Earths magnetic field and clairvoyance

In addition to the wave theory of Schumann, there is another, which, at first glance, it seems the opposite. What is it?


The essence of the method

Conducted a study in which future astronauts put on ten days in a special chamber, fully shielded from magnetic fields. During this time there were no serious psychological or physiological abnormalities, although some discoveries were kept secret for some reason (some say, in the absence of an external magnetic field of human ability to fully open telepathy greatly enhanced talent in predicting the future and open up many other psychic abilities, which is for us the most important thing at this stage).

However, it was found that several non-magnetic conditions decreased overall brightness perception, and this suggests that there defocus attention, due to the increased total amount of incoming information. Her brain filters out as insignificant, but resources still involved and the overall «significant» the picture becomes less clear.
Soviet studies have shown that weak magnetic fields can affect the spatial orientation of the birds, fish and insects. Research with bees have shown that they are sensitive to magnetic fields in the same range, ie several thousand times weaker than the Earth’s magnetic field. Domestic pigeons can rival the sensitivity of the bees. Other studies have shown that bacteria and viruses are sensitive to small deviations of the magnetic field of the Earth from its mean value.
So, on the psychic abilities, according to this theory, affect the power of the Earth magnetic field (magnetic induction measured in gauss or tesla) — the weaker the field, the more abilities. A distance equal to one-sixth of the way to the moon, the spacecraft enters the zone of tension close to zero. It is still not determined (at least officially), such as the magnetic field effect on the consciousness of astronauts. According to some reports, the astronauts can guess 25 out of 25 cards Zenner.
Centers of high and low magnetic field of the earth is moving, but very slowly — at a rate of one foot per year. Centre lowest geomagnetic field (0.25 Gauss) located in Brazil, near Rio de Janeiro. Interestingly, despite strong opposition from the Catholic Church in Brazil, as in any other country, thriving spiritualism, synthesized the modern European, African and indigenous Indian cultures. Mediums, representing more than a third of the population of Brazil, combined in some strong organizations with their representatives in the state legislature. Some Brazilian city populated solely mediums. That is, the weaker the electromagnetic field, the easier it is to control the energy to send and receive telepathic signals, ie practice magic in the broadest sense of the word.
Areas of highest intensity of the geomagnetic field (0.6-0.7 gauss) are located in the poles. Spacecraft into Earth orbit normal, usually within range of the magnetic field of the Earth. «Miracles» begin, as has been said, when they fly off on.

Map of Earth’s magnetic induction

So on the one hand, if the magician is bound to noise waves in their work, when it is deprived of their influence (to travel to space, for example), then it is time to lose power. On the other hand, in outer space and no magnetic field of the earth, on the contrary, gives power.
If you think about the second method described in this article, the more «advanced» because it goes beyond the influence of the Earth, that is in an area that, by definition, deeper, older. And the fact that people can «yasnovidet» in extraterrestrial conditions, by the way, once again proves that our consciousness is older than the Earth. While in the first case, we establish contact with Mother Earth as shamans or Gentiles, it gives us the strength and knowledge, in the second case, we establish contact with the universe itself as enlightened masters. This is a deeper level, but also more dangerous approach. I do not want to intimidate, but keep in mind that using the second method, you may encounter with the forces for which we — the insects, with consequences.


The question «How?», I think you may well answer the phone. It is clear that to go into space the average researcher is not yet possible, but here is to build a bunker or some semblance of it, in order to shield the magnetic induction field of the Earth, it is relatively easy. How to escape? I am not a physicist, I can not say for sure.
It is known that the world’s only material that does not miss a magical effect, and any magnetic or electric fields — a legendary orichalcum — Atlantean material from which they built their houses and other buildings, the material from which made the Pandora’s box … and the stuff that today is nowhere to be found. However, if we remember that the word «orichalcum» literally translates as «mountain copper», and that it is chemically akin to copper, then who knows, maybe to escape, not the name of the best, and will fit standard copper?
But be careful! The forces that you will face, it can not be pleased. You have to be very good for the spiritual development of such experiments. In addition, a prolonged stay in a screened room can badly affect health. In general, I advise you to start with the Schumann waves. It is quite possible that you will be more than enough.

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