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The transition process will be gradual. And it will happen as soon as available human consciousness. The very process of ascension is individual enough. Of course, there are common signs and stages.

The first step, as we have said — the inclusion of individual awareness in streaming. With the inclusion of a greater number of people will be ready for streaming consciousness, the more likely to include all those who, for various reasons, can not pass this barrier. As the candle is lit from the heat, and some people will be able to turn his mind under the influence of flow processes.

Individual characteristics of each entity affect the rate and extent of the connection. These are: a willingness to change, open streams, conductivity (ability to stream energy), individualization (the ability to hold its own field in the stream), activity (the degree of interaction in the flow)

Readiness to change. The first — your own consent for change and inclusion. Nothing you should not oppose this process. No fears and concerns that something might go wrong. No doubt — this is a very human quality, you’ll have to drop it. You have to revive a knowledge, which in yourself, in your DNA. You must remember that always known but forgotten for a time, short enough for eternity.

The impetus for recollection can give any impetus. Casually acquired information, the energy impact of another person, an emotional outburst of your perception of the energy flow, pour Gaia in this period. No coincidence that many of you want to get as much information about upcoming events. This, of course, the property of your brain. But also you are looking for a user-first impulse, which will launch the mechanism of remembrance

Around you now are the people most complete energy affects you. Most likely, you will feel it, some added energy presence near, more enhanced effect, which is reflected in the increased or emotional background of your reactions, or in the chain of strange at first glance, the events in your life. You should be aware that suitable test period and observe calm.

In your life can occur various changes. And many of them will seem not very positive. Various losses. But you do not have to respond to it negatively. The fact that it is you and your spirit get rid of the remnants of karmic programs and human reactions of your being, this is normal. What was previously held for decades, is now being accelerated.

Those relationships that you do not have time to study for your previous life, are reflected in the period in the form of a series of events. It’s okay. It’s like a mock-up, a kind of training working out your karmic connections. And you have a great opportunity to quickly neutralize them. You can do this the right attitude to each event. Now is the most important consideration is the self-esteem of your presence in the world. You will notice that the events that previously caused you have a negative reaction, or you will not cause any emotion or negative reactions are short-term and further quiet confidence and trust of his fate and the spirit of the line displays the probability of your karmic connections to a neutral way. That is your worst fears come true, if you are not afraid of anything. This is also your checking human reactions.

Do not assume that someone is playing games with you. Just goes to the testing of your being ready for a serious stream changes. It’s the same thing if facing a serious race for long distance, doctors would check how your heart. Now there is a test of your strength and energy flow capacity. Be ready for it.

Next, the potential for serious fluctuations emotional background and mental stability. A sense of causeless melancholy and sadness and anger or aggression — are the remnants of human reactions and also karmic emotional ties. Do not blame yourself and do not scold. Think of it as a bitter pill — swallowed and forgotten. Your right response to all external stimuli will enable you to stability your perception of serious stream changes. Do not extinguish in himself the appearance of adverse reactions, not to drive them in, and neutralize something positive. The surest way — understanding and processing power. This is like if, instead of anger, you want to laugh. So, your perception will increase their flow patterns.

General condition, despite some temporary problems — a state of joy in anticipation of change. Awaken the joy of children traveling to a fabulous journey. This will help. You will really exciting journey, why do you think that would be scary or difficult? You are not alone, you millions of entities, the process is under control. Do not be afraid. All the best — ahead.

Pay attention to those people who are now together in one form or another. You understand. That this is no accident on the eve of such a grand event. All of you have come together on the basis of energy and of course, on the basis of the completion of karmic connections. It is with these people you have to finish your way into the third dimension, and possibly start in the fourth or higher.

Do not think about who will and who will reach. Think about what will and will pass it. Your confidence will produce a field of probability of events and energy nourishes those who are not ready. Believe in yourself and in them, according to your faith will be given to you.

Reactions of people nearby to track. They are for you — as indicators of your condition. Now all of your senses more acute. And as you change a change in the people around you and vice versa.

Do you think that most people in the world are not prepared for such events and do not even know about them. Do not worry about it. Take care of yourself and your immediate environment. Of course everyone has a different degree of readiness. But on the event known for almost everything. Even if they do not believe their spirit knows and prepares them for the transition.

You should be aware that the program ascension is all different. There is, as we said, individual programs. They are leaders of the luminosity in your world. They have a high energy activity and their bodies more fully adapted to external impulses. Optional is highly spiritual people, but these are among the most. Many of them also do not believe, but for various reasons, their light body is activated.

Those who deliberately seeks to transition will be in the wake of events. They will lead for a many. We have already passed the lighthouse — is a similar comparison. Their luminosity show the way and give impetus to others. Some of them are not aware of their high luminosity, but their spirit knows and with their consent all necessary assistance will be provided at the right time to activate the desired program.

Another part of preparing for the group and collective transition. Energy luminosity given people currently still does not allow open space and energy transition channel for itself, but as a group, this is possible. Therefore, we appeal to the most conscious workers of the world. Work on yourself. Open up the qualities of luminosity to help others. Indicator of your individual luminosity can help open transition channel for groups. We are extremely grateful to the employees of the world who are already working in this direction and can now open the channels and create new realities, but it is a separate issue.

Open a stream. This is also your personal characteristics. Many of you have felt the energy that is pouring into the planet. This powerful energy connection, it is not the whole thread, but its components. Every month, the energy will be amplified — their power and quantity. This is to ensure that your body and feel ready for the full inclusion of the stream. Do not worry. Possible discomfort and weakness. You must understand that this is normal. Available channels of your perception of streaming energy. Listen to yourself. Noted in all the changes and reactions. Think of everything with joy and patience. You literally born again, and the result is worth it. With the infusion of new energy in you you will notice a change in perception and extraordinary abilities. What you call the prophetic dreams and visionary, individual bursts of telepathic abilities. Recognize them in yourself stopping you distrust him and his spirit. You — the angels, you — magicians, many open to you. It remains only to believe.

Many turn receive information in a different way. What do you call an inner voice, and many — higher self Listen to yourself. There is no need to receive the information from. All information is in each of you. Open to her. Trust your inner voice. Look for God in you. This is not a metaphor, but a very real process. Listen and analyze.

Be also careful to point and threshold changes in your body. Your energy centers begin to run and interact. This is not only known to you the basic chakra column, but many energy points and centers. Possible burning sensation or pain point. It is a reaction to run in your body energy centers.

If you want to speed up the process of restructuring their bodies and help yourself, ask your higher self, your Spirit. With your bodies with the permission of your being will be to work on time dream, and it will be your attunement to light body with a luminous flux of the universe and the harmonization of energy centers. You do not have to worry. Immutable law of free will and no one can impose a scenario. But we urge you — Trust your Spirit. Readiness of your light body to the process of transition is very important not only in terms of sensation and feeling at the start of the transition. But to further pass through all the stages and switching to 5th level. It is like your physical body ready to sporting events: the race could start everything, but not all in the time to prepare their own breast the tape.

Do not worry. We will not tire of repeating that each will assist in the transition, and given an opportunity to complete with some degree of difficulty and go through all the stages.

There will be a change in your power system. Your body will feel that it is most appropriate for what products best fit your energy growth. General advice on diet is largely given, personalize them for yourself.

Conductivity. A willingness to accept your channels streaming energy. Conductivity depends on many factors. Specifically on your location in space (location) and your individual capabilities. Of course, people do not live in cities, and in nature, have a great quality of conductivity. However, each of you can development in itself these properties.

We will not give you the exact techniques, as they are largely dependent on your perception and individual features of your phone. But you can choose from a variety of the most suitable to you. We do not give the exact techniques so that you can begin to cling to the individual techniques. This is a property of your consciousness. Simply put, the readiness is possible without any techniques and attributes. And only faith and pure intent. You just have to listen to yourself carefully, all the information is very close to you, to choose on the basis of harmony.

Remember how often you come to the idea to do something, and you push them for various reasons. Now listen to yourself and all the equipment you will be transferred to the conductivity of your Spirit. General recommendations of course also exist.

Do not lock your perception. Lock perception is due to the negative attitude of the various phenomena that occur on Gaia. Nothing should be condemned. This does not mean that you have to pass by quietly lawlessness and injustice. But condemnation blocking your perception because right now the events that will take place next to you directly related to you, although you will often seem like hours, you do not have to do with it.

Received any further information is received safely and also without locking conviction. Feel the energy component of this information, whether text or a picture, or video. First, any of which may include the first jog pulse for you. This is another reason why send information to you about the transition — not only the satisfaction of your curiosity or specific instructions, but also enable the transfer of energy codes.

Of you on energy availability to the flow can be distinguished group. Accordingly, the information flows are also passed with a certain degree of fullness of energy. So try not to read, and receive the information. You will feel the difference of perception. We call for bezotsenochnomu human judgment, but the perception of quality.

The main thing. If you are afraid, it is a hard block of perception. Wake up in your heart to love the world. That it will give you the opportunity to hear and call the universe.

Elena, September 24, 2012 at 9:15 pm
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