Is that there is swimming?

In Borneo, a legend of NABA — 30-meter snake with a dragon’s head and seven nostrils. Before neigh on Indian beliefs, look at this picture. Indigenous people said that the appearance of a serpent foreshadows the end of the world.

The first assumption — photoshop. Here there is only one hitch — the photo was made a member of a rescue helicopter in the presence of several witnesses. Another assumption — that this part of the pipeline, but experts say that the tube can not be so bent.

Scientists also do not deny that snakes can be real. After the recent finds them there is nothing surprising. The fact that recently discovered skeleton snake length of 14 meters — Titanoboa. Reptile had such large dimensions that are fed only crocodiles and turtles, swallowing them whole. It is possible that NABA — a distant relative of a prehistoric monster.
Category: Chupacabra and unknown creatures

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