David wynn miller the dead but not aging

David Wynn Miller — An amazing person, whose life was cut short in the ’25, and now he ’63! How can this be? He was incredibly lucky, because when it operated an inexperienced doctor, cut David kidney and adrenal gland, he died. After he was taken to the morgue, as already dead, the work of his heart that lies outside of the chest, the doctor noted pathologist and did not allow him to die. Scary? Probably so. But that’s not all. It has been more than 30 years, David Wynn Miller gets old!

Since that tragic event in the life of David Wynn Miller has been almost forty years. Then he had problems with the kidneys, and required surgery. However, the doctor who was to have surgery on that day did not come to work. But the operation is not postponed. She entrusted the young surgeon, nothing like that had never done before. Inexperience whether that was the reason or other factors played a fateful role, but David died on the operating table.

The doctor had to remove a kidney patient and the adrenal gland. The cut did not even sewn up, as it should, and Miller’s lifeless body was taken on a gurney to the morgue. The incident was extreme, so with the opening to establish the cause of death, did not pull. That’s when nurse Assisting pathologist, drew attention to the dead man’s heart. It has already been taken out of the cut of the chest and lay on top of his body. Heart faintly quivered once, twice, and beat a feeble pace.

Doctors, already at the operating table gathered the most experienced surgeons, Miller returned to the place of all the organs, including how it turned out, absolutely healthy kidney. By extreme effort, he managed to pull out from the world.

Now David Wynn Miller feels great. However, he could not sleep because I did not fall asleep, eight years after his death experience. Later, sleep will improve. But the amount of endorphins, which are also called hormones of pleasure in his blood up to six times and exceed the norm. He almost never gets old, he is now 63 years.

David has left unforgettable impressions about the other world, he had not forgotten after his resurrection, and keen to talk about their experiences, about their feelings, conclusions, lessons for everyone.


Video of David Wynn Miller (in English)


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