Secret base underground under water in the clouds

Hundreds of secret facilities, underground bunkers, command centers, test tracks, medical laboratories, warehouses, advanced weapons … All this is literally packed with globe …

Pentagon top secrets

In Arlington, 40 miles from Washington, DC, September 11, 1941 in the wasteland called Hell swamp the construction of the Pentagon. It lasted more than a year and cost the taxpayers a huge sum. The purpose of the project — to bring together all the military, strategic services, and other relevant ministries, which until that time were located in different places. The initiator of the Pentagon was John McLay, chairman of the Council on Foreign Relations. But according to the conspiracy theory that the Pentagon was built on the plan of the Freemasons. And, therein lies the secret satanic symbols: Five (the building in the form of a five-pointed star, hence the name), seven (no more than seven minutes it takes to get from one building to another location.) The number «11» is also relevant to the secret signs Pentagon has begun construction of its September 11, 1941, and exactly 60 years later, on 11 September 2001, in a building hit «Boeing», controlled by terrorists. The fall of the 100-ton aircraft building received only minor injuries! However, according to the same conspiracy theory, this damage can be the result of a collision with an aircraft with a wingspan of which was 38 meters, and the speed of 250 miles per hour.

Experts investigating the crash, suggested that rather it was a small rocket. But the emergence of such a version of the world media would be disadvantageous to the Government of America. Pentagon to the world was to remain ultra construction, withstand a large heavy aircraft!

Many religious organizations firmly believe in these «signs of Satan.» In 1967, 70,000 peaceful demonstrators tried to save the building from the sinister evil spirits, chanting prayers and waiting when it will explode …

For us, the Pentagon is interested, above all, as the founder of secret projects — «Majestic-12», «» Operation Paperclip «,» Montauk and Fort Detrick.

Secret base underground, under water, in the clouds
Picture of the territory where the Mount Weather, from space
Twelve bloody Zion

«Majestic-12» — top-secret group formed in September 1947 and consists of twelve senior U.S. officials. Officially engaged in the study of UFOs, «to defend the Earth from alien attack.» Of this top-secret group walks a lot of conflicting rumors. It is considered a major component of global conspiracy and the «new world order» and subject himself to the U.S. president.

According to Walt Smith, a member of the group, «Majestic-12» engaged not only in flying saucers, but also a problem of psychological warfare. Also, the group, according to some documents of the Ministry of Defence, under the guise of studying the «plates» led the development of electronic weapons, with the support of the Pentagon. One theory claims that the «Majestic-12» has played an important role in «Operation Paperclip.»

At the end of World War II, the U.S. government was taken from the German scientists working in the camps and carry out experiments on humans and animals. They were held in secret underground bunkers and private laboratories. The project was called» Operation Raregslip «(» Operation «Paperclip» «).

In 1966, police in New Mexico began to receive applications from farmers: pets are lost from the herd, dead cows and sheep from nearby farms. The animals are usually removed the eyes, ears, tongue, lips, cut udder, anus and genitals. There were no signs of a struggle around, and there the blood of animals.

Soon, the police began to discover and bodies of people with terrible injuries. The investigation led the FBI concluded was disappointing: «Research has failed to identify any individuals responsible for injuring animals and people.» Probably no one is going to reveal the true cause of the atrocities. Meanwhile, this eerie phenomenon exists today. On assurances of theorists and many unproven versions, is the work of «Paper Clips.»

Nazis live in Antarctica?

In place of the secret air base at Montauk, New York, was supposed to create a national park. But instead, in the early 1950s, there appeared a powerful underground complex Montauk Point closed laboratories supernovae equipment, where carried out horrific experiments on human beings. The project was named «Phoenix».

Presumably, the prisoners worked in the laboratories of the Nazis — created psychotronic weapons. Studied mind control by the pulsed output power of 0.5 MW.

Such radiation can destroy the functional activity of the brain, cause serious damage to the nervous system, lungs burn. There is evidence that electromagnetic experiments continue to this day.

But the most incomprehensible conspiracy theory claims that the Montauk — a military submarine invisibility, time travel. Supposedly it was built in the Antarctic. Conspiracy theorists are trying to prove that the mysterious submarine shot down SwissAir 111 in 1998, and Egypt Air 990 in 1999. Argue that these disasters — teamwork Masonic sect National Security Council and the Nazis, who were left on the submarine «Montauk» after the Second World War.

A hypothesis is that under the Antarctic ice, there is an entire civilization, the founders of which were … those same Aryans who worshiped Hitler! German researchers conducted two expeditions to the continent in 1938 and 1939, hoping to find people living under the Antarctic ice.

Secret base underground, under water, in the clouds
Admiral Richard Byrd, who found
Aryans in Antarctica and to meet with their representatives

U.S. also sent a group of 1,400 soldiers in Antarctica. The operation was called the High Jump («High jump»). The official goal of the expedition is to find coal deposits. But conspiracy theorists claim that the leader of the mission, Admiral Byrd discovered Aryans and met with their representatives. Operation led James Forrestal, he was dismissed from the army and placed in a psychiatric hospital, where he committed suicide.

The existence of a civilization in the Antarctic ice indirectly confirmed by the following facts. Drilling on the continent banned, probably, not to discover a mysterious civilization. Antarctica is not a seismic zone, but in 1998 there were tremors registered 8.1 on the Richter scale. This is explained by the massive nuclear explosions in the secret underground construction work, produced by the Nazis.

Underground Government

Argue that the underground live not only by the Nazis. As part of the U.S. «Continuity of Government», which was established in 1980 to prepare for a possible nuclear war, a network of underground bases.

In the event of war or a major natural disaster the U.S. president and the cabinet will move to the underground base of the hill Mount Weather, Virginia, 60 miles from Washington. Hundred secret underground command centers are spread across the country, including in Pennsylvania, West Virginia, Maryland, North Carolina, Napa County, and liaise with the project «Continuity of Government». They are all connected satellite and terrestrial observations.

At the disposal of the Federal Emergency Management Agency are 600 prison camps across the country, ready to receive the prisoners after the introduction of a new war. The camps are connected by road and rail, equipped runways. Most of them can hold up to 20,000 prisoners. One only Fairbanks, Alaska can take two million prisoners. These camps — the secret program Rex 84. Will come into force when the «new world order» that will need to control the population, and can not do without such camps, claim conspiracy theorists!

It is inconceivable that a country such as America, could do without the Fort Detrick. Fort Detrick is located in Frederick County, Maryland, an hour’s drive from Washington. Fort Detrick is now officially a base of military medical research.

Until 1969 Fort Detrick was the main base of the U.S. Army to study the chemical and biological weapons. It was opened by President Nixon in 1971 as Friedrich-cue Cancer Research Foundation. But already in 1977, was discovered its secret activities. Official site of Fort Detrick says here only fight off viruses and bacteria that can hit the Pentagon, San Francisco and New York metro area. But many covert operations is associated with Fort Detrick: development of anthrax, the AIDS virus, new cancers, test-nervnoparalitiches gas on volunteers who …

There are also produced top-secret military development and testing of various types of weapons. One of the developments of Fort Detrick — SR-71 Blackbird, stealth aircraft, supersonic strategic reconnaissance USAF. But who finances Fort Detrick, remains a mystery …

Do you think horror and dark fantasy tape horror stories about a global cataclysm, unworthy of serious attention of a man? Vain. Probably most of them shot in the footsteps of real events or model is not so distant future.

Max Galitsky

Source: Journal of «Secrets of the Twentieth Century»

Category: The prophecies and predictions, visions and hypotheses

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