The work of the military in russia now

The work of the military in russia now

Military service has always been a special profession in Russia. Of course, this is justified by the seriousness and importance of the areas of specialties. In fact, all of the military profession differ significantly more highest complexity in comparison with analogues civilians. However, it should be noted that a military work now not so popular and prestigious, as earlier. This is determined by various factors, among which and payment, and the different social conditions, and the conditions under which military families have to live.

If we talk about the foreign currency component, the military experts at the currently does not receive more than a comparable civilian occupations in the criteria, and in most cases even much less. Because very often graduates of military academies, after passing of mandatory service leave from the armed forces in the more profitable areas of activity. And this despite the fact that enroll in these schools is not the case simply because they are usually done pretty harsh training future officers.

Considering the different social esteem military, you can note the tendency of reducing the number of different benefits for service members and their families. Most of the benefits associated with similar discounts for payment of utility bills, and the cost of travel. Of course, that such social benefits can not be depleted and are unlikely to offset the cost of one hundred percent certain forces in the war industries. Living conditions of many military, too, at the current time is still far away, not all are applicable. Although the housing program for military personnel associated with providing military personnel vsepolnotsennymi apartments currently work and improved, yet still not able to fill the gaps in so many parts of the country. All these prepyadstviya reduce the attractiveness of military service for young professionals and as a result currently there is a shortage in the armed forces of competent military professionals, because many of them civilians employed business.

The problem is big, too, that some industry paramilitary forces of the Russian Federation is currently declining. Accordingly soldiers remain in the end cuts without work. Of course, that many of them quite difficult to find a suitable job outside the army in mind the specifics of individual professions.

Coupled with the fact impossible not to note that what currently is in the armed forces of the country, is still quite strong with supplies its defense capabilities. And those who serve in the military, doing a great puzzle to ensure the military security of the country. Each military officer, possessing unique knowledge acquired in the course of training in their respective military institutions, is now estimated at a premium. In addition, besides the basic state has yet different special purpose units, where service considered prestigious and highly paid, but of course getting there is not easy, because in such areas of paramilitary forces have very stringent test.

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