «

«That person can, in contrast to the other inhabitants of the Midgard-Earth beings, rejoice with all my heart for the success of his neighbor, and sad hearts, when trouble comes to his neighbor.»

«Do not crush that in the past have done good deeds or to assist your loved ones, for the good deeds being created only by the call of your heart, and great for your clear conscience.»

«Keep the memory of all martial men, koi put their bellies, with their other, for the land of their fathers, for the Holy Faith of their ancestors, to the prosperity and future of their fathers.»

«Everything that was created for greatness and for the prosperity of your Clans and all descendants of the Great Race, can not be blamed. For your great ancestors Births, invested in their pure souls fruits of his creative work. «

«The sacred duty of every man, of all arms of the Great Race, protect estates of his relatives, old and young out of their fathers, birth of their friends and relatives.»

«Do not let anger unjust, in your heart of grace, for anger destroy all goodness and spoil your pure heart.»

«Nobody can deny a person the right to know the truth and the Great Ancient Wisdom koiyu left gods and ancestors.»

«If the men of the Great Clans of the race did not show enough concern for the protection of Frontier land of his fathers, who will be able to save Ancient Birth of destruction and all sorts of humiliation.»

«Repay gate of his enemies, and only for the acts of iniquity, they created the koi in your land. Let conscience and clean your soul will be the measure of your reward, for all acts of the wicked. «

«The great duty of every parent, and every Elder ancient family, bring all his descendants to the ancient law of Rhoda, the Day of majority descendants.»

«Generic friendship and mutual should get stronger in all your edges. Hedgehog if you refuse to help all your neighbors Rodham, what Rod will help you. «

«Why does a person need to go against his soul and conscience, because they, above all else, and people are always delivery has to take care of them. Can anyone from the outside, filled with joy and happiness of the human soul or conscience of it. «

«Conscience — is the highest gift of God, not run away from it, not spryachishsya, it can not be fooled and do not talk. For the good deeds she gives joy for worthless, it gives the suffering. «

«The soul of man and his conscience only in their own land and can be born, and they only live in it can. If some people from their native lands gone, leaving mounds of their ancestors, and that person will lose his soul. «

«Who Perun God always honors, the Ancient throughout their generations, from the misery and hardships saves. Who Rod and Lada-Mother honors, the Ancient throughout their generations, offspring common multiplies. «

«He who lives by the conscience, the man and sinless. The soul of man and conscience with Praschurnyh years there, and by the will of the people of their lives. «

«Remember the children of the Great Race, and you, descendant of heaven, that life should be lived in joy, because it is just a single moment. Bright Life in the World Reveal man gives his bright soul and conscience. All people revered Soul and Conscience, and how can a righteous man in the name of someone or something, break the pure soul and his conscience. «

«When defending their ancestral lands, and from the fierce gate of his enemies, koi tatyami come to your land, the otrinte away pride and anger, and do not let your hearts be revenge, because any revenge, anger and arrogance overshadow the eyes and harden the heart.»

«Chad of all arms of the Great Race and wise descendent of heaven, you are always free to the souls of his and all creative acts, and it set our bright gods. No one came from, did not teach ancient clan our conscience and therefore can not be free of it. «

«Listen to the children of the Clans of the Great Race and the descendent of heaven my words. If you live a life of her with great honor and your conscience, then clean and light your soul with sacred fire, smoke and Croda ascended in Svarga-Pure. And if bezchestno and not in good conscience be lived all your life, then the pre Rod and your ancestors, to keep themselves and the answer will be. «

«Secure the children of the Great Race ancient and glorious all your generations, and read in the Old Thou, Dark Gods and your ancestors. Keep away from your enemies land, koi poured sweat and blood of the wise of your fathers and grandfathers. Built to the children of the Great Race for your glorious descendants Births. «

«Every crime you act leaves its indelible mark on the age-old ways of your life, and therefore co-create people just fine and good deeds, but for the glory of the gods and the ancestors of yours, in your posterity.»

«Live Births children of the Great Race, the Great Gods of kinship with yours, a friend of your birth and the Clans, in harmony and love to your dear relatives, respect and equity to all with the Barrier gate of your.»

«If you are having with others, or divulge your kinsmen, the reasons for disagreements arose tokmo you should look at yourself.»

«Gracious words of friendship Births koie are matters of your heart, strengthen your friendship between births, better every vows for Sword & Generic name of your God.»

«Remember the children of the Great Race, never buoyed themselves with fear. For he is like a snake venom, Small Number of benefits, but quickly builds up in the soul and poisons the future life. «

«The pursuit of pure light, will always live in our hearts. But being on the Midgard-earth, man will never reach the sun, even if he has to climb the highest mountain on Earth, for Yarylo the Sun will always be unattainable man height. And therefore, the seeker can find and acquire Shining Clear Light, but in his loving heart, in the Clear Mind and the Svetly Spirit. «

«Remember the children of the Great Race, Neshchadim had his stomach, in his defense of the ancient clans, in defense of their ancient faith of their forefathers, in defense of the Holy Land of their fathers.»

«As the light coming from the Sun Yarily not possible to hide in a dark container, taco is not possible to take away from race, ancestral land, Will, Conscience and Faith.»

«Remember the people of the ancient clans my words, that every person, from the Great Race, Vishny gods have set up your lesson. And what you meant above, that is not possible in any way izrochit or change at will. And therefore doing his earthly lesson set heavenly gods, and it is done what can come true. «

«Think of the children of the Great Race on who you are on the true essence, and why you live on Midgard-earth. Fixed his eyes on the corners of his soul, and look into the depths of his heart. And you shall see the Ancient Wisdom Rod koiyu gave bright-patron gods, with the earthly birth, your Rod. «

«Remember the children of the Great Race, which no matter how much good you do not multiply, no matter how great wealth did not have, it does not exalt you above the other clans, and gives you the power to Rod. For even with the increase of their great kindness and prosperity in his Rod, none of you will not be able to stop the movement of the Sun Yarily or made to flow back the clock. «

«Do not deny him the children of the Great Race of brotherly and Near Sorts your own, for when hard times will come, will come to the aid of all the clans yours, all siblings and neighbor throughout your generations.»

«Chad ancient clans of the Great Race, and respect their fathers and mothers, for they give life to all of you. And do not leave the care of the parents, until the end of their earthly life. «

«Getting to know the world around explicit and acquainted with the children of the Great Race Births, that nothing can come from nothing, and nothing can disappear without a trace, and therefore, everything has its source, and everything has its place in the world.»

«Worldly treasures and wealth, augmenting you on earth, can not be useful to you in the next Worlds Navi and the glory, for the true treasure and wealth needed in the Worlds Navi and glory, is Love, Primal Faith, Creation, and the Wisdom of the Gods and Ancestors Your «.

«The ancient festival Lubomir, who created the great feast for the whole world, for those who do not uchinyaet Wedding feasts, the honest wealth and grace of children deprived of their fathers, and the new family unit, those communities and the gods do not take.»

«Nepravelnoe act or decision that perpetuated ignorance commoners gods can forgive or overlook. But the same act or decision, committed through ignorance Rodan, can bring disaster on all people. «

«Ancient Ancestor Faith and Conscience, always live tokmo open hearts. So open your eyes, the children and hot and trembling their hearts, and uslyshte voice their pure hearts, and have the courage to follow them. «

«Not looking at the bottom of a deep lake deposits of Heaven shining stars, because they are high above you. And to see the truth shine them to ustemit their eyes to Heaven. «

«Remember the children of the Clans of the Great Race, and you, descendant of the glorious heaven, that you and grandchildren of the Old Gods, and therefore, you are initially free people, and for the person of the Great Race, Will, it’s original state. It can not give or take away. For Will, a condition of your spirit! «

«Entering the sacred forest or grove, bring good gifts master of the forest, because the person is not brought gifts, master of the forest swallow, confusing, all the way, the path he messed up. Will withdraw from the eyes of the whole game, willingly, naedet frights on the mind-cry. «

«The people of the ancient clans of the Great Race, is always difficult and creates the good and prosperity of your Clans. Always put a clean soul, in the fruits of their creative labor. And then, what is the need of any touches, multiply, and all-prosperous ancient and great sort yours. «

«Remember, heads of the Great Race, which you should never leave the care of all the descendants of their fathers to their bodily and spiritual maturity. For it is not stronger than before and has not reached the maturity of the younger generation Sorts your own, may not be a reliable support in your later life Births. «

«Just as day follows night, as in the dawn comes the sun, a taco and any unseemly act committed by a person of the Great Race, accidentally or with malicious intent, is known to the Gods and the community.»

«To build a home of your Rod, do not break the dead and sleeping Tree, and do not disturb the tree at full moon. For gods lest they see your new home, and the house did not look after your good. You’re just looking for the tree come to life, the juice of raw earth on spring ispivshie. Bring the election of the Tree, forgiveness and podnisite for him gifts and treats. In which, blessed day for a week, start to put your house Rhoda, the patron god and help you. «

«Do not abuse the children of rumor native, verbs and adverbs foreign language. In the hearts live only words of Native, and dead to the other voices of the Soul. «

«Remember the children of the Clans of the Great Race, that the person on the Midgard-Earth nothing ever happens by chance, for any accident, a pattern defined Rock and God’s law. Everything that happens in life, there is a sign of the gods, the protector of Roda, the decree to conduct the created you. And therefore, is sensitive to everything that is happening around you. «

«Performing Celestial Gods Laws, Mother Nature bestows vitality and heavenly gods bestow their kind, in the heart of happiness and wealth of children. Patrons Rhoda gods protect this benevolent man and his family, from every evil, falsehood, darkness and deception, and this goodness, as is true and correct, as the light of the Sun Yarily in heaven, and as the constant flow of water in the river. «

«When Vyšna Gods come to help, never thought of that, where it came to you great power. Just accept with gratitude what is given you, the gods of the patron. «

«Remember the children of the Clans of the Great Race, and you, descendant of the glorious heaven. That all heavenly wisdom of the gods, ancient koiyu store all your clans, should belong to just leave your Race, and more than anyone. And therefore, never open secret Vedas, and gate of strangers. So as not to be able to use them, the Heavenly Wisdom Vyšna Gods, yes suprotiv ancient clans of your. «

«Do not go on the fate of their perekor, koiyu wove for you, Lady Makos, and Contrary to the call of his heart and conscience. For all the ways of life to lose, and shall be called the bezputnymi outcasts. «

«How many of the people in the wrong good and wise words denies that missing time, then sorry. Who had heard the good and wise words, they should be immediately, accomplished a deed that is very successful in life and prosperity Rhoda it to multiply. «

«Never be in a hurry and do not rush people into acts of grace and your conversations, and let your every move and word will always be smooth and easy, as the flow of water in the morning quiet river. Before you commit any act or interrupt just to chat, listen to the voice of your heart. «

«If the priest or elder gods Rod wants you, to accomplish good deed, then execute it immediately, as if, these things good deed asked you, Rodney your Father.»

«Do not think that everything is happening in the world, only the thoughts of the upward call of gods, and do not depend on the will and the powerful grace of your thoughts. So Verbs only foolish people who do not know the Truth of Life. Heavenly gods just watch your creative acts, and come to the call of man, when asked to help people. «

«Take care as the apple of his eye, Kummiry heavenly gods, the protector of all Shtandy their ancient clans. For if we fail to save up Shrines childbirth, they will not escape the ancient throughout your sorrows, dark hard times and losses. «

«By the will of the Most High Tarh Dazhdbog will be hidden before the Time of Light, Ancient Vedas in Harati and Santee, koi contain Tragi and Runes from the prying eyes of ignorant people. For more useless to know the dark creatures of the glorious deeds of the Old Gods, which multiplies the light in Svarga Pure. Veda understood only by an enlightened, aware that the way in my life. And people who did not know the Wisdom Family, how can know the hidden Vedas. «

«Never refuse to shelter those ancient Rodham Great Race, koi are looking for protection for their offspring, from the enemy fierce, in your villages, relying on the power of your sword Genera. For the preservation of Births and Blood Brothers, is the good deed, for each race. «

«Remember people Clans of the Great Race, that sacred spot on the Midgard-Earth has always been, is and will be a source of inexhaustible Great Life Force. Regardless of whether the cost of the pagan temple to the sacred places in the sources of power, and regardless of the words and opinions of human, they always give one the Vital Force all the suffering and the needy. «

«Every war captive enemy, causing damage to ancient family, let compensate the damage to their work. After three full years, he is free to return to their homes or to stay. «

«Never venturing dispute because at any Births and Peoples Midgard-Earth Gods Patrons better or more important, for it is not subject to reason your way. Saints, the ancient house of their fathers, originally Native Gods, patrons, but not hulite and not humiliate people to the worship of the gods unknown to you. «

«Remember people Clans of the Great Race, which only the priests, the Guardians, the ministers of the upward call of the ancient gods, open that sacred wisdom left by the gods and ancestors, lies in koiya Tragah and runes.»

«Veda people that life in Svarga flows according to heavenly law, and does not depend on your thoughts. It would not have rejected the dark people, the order and motion of celestial bodies, Jarilo-sun will rise in the east, and a clear day will replace the dark night. «

«People come to know the race, this very wisdom: No one can protect your generations, from foreign gate of Births and cruel, if do not want to defend themselves. No one will create wealth in labor your own, if they do not want to build for the genus. No one will bring up your children with dignity, until we bring up their offspring. «

«Be aware of the people of the Great Race, my words: Ancient Wisdom is learned bit by bit, through the great zeal, patience, and painstaking creative work, for it is impossible for a single time to recognize the diversity of enclosed in the Vedas, and to cover his eyes, the whole Universe. If anyone seeks to acquire knowledge in order to reach the pinnacle of power and honor, he will in time — worse madman, and all the expectations of it — will be in vain. «

«Ancient Wisdom, is known not to dominate and rule over someone, and not to become proud and exalt the over other clans. Ancient Wisdom always to learn to understand their way of life, and to pass it on to descendants. «

«Remember the children of the Clans of the Great Race, and you, descendant of the glorious heaven. Do not heed the darker people who verb, that your ancient gods and the dead ancestors of the great Clans of yours, will never help you in your hour. Since they can not be led by the dark ways and thoughts of the gods and the ancestors of yours, and all that they would not verbs you, there is only a lie and a great deception, koi gone with the Right of Ways, into the darkness. «

«Work hard and build up, people race, the gods and the ancestors of their fathers, as if wealth is in travail of your will to be well off people of your own. And if you thrive in abundance people, like your Power, shall be great. «

«For every good deed or deeds as well as to events in the life of man, there is a certain over time and place. And therefore, koie acts must perform, executed without delay and without haste. They build up the people that are able to create, and there was that destined Gods «.

«Listen to the children of the Clans of the Great Race and the descendent of heaven my words. Remember and give your descendants. Future for All Sorts of yours, proistikaet of Sorts Your Past, because you create it your own future, which is Love, who lives in our hearts. If ever in the past, love in the heart and birth your own, then there is no future for your Clans, so bezsmyslenno and present. For all that is created for your Clans, and your posterity, will turn to dust. Remember, there will be love in the heart, and so will your future in the genera. «


• The Glory of the Gods and our ancestors!

This appeal is before we speak laying 6ezkrovnyh Victims and requires alatyr-kamen or altar, and during all takzhe Pravslavleny and worship.

• ancestor-Rod, Rod Heaven! Strengthen my heart in the most holy faith, grant me the wisdom of my ancestors, the sons and grandsons of Thy. Give happiness and peace to your people, now and ever and ever and ever! Byst tacos, taco Thou, taco wake!

This appeal is before we read the study of the ancient Slavic-Aryan Vedas, and before class or school.

• The glory of the one and indivisible God, Trisvetlogo Great Roda originator ours! Yes soda all our acts, but for the glory of the gods and our ancestors, and in the prosperity of our children and Genera! Now and ever, and from the Circle to Circle! Byst tacos, taco Thou, taco wake!

• Rod Heavenly Ancestor! You, of all Sorts of Patron! Remember all of my ancestors! Koi Svarga Your Light! Now and ever, and from the Circle to Circle! Byst tacos, taco Thou, taco wake!

This appeal, we read in the offering bloodless required and gifts, all our Ppedkam, during the memory of ancestors and parent days.

• Blessed be the ancestor of A-Rod, Rod Heaven! We thank Thee for help spiritually, for the help of the glorious, but in our deeds vsih! Byst tacos, taco Thou, taco wake!

• Blessed wake Triglav Great! Now and ever, and from the Circle to Circle! Byst tacos, taco Thou, taco wake!

• Blessed Ingle — Life Rodya Ramhi great light, now and ever and ever and ever!

This appeal we blagodarstvuem Creator-creator of universes for His creation, and for the life He has given us kotoruyu and all sort of heaven.

• Bless you, Perun — our leader, both now and ever and ever and ever! And lead us to glory Trisvetloy! Byst tacos, taco Thou, taco wake!

This appeal we glorify God Perun 3aschitnika all arms of the Great Race, and then all of Rod Heaven).

• Blessed be, Patrons Clans of the Great Race, Rod Heaven, Leahy-Keepers and Triglav Great, now and ever, and from the Circle to Circle! Byst tacos, taco Thou, taco wake!

This appeal, we praise and thank the gods for help and legs to God, Wisdom of God, Light of God and Freedom.

• ancestor-Rod, Rod Heaven, fencing my heart of scab callousness, indifference and lack of will, give me the help of my ancestors. Your sons and grandsons, grant me the strength and the will, to fulfill my duty to the Rod, now and ever and ever and ever! Byst tacos, taco Thou, taco wake!

• Bless Dazhdbog, Tarkh Perunovich on good deeds, in glorious deeds, but in defense of the Faith and the Holy Land Holy Race, but in defense of our Elders, our wives and children. Protect from desecration pagan shrines holy land of ours. And not be defiled chorus, and the houses of our sanctuary, now and ever and ever and ever, for great and mighty Old our faith. Byst tacos, taco Thou, taco wake!

• Hail ancestor-Rod, Rod Heaven, we thank Thee for our meal, bread and salt, that you are giving us to supply our corporal, to supply our soul, to the spirit of our food, so be strong, our conscience and that they all act ours, but for the glory of our ancestors and the Glory Rod Heaven. Byst tacos, taco Thou, taco wake!

• ancestor Rod, Rod heaven, we thank thee for the food that you are giving us and our Rhode ukreplyasha forces may we be with thee for ever and from the Circle to Circle. Byst tacos, taco Thou, taco wake.

• Perun! VMI calling thee, glory and Trislaven wake! Health and all the faithful of many clans Svarog dazhdi, Rodham patronage mercy waking, reign over all, vsche of-home! Byst tacos, taco Thou, taco wake!

• Hail ancestor-Rod, Rod Heaven, Blessed be the ages, you, the foundation and protection of, all ye that your people, the sons of Svarog — Svarozhich, Sons of Perun and Rosie — Rosich, and all the grandchildren Dazhdbog Stribog and whitish and Sventovita. Give the children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren to his happiness, wisdom and freedom, so they got into the Vyry Bright, yes to his Father in Svarga, and let the righteous light they will find, and Svarog just missed them! Byst tacos, taco Thou, Taco wake!

• Praise and Trislaven Svyatovit wake-God instructs us to a holy life, because ukazasha, You, The Way of Svarga Fairest he reigned there right. And to the right, this is true for dark Nav unclothed below Reveal and Reveal Praise arranged above, and tacos will dwell forever.

• My father and my mother! My brothers and sisters! I stand before you with an open heart and a pure mind! You — the power and might of my clans. You — The glory and wisdom of my Rod. You, the eternal creative assistance in all my deeds. Yes, we will arrive together in our life and in our deeds, now and ever, and from the Circle to Circle! Byst tacos, taco Thou, taco wake!

This appeal, we call the sort.

• Perun! VMI calling thee, glory and Trislaven wake! Weapons, bread and Force voyam defenders dazhdi Races! Sword of His power on waking at once! Oberegasha all Vesey Svarog, governments all over the Son of Svarog! Byst tacos, taco Thou, Taco wake!

This appeal, we call Perun before battle.

• Semargl-Svarozhich! Ognebozhich great! Slept pain-hvorobu, cleanse the womb, the child of Lyudin tvariny at all, old and young alike. You — God’s Delight! Purifying fire, the power of the soul open, save a child of God to perish hvoroba. You praise, to his call, now and ever, and from the Circle to Circle. Byst tacos, taco Thou, taco wake!

• Perun! VMI calling thee, glory and Trislaven wake! Grace and Peace Svarga entire holy dazhdi Race, and the awakening of the Spirit, flock, Perun waking! Rhode proslavlyasha, govern over all, so that spiritual darkness vanished! Byst tacos, taco Thou, taco wake!

This appeal is before rechem Kummirom.

• Thank the gods, our Light, the source of our life force, for our Bosie, there is light in the darkness of unbelief of our world!

This appeal we rechem in temples of ours.

• Rhode our Heavenly One God, risen from sleep, I thank Thee for sleep late, for staying solid, and taking their own actions, I ask Thee: pomozi me at all times, in every act, and deliver me from the evil of the dark, but will all ye my actions, but for the glory of Thy glory, and my Family and the Great Race, byst tacos, taco Thou, taco wake!

This hymn of appeal we rechem when getting up from a dream.

• Type of our heavenly God is one, going to bed, I call Thee: Grant me sleep late and stay solid, and save me from all sorts of troubles and went Lega Dream Guardian for care for the Soul, and if I die in a dream, take my soul to myself, for you — God-Keeper our souls and bodies, and placed it in Vyrii heaven, and forgive me, all ye sins voluntary and involuntary, for the great and wise — You byst tacos, taco Thou, taco wake!

This appeal we rechem, moving ko sleep.

• Good night to all the gods and ancestors! Good night brownie! Good night all the good people! Now and ever, and from the Circle to Circle.

This memo kpatkoe rechem, moving ko sleep, instead of the previous treatment.

• Our father Perun, Bose-keeper! You — Light Powers Svarga Ruler of all, give us the opportunity of glory, without crying! Ukroy of deception, of the darkness and dope! From Chernobozhih vices from foreign dues. Lead us to the creation, and delivery to our prosperity. Now and ever, and from the Circle to Circle. Byst tacos, taco Thou, taco wake!

• Perun! VMI calling Thee! Nice and Trislaven wake! Health, bread and Rhoda, children of my dazhdi, gromotvoreniya waking! Reign over all! Vsche from-home! Byst tacos, taco Thou, taco wake!

• Thank Thrice Svyatovelikomu, life-giving Great Triglav World Reveal — Svarog, Svetovitu, Perun, koi am — Conscience, Light and Freedom of all kinds of the Great Race and descendent of Heaven! Taco is our fathers began, a great glory to Him glorified and vspominasha of Sechah and abuse, with the darkness of the gate of fierce izshedshim. Taco same and we rechem great glory, now and ever, and from the Circle to Circle! Byst tacos, taco Thou, taco wake!

• Glory of our ancient fathers, koi now in Svarga Pure and behold, all ye that our deeds, good and smile at us. And thus we are not alone, but with our fathers. And we are the descendants of our Forefathers sensing glory, keep in our hearts Sacred Race, koiya there dwell the land of the Gods and our fathers. Now and ever, and from the Circle to Circle. Byst tacos, taco Thou, taco wake!

• Wanderer Leg, Light my keeper, given to me in the Patron-Rod escort, ask Thee earnestly: You, enlighten me this day, and from all evil keep, for the good deed will guide the path of righteousness and to the right, that they may all my actions, but for the glory of Svarog and Rod Heaven, byst tacos, taco Thou, taco wake!

Hymns chiefly of appeal to the Virgin of the heavenly

• Majesty, Lada-Mother, Heavenly Mother, Mother! Visit us, you, with Holy Bless on the good deeds, the glorious deeds, but in the glory of our nation, byst tacos, taco Thou, taco wake!

This appeal we ask blessings Lada Lady before starting business.

• Majesty, Lada-Mother, Heavenly Mother, Mother! Blessed are you, Patroness Clans of the Great Race yes descendent of heaven, we thank you for your help in our deeds, but at all times until the light Yarylo Sol-ntse. Byst tacos, taco Thou, taco wake!

• Majesty, Lada-Mother, Heavenly Mother, Mother! Bless You, me in the way of further, move on, yes pryamoezzhu, and so let thy name from generation to generation! Byst tacos, taco Thou, taco wake!

This appeal we ask blessings Lada Lady, when you go on their way.

• Jiva-Mother, Heavenly Mother, revealed a clean soul, the handbook in the righteous, in the prosperity of our nation. Light in Svarga clear, our way-the desire to tarhi utishenie in the Light! Byst tacos, taco Thou, taco wake!

• Majesty, Makos, Mother, Heavenly Mother, Mother! Sopleti for us Blonde Destiny, Fate Yasnu, but without the dark thread count. And let not thy mercy will disappear, but all Rodham ours! You sing great glory, for ever and from the Circle to Circle! Byst tacos, taco Thou, taco wake!

• Majesty, Makos, Mother, Heavenly Mother, Mother! You, Mother rozhanits, Svarog sister! Grant us good luck, no thieves and crying! Give children of good health, a great and old! Byst tacos, taco Thou, taco wake!

• Mother-rozhanits, Rod sister, hear you, our verbs, take bloodless Trebnje our gifts, give robust offspring all our Rodham, that never interrupted our eternal tribal thread. To Thee, great glory sing, and in our mansion, Thee, call, now and ever, and from the Circle to Circle! Byst tacos, taco Thou, taco wake!

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