Virgin mary of fatima

May 13, 1917 three little poor kids, who were driven out of the village sheep Fatima in Portugal, a vision, a beautiful lady. Children suddenly saw a shining figure of a young woman standing in the blazing cloud that hangs over oak. She said that they are chosen by God to be messengers and we should see her in this place in the 13th day of each month until October, when they will receive a special message.

Virgin mary of fatima

Confident that the luminous figure of the Virgin Mary was a saint, three children, Lucia de Santos, a decade and a brother and sister, Francesco and Dzhakinta, nine and seven years respectively, immediately ran home and told his parents about the incident. Their relatives were surprised, but, convinced perseverance children, agreed to accompany them to the next meeting of the appointed day. Actually, they are not alone.

About 50 local residents, who had heard about the amazing stories gathered at the place where once again, on the 13th, there was a lovely lady. Although only the children saw the figure of a woman, all the others suddenly noticed a strange change in the sky and heard pouring from the clouds of divine music.

The news of the strange phenomena of Fatima spread throughout South of Portugal, and a crowd of considerable size, about several thousand people gathered in the next month, waiting for a miracle. The Portuguese were told that they had seen a strange light in the sky and other unusual yavleniya.Tem time ministers of the Catholic Church, who persistently denied rumors of heavenly visitors, began to wonder why so many people believed the dopey kids. Therefore, on August 13 arrived and took the local archbishop children in for questioning, not allowing them to go on Appointments.
Despite strong pressure and even bullying, children continued to insist on their version of events, and after two days clergymen had nothing to do, how to release them.

Virgin mary of fatima

July 25 radiant lady came to them again, this time on the hills around Valinosa. She confirmed that the last time they will see her on October 13, when it promised to give them the message. By the time the excitement and conflicting speculation grew to such proportions that a gloomy rainy day on October 13 to look at the miracle to collect at least 70,000 people, hoping it would finally make them believe in the existence of God. What happened, affected them more than they expected.

As before, the luminous woman remained invisible to all but children, but others noted that the overhanging clouds suddenly parted and the sun shone through, this dazzling and all colors of the rainbow. There was a deafening clap of thunder, and struck in the eye blinding beam of light — bright light such as have not seen any of the witnesses.

What happened next was even more surprising, as the very sun crept across the sky, turning and throwing colored beams of light on the ground. It came down to the ground, spinning wildly, and then returned to its original place, like a giant ball of fire, and this show was fascinating and frightening at the same time. Some fainted, others screamed with fear, while the majority fell to their knees and began to pray. According to witnesses, the sun returned to its usual place in a few seconds, but then two more times to repeat his fantastic maneuver, all the while blind mob, unearthly glow. Finally, the show is over. Only then startled onlookers noticed that their clothes wet from the shower, dried completely in a matter of seconds.

Soon two of the three children suddenly become famous, to be God’s chosen messengers, Francesco and Dzhakinta died during the flu epidemic in 1918. Lucia learned to write and gave three secrets, which told her that day glowing lady Pope.

First reported the imminent termination of the First World War, the second predicted the outbreak of World War II, and finally, the third contained a warning regarding weapons of unprecedented destructive power, which makes the country very bright flash. Lucia recording the warnings of God never nebyli released, remaining safely hidden in deep cellars in the heart of the Vatican.

Only one pope was ordained a terrible secret prophecy.

Supernatural phenomena in Fatima no longer occur, and around this mysterious story revolves a lot of debate. It would seem impossible that the sun has left its place in the galaxy, as well as the Earth descended from orbit, but the fact remains that tens of thousands of people have confirmed that they had seen with their own eyes the mysterious sun dance in October 1917.

Virgin mary of fatima

Many of them were not at all devout Catholics and got there just hoping for a miracle, but it’s hard to believe a mass hallucination, as all saw the same thing.

The fate of Russia. Secret predictions of the prophets

In the vicinity of the Portuguese town of Fatima played three children, all of a sudden they saw a glow in the sky, and then an image of the Virgin Mother of God sent visions that concern the fate of Russia.

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