Prophecies about the third world war

Military action, according to the predictions of the seers, will begin in late summer or autumn (September, October). Muslims attacked suddenly and come from the East.

Alois Irlmayer: «In the year of the outbreak of World War III in March will be such that farmers can sow oats. Year before the war will be fertile, with lots of fruits and grains. The time of year I am able to draw only by signs. Upon the mountain snow. Cloudy, rain mixed with snow. In the valley of all yellow. » (Fall?)

Norwegian fisherman Anton Johansson (1858-1929): «The Third World War will begin in mid-July — early August. In the summer of northern Sweden. In Norwegian mountains still no snow. In the year of the war in the spring or fall will be a hurricane. «

Quote from the book Beykirha «prophetic voice» in 1849: «The month of May will be seriously preparing for war, but the war has not come to that. June will also be invited to the war, but it also did not come to that. July will be so serious and threatening that many simply with their wives and children. In August, in all corners of the world will be talking about the war. September and October will bring more bloodshed. In November there will be an amazing thing. «

Prediction of Herman Kappelmana Shaydingena: «In a few years a terrible war breaks out. Harbingers of the coming war will primrose pastures and widespread concern. But this year has nothing to begin. But when winter will be short, all bloom prematurely, and it would seem that around still, even then no one else will believe in peace. «

«Forest prophet» Myulhiazl (1750-1825): «One of the most notable coming war will be» building fever. » Will build everywhere. And all will not like the house, including the building, resembling honeycombs. When people are so carried away their arrangement, as if they were never going to leave the ground, and then start the «great destruction of the world. ‘»

Abbe Couric (1872), «starts strong fight. The enemy literally gush from the East. In the evening, ye say «peace», «peace», and the next morning they will be at your doorstep. In the year that begins powerful military confrontation, spring will be a good early and that in April the cows kicked the meadows, oats still can not be cut, and wheat can be. «

Vanga, a famous Bulgarian prophetess, in the seventies of the XX century, said: «When will stop to smell a flower field, when people lose the ability to be compassionate, when the river water becomes dangerous … then break out the universal destructive war,» «War is everywhere, among all people …»; «Truth of the end of the world to be found in old books», «What is written in the Bible, will come true. Apocalypse is coming! Not you, but your children will then live! «» Humanity destined for many disasters and violent events. Will change people’s minds. Coming hard times, people will share their faith. Ancient teachings come into the world. Ask me when it will happen, how soon? No, not soon. Syria has not yet fallen … «

Perhaps the war between the Christian and Islamic countries will begin in 2038, but major fighting with nuclear weapons will occur in 2060.

After disasters perpetrated by the neutron star, comes brief respite in the Battle of the Nations, but after some time again to start the war. Based on the information available to the prophecies, the main military action will occur in Western Europe. In this massacre will use nuclear, chemical and bacteriological weapons. Alliance of Muslim and African countries took Israel, Egypt, Greece, Hungary, Czech Republic, Poland, Spain, part of Italy, France and Germany. Predictions about Russia’s participation in the world war is very small, but it will also be involved in the battle of this terrible war.

Michel Nostradamus of a time-like end of the world, said that they will start in the year in which Good Friday will have a St. George’s Day (April 23), Easter Sunday (Easter) — the day of St. Mark (April 25), and Corpus Christi — the day of St. John (June 24). Such coincidences occurred repeatedly, particularly in 1886 and 1943.

In Catholic Paschal — tables that calculated the days of the annual celebration of Easter and other religious celebrations, depending on the motion of the Earth around the Sun, the Moon position (communication Easter full moon), as well as the seven-day week (Sunday), the dates of the holidays are fickle and move from year to year. Due to unequal evaluation rules for different religions Paschal celebration of Easter does not fit together and fall on different dates. According to the Catholic canon, the next instance of the above dates of religious holidays and Easter celebrations take place in 2038 (April 25). Curiously, Orthodox Christians, despite the differences in calculation methods Paschal, the event will also April 25, 2038 — a rare coincidence.

In quatrains and siksenah (shestistishiyah) Nostradamus had specific instructions on the date of the war, which will begin in the forties of the XXI century. In the 6 th Centuries Quatrain 54 prophet gives a precise indication of the number, from which you want to count down some four-date (from the Liturgy of the year 1607-m).

6-54 2045

At dawn, the second cock crow, people of Tunisia, Fes and Bougie (in general), the Arabs — captured the king of Morocco, in the year of the liturgy, the 1607-m.

In 1607, in Morocco, nothing like this has happened. Nostradamus indicates that it will occur in the particular year of the liturgy, that is, not the birth of Christ. With the addition of the available numbers we get (438 + 1607 = 2045), ie 2045. ,

The period of time from 2040 to 2060 Nostradamus devoted especially a lot of predictions. Perhaps, at this time in France, Germany and Italy will start another war.


The head of Aries, Jupiter and Saturn.

God Almighty, what a change!

Then through the long life of his evil time back.

Gaul and Italy, which excitement.

1-2. According to the Julian calendar, on which the chronology in the era of Nostradamus, the beginning of March («head of Aries») is for the end of February in the Gregorian calendar. The difference between the two calendars dates in the XVI century — 10 days. Given this, we define the connection time of Jupiter and Saturn in the sign of Pisces (February). The conjunction of these planets is a rare phenomenon, and it was February 18, 1941.

Change — the events of the Second World War.

3-4. Then through the long life of his evil time back — the next conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn (a century) will occur October 27, 2040.

Prediction of terrible events, similar to the second world war that will happen in a hundred years in France and Italy.

Nostradamus is a siksenah indicates three-digit numbers, with which you can determine the year of the upcoming event. And all of them are devoted to the forties of the XXI century. Perhaps in these dates intentionally skipped figure 1.


On the great throne of great wickedness resumed in greater numbers than ever. In the six hundred and fifth on the green There will capture and return.

Soldiers will be in the fields before winter, then everything will start again.

In the six hundred and fifth — to add this number to the date of the first Catholic liturgy (1605 + 438 = 2043), we get 2043. Subsequent siksenah use the same decryption dates.


XIX. 2043-2045, 2055 years.

Six hundred and five, six hundred six and seven years to show us the instigator of the seventeenth rage, hatred, jealousy, hidden for a long time under an olive tree. That which was dead, now come back to life.


XIII. 2044-2048 year

Mercenary six hundred six or ten will be amazed bile placed in the egg, and will soon be deprived of the power of the mighty Universal Master. Like, and no equal in the world, and which are subject to each.

Six hundred and six or ten — that is, in 2044 or 2048


Will be affected by bile placed in the egg — military action with the use of chemical weapons.


XXVI. 2044-2048 year

Two brothers belong to the church order. One of them take up arms for France. Another blow in the year six hundred and six, not down a serious illness, with arms in their hands to six hundred and tenth, no longer the last of his life.

XLII. 2048

Great city, where dwells the first person

I am absolutely clear is a city that

All concerned and the soldiers in the fields.

Will be severely damaged by fire and water

And, finally, released by the French,

This will happen from six hundred and tenth year.

Great city — Rome. The first man — the Pope.

In Centuries of Nostradamus has many references to the wars that have taken place, and the upcoming global thermonuclear slaughterhouse with terrible consequences. Here is just some of the great prophet quatrains relating to the events of the future.



The sky will be the noise of weapons fighting.

In the same year, the enemies of the Lord

If they want to challenge the blasphemy holy laws.

Devout put to death by lightning and war.

1. Military action by using air.

2. The beginning of religious wars between Christians and

Islamists, who, according to Nostradamus, is extended

Xia, with short intervals until the end of the XXI century.

3-4. Islamist attack on one of the Christian countries. Many victims of the war.



At sunrise see the great flame, noise and thunder reach out to the North. Inside the circle — death, heard screams, they face death by the sword, fire and famine.

The outbreak of war with the use of nuclear weapons.

Inside the circle — the epicenter of the explosion.

Noise and thunder will stretch to the north — usually Nostradamus thus indicates the countries located to the north of France, or Russia.

Invasion of the aggressor after bombing or missile strike. Many victims of war and as a consequence — starvation.


At the 45th degree of sky lights, Fire approaches the great new city. Immediately unfurled a stretched flame. When they want to test the Normans.

At the 45th degree — at a given latitude is France.

Great new city — the name is not identified. In most cases, the Prophet uses this phrase to Naples.

Immediately unfurled a stretched flame — the use of nuclear weapons on the territory of France («when they want to test the Normans»).


In the year when Saturn and Mars both (will be) burned strongly withered air long meteor. Hidden fires burned a large space, Little rain, hot wind, wars, incursions.

1. Connection of Saturn and Mars — a common occurrence. One of them will happen July 28, 2064. Burned — the term used to refer to astrology planets close connections within three degrees.

2, 4. The drought in the country or across the globe. War.

3. Hidden fires burned a large space

in — perhaps a war with. the use of thermonuclear



On the Danube from the Rhine drunk Great Camel (s) will not repent it. Ron shudder and stronger with the Loire, near the Alps A rooster was his undoing.

1. The occupation of the countries whose territory the-

HN in the Danube basin and parts of Germany.

2. Great Camel — Muslim leader.

3. Islamic invasion troops to France from the east. Perhaps by the Alps.

4. The death of the commander of the Islamic army and defeat him in the Alps.

Rooster — military commander, the president of France.



France negligence attacked from five sides, Tunisia, Algeria plunged into turmoil by the Persians, Leon (slime that), Sicily, Barcelona will fall, not having received the Navy, (promise) Venetians.

1. Aggression Muslim states against France. The attack on the French territory, including the air («attack on five sides») with the use of aircraft.

2. Accession of Tunisia and Algeria to the union of Islamic states led by Iran.

3. The islands of Sicily and the city of Barcelona in the northeast of Spain.

4. Violation of Italy previously awarded contract

military assistance, probably from Spain, and the failure to support the Sicilians.



Thames increases the Gironde and La Rochelle.

0. Trojan blood! Mars at the gate of the arrows;

Across the river to the fortress of the charge of stairs.

Fire Knives (produce) much carnage in the gap.

1. Gironde — the mouth of the Garonne and Dordogne rivers. JIa-Po-

shelf — a port city in the south of France in the Bay of Biscay.

United Kingdom («Thames») render military assistance to France during the invasion of the Muslim empire in Europe.

2. Boom — the Eiffel Tower — the symbol of Paris.

The war in France.

3-4. The capture of one of the cities of France, which is located by the river. Perhaps Paris. Fire knives — tracers or a new kind of weapon.



Gallic realm, you have changed. Empire transferred to a foreign place. Obey strange manners and customs, Rouen, and tents to cause you a lot of harm.

Occupation of France by Muslim armies. Loss of independence, significant changes in the law and religion («obey stranger manners and customs»).

Moving the capital and the government to the territory of another state.

Rouen and tents to cause you a lot of evil — perhaps betrayal of the French data cities? Cooperation with the invaders?


In Foy will the king in a blue turban

And protsarstvuet less than one revolution of Saturn.

The king in a white turban in Byzantium, an exile-winner.

Sun, Mars, Mercury near the urn.

Foy — a historical region in the south of France, in the Pyrenees.

One revolution of Saturn — the period of the planet around the Sun is 29.4 years (small loop).

Blue turban — Sufi Persia. White turban — Sunni Turkey.

1-2. The invasion of the Muslim forces during the occupation of France and its southern regions nearly 29 years.

3. Exile — the winner. In the Almanac for 1566 Nostradamus wrote: «The kingdom will be flooded Byzantine blood. Exile reign on the throne of the kingdom … the movement manifested as the decline of Mohammedanism. Upon the expiration of 960 years before the time in 72 years to start a great division between white and blue heads, or white and sky-blue, and with some the greatest events occur. «

4. The connection of these planets and the Sun in the sign of Urns (January) will occur January 1, 2073.


Bavarian builder fountains Irlmayer Alois, born Fraylasinga (Bavaria), predicted: «At the beginning of World War III to use chemical and biological weapons. Soon after that will be released first nuclear missile. While the armed forces of the East (Muslim troops. — Comm. Aut.) Wide front will move to Western Europe, will be fighting in Mongolia … China will conquer India. Center of the battle is the area around Delhi. Beijing during these battles use its bacteriological weapons. Consequently twenty-five million people in India and neighboring countries die. Burst into a completely new, hitherto unknown epidemic. In the East will fight Iran and Turkey. The Balkans will also be busy with their troops. (Chinese?) Invade Canada. The U.S. since 1907 will participate in all five wars. During the war there was a great darkness, which will last 72 hours … In Europe there are still unfamiliar disease. In France, people, especially young people, blindness and loss of reason, the human body will completely decompose. «

According to the predictions of many prophets, in this time of Western Europe will be captured by the Muslim and Chinese troops. Prophet in his visions does not specify with whom the Russian will to fight in this war. Maybe Russia will attempt to prevent the occupation of European countries, but is defeated.

Alois Irlmayera vision: «All the talk about peace, all shouting» Shalom! «I see,» the Great «falls, it lies near the bloody knife. Two men killed person of high rank. One of the killers — low dark, the second — the blond, slightly higher. They will be hired. After the murder breaks out new Middle East war. In the Mediterranean, will battle the various naval forces — the situation is tense. I see three numbers, two eights and nines (maybe 2088 — 2089. — Comm. Aut.), But do not know what they mean by what time be assigned. War breaks out at dawn and come suddenly. Farmers sitting in a pub, busy playing cards, will see its soldiers, looked at the doors and windows. Black army comes from the east, it will all happen very quickly. I see three, but do not know what it means, maybe three days or three weeks. This applies to the Golden City. Year before the war will be very fruitful, and the winter will be mild.

The combined forces will march from the east to Belgrade and then to advance in Italy. Then three armies with lightning speed, without warning will be advanced in the direction of the north of the Danube to the Rhine River. The first will be near the Bavarian Forest to the north along the Danube. Second Army will take place from east to west over Saxony to the Ruhr basin. The third will go to the north-east to west and pass over Berlin. Russians never be late, day and night, they will tend to uncontrollably goal to Ruhr basin. Population will be in a panic to escape to the West. Cars block the road and will be an obstacle for the tanks. I do not see any bridges on the Danube north Ratizbona. Frankfurt destroyed and there will be like a big city. Rhine Valley will be devastated, mainly by air.

See the land as a ball, and her airways planes that fly up like a flock of white doves. Of the «big water» immediately comes retribution. At the same time, «yellow smoke» overtake Alaska and Canada, but not go down …

Again, I see before me the land, as if the ball is flying over the white doves. A large number of pigeons shot up from the sand up, and then dropped the yellow dust. This will happen in the warm night, when the «golden city» will be destroyed. Plane dropped a yellow dust between the Black and the North Sea. Bar appears at the death, from sea to sea, the width of half of Bavaria. There, when the dust falls, everything will be dead — every tree, shrub, grass, animals, and all usohnet turn black. Houses remain intact. Yellow line dust reaches the city, located over the bay. It will be a long line, but I do not know what it is and I can not tell precisely. Who cross this line, he would die. Those who will be on the same

parties are not able to switch to another. Therefore, the attack troops decay. They will be forced to go north. All they will have with you, throw it away. No one else there will not be back. Russian supply is interrupted …

Two armies will fight the west to the south-west. Division turned to the north and repulse the attack of the Third Army. In the east, there will be many tanks that are coming, but the inside will be some blackened corpses. There pilots shed little black boxes that, just not reaching the ground, explode. Then spread a yellow or green smoke or powder. All that will face this dust dies anyway this man, animal or plant. The poison is so strong that people are black, and their bodies behind the bones. During the year, no one will be able to enter this area, otherwise he risks his life. Because of this attack on the Rhine will be stopped. No soldier three armies do not come home. In the affected area grass will not grow, but people can live.

Due to natural disaster or something else Russian will have to return to the north. On the Rhine, see the crescent (Muslim troops. — Comm. Aut.) Who wants to devour everything. They will fly to the north, where the Third Army was advancing to destroy everything. There will be a sign that all died — people, animals, grass. They all want to cut and kill all. None of the three armies do not come home. Last battle breaks out near Cologne.

I see a plane flying from the east, which is something throws water into the Great, and then something amazing happens. Water will rise as high as a tower, and shall fade, all will be filled. One part of England disappears, when the pilot will throw this thing in the water. I do not know what it is … (It may be used by Muslim troops geotectonic weapons. — Comm. Aut.) An earthquake, and the southern part of England sink. Will be destroyed three cities: the first water, in the second, which is located above sea level, will be visible only the tower of the church, and the third will be completely destroyed. Everything happens very quickly.

I see three lines — maybe 3 days, 3 weeks, 3 months — do not know exactly, but it will not last long. The islands will sink, because the sea rebel. I see the big holes on the sea, which is filled when the big waves will come back. A beautiful city located near the sea, nearly drowned in the sea, in the mud and sand. Other countries in the sea will be subject to great danger, the sea is choppy and the waves as tall as a house will foam up like something cooked underground. The islands will disappear, and climate change. January will be so warm that much mosquitoes will dance. Maybe it will be switching to a different climate zone. Then there will be no normal winters, such as we know it today.

During the war, comes darkness, which will last 72 hours. At the time of the day will be dark, drop hail, lightning and thunder are, earthquakes make planets twitch. At this time, do not leave home, just burn the candle. Who will breathe dust that falls into convulsions and die. Darken the windows and do not open them. Water and food, which will not be tightly closed, becomes infected, as well as one that will be stored in a glass container. Everywhere death provoked by dust, a lot of people will die. After 72 hours, it’s over, but I repeat: do not leave home, just burn the candle and pray. That night, more people die than in the two world wars. Do not open the windows for 72 hours. The rivers will be so little water that they can be easily crossed. Cattle die, the grass will turn yellow and dry,

human corpses will appear black or yellow. Then the wind would send the clouds to the east.

The city with the iron tower becomes a victim of his own people. They were all burned, will be a revolution, the people run wild. City swallow fire for its residents, but not for those who come from the east. I see very clearly that the city is completely destroyed. In Italy, too, will be troubled. Newcomers from the east killed many people. Pope will flee, many priests will be killed, many churches will be destroyed.

In Russia a revolution and civil war. There will be many dead bodies in the streets, no one will remove them. Russian again believe in God and accept the sign of the cross. Leaders commit suicide, thus wash away their bloody fault. I see the mixed mass of red and yellow, there will be riots and terrible murder. Then they will sing Christmas songs and burn candles near icons. Christian prayer monster of hell dies, many young people believe in the intercession of the Virgin.

After the victory of the emperor to be crowned pope. How long it will last all, I do not know. I see three nines, the third brings peace. When this is over, some people die and others will fear God. The laws, which bring children to death, will be abolished. Then cometh the world. See three crown shapes, thin elderly man to be our king. In the south, too, will be «the old crown.» The pope, who long time could not escape because of the water would return and mourn for his murdered brothers.

After these events have a long and happy time. Those who survive will be very happy. People will have to start a new life, where their ancestors started. «

In many cases, vision Alois Irlmayera largely coincide with the predictions of Nostradamus and other prophecies, so we can assume that they are the fruit of the author’s imagination.

There is mention of the three world wars and Gregory Rasputin, he published his prediction in 1912. The image of the snake can be interpreted as a devastating war. Prophecy elder: «People are going to crash. The most inept cart and will rule in Russia, France, and Italy, and in other places … Humanity will be crushed tread fools and scoundrels. Zakuyut wisdom in chains. Ignorant and powerful will dictate laws to the wise and even humble. But then, most people will believe in the powerful, but lose faith in God … God’s punishment will not be soon, but terrible … on European roads crawl three hungry snake, leaving the ash and smoke, they have a house — and a sword, and them one law — the violence, but by dragging humanity through the dust and blood, they will die by the sword of the same. «

The first two have a snake crawled on troubled Europe. This is the First and Second World Wars, there is still one snake — The third and most terrible: «There will come a time in the world, but the world will be written in blood. And when the two fire will go out, the third fire burn ash (possibly radioactive ash — a consequence of the atomic bomb. — Comm. Aut.). Few people and few things remain. But what will remain will be required to be subjected to a new purification before entering heaven on earth. «

Another prediction about the future war Rasputin: «The world expects the three» lightning «that consistently slept land between the sacred rivers (possibly — Iraq), the palm garden (Egypt) and Lily (France). From the west comes the bloodthirsty prince who enslave human wealth, and from the east comes another prince who enslave human poverty. «

Prophesied and aggression against Muslim countries Christians: «Mahomet moves his house, passing the road. And there will be war as a summer thunderstorm, felling trees and destroying villages.

And it will be so long until you see that the word of God is one, even though it is said in different languages. And then the table will be unique, as will be the only bread. «

After years of occupation of large parts of Muslims in Western Europe will begin the liberation war under the auspices of Germany and France. In this war, and Russia will take part.

In Centuries of Nostradamus describes in detail this time.


Trojan blood will be born from the German heart, which will become very powerful. Will drive away strange Arab people, restoring the original church superiority.

1-2. Trojan blood will be born from the German heart — a great German governor of French origin.

3. The expulsion of Muslim invaders from Germany, who previously captured part of the German territory.

4. Restoring the Christian religion and the church’s influence in the occupied territories.



In grassy fields and Alain Vernegyu,

At Mount Luberon, near Durant,

From both camps fight will be sharper.

France fade Mesopotamia.

1-2. Alain, Vernegyu — settlements to the north-east of the Salon.

Luberon — the mountains north of the Durand in Provence.

3. Showdown in south-eastern France between the Islamists and the French.

4. Mesopotamia (Mesopotamia) — modern day Iraq. Obviously, in this case, the symbol of the alliance of Muslim states. The final victory of the Islamists in France («fade Mesopotamia»).



Last revered Gallic triumph over hostile to him man Instantly explored (its) power and ground when you die envious, struck by an arrow.

1. The great French statesman, military leader, under whose occupants will be expelled from France and defeated.

2-3. Military action in the French army aggressor.

4. The death of a rival {«envious») — the ruler of one of the states.

Crushed by an arrow — a synonym weapons.



Great Ogmy closer to Byzantium, Barbaric Union will be expelled.

Of the two laws (win) one pagan weakened. Barbarian and Frank in a constant feud.

1. Ogmy great — great French general or a prominent statesman.

2. Exile Islamists («barbaric Union») from Europe.

3. Restoring influence of the Christian church.

4. Barbarian and Frank in constant enmity — confront tion and the war between France and the Muslim world.



Big city Tarsus by the Gauls

Will be destroyed, all in turbans captured.

From the great Portuguese (will) help on the sea

On the first day of summer, dedicated to St. Urban.

1. Tara (Tarsus) — Turkish city on the south-east

Asia Minor.

2. The destruction of the French Turkish city and capture prisoners.

3. Support the Portuguese navy in the war with the Muslims.

4. On the first day of summer, dedicated to St. Urban — May 25, according to the Julian calendar.



Rising twice and twice fallen, East, and West is weakened. His adversary after several battles Banished from the sea, when it is needed, is not coming.

1-2. The prediction of the rise and decline of the East and the West. Probably, Muslim and Christian states.

3-4. His opponent — that is, Islamic countries. The defeat of Muslim forces in several battles and defeat of the Navy.


In the future, not far from Venus, The two greatest of Asia and Africa, with the Rhine and Istra, as say, come. Screams, cries in Malta and the Ligurian coast.

1. Not far from Venus — probably an anagram that Nostradamus uses several times in his quatrains, ie Italian city of Verona, near Venice.

2. Two of the greatest in Asia and Africa — Alliance leaders of Asian and African countries.


3. From the Rhine and Istra — Union of Germany and Russia against the aggressor. Istra near Moscow river in Nostradamus is a symbol of Moscow and Russia.

4. Screams, cries in Malta and the Ligurian coast — military action in Malta and Italy, which, based on the information contained in the previous quatrains, will be occupied by the Islamists.



Such a griffin, will be King of Europe, Accompanied by people of the North, will lead a large army of red and white, and (they) will go against the king of Babylon.

1. Griffin — in ancient mythology fantastic le-

melting animal with the body of a lion, wings of an eagle,

E and head of an eagle or a lion.

King of Europe — the leader of the Union of European countries.

2. Accompanied by the people of the North — Scandinavian or German troops.

3. Large army of red and white — the armed forces of the Spanish («red») and the French («white»). White — a symbol of the Bourbon dynasty.

4. And (they) go against the king of Babylon — the war on

alliance of Muslim states.

Descriptions of events of the Third World War, which the prophets have spoken, surprisingly similar to each other. And it can not be a coincidence. Humanity had to listen to the numerous warnings and take all measures to make all of this happened. Although, according to the same prophecy, it is useless. No one will take any action to prevent another massacre.

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