Vajra how to make and use weapons of the gods?

Vajra — This is the only instrument of enlightened people of ancient culture that has come to us. All other instruments destroyed by disasters or time.

Vajra only reached us in virtually unmodified, thanks to the few who managed to stay alive after the flood. Therefore, we must look more closely at this amazing device …

This unit is based on the as yet little-studied and most of today’s deflected science torsion fields. Torsion fields and torsion technologies to perfectly mastered the Atlanteans. An example of this — the pyramids of Giza, which served as amplifiers background torsion field earth and space (vacuum).

Vajra — also a fixture of the torsion field technology.

To understand the principle of Vajra consider the following picture taken from the book Shipova «physical vacuum».

Now, map the model with Vajra at the foot of the Swayambhunath Stupa, Nepal.

As seen in Figure Vajra geometric model recreates the torsion fields of elementary particles. And if she plays this model, the Vajra can enter into resonance with any elementary particle, and if the Vajra pump torsion field, it is through the resonance will be able to influence this particle, for example to make some work with her.

If we consider the Vajra from such positions, the basic questions about its purpose and principles of action can be considered solved.

2. Manufacturing.

Vajra should be made of a conductive metal. Why is that, it is not clear. Although, as is the author, any metal enters a sufficient number of free electrons, which are easy to manage. For example, the use of these electrons to pass an electrical current, under the action of external electromagnetic fields. And in torsion technologies apparently these electrons is most easily lend themselves pereorinterovke and use their rotational (spin) moment for the purpose of the operator. Either way, the action will only Vajra made of metal, wood and plastic Vajra will not work.

Torsion unit length and width is taken in the ratio of 1:2, and the center circle is always less than the cone layouts right-hand and left torsion field. Length is the length of gaps most resonant unit. Classically, these gaps must be 4. They are made in the shape of a cross and parallel resonant body block. This is closer to the Vajra vajra Atlanteans. Part of the gaps adjacent to the resonance section can be decorated: designed as a plug-heads of animals or plants of which overlook the gaps. Form surge — a semicircular. The ends of the surge — pointed.

For those who are not able to make the Vajra, such as 99%, I advise you to buy Nepalese Vajra. Nepalese Vajra is most similar to the ancient Atlanteans Vajra. Just buy a big vadrzhy long 18 cm or more, they are more convenient to use.

3. Activation of Vajra.

This is the most complicated part of the now almost forgotten.

As we know from the book of researchers, in particular E Muuldasheva, Vajra acts on the psychic energy operator. Or more simply on personal torsion field of the person. So activating the Vajra not technical but esoteric.

Activation of Vajra is traditionally held:

A) remote method using the mantra as described in the book by E. Muldasheva «In Search of the Gods», Part 2, «Gold Platinum Harati.» This method consists in a meditative activation Vajra by looking at it and saying a multiple of secret mantra. Mantra that certain something which of Nepalese or Tibetan lamas knows, but for obvious reasons withholding. Therefore, this method of activation Vajra can hardly use in practice.

B) directly, when the Vajra is taken in the palm of his right hand. Activation takes place here something like a modified hard qigong or reiki. For example, at the expiration of the directed energy of chi-tien tribute by hand into a vajra, concentrated in it, and then the operator mentally, through the gaps, directing this energy to the subject. So, for example, and the cutting of stones or rocks. But what would possess the technology necessary training under the direction of an experienced teacher, you must first «grow» chi, need to learn to direct and concentrate it in the vajra. It is very difficult and requires a long workout. Therefore want to experiment and just picking up a vajra nothing in you or I fail. Need training.

But you can do a workout Vajra just wonders. Entering the torsional resonance with the elementary particles of matter, Vajra can change the torsion moment of these particles can modify the force of attraction between the particles, and thus alter the geometric position of the particles relative to each other. That is why the Vajra can cut rocks and other objects, destroy whole armies. For example, in Buryatia, a legend tells of how a lama Vajra destroyed the whole army of the Mongol invaders «having invested a great power.» As you can see it’s not such a myth. Although the way, Vajra successfully fought and the ancient Indian god Indra, and the Greek Zeus, and the Scandinavian Thor, and many other heroes.

Vajra — is one of the great tools that have come down to us from the civilization of the Gods, and our task is how to study it.



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