Dubai the largest flower garden in the world

Earlier this year, an exotic country The United Arab Emirates once again struck by the whole world for its wealth and splendor. Its administrative center, the city Dubai opened the largest flower garden in the world.

The largest and most beautiful musical fountain in the world, the tallest building in the world Burj Khalifa, a huge shopping center, which has no equal in any other country, and a lot of other records set by the Government of the United Arab Emirates. Recall that a little less than a century ago in the region, which is now incredibly rich, was a huge desert, with the fragmented cities and states. Radically changed all that in the early 1920s, the Gulf oil was found. Since that time, the state began to develop a prodigious rate.

But, back to the garden.

Miracle Garden, or «Lovely Garden» originally located in the city of Al Ain, but in early 2013 he was transferred to Dubai. Its area at the moment is more 72,000 square feet and it continues to grow and develop. Landed on its territory 45 million colors of 60 colors and shades. It is made up of these original, colorful and very beautiful song: Hearts, waterfalls, pyramids ornaments for vintage cars and masses more. Interestingly, the creation of floral ensemble has the best experts from the U.S. and major European countries. But all the flowers grown in the United Arab Emirates.

The garden is open to visitors all year round, except in June and August. At this time, the air temperature in the country does not fall below 40 degrees Celsius.

My wife has already said that she would like to do with tools for home and garden something like we have in the garden. Well, let them dream, a naive

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