Russian ethnicity is an ancient reservoir in europe purely nordic population


Russian ethnicity is an ancient reservoir in europe purely nordic population

Where have gone Russian Plot? Can the Russian people, whose folk («national»), self-consciousness for centuries oppressed by all plausible ways to survive in an era when running global processes targeted systematic destruction of a snow-white race through the promotion of racial mixing, leading to the degeneration of the world population, increasing its maneuverability and ultimately, to its death?

Race to the study of issues in the world today is taboo. The forces that manipulate the population of the earth firmly compared the topic from the hateful ideology. And made it far chance. It is here that lies the spiritual force of which broke all the plans of the oppressors of mankind.

On research papers race of the Russian people, which officially took place in the Soviet Union, writes historian Jora Sidorov follow:

«I flipped a few pages and I came across a monograph N.N.Cheboksarova» Mongoloid elements in the population of Central Europe. » Amazed the number of people who learned scholar, they turned out a little — a lot, and as many as 8,500 people. «Well, this job cranked Cheboksarov! — I can not help admired. — How old is he working on? «.

And I wanted to find the conclusions made by scientists. And when I found them, do not believe his disgusted: N.N.Cheboksarov, citing data from his own work, claimed that the main feature of Mongoloid — epicanthus, in Russian, in a developed form, practically does not occur. His barely perceptible beginnings of the 8500 surveyed, he met was only 12 people! In Germany, undeveloped epicanthus will take 8% of men. Estonians, Latvians, Germans, French, even the western Ukrainians believe us, Russian, poluaziatami. Write scientific articles that we, the Russian appeared from the mixing of the Finns, the Ural Ugric peoples and old who went from Europe to the east of bad Caucasoid peoples. Not enough of it from the VI century we sometimes pressed then the Huns, the Avars, later Pechenegs, Cumans and in the end, the Mongols. But these anthropological studies they say that we, Russian, Caucasians are more than the Germans! How to realize it? Germans have Mongoloid features 2% more than we do. Where could take Mongolians in Western Europe? Neuzh that they are descendants of the mysterious Tungrys? Hybrid tribes, mixed with European Pithecanthropus? Other conclusion I did not find.

«If so, then almost all Western Europeans in the behavior becomes clear. It turns out that over time, a genetic animal complex raspolzsya throughout western Europe. The result is a paradox of the population of central Germany and Austria became more Mongoloid than we, the Russian! Excellent — I reasoned. — It’s all about the descendants of apes. But in Europe were still living and Nemeth — Neanderthals. Nemeth means who can not read — dumb. From them came the word of the Germans. But Nemeth did not have Mongoloid. It is a pity that the band did not hold Nemeth N.Cheboksarov research. On the other conclusions would be even more interesting. «

I flipped a few pages of the sample and came across an article Kozhevnikov «Rusologiya.» It said the results of anthropological expedition 1955-1959, the V.Bunaka. The scientist studied 100 groups of the Great Russians. In his work Bunak revealed the limits of the largest and small deviations, and came to the conclusion that the Russian people — they are small. Different groups of Russian, despite bolshennuyu distance from each other, are, in fact, homogeneous ethnic group!

Russian ethnicity is an ancient reservoir in europe purely nordic population

«How could this be? — I was perplexed. — Neuzh is old oriansky gene pool over thousands of years of isolation Russian deliveries of each other, little has changed? He had to become others already in itself for itself, under the influence of different criterion of life, not to mention the factor of genetic mixing with other ethnic groups. But for some reason did not. Why? Neuzh something so powerful in our country, Russian, starry nature, that it will not change even millennia isolation? A Balts, French, Anglo-Saxons, even blood brothers, the Poles, we believe polutatarami … That’s for you and polumongoly-polutatary! What did you gentlemen Westerners, we consider «the Lord confused?» Oh, not for or what you imagine yourself in the majority of hybrid race? V.Bunak not made such conclusion, but noted that the Russian anthropological scatter configurations half as much as the Germans, French, British and other European nations. It turns out that we, the Russian, on race Thoroughbreds Caucasians besides, as uniform as possible. The Western Europeans — are quite different. We are twice more than we have, Mongoloid and other features, but the last are convinced that they are the ideal European race, and we are great Russians, Belarusians and Little Russians — a mix of Mongoloids, Finno-Ugric peoples and poor hybrid Slavs. All the opposite! As should be inverted in our world! «

Take your time … I read an article about the Russian anthropology A.L.Bashmakova. This researcher has worked as a XX-th century, it was not related either to the Communists nor the Democrats. Lining was an ordinary Russian scientist. Because it works for me is more valuable. Less than an hour I looked at him and braked a monograph on the findings. They turned out exactly as in the N.N.Cheboksarova and V.Bunaka. Different groups of Russian, despite the considerable distance from each other, anthropologically homogeneous.

«Is no one way for a cordon and we in the Soviet Union, did not read these works?» — I do not cease to be amazed. — Either all our corrupt journalists who expose Russian as a «bulldog mix with a rhinoceros,» so shameless and impudent that they do not care about science? Or maybe this whole gang has stolen up rusofobstvo or chosen from the natives and hybrids? — Came to me at one point the idea. — Because they did try hard! «.

Pondering over what came to mind, I found in the journal «Problems of Anthropology» for 1995 V.E.Deryabina article — «Methods of inter-group statistical analysis of anthropological data.»

«Consideration of a mix of evidence» — I read a very long perspective heading.

Looking through the article, I got down to her research. In Derebina was nothing new. The scientist, as well as its predecessors, it is now, using mathematical analysis, concluded that the anthropological unity of the Russian ethnos. Not much, according to his research, we, Russian, lighter than other peoples of Europe. Among us 25-30% more macho than in Germany, Denmark or Sweden … From what I read, I was thrown into a fever.

«It turns out that the» blond beast is not the Germans, and we, the Eastern Slavs! German blond same — it is a fundamental natural weight Germanize descendants of the inhabitants of the western Slavs and Baltic Porus, Russ.

Other conclusion in my head did not come. Thinking slightly, I took up the study of the article «craniology peoples of Eastern Europe and the Caucasus in connection with neuvvyazkami their origin.&quo t; This work was written by the outstanding Russian anthropologist VPAlekseev. Because I read it with special care. Output V.P.Alekseeva have been the same: Russian ethnicity is more homogeneous than at least some wind. Apart from this, referring to the work of their own colleagues, Alekseev came to the conclusion that the Russian ethnic group, regardless of its homogeneity, tracks down the most ancient tribal differences. For example, the Belarusians come from Radimiches and Dregovichy, the right bank of the Ukrainians drevlyan. It’s the same with the other groups of the Russian population. Chernigov is a copy of its own Protz — northerners, Pskov and Smolensk — Krivichi Novgorod and coast dwellers are very similar to the medieval word for it. According to the views of Alekseev, Russian ethnicity is an ancient reservoir in Europe purely Nordic population. Despite the barely visible spices tribal differences, it is holistic and surprisingly homogeneous. When asked how this could happen, the scientist in his work did not answer. Specifically examining V.P.Alekseeva article, I looked fleetingly in the Russian anthropological journal article number 3 and Krasnov. The scientist wrote it in 1902. He investigated 10 Russian provinces. His scientific work conducted at military recruiting pt. And what output: The same. Russia, in the main its own weight, gray-eyed blond Caucasian. Blonde in the middle of them, in the south, between 20% and higher. In the north — from 50 to 70%.

Perelistnuv article a few anthropologists, I opened odontologicheskoe study A.A.Zubova. Zubov has published his work in 1970, in a period of great prosperity Russian science. To the surprise of the researchers, in the midst of all, they studied the Russian ethnic groups, none of the 1st person he found Mongoloid spoon-shaped teeth. According to the views of A.A.Zubova, Mongolians in the history of the Russian people, never with him did not mix. The teeth of the first Russian scholars questioned the fact of the Mongol-Tatar yoke. In his view, the Mongols and the Turks never Mongoloid in Russia was not, and those who are considered to be the Mongol-Tatars them by Zubov, most were not. I looked at the work of other researchers. They claimed the same. For a couple of minutes braked on the findings of geneticists. In their opinion, Russian ethnic group more than 90% homogeneous and belongs to the Caucasoid Nordic race. Modifications in it were the strength of 8-9%, and the Mongoloids, in fact, not at all.

Russian ethnicity is an ancient reservoir in europe purely nordic population

«This is for you and polugunny-poluavary, poluhazary-polupechenegi, polupolovtsy-polumongoly! — I thought about going to discover in the bedroom. — All of a fable, when the lion pounced on the tail yarlychek that he settled down. The last thousand years on earth reigned time shortcuts. Labels begs peoples degenerative Western civilization. The whole world is aware of this, but can not do anything. And if those who actively and begins to fight for this failure, then at him, in the Middle Ages, the Crusades were organized, and in our time, such and bombard and conquer. «

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