Hawa ariana inuaki reptile in me extraordinary discoveries about the past present and future of earth

This conversation Romanian woman psychologist Ariana Chava with an unusual boy who says that the past is embodied Inua spent on the planet, which is next to Orion. In the dialogue, says David Arians about the planet and life on it, as well as for the planet Earth and the purpose of his coming to earth.

Hawa ariana inuaki reptile in me extraordinary discoveries about the past present and future of earth

It happened cloudy summer morning. It was unbearably stuffy, and I decided to open the window, hoping the fresh air clear the air. I could not shake the feeling of discomfort — weighed in the solar plexus — and I know that it is an internal warning of more severe discomfort, that were to follow. I hoped with all my heart that my fears will prove false, especially since this morning was to be a new boy.

Exactly at the agreed time, he came into the room with her mother.

Quite malchenok, but what proud! Blue eyes the color of a summer sky, tousled brown hair, dressed in a clearly new jeans and a blue T-shirt with the inscription «Love me».

I think it would be great if we all dressed the children in clothing with the words, «Love me.» So we’d never forget. He looked at me for a long moment and then resolutely sat down. I learned Vrochem, this information was already in the map, that his name was David (not his real name) and he was seven years old.
Usually, in a little while, when I feel I can safely interact with the child, I ask accompanying parents to wait in the lobby. To my surprise, David had asked her mother to leave.

Intrigued by his reaction, especially because nothing like this was not even mentioned, I tried to find an explanation. It turns out that his mother brought here because he «heard a voice in his head, as if on the phone,» with which he speaks and says everything that you get, including, for example, how to get a certain level of computer games. The answers he received the boy, always correct.

I asked him if there was a voice name for the boy replied that he was calling him Aghton that he is from another constellation, from which came and David in the process of reincarnation, that they have agreed to keep in touch throughout his stay here, in this ground. I asked him how he was going to stay here. In response, he said that if you count like this, somewhere 200 years, but that soon we will take the time in a different way, so he can not speak.

We talked for about an hour and I was more and more impressed by the maturity and depth of his answers. Clarifying how during the conversation, some of which belonged to the «voice of the phone.»

Before you cross the threshold of the door, David turned to me and said that last night, after he learned that in the morning he’ll take me Aghton asked him to a psychologist that he personally asked to write down everything that will be discussed, even if I do not like it, asked to believe that all that will be said is real, and not worry about the vase, I broke this morning, trying to close the window.

Imagine how scared I was at those words, because I was the only one who knew about it!

So I was given a confirmation that all that the boy had been true. It was as if a dark veil ripped from my eyes. Then I realized how unfounded were all my ideas about them audible voice, as the fruit of the imagination, from esoteric nature of life, prone to schizophrenia, or history, the source of which was to be above the rest, above average.

So I came to my present position — position of the writer. Under his direction, I tried to collect and present all the most important information. I present to you his message in the form in which they came to me, without amendment, of the authenticity and accuracy.

Thank you for taking the time to this book. Some consider it fiction, others would understand. In the former, I’m sorry, the second wish to find your way and to realize its mission.

During the second meeting, the boy seemed much closer. As if we had known each other a long time. Between us now and then that feeling of kinship, KOTRA is shared by only old friends.

I asked, do I ask questions, or he will tell us how he likes. Moment’s thought, he said that it will be easier to answer questions.

Ariana: What’s your name here on earth?
David David.

A: Do you have any other names?
A: Not now. I have had many names, but now — just one.

A: What should I call you?
D: David

A: Why?
A: Because now it — my name.

A: In the beginning you said you came here from another planet in the process of reincarnation. You know what it’s called?
A: It’s called Inua and next to Orion.

A: And its inhabitants are also called Inua?
A: No, they are called inuaki.

A: So you — inuaki?
D: I was inuaki, now I — Earthman.

A: What is your ex-planet?
A: It’s a beautiful land.

A: The relief there is the same?
A: Almost. There is water, mountains, fields, only plants others. Color of trees like silver there, just a little whiter.

A: There are times of the year?
D: Yes, but not like this. There is no winter and snow, only rain. And the leaves of the trees do not fall. And it is not as hot as this summer.

A: There’s seas and oceans?
A: Yes, the sea called Avata and oceans surim. There are fish, just a different color. In fact, all there other color.

A: What is this color?
D: Other. I do not know .. The same colors, but more faded. Red does not look like the local red, looks more like a red-and-white.

A: That is pink?
A: No, not as bright, as if a layer of white on it.

A: A inuaki what they look like? They — the people?
A: No, they — inuaki. Resemble lizards, but also to people, too.

A: So they — reptiles?
A: No, they — inuaki.

A: Can I write one?
A: They are tall, about how this bookcase (2 m), walk on their feet, they have two hands, like ours, but only three fingers, yet they have a wide and fairly strong tail. They have white skin and golden-violet eyes. Speak as we like them.

A: What is «they»?
D: So in my mind. They say something mentally and others hear.

A: How the messages that get you?
D: Yes, exactly.

A: A skin? What is it? With the scales?
A: No. Soft, velvety, like ours. Only they have no hair, no eyebrows.

A: Do they have teeth?
A: Yes.

A: What inuaki eat these?
A: The food, as we do, but without the meat. They eat what we might call the fruit, vegetables and seeds.

A: These plants are grown, as we are?
A: In a way yes, but this does not take that much time.

A: That is?
A: They need to plant the seed, add a bit of water and think about when you want to get results — they poyavyatsya exactly when you’ve decided.

A: That is, if I want to get the apples tomorrow, tomorrow they can be collected from the tree?
A: Not so fast. The shortest period of time — two calls.

A: What is the treatment?
D: Treatment of a planet around its axis. About 5 Earth days.

A: And everyone is gathering fruit?
A: Yes. Or, if you need to, say, you did not think in time, you can ask anyone — all ready to help. But this rarely happens.

A: And how is this miracle? As inuakam not get everything they want? Fertile land?
A: In a way, yes. The soil there is different from the local, in any case, it is very clean. But do not think that’s enough. Important intention. You ask for something from the Matrix, and it is realized, no matter what you asked. They do not ask for more than what they need. Nothing more. Everything is fresh. Keep food in the fridge does not make sense when you can get everything at any time. It makes no sense to ask for more, because it is to lose, and this is not like the Matrix.

A: And how does this happen? Sadish grain and think about when it should grow?
A: Approx. Sadish grain watered a bit of water, fill it with light and love, and, then, ask to connect with his universal matrix, from which it can obtain all the necessary information about how to age in a period that you need. At that moment the lights go inside the grain and begins to flow out in the form of a luminous thread that connects the sensor. Thus begins the process.

A: And after you have collected fruit and vegetables, what happens to the plant?
A: It will remain, but future benefits will only be used as seed. Then it dries, and you ask that it quickly broke down into the elements of which it was created, not to create a ballast for the planet.

A: So, you are no trash?
A: Almost none. They do not waste, because there is no packaging and household waste. Where, though, is something to throw away, it refers to a special location where work inuaki to help it expand into primary particles. Therefore, there exists mountains of garbage and abandoned things.

A: Well, if someone would refer trash in a special place, but just throw on the road?
A: Why would anyone do that? I’ve never heard of such! This just makes no sense.

A: Do you have a car or any vehicle?
A: Something like that. Outside the world we travel on what humans call «flying saucers» and within it — similar to the apparatus, only smaller.

A: What fuel do you use?
A: We do not use fuel. This is like a perpetual motion machine. They run forever, without fuel, although they impose something like circles of magnets with opposite polarities, which produce a field — it is, in turn, is activated by the fact that the Earth is called the Merkaba. That is, by thought activated two tetrahedrons, which are located in the middle of the magnets. Their fields somehow captured inside tetrahedra, and the latter begins to rotate, creating a sort of force field, which causes the device to move. By changing the polarity, you can go down and get up, and tilt the magnets, you can set the direction. This is done by a kind of helmet, which is worn on the head and is directly linked to heart vessel.

A: That is, in some way, they are controlled by the power of thought?
A: Yes. Mentally. But without the magnets it would not work.

A: From what these ships are built?
D: of metal, which we do not have on Earth. In fact, the connection of 5 metals. It is made by means of a beam of rays of different colors. These rays are produced by large crystals.

A: Everyone can have a boat?
A: Yes, but if he needs to.

A: If you have a boat there, you have it, and remains, no matter polzueshsya you tell them or not?
A: The ships belong to everyone. If it is you no longer need, you take him back to where he got. It makes no sense to keep the ship. Then, they can take advantage of anyone who needs it.

A: They are paid? Generally, the money is there?
A: No, there is no money. They are not needed. Everyone works when needed, helping when asked and has everything he needs.

A: Do you have rulers?
A: In a way, yes. Every 260 of the planet are choosing the governor and council of 12 creatures. As elections in the world. Only no one can be elected repeatedly. When one is selected, it can no longer be the ruler or the board. Only after everyone on the planet pouchavstvuyu in management. In any case, you have to live 5200 the planets to become the ruler again.

A: I think it’s a good job!
A: Yes! Everyone does it with dedication and optimism. And if you want everything to be good, you just do it!

A: You are the children?
A: Yes, but in a different way. When it is established that new forces, are interested — they beget children who grow up in a special, well-thought-out place, where their development is optimal. It’s like a children’s home, but here they have everything they need. They study the planet’s history, behavior, meditation, telepathy, the growing of plants, equipment, and many other things. They are taught to older, more experienced inuaki. The youngest can see parents as often as they like and vice versa. In any case, they can communicate telepathically, so that separation does not play a role. In fact, the distance was not an obstacle.

A: The descendants are born alive or eggs like reptiles?
A: They are born alive .. but they are not born as they conceive as embryos and grown in a special place. Parents leave their genetic information, the development of children is controlled — they are sick and are not born with genetic defects.

A: A home and property are the children? You can leave a legacy?
A: If you want. But this does not make sense, because the individual that has reached maturity, helping to realize. There is no sense to take something from others, when you can get everything you want.

A: Okay, well, family jewels? There is something like that?
A: No, because they are meaningless. We have gold, but it is used for ships and different alloys. It makes no sense to wear metal on the body — it violates your field.

A: Here it is very appreciated.
A: Yes, here it gives a certain status determines your place in society. But there’s no way you feel something, which you are not. There all know who said what knowledge and skills the person has.

A: But as far as I understand, all of about the same level.
D: Yes, but we all have different experiences. Inuaki also come with different abilities and inclinations. One versed in construction, others — in plants, and others — in education. This does not mean that others do not know anything about these areas. Taught everything there first, and only after the information is digested, they can choose what they prefer.

A: You are a couple? The husband and wife? The difference on the floor?
A: There is a difference by sex couples, but not as much as here. There’s no one obliges you to stay, if you do not want more than that. At any time you can be alone or find another pair. Also, children can stay with their parents, when you reach maturity, but this does not happen. You can, but nobody needs it. There are all friends.

A: Everyone meets both here at vechirinkah, praznik?
D: They meet when they want to, but I have not seen celebrations like this.

A: And if any argument with a neighbor?
A: It does not happen. I never heard that happen. But, still, if the event of disagreement, name and address to the Council Code of Laws, but that have not happened.

A: What is a «Code of Laws»?
A: This is a huge crystal in which their ancestors left some written rules, which, in fact, are universal. When you have a problem, we have to put hands on the crystal, and it will send to your mind is the solution according to the rules written in it.

A: As it sends this decision?
D: I do not know, because he did not do anything like that. But as far as I understand it, are the images that arise in the mind, showing what to do.

A: And they follow?
A: Of course!

A: Well, but if someone says that he does not want? If someone is not satisfied with the decision?
A: That can not be. How not to do what you saw? All follow those decisions.

A: Good. But suppose that someone does not want to and decided to kill an individual, which led him to the council?
D: (Choking with laughter): It’s impossible. To kill someone is to kill himself. When the murder is a violation of the Matrix, which is returned to you with the most negative consequences. This has never even been mentioned. Maybe it existed in the past, but they are long gone from what is called the law of cause and effect. I do not know how to explain, but they can not cause harm. They do not know that was possible. As if that does not exist. I remember that when I opened the possibility of such a thought, they seemed complete absurdity.

A: But is there?
A: Yes, in the past. We talked about it, but at the present time this does not happen.

A: How long has it been on the earth’s standards, you can translate it?
D: (after a long hesitation) about five hundred thousand years.

A: So you five hundred thousand years of living like this, in an ideal society?
A: No, the smaller one. From the beginning it was hard. It is difficult to break away.

A: Cut off from what?
D: I would like to continue next time.

A: Of course.

I tried to understand what he said. Afterwards, I realized that I could ask other questions, more detailed and more accurate. But the novelty of information completely cross out all my concentration. I decided to make a record of voposah that should discuss again.

A: I thought I might be described as a living again inuaki? They have their own home or they live together?
A: No, everyone has his own house. Not only at home like this and there are no high-rise blocks.

A: In this case, what they have at home?
A: Under the ground. They realized that it makes no sense to build houses on the surface, because a lot of lost ground. All used optimally — for the land above the house can handle.

A: They are made at home then?
A: The walls are made of a kind of sand, which is mixed with crushed crystals of different species. This mixture is melted by the waves — sort of how the ship — and it is made of plates that can be cut to the required size blocks. They are placed in the ground and connected to each other, too, by fusing to form a perfect cube.

A: They have furniture?
A: Yes, but different. All the furniture is made of natural materials. Something very similar to bamboo and wood. But textile materials do not exist.

A: That is, they go naked?
A: Yes, but it is in order. It would be very strange if someone dressed.

A: They do not have a cold?
A: No. If they are cold, they are asking for universal array of heat.

A: That is?
A: If I am cold, I am connected to the Universal Matrix and ask heat. At this point my body is warmed and feeling cold disappears. As if my body helps me, raising its own temperature.

A: You can do it here?
D: Yes, but the effect is not stored for a long time — too much interference.

A: How did they get light?
D: Also. Asked to light a universal matrix and get it.

A: That is, if I were to ask the world and connect with the universal matrix, room was illuminated with the light?
A: Of course not. Here it is not possible yet, but will. At the moment, there are interference. And neither you nor anyone else can not do anything like that .. at least for a long period of time. Perhaps, with the concentration you can, but the result will be gone chereh few seconds — no longer allows the morphogenetic field of the Earth.

A: You said that there is not. It will be possible?
A: Rather than you can imagine.

A: When?
A: Very soon. All I can tell you is that you will see it.

A: Maybe in another life.
A: No, just in this one.

A: Can you tell us more?
A: Soon, the planet will vibrating jump …

A: That is the famous 2012?
D: Yes, the planet will go into the fifth dimension, and then ..

A: How can we get to the fifth dimension, we are in the third? We have that, hop over one?
A: We are in the fourth dimension!

A: No, we have a three-dimensional reality. Everybody knows that.
A: Anyone who does not want to be considered a temporary measure and direction.

A: Time — a unit of measurement!
A: Just as the length, width and height.

A: Yes, but it was invented by men.
D: And the length and height, and everything that can be measured and counted on this earth, was invented by men.

A: That is, we directly enter the fifth dimension?
A: Something like that. But before that we understand and are aware of some aspects of reality, for example, what about the so-called measurement.

A: Do you mean to say that we go to bed, and suddenly, the next day we wake up in the fifth dimension?
A: No, we do not just fall asleep and wake up in another dimension. Many things happen in the world. They will presage signs. In any case, the transition will be carried out within three months. In these three months we will know what is in fact a fourth dimension.

A: What signs do you say?
A: First of all, will be crucial in 2009. In the second half of this year, the world will be faced with serious disasters … Water avenge the ground and many coastal areas will be flooded. Then increase volcanic activity — it will awaken even the volcanoes that were thought long extinguished. Intensify the earthquake — they will occur simultaneously in different fouling. In 2011, humanity will face the strongest solar storm that vybet out of control electricity — it is impossible to supply as before. Electromagnetic storms erase information systems, and can not be used anymore.

A: You do not know the case when the next ship sent to Inua? I might have purchased a ticket!
A: Unfortunately, in this area there are no flights!

A: From your story, I realized that we are waiting for a dark period.
A: Just like any other. Land should be clean, and we have to go through it with her. It will be a difficult time, but that will follow, is worth it. It will be a different world. I do not know how to explain you to understand. It is necessary to survive, see, or do not refer to that.

A: Maybe a utopian world? It would be nice if we woke up in a perfect world.
D: Then so be it, but not immediately. Must undergo several years of complete confusion — this time everything will change and everything will have to be redefined. Including science and religion.

A: What do you think of how long this period will last re-install?
A: Three to five Earth years.

A: Before or after 2012?
A: After. Before the need to understand that we are not alone in this universe.

A: As far as I know, in 2012, Earth lines up with the center of the galaxy, which is a black hole. Can you tell me what is a black hole?
A: The black hole — a place where there are no measurements. Absolute void. Sort of zero point of the universe. Creation it ceases to exist.

A: That is nothing there? Why do it?
A: It’s a place where, by attracting large rotational force to decompose all waste. Here are absorbed extinct planets, asteroids, comets and dust. Can you compare it with a giant mixer — everything gets there, splits, shrinks to the subatomic level, and then is converted to energiyu.Tak, nothing is wasted.

A: Let’s say this is the gate go to other worlds.
D: That’s what I told you. Mezhvselenskie connections are made with swirling vortices that exist since the beginning of creation. But it is clear that they can create and artificial means.

A: How?
A: With the thoughts and huge crystal. Designing ideas in the crystal creates a rigid thought pattern that creates a perturbation in the Matrix, and she, in turn, forms a physical. That is, speaking about space, creates a sort of channel is very similar to a tunnel, which compresses the space, creating a connection point between universes.

A: You have to understand that there are many universes.
A: There are ten.

A: And each is the same as ours?
A: Each individual. They are similar only at the level of creation and have a match in the Matrix, but they are independent and are constructed differently.

A: And God is in charge of all of them?
A: It depends on what kind of God are you talking about.

A: The fact that we pray.
A: Yes, we pray to God that we have inherited, but not the Creator. Each universe has its own nature and his own creator-leaders, but above all is something great, immense, in the form of energy that we can define as the Supreme God, the Source, the Absolute. All creation is in it. All the universes, worlds, other god-heads and essence. It covers everything.

A: But there is something outside of Him?
A: I do not know, I do not think .. I do not think anyone knows.

A: If he is part of another God?
A: Interesting idea. But it is written inuakov in the Code of Laws, and I have not seen or heard anything like it. Maybe, but only one has not yet reached a level of awareness, chioby be able to show it.

A: In any case, it does not matter. The very fact that you say is superior capacity for understanding.
A: Yes, as we look only to the earthly knowledge and understanding, but they are only the limitations imposed by others. Creation is perfect in every aspect of what are in the world. It has no relation to what we know and understand. Man is not just a car, it is — something much more profound.

A: That’s all they know! In all there is a soul that is immortal.
A: It’s not that there is a.

A: That is?
A: The soul, as you call it, is not present in the body, at least not entirely.

A: And where is it located?
A: Somewhere on top, above each individual.

A: And it is there?
A: Let me explain. Above each person has something resembling a ball. It is transparent, whitish, and inside is a miniature copy of the physical form. Imagine it as a smaller counterpart. This ball is connected to the body through a thick twisted cord that comes out of it and is connected to the body of the head. The rope to a thickness of about 15-20 cm, that is, it reaches this size, when a person becomes an adult. In infants, it is very thin, about 1 cm As soon as a person grows older, it thickens. But with the approach of death, it gets thinner and thinner, to facilitate separation from the body.

A: Well, if the person is young and will die by the time of the accident?
A: It does not matter. The thickness of the cord will match the thickness of the cord adult. In case of emergency cord breaks sharply. This separation is painful and hard.

A: And so it? We are all connected with the ball?
A: Of course not. This is a simplified version only to obsnit. We are associated with the sphere via a cord. But from the point of connection with the body moves into the whole body a number of branches. They are like the roots of different colors and thicknesses. For example, at the level of the fingers are blue and thin.

A: What happens if a person loses a hand? They disappear?
A: No. They will stay there, as if the hand in place.

A: What happens to them at the time of death?
A: Before the cord breaks, they begin to slowly go away. First out of the hands and feet, then out of the shoulders and hips, and then the stomach and head, but last they leave the heart.

A: Where do they go?
A: First, they are going in the channel in the spinal column and into the heart. They remain there for about three days, and then the cord breaks and the sphere can fly.

A: It is true that people take with them their deeds?
A: Acts not. Skills, qualities and flaws — yes.

A: Where are the acts?
A: In the Matrix. There they were, when they were committed, and will remain there.

A: We call it the Akashic Record.
A: It is a universal matrix of Creation.

A: Reminiscent of the huge data bank, something like a giant computer?
A: Yes, you can call it so. Only, the computer was created by someone, and the Matrix existed. It was not created. She netvorima.

A: You call the matrix of God?
A: No. God coordinates Matrix. Matrix independent. She — a form of energy.

A: I do not understand. Can you explain again?
D: I do not know how.

A: God and the Matrix — a different concept?
A: No, but it’s not the same. God has always existed and the Matrix. They have the same power structure, but they are not the same thing. God can work with the Matrix, while the matrix can not act on it. Matrix was derived from the creation.

A: Describe to me the Matrix.
A: The Matrix — is the primary form of energy. Here you can find all the thought forms, ideas, forms of energy and all that has been or will be created. All universes.

A: Somehow, it is the Holy Spirit that the Lord breathed on people when he created them?
A: Something like that. People just like everything else, were created from the energy of the matrix, and there was a shower of God. Only the soul from God.

A: We believe that we were created in the image and likeness of the Father.
D: All things were made of the father. Plants, animals, and stone. Form, features and properties — on the matrix, because of its energy, they were taken. Concept, a double, a projection similar to the Creator.

A: The planets also have this area?
A: Yes, all. In plants, the animals, the stone. The same for all entities, which we can not see, as in embodiment on Earth.

A: Yes, but ..
A: I would like to stop. I’m tired.

After he left, I sat on the couch where he was sitting. I found that I felt his presence, ideintifitsiruyu with him. I thought about how much maturity and understanding hidden in a fragile body. I tried to get into his life, into his thoughts. In my head there was a set of questions. I would like him to respond to each of them, I would like to learn faster, but I understand that you can not cross certain limits.

A: Please, let’s start with the fact where we left off last time.
A: We stayed on the plants and animals.

A: Yes, we talked about the field.
D: Yes, it exists at all. All that has been created something like it. You know, when people want to build a house, first there is scope to anything not tied. It floats around the person who wants a home that thinking about him. As soon as one comes to finalizing the target, it outlines all yasny and clearer, and when construction starts, it connects to the appropriate place and stays there as long as the house.

A: And if you buy an apartment or a house? That is not to build his own?
D: Then you acquire and scope, as it relates to the place, not a person. Unpleasant part is that, together with the scope you acquire memories, experiences of people who lived there. And the pain and the joy, and death.

A: All of this affects us?
A: Yes.

A: There are people who can clean the house. I mean, with respect to energy and vibration. They can read about certain things that happened in this place.
A: Yes. They are connected with the realm and receive information. If they have the ability, they can clean the area — to remove interference and energy balances.

A: They can not destroy it and create a new one, instead?
A: No. It belongs to a particular place. It originated with the creation and cease to exist only when the creature disappears. It’s the law.

A: This means that God created us, and we have this sphere. We can do, and what we create, too, has this area.
A: Not the same, but something similar. Yes, we can do — for we are from God. Therefore, one can invent and create something new. This is the basis of development and progress.

A: It means that we can work with the Matrix.
A: Yes. In any case we are working with the Matrix, even if nothing we do. All our lives and actions go into the matrix.

A: Why?
A: Because they are forms of energy, and stores energy matrix.

A: And karma and destiny — everything comes from there?
D: Do not come, but it turns out there. You commit an act. For example, help the person to recover. In the Matrix is a form of energy, a good idea, your desire to help and left there mark. It remains there, and at some point, when you need it, is sent back.

A: A bad deed with what is happening?
D: Bad acts, if you can call them, are actually forms of negative energy. They have no effect on the Matrix. Man — that’s who will suffer. When deemed necessary, it will go back to the man. You see, there must be a balance. How much you thought form or form of conduct negative polarity, so often they will pour on you. This is known as «bad luck.»

A: Is it a man should not strive for goodness, harmony?
A: Of course. Matrix in its initial state, is Gamon, love, perfection. Therefore, all that is not consistent with its polarity must be thrown out, remove it. What can I do? Sending to the person who created it. After all, only the creator can expand his creation to the elements and energy.

A: Well, there are the angels of karma?
D: Yes, and this name they are known here. In fact they are — the essence of co-ordinators of the Matrix. They are with her in perfect harmony, live in it and are responsible for maintaining balance. Therefore, they are looking for in order to implement upheld. Man gets back what he gave. Initially, the Matrix has given him health, peace, harmony and intelligence, he also rejected the anger, hostility, suffering — and he also has to get back all of these vibrations.

A: In another life?
A: Yes, but not necessarily. In any case, it is preferred that he got it all back to the same life — so much easier.

A: We are all used to be, no?
D: We are all equal. In fact, everything in the universe and the matrix are equal. All of us here on Earth are related. We are part of one segment of the Matrix. Inua, for example, is part of another segment, in which we are all connected at the level of the Matrix. We are independent, but still together.

A: This means that all humans — brothers?
A: Yes. We are all part of the same energy, ideas, concepts, creation. In the Matrix there is a certain segment that we were created. Its energy corresponds to us and affect us. On a subtle level, we are all connected. What happens to one, in fact, happens to all. Even more, the Earth and the solar system are closely related to man. The acts of one person affects all.

A: Okay, but why should I be held responsible for the fact that someone decided to drop an atomic bomb?
A: Because you took it in silence. If those who disagree, merged, or if you even thought about the fact that it is not good and bad, that we should stop this somehow, if you wished with all my heart that this does not happen, your thought pattern would have entered into the matrix, forming a wave of energy that would be able to absorb and learn from other people. Now people in the world are in serious lethargy. They do not even want for themselves and the rest of the world. I’m talking about the real desire that comes from the soul, not about what they say simply because so correctly.

A: I do not think that just my idea of the world will lead to any results.
A: You do not think other — and even less .. As if it is better not to strain your mind, let things go on their own, and we will believe in the fact that someone is better than us, more prepared, will do everything for us. Why work when you can not work?

A: That is not quite true. We do not know about these things. We heard something, but no one believes it, because they can not demonstrate.
A: Sure you can. Only one of them should radiate from within and not just hear what others say. Earthlings are taught himself to follow the concepts, views or information provided by others. We currently have said that we are born, live and die. Why? Who say that?

A: God.
A: No. We think so. We created the Matrix-energy thought form, to which, of course, themselves connected, the more, connect children, telling them all that scientific. We have programmed yourself. And you say that you do not want to connect with it, do not take it, you do not want to be part of what you want the other.

A: And I can do it?
A: More than just work! You will create a new thought-form-energy, which will be able to join all those who want to wish those who want to understand.

A: And how do I make them understand?
A: I suggest everyone who reads this book, connect with us every Sunday at 22:30 for a new-thought form of energy, which suggests that people — immortal. He is born, matures, and so it remains. Strong, healthy, full of energy.

A: But this would lead to overpopulation. Will be born bekonechnoe number of new people.
A: Do not worry, everything is set. Number of souls can not exceed the set in the Matrix. It just can not be.

A: And if no one is going to die, but I still want to get away from this planet?
D: That everyone will decide for themselves.

A: Well, we try. Every Sunday at 22:30. What should I do?
A: For the last five minutes, we’ll repeat that we are young, mature, healthy, full of energy and love, and that there is no death. That we are eternal.

A: Try it-then we can. But if everyone will think of something, add something from you?
A: Every word radiates a certain energy and light. Enter into the thought-form, the energy that we have created, will be only those who emits, transmits the same type of vibration. It can not get anything else, because it was created at a specific wavelength, with some frequency.

A: Well, let’s do.
A: It’s worth it!

A: You say that everything that is happening people, manifested first in the form of a sphere, and only then, in material terms. What happens to the things that were done by others, and, then, purchased?
A: They have their own sphere. For example, you buy a computer. At its heart was the idea that created thought-form-energy matrix — to adhere to it all done after computers.

A: So, if I buy a shirt, it does not have its own sphere?
A: No, it is connected to the original.

A: Good. Well, for example, if you know, there are damned diamonds that carry the fate of their respective owners.
A: We’re talking about what has been done by man. In nature, everything has its own sphere, which is the direct source of the Matrix. In general, everything that has been created by God has its own, individual sphere, but she, in turn, is connected to the other, much more. All the works of man have their own sphere, but it is common, it is — the only one, regardless of the number of «child of creation.» They look different, has a different energy and different from the one whose source is the matrix.

A: And if my neighbor goes to the same builder and build a house exactly like mine?
D: Does not matter. It can be ideintichnym, but the scope of his own will, because creator — the other person.

A: What poishodit so that clothing stores trace people who wore it? Hence, the energy goes into the general area, and from there it can have it all?
A: No, the remaining energy is directly next to things. If, for example, you get a heritage old bed, you get some of what people have experienced that in her sleep. But if you mean it vymoesh, swapping obbivku, dye, the energy will be gone, and the bed will be like new. But if you leave a trail in the field, it can not be removed.

A: What about animals?
A: They have their own area, but smaller. She, in turn, is connected to a vast, vast area, which contains the properties and features of the race. The same thing happens with rasteneniyami, and with stones, and with everything else.

A: Tell me, when you die, which leaves its scope?
A: In the Matrix, a segment of which it is.

A: Hell exists? I mean, hell, as we understand it?
D: I do not know how the hell we understand, but the scope goes to his place, which is consistent with its cargo. In this segment, there are different levels of the Matrix. There are areas in accordance with their vibration.

A: And what are they doing? Just located?
A: No, they interact with the areas that are out there, especially with the corresponding.

A: And this is, perhaps, not a waste of time?
A: That I’m trying to tell you. We try to grow as quickly as possible and, therefore, to die to get later in the Matrix. Why? I still could not understand. Our place in the world, of which we are a part. We have to help her as much as possible, improve it, must come to understand the truth and creation, and we come and go in a hurry.

A: You know. What would have happened if Hitler had lived forever? Or criminals or dictators?
A: It would not. If mankind was associated with life, the world, health and eternity, they would not have come here as long as they would not like all the others. They would not be able to incarnate, I’m talking about the incarnation here in our Matrix. She would not let them, because of their vibration. They would be thrown out of the segment of the Matrix, which owns the land, has transferred to the segment corresponding to their vibrations.
You must understand that the majority of sets the tone.

A: It would be nice if some politicians kicked and suffered!
D: Wish. Let us all, every Sunday we wish that all who do not fit the truth of the Matrix, left, tired, moved to another segment.

A: I think it’s a matter of karma. This is what we deserve.
A: It is absurd. In saying this, we welcome them, and they are here with us.
We have no more karma. In fact, the law of karma for people soon stop running.
We do not owe anything to anyone, we do not repent. We have to decide for yourself, tell yourself inside and all around — neighbors, relatives: «Everything! Enough, enough already! From now we are free». We need to ask the Matrix pick anyone violates our freedom of will, those who steal the truth, those who somehow enslaves and oppresses us. Resources, water, air, food, fuel and wealth belong to all the world! It is foolish to believe that God has the right to possess it only part of His creation, one person, one family. Why?
Demanding their rights! Do it for us, your children!

A: It’s beautiful and simple it sounds! You realize that this is — a utopia. Those who have a wealth of the planet, have this privilege for centuries, generations.
A: Who gave them the right? So decided to God? They have some act? Contract with him? They gave themselves the right. Took what did not belong, even worse — have taken from all of us.

A: Well, if you do not respect the right of ownership, will chaos.
A: No, because then people will realize that they can get what they need at any time. Take more of what you want, just do not need. If there was no competition with neighbors, if no one envied the house or car, then what would life be? When you know that you can get the same thing, if you want?

A: That would be great!
D: I just want to say that it must be so, and no doubt will be. People and planet deserve it. Natupilo time when humanity must take their fate into their own hands, to decide for itself. It’s time to manage and take care of themselves. Create their own laws and rulers. And do not take for granted that someone is stealing our life and our truth.

A: And how do we do it?
A: First of all, we must believe that everything can be changed. Well then, ask the Matrix freedom from slavery and free uravlenie.

A: But we have chosen their leaders!
A: No way. We forced them. In fact, run the world are the same. They change, speaking of the physical plane — changes name, physical appearance, place … But they — the same for thousands of years. They inherit from each other, come and go, but in reality, speaking of the thought-form-energy — they are the same.

A: You’re talking about various occult organizations that are said to rule the world?
A: With an amendment, they do it is run. All: elections, democracy, freedom, law — in fact, only an appearance, a farce. Think about it, if you, for example, have to choose between two candidates for president. One — the rapist, the other — a criminal. Who do you choose?

A: No one. I will not go to the polls.
A: Exactly! And would still be one of them. Why? Because one believes that one has priimuschestva than another.

A: Yes, even if I go and vote for anyone — in logic, the president will be one of the them.
A: Right. But you have a choice — to boycott the elections. Shout out loud. If no one comes, then none of them will be president. This — the first step.

A: Yes, but people will go to their relatives ..
A: The case against always exist. Life seems to us entirely dependent on logic. Intuition and the soul does not have to listen! Try something and then say that this is impossible.

A: Can you try, you — the new arrivals. We’re tired.
A: Yes. Much easier to leave the problem of posterity than to beat yourself on a solution.

A: But you .. today, the Crystal Children, I say indigo … By the way, you — one of them?
A: No, I have another soul.

A: I’ve heard — they are special ..
A: Yes, but not all. Not all who are in the formation of indigo color, came to save the planet. Some of them have been specifically sent to disbalansirovat, only now, at this moment. Aghton to tell you that no one hyperactive and poorly educated child deserves leniency. Common sense has nothing to do with the color of the field. Their parents are certain concepts and try to justify the failures in the education of the fact that they read somewhere. Like autism, in very rare cases, it has to do with the inability to adapt to the real world.

A: Good. And as for children with autism and various disabilities? They say that they do not correspond to the vibration of the planet.
A: They can not match it, as derived from the same segment of the Matrix. They have been there since the very creation of the Earth, proper and very much depend on it.

A: And what, then, with them?
D: I’m not talking about everyone, but most have made a mistake in the face of the planet and humanity. I mean huge, terrible mistake. They died, and the severity of left in the Matrix. In his ocherez, Matrix responded and sent them in the next incarnation kind of lethargy. This is necessary so that they could no longer do anything like this, and, of course, to return to them what they did. So, turn away from them near. They are on zatvorkah existence. Still, it is our duty — to help them and support them, because they — our — they are us. At some level, we are related.

A: And the other, those who do not belong to this category?
A: It’s a noble, sensitive, special souls who, nevertheless, at some point, making a rather heavy, violations in the Matrix. They are, in fact, very little. They can be identified by the fact that they are not aggressive, despite all the problems. They radiate love, enjoy intimacy, they want intimacy, communication, they take all of whom meet as friends. They are the ones who came here for a purpose. Most were pioneers, inventors and discover new things. They left something to humanity, which was used for evil or misunderstood. Now they have come to change that. They can just turn certain areas. Their problem is that they live in two worlds, if I may so express it. That is, they see what we see. People still can not help them. They stuffed their pills and driving programs for implementation in the community.

A: Here I am not agree with you! This helps them!
A: That is not true. Surely they would help if they would like all the others, when they — are special. They should be left at large, carefully directed, to enable them to develop their true talents. They — those who can prove that there is something beyond matter, that the power of thought is the most powerful vibration waves that time and space can be controlled by command.

A: It’s enough! I do not want to contradict itself! Tell me about the children, indigo, those who came to help the planet? Where are they?
A: They may belong to this segment as the Matrix, and others. The first are noble beings who arrived here as discoverers of new ways. Others — supreme beings migrated from another segment of the matrix itself in order to help the planet. They all have the ability to consciously communicate with the memory of the Matrix and use knowledge. They want as much as possible and to adapt more quickly to the new vibration. They are — the ones who will be able to help restore and heal the Earth.

A: And with us, those who can not fit into the new options, what happens?
A: They will transfer to another segment of the Matrix. It happens inside it. At certain times, the segments are cleared. Off everything that corresponds to a specific energy and vibration — all combine to create a new segment of the Matrix.

A: Something like the new soobschnosti?
D: Yes, exactly. All that represents a specific vibration and energy, and is teaming up with a new «clean».

A: Right now we are just in such a situation?
D: And here, from the start, was sent to the creation of the same vibration. For hundreds of thousands of years there has been scattered, and now the time has come to combine similar.

A: This is — the first such association?
A: No, three.

A: Can you tell me about the rest?
A: No, because I do not know about them.

A: As I understand it, from time to time, the universe disconnects entities: are good, and the bad go away?
A: We can not be divided into good and bad. Matrix to decide who stays and who is leaving. It is a matter of vibration.

A: This is happening everywhere? Here can be transferred to the essence of the other segments?
A: Yes, if they meet on the vibration level, and if so decided by the creation of another segment with a certain scale of vibrations.

A: Are not they part of a particular universe, planet, different species?
A: As I said, at some level we are all connected. We are all made of the same cloth.

A: Yes, but we put on different laws. If we took inuakov and earthlings and would put them in one place, what would be?
A: That’s impossible, because they are not compatible on the vibration level. Inuaki once been what we are today. Inouye to now there is no one individual that relates to a Earthman, even the most sublime.

A: So they — better, calmer and full of love?
A: They do not create disturbances in the Matrix. On the contrary, they help to regulate it themselves, charge it with positive energy.

A: How do they do it?
A: Through their actions, thoughts and feelings. They know that they are always related to the matrix and, therefore, live with it in harmony. There is no sense in check.

A: I see you’re starting to fidget. Do you want to stay?
D: Yes, but first I would like you to understand that everything has a logic. Nothing exists by chance and of itself. For every thing or creature lurks the idea thought-form-vibration.

A: Yes, but something was created and man. So, a person can also embody.
A: Yes, unfortunately, is not only good, the right thing.

A: The animals can affect the Matrix?
A: No, because they are connected to the central area, and it is coordinated by the custodian entity, which would not allow this to happen.

A: And the people?
A: People have to do more. They can be like God, that is, to create thought forms.

A: Tell me these ideas, I’m talking about inventions, did not exist in the Matrix, and, yet, they were able to take out those to whom it was destined?
A: In a way, yes. Some ideas are already presotvorennye. For example, take the plane. Think about it for thousands of years before the first man asked a question, and if people can not fly like a bird. All those who thought about it afterwards, added their energy to the idea as long as someone did not get on the length of the wave, not perfected the concept and executed it in practice, translating it.

A: Are there ideas, installed there by God?
A: No, the idea of a segment of the Earth belong to the people. There are other thought forms — energy that were installed beings from other levels.

A: I do not understand.
A: Suppose inuaki decided to give you access to the use of light crystals in metal processing. There are two possibilities. Or will be sent to the reincarnation of a being who will be entitled to retain the memory of the original matrix segment, or a segment of the Earth will be transferred to the energy of the thought-form. Most often the second option.

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