Top secret our time myths wolf messing (2013)

In the minds of the people he has two aspects: an unusual hypnotist, psychic, psychic predictor of the future, and entertainer. So who was Wolf Messing, a man with superhuman abilities or talented artist?

Olga Migunova — psychotherapist, Honored Artist of Russia, currently the only woman in the country, serving the artistic genre of hypnosis. She worked with Wolf Messing. What special abilities possessed this man? Is he predicted the fate of people? How did he do it? Which apartment lived a famous artist, and what money he possessed.

Name Wolf Messing overgrown with legends. Some events in the life of the mysterious hypnotist and clairvoyant like a miracle. He was a telepath, a hypnotist, a clairvoyant, a disciple of Freud and the famous Dr. Abel. He was able to not only submit people to his will, to unravel the complex crimes, but also to predict the future, including, the greatest events in history. It was he who predicted the death of Hitler, if he would move troops to the East.

Wolf Messing — truly a man of mystery. By the end of his life he was infinitely lonely: about he had no family, no friends, he was not surrounded by loving boys and girls. In addition to the young girl, in which the famous magician saw a great ability to pass and took it to their professional skills. It was for him and his beloved disciple, and his assistant, and guardian and ward, and even about her daughter, with whom he shared the secrets of not only skill, but worldly joys and sorrows. This person — Olga Migunova, now president of the International Academy of Hypnosis and eniomeditsiny, and she agreed to become the hero of the «Our Time.»

Category: The prophecies and predictions, visions and hypotheses

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