China plans to test past the varyag mock helicopters and fighter jets


China plans to test past the varyag mock helicopters and fighter jets

On the resource were hung pictures of the aircraft carrier «Shi Lan»(Last Russian» Varyag «), where you can behold the full-size mock helicopter Z-8 AEW and fighter J-15. Layouts aboard analysts linked with a possible start of the tests, for example, for moving aircraft on the deck.

The Chinese bought the unfinished aircraft carrier «Varyag» (project 1143.6) in Ukraine in 1998 — can be said for a knockdown price. The Chinese side said first ship in the Conversion … floating casino, but nevertheless admitted later in his own plans for the completion of the «Varyag» for military needs.

In the summer of last year, «Varyag» was fitted and then began sea trials. In December 2011, it passed the tests of the sea.

As previously reported, the complete set for the end of this aircraft carrier, has received the name «Shi Lan»China asked the Russian Federation 4 sets arresting gear. Chinese equipment required to deliver our homeland refused: because it has a strategic status. As presented experts, Russia feared that China will copy the technology, so look to use in developing their own aircraft carriers. In general, in December of the same year, China officially denied any plans to purchase Russian arresting gear.

The Western media report that «Shi Lan»Will be adopted for the Navy of China in the current year.

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