Alaska volcano awoke cleveland


Above the summit crater of the volcano in Alaska Cleveland workers, local observatory was seen to increase in size lava dome, reports Associated Press. The volcano is located 1509 km from the state capital g.Ankoridzh Chuginadak on a desert island.

Observatory workers argue that the observed phenomenon may be increasing, but does not guarantee completely the possibility of the eruption. According to information received, a few days dome increased in diameter from 40 to 50 m in the area were recorded weak natural anomalies.

It is likely that if the dome continues to grow, the lava will flow down the slopes of the volcano, but because of short eruptions volcanic dust will rise to a height of 6 km from the summit, which, according to experts, will not pose a hazard to aircraft.

However, in response to the threat by the authorities of Alaska better prepared for possible consequences. But on an island where the volcano is located in Cleveland, there is no network for monitoring seismic activity, so the experts can not predict earthquakes, which can be caused by the eruption of the volcano.

Recall the eruption of Icelandic volcano in the last year and led to a ban on flights in Europe because of the possibility of failure of jet engines.


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