Runway for small aircraft opened in khabarovsk krai

Runway, the reconstruction of which has been spent over 100 million rubles, opened after renovation in Tuguro-Chumikansky Khabarovsk region. Now the regular flights of small aircraft could resume since October.

  • Runway for small aircraft opened in khabarovsk krai

The renovation work was carried out in a band for a long time, in 2009, due to the poor state of the web flying AN-28 and AN-38 had to be stopped, flights were made by helicopter MI-8 times a week.

Given the high social value of the object — for the inhabitants of the district Tuguro-Chumikansky air transport has no alternative — the government took the edge reconstruction of the airfield under special control.

In the future, the next two years — the construction of a new terminal building, design work is already under way.

The cost of a single ticket is 18 rubles. The government subsidizes the northern edge of transportation: to benefit the residents of the region for the purchase of tickets is 50%.

«Until 2018 the Khabarovsk region to get more than 7 billion rubles from the federal budget for the development of the northern airports: the construction and reconstruction of new airport terminals, runways, installing lighting equipment. This unprecedented investment in the airport sphere of our region. Main task — to make domestic air travel more available to improve the quality of passenger service, «- said the governor of Khabarovsk Territory Vyacheslav Shport.

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