Oddities of ukraine the boys rush to the army


Oddities of ukraine the boys rush to the army

Russians is not even dreamed of — 18-year-old recruits are ready to serve even for bribes

With untold success goes to Ukraine autumn call-2010. In the recruiting office no end of volunteers.

First record set Dnipropetrovsk. There is already a half thousand recruits — for Airborne Brigade, Marine Corps, and mouth guards. The same number of people just did not take. In Dnepropetrovsk oblvoenkomate do not have time to deny everyone serve in the Armed Forces.

«Bodo serve goodness!»

Oddities of ukraine the boys rush to the army

The real sell-out in the Presidential Regiment. There are special requirements: the highest level of education, moral and psychological properties, personable appearance, physical training and growth nizhe188 not see the Dnieper was to give 10 presidential guards. So they tried a few hundred applicants fully-through! ..

Another 500 young boys from the Dnieper headed sergeant «uchebki.» Nice to look at a new call — young sheyasty, rukasty, blood and milk and bears no resemblance to any dystrophies.

— They are proud that four months will receive the title, will be the junior commanders and their leadership will be 10 people, — says deputy. the educational work of Dnipropetrovsk Regional Military Commissariat Lieutenant Colonel Sergei Polutsygan. — Year of such services will bring much his organizational talents.

Who was the Soviet Army, knows and remembers talents sergeants Ukrainians. There is not much censorship, but true saying about burning the impossibility of the «crest database’s stripes.» How unfortunate it did not sound that Russian is often enjoyed the principle of «net straps — unsullied conscience» …

Untold numbers of today’s defenders of the motherland separatist reports military Commissioner of the Autonomous Republic of Crimea, Major-General Vladimir Danchuk. Here on the draft board was 21 Thousand potential recruits. Although the Ukrainian Army and Navy this fall are required only 1,378 young Crimean.

In Simferopol immediately Orthodox priest bless the young and the Crimean Tatar mullah. Naturally, there are on the sunny peninsula its deviants. These are two very precise group of young people — «majors» resort coast or very stoned «junkies». Such a regime and the gift is not necessary. The last time against rookie deviators of a criminal case, in the Crimea was a couple of years back

Farewell speech and maternal tears surreptitiously — own recruits accompanies Kharkiv. The overall plan calls for the fall — 1220 inhabitants of the region. In principle, the appeal will last until November 18, but the team for elite units already collected. Young men of the machine-building factories in Kharkov especially willing to take the rocket men and sailors.

At the time, Kharkov crews replenish the Black Sea Fleet. Service was kept perfectly, home vorachivalis elders. At the moment, Russian ships are sending Dagestan. At the command of the campaign prefers to drive Caucasian moremanov the hold.

Olga Grigorenko sends the service of offspring Vitalika. On seeing the whole family came from the village in malehankih Bogoduhovsky area. Boy dreaming to get into the Air Force.

— I’m glad they took him — for the moment without an army, without a military ID will not find a job. And in the village which currently work — candid mom inductee. Grandma Mary gave strict orders to all the relatives do not cry. For her, the main thing that the grandson’s name had not compromised, «With the pram Well it came out, manyusenkogo. Bodo serve good «.

— At the moment, the main thing in life — employment. Every man thinks his own

head, and those who think — those not evade the question — confirmed the trend officer Balakleysky recruiting office Sergei Kharkov Dvorechansky. — The desire to get into the army we are no longer enough. On the contrary, we now elect in health, education and other qualities.

The only city installed the anti-record the call — Kiev, which were about six thousand conscientious objectors. Capital juveniles obviously not burning desire to protect Nenko-Ukraine, and civilian job here to find more easily.

Poorer only Moldovans

If the Russians otmazyvalas kids from the service, the ancestors of the Ukrainian province even get paid to give the baby to the barracks. Local military commissar had developed a fee of bribes for the right to «go into the army.» At various places it between 200 and 500 dollars. On the last occasion paying half boar.

How to explain such processes untold adjacent to the Russian Federation? Yes, the Ukrainian Armed Forces will feed, clothe, teach. Essentially in today’s times! In Europe, only poorer Moldovans.

According to the Swiss bank Credit Suisse, the average size of the state of the citizen

Ukraine 2 thousand 700 dollars. For comparison: the average Russians accounted for more than 10 thousand Belarusians have 6 thousand bucks.

Acne from the same village Kharkov heard that the service given sausages. Apart from aviation, he loves hot dogs, but the house is a luxury and you have to enjoy bacon.

On both banks of the Dnieper vorachivaetsya Russian tradition who did not serve, do not seem to man. On the Ukrainian move — «not cholovіk.» Native poplar street greeted as heroes hung with braid, buttons and other military tchotchke sergeants Dembele. Renaissance Army popularity congenial phrase explains Sergeant Lavrov of the landmark films «DMB»:

— Before Dembele are all dreams, because love him. In the fire and take to the police, travel free on the bus. The girls with the milking and weep for Dembele! ..

These barracks do not even realize what a Caucasian terror. Sometimes, at the unit comes across one or two «non-Russians», but they are nice people. And if that fist at Mykola chore.

And of course, there is no Power in the hot points. Although not the fact that this is the main reason for the boom of call. For example, in the midst of contract the second Chechen war, there were many men with Ukrainian citizenship. Only here could not present Muscovites hold such a powerful human potential, century after century, strengthen Russian Empire. And Minister Serdyukov just accelerates Ukrainian contractors.

But it is time to organize a long time Ukrainian club the Foreign Legion of France. It turned out that Kiev does not have any claims against fellow-legionnaires. The law allows you to be a combatant, in other words serve on municipal employment in the army of another country.

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