The predictions of the hopi

This prophetic prediction was first published in 1959, the year of American pastors and presvitarianskogo Methodist denominations, as otpechatanoy on mimeographed newsletter.

His legend is as follows:

In the summer of 1958, driving the desert southwestern United States (probably in Arizona), a pastor by the name of David Young, took his car to an elderly Indian Hopi. After sitting on an Indian custom, some time in silence, the old man said:

— I — White Feather, an ancient family Hopi Bear. In my long life, I have traveled the country looking for my brothers, and learning from them many tricks.

Hopi Indian

I went to the sacred paths of my people, who inhabit the forests and many lakes in the east, the land of ice and long nights of the north, in the western mountains and streams full of fish jumping, and in places of sacred stone altars erected long fathers my brothers in the south.

Of all of them, I have heard tales of times gone by, and the prophecies of the future. Now, many prophecies turned into stories, and few of them left.

Past grows longer, and the future is shortened.

Hopi Indians

— And now White Feather is dying. His sons have all moved to his ancestors, and soon he too will be with them. But there was no one to whom to tell and pass the ancient wisdom. My people bored with the old custom.

Great ceremonies that tell of our origins, of our way to the Fourth World, almost abandoned, forgotten. But this had been predicted. Now the time is short …

— My people are waiting for Pagan, lost White Brother, as it offers all our brothers in the world. He will not like those white — evil and greedy — which we now know. On their coming, we were told a long time ago. But we are all waiting for Pagan.

— He will bring characters lost corner table to keep our elders, who proves that he is our True White Brother.

— Fourth World will soon come to an end, and the Fifth World will begin. This the elders everywhere know. Filled with the signs of many years, and a few left (outstanding).

— Here’s the first sign;
We were told it was the coming of the white-skinned people like Pagan, but do not live it, people take land that is not theirs. People struck their enemies with thunder.

— Here is the second sign: Our lands will see the coming of the wooden wheels full voice. In my youth, my father saw with his own eyes the fulfillment of prophecy — the white people carrying their families in wagons across the steppes.

— Here is the third sign: Strange animals, like bison, but with large, long horns, will cover the ground in a myriad of. This, White Feather saw with his own eyes — the coming of (bovine) cattle (belonging to) the white man.

— Here is the fourth sign: The earth will be entangled by iron snakes.

— Here is the fifth sign: The earth will be entangled giant cobwebs.

— Here is the 6th sign: Earth will cross over (in all directions) stone rivers that produce images in the sun.

— Here’s The Seventh Sign: You will hear that the sea was black, and many living things dying from it.

— Here is the 8th sign: You will see many youths who wear long hair, like my people, come and join the tribal nations (ie the Indians) to learn their customs and wisdom.

— And now the ninth and last sign: You will hear about the house in the sky, high above the ground, which will fall to the ground with a terrible crash. It will, in the image, like a blue star.

Soon after, run out of the rites of my people.

— This is — a sign that there will be great destruction. Earth staggered. The white man will fight with other people in other countries — those who found the first light of wisdom.

There will be many columns of smoke
the sort that White Feather saw white people make in the desert not far from here (nuclear testing in Nevada.) But these produce disease and the great death. Many of my people, understanding the prophecies will be safe.

Those who settle and live in countries of my people, too, will be safe. Then we need to be much to rebuild. And soon — in a very short time — after, Pagan returns. He will bring with him the dawn of the Fifth World.

He planted the seeds of wisdom in it (?) Hearts. Already, the seeds are implanted. They (also) make a smooth migration path to the Fifth World.

— But White Feather shall not see it. I am old and dying. You might see it.
In time, in time (note that the prediction was given to the preacher in 1959, and we now live — there is a chance to live up to it, if it is quite an adult at the time of the time — can find him!).

Hopi Indians still live on reservations in the north-eastern part of Arizona (USA). oraybi — the unofficial capital of the local Indians, and the number of the tribe, only about 6,000 people.

The settlement appeared in this region in the early 8th century. first meeting of the Hopi with Europeans occurred in 1540, when the latter were obsessed with the idea to find a mystical land of El Dorado.

In language Hopi there is no concept of time. there is only the word «now.»

Every Indian knows that time — a continuous flow of energy without a past, present and future.

Everyone has the ability to connect to the Hopi to the memory and spirit of his ancestors, and can ask for help from them in an emergency.

Contact with the inhabitants of «the other side» is implemented in numerous tiny rooms that are fairly deep underground.

Prophecies and Hopi predictions recorded on the rocks

The greatest value of Hopi — ancient stone slabs stored shamans and passed on from generation to generation, on which is written the so-called letter of ancestors.

On these plates, say the Hopi, and recorded in detail the whole future of mankind.

Each year, the most powerful shaman receives new information from the heavens, and the Council of Elders for the dissemination of information to the president of the United States.

Some prophecies are still classified, parapsychology lab experts working at the White House decrypt the characters that express themselves Hopi, and try to prevent the development of the darkest scenarios.

Today the interest in Hopi increases from year to year, especially after the tragedy that befell the United States on 11 September 2002.

Woman from Hopi

As it turned out, the Hopi are a year warned about it, but the authorities have not taken seriously at the time Indian message …

So what is broadcast Hopi spirits? they warn about global climate change and the rise of air temperature (which is already happening).

Until 2020, the human race will survive the numerous temperature anomalies, the water level in the oceans will rise, and the solar activity will be really dangerous for people.

Hopi also believe that happen on earth is like a powerful nuclear bomb — the same as it has already taken place in the past (Old Indians still remember the explosion of an experimental atomic bomb, detonated at the site near their reservation. While only through the mighty power of the unknown, inexplicably destroyed radiation Hopi survived.)

Mankind, they said, was in an era of great change, and all the old ways of life and their relationship will be irreversibly changed. change and the planet itself: the tropics, for example, cover the ice will change and the slope of the Earth’s axis.

The water level in seas and oceans will also be different, and in this regard many continents will disappear under the water, while others survive, but according to the Hopi, more details on this can be said in the next 50-80 years.

Energy spirits recently felt stronger, more rigid invisible forces control human thoughts and actions, who does not appreciate the richness of nature and its diversity, do not live in harmony with it, so there is no place among the elect, those who will live after the cataclysms on our planet.

2035 will take place in the nature of many disasters and celestial phenomena, which will clean our planet from the «extra» earthlings. Great Spirit of the Hopi and warns of a mysterious disease that has wiped out humanity, like the plague, it will bring many victims, for the cure for it is not found .

However, do not be afraid though, our civilization is doomed, and, according to the prophecies of the Hopi, humanity has a future, but first we will have to pay the price for his arrogance and folly, for his inability to live in harmony with the world.

Hopi talk about «machines from the sky», which will save those who should be the voice of reason and living in harmony with the world, talking about homes on the moon and the red earth, reminiscent of the new star, which will soon appear in the sky (by the way, NASA astronomers have recently discovered a strange object is 350 times more sun, who is so far beyond the solar system, the description of this strange object, the present Hopi, consistent with the data of telescopes and satellites.)

What is that, a fairy tale? — Unlikely, because many of the prophecies of the Hopi Indians have confirmed the story itself. Therefore, in recent years, experts with special attention to the predictions of the ancient people and, in particular, to the fact that the December 23, 2012 will be the day, the most important for our civilization.

On this day, according to the Hopi, «the great spirit will be again, and humanity will enter the fourth dimension, is, however, can happen to our planet, because, according to the prophecies, this is part of the evolutionary plan of the creator.

Hopi Indians

Native American Hopi prophecy about the fate of America and the planet

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