Weather was crazy from mecklenburg to orenburg

Again, news of the day. Weather anomalies across Eurasia from Eastern Europe to the Trans-Urals. In Moscow in mid-April, winter has returned, after covering the capital with snow, and a record low against the atmospheric pressure. And Germany suddenly covered sand storm, leading to tragic consequences.

8 dead, 139 injured and 80 wrecked cars. In a major road accident near the German city of Rostock blame sandstorm. This has never happened before here — strong wind picked up sand from the Baltic coast and carried it inland. Visibility on the road no more than ten meters. This accident has already written down in history as the largest in the history of Mecklenburg — Western Pomerania.

In neighboring Poland, too, count losses. Last night in the north-west struck a powerful hurricane. Wind speed greater than 100 miles per hour. Injuring five people, but 8 million — were without electricity due to fallen trees on wires.

In Moscow — one night fell nearly 500 trees, but not because of the hurricane, but because suddenly returning to the city of winter. Last night the rain in the Russian capital was replaced with wet snow that sticks to the wires and branches. Again most affected motorists habitually parked their cars in the yard. Many of them now have to go to service. It’s good that this post, could not resist either wind, or the weight of the snow stuck to not bend under a someone’s car. Generally motorists this weekend recommend to leave the house only for a very great need. Water so that some can not cope with even the drainage and flooding occur.

For the last day in the capital fell almost half the monthly rainfall. In the Moscow region, about 70 settlements, nearly 3,000 people were left without electricity. Blame — cyclone, who came to the region of the North Atlantic. He brought with him and record low pressure — 714 millimeters of mercury, such indicators in Moscow did not record a single time.

And in the Krasnodar region because of the rains raise the water level in rivers and Adagun Niberdzhay. The water came right up to the homes. Flooded part of the federal highway Krasnodar-Novorossiysk. Who is allowed to move here just for trucks.

Floats and Orenburg. Here, spring came too quickly, and melt water flowed on the streets. but the locals are reasons for optimism — they say, well, that river Sakmara still under the ice, otherwise the town of Orenburg Steppe on okrayne could and did go under the water.

On the subject:

The hurricane tore the roof in Slovakia and stopped trains

In Eastern Slovakia swept through on Saturday declared a hurricane emergency. Utilities and energy work in emergency mode to quickly reverse the effects of disasters.

The most affected villages, located in the foothills of the Tatra Visoki. Just in the same city the amount of material damage exceeded 200 thousand euros, said the secretariat Mayor John Mokosh.

Force wind gusts in the mountains reached 120 kilometers per hour. Damaged power lines, tore roofs from dozens of buildings and uprooted thousands of trees broken. There are serious disruptions in the movement of trains. Meteorologists do not exclude the possibility of a new storm on the whole territory of Slovakia. This natural phenomenon, typical for southern latitudes in recent years, has ceased to be something exceptional for the republic. According to experts, this is due to the process of global climate change, according to ITAR-TASS.


In the Kuban storm left without electricity 35 thousand people


In the eight districts of the Krasnodar Territory due to deteriorating weather de-energized for more than 35 thousand customers. Strong wind left without electricity 20 socially important facilities. According to the company, «Kubanenergo» emergency repair teams to end by 15.00 Moscow time on restoring power lines, damaged the previous day, again set to work. «102 people consisting of 28 teams eliminate the consequences of bad weather in Temryuk, Bruhovetsky, Leningrad, Yeisk, Kushchevskaya, Gelendzhik, Anapa Tbilisi and regions where it is de-energized to 16.00 35 000 800 customers, and 20 socially important facilities,» — noted in the company . Restoring power goes online. Energy is primarily working on the resumption of electricity supply social objects.

In the central region of the country the storm also caused massive power outages. As a result of snowfall residents remained without electricity 70 settlements in southern and eastern suburbs. In general, the Moscow region on Saturday was off 10.00 481 transformer substation. Most of the networks have already been restored.


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