Kazan aircraft farmer2 goes to the aviation market of portugal

Company «MVEN» began to enter the international market with a screwdriver assembly of their agricultural aircraft at a factory in Portugal.

  • Kazan aircraft farmer2 goes to the aviation market of portugal

As the newspaper «Business Online», a private aircraft company «MVEN» of Kazan is going for a year to get a European type certificate for the aircraft, «Farmer-2» of its own. This is the third project «MVEN» outside Russia.

As the newspaper «Business Online» CEO «Firma» MVEN «Victor Ermolenko, until the end of 2012 in the Portuguese town of Ponte de Sor will be built a special agricultural aircraft» Farmer-2 «. Scheme of cooperation, according to Ermolenko looks like «We are investing in the development, Portuguese — Plant and money for the certification.»

Preparation of the European type certificate — an important point, at a favorable outcome, in fact, opening the «Farmer» foreign markets. The head of «MVEN» did not name the time of certification: «This is a complicated procedure, and the timing is difficult to guess. Wanted to do for the year. Hopefully, that will carry out the preliminary work here, in Russia, on the plane,» Farmer-500 «, and we will have a good backlog. «

Recall that the Russian certification was launched in June this year — the Aviation Register of Interstate Aviation Committee held in Kazan aircraft mock-up committee «Farmer-500.» This happened 10 years after the first flight of the aircraft (and all cars built 8) of the family «Farmer» — until then to start the process at «MVEN» did not work.

As the newspaper «Business Online» Ermolenko, only managed to get things under pressure from the Minister of Industry and Trade Minister Denis Manturova and with the help of the Ministry of Industry and Trade. Today the «Farmers» are certified by a single instance of an aircraft that meets the European and American certificates Experimental, and for the mass production of a type certificate is required. Ermolenko hopes that Russia will be able to get the document quickly — due to the fact that «Farmer» flies a long time. Recall that in the beginning of August on speculation a complete collapse of the Russian aviation local MANTUROV said that after about three years of his ministry intends to begin production of the regional dimension of the aircraft up to 19 seats and that this project is developing a private company from Kazan.

Note that this is the only successful project in Russia («MVEN» — approx.) Specialized agricultural aircraft — similar to the development of the company «Sukhoi» — Su-38, as they say, «do not go.» Certification of «Farmer» will potentially create in Russia a fleet selhozsamoletov. Note that the «Farmer-2» is worth 150 thousand dollars, more advanced «Farmer-500» — 200 thousand. Price foreign equivalents — 300,000 dollars.

«Farmers» interested foreign companies. So, November 22, 2011 in Kazakhstan in the framework of the plan of industrialization opened Karaganda Aviation Plant «Sumkar» producing «Farmers» (MVEN co-founded enterprise, developer, supplier of technology, the basis for the training of Kazakh specialists). On the 100 aircraft already confirmed the money order.

October 26, 2011 at the State Enterprise of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine «Odessa Aviation repair company» Odesaviaremservice «air show held assembled there,» Farmer. «The aircraft in Odessa due to start this year. Initially, the Ukrainians will spend only the assembly, but then localize production.

In Portugal, the «farmer» will deal firm «Aeronautics» in the town of Ponte de Sor. «There already is a small aviaproizvodstvo — told the newspaper» Business Online «Ermolenko — in their lineup, and they will start to produce our planes. While it is assembled, and then see how the issues with transportation, customs clearance … First is the type certification procedure and then a decision is made to advance. Overseas partners assess market Portuguese-speaking countries — it is they, they target the «Farmer», not only on Portugal — about a hundred cars. question of cost airplane solves the Portuguese side. «

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