The future has begun prophecy boy vyacheslav

Prophecy righteous servant Vyacheslav (Krasheninnikov) of our time and future Antichrist terrible times, including and in Russia, the Antichrist and the ways of salvation Orthodox Christians. Prophecies in the retelling mom boy — Valentina Afanasiyevna Krasheninnikov, published in late 2010, as the second part of the film «Russian Angel. Vyacheslav lad.» Vyachesla? To Sergei? Evich dyeing? CENI (March 22, 1982, Yurga, Kemerovo Region — March 17, 1993, Chebarkul) — a boy who died at the age of 11 years, whom many consider a miracle-worker and a prophet who continue to work miracles, and after his death.

In short — coming amid the greatest turmoil of World War II and the global cataclysms. Zamordovannoe mankind will see out in the pool, in the creation of global government under the leadership of one man, it will be the Antichrist (fie upon him). His reign will last 3.5 years and it will be the worst period in the history of mankind, but also the last, as Antichrist will slay Jesus Christ, the Second Coming, came down to earth to judge people on the Day of Judgment. Antichrist will put people to their «print» — subcutaneous chips or laser inscription. Preparing for chipping is now in the form of an ID-number and issue ID-cards around the world (in Russia — UEC, universal electronic card). Cash will be canceled, and the world’s clearing «buy and sell» will be the only people with the seal of Antichrist. Someone who will print, God will never forgive, never burn them in Hell for all eternity.

In the film «Russian angel.Otrok Vyacheslav» explains Vyacheslav Krasheninnikov. Left plenty of evidence of his righteous life. The film speaks of extraordinary spiritual gifts which God bestowed boy Slava — healer, prophet, and prayer of the Russian land. In the second film a lot of attention is paid to the prophecies. We are living in the end times and the boy Vyacheslav told us how to save and what to expect.
This film is designed to help us to survive the ordeal, which will be in the next few years. God sent us to the child, to warn us, to strengthen, to instruct us not to were not ready.

Category: The prophecies and predictions, visions and hypotheses

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