Times are tough expected ground

Times are tough expected ground

ALL noted how in the heat of the sun warms up the area so that he stepped on it, may get burned. Air at all this pretty much warmed up, well, in those places where the humidity is too high, rest is unbelievable.

Did not become brave in the fact that in the late 23 th century Houston, Tel Aviv, Shanghai and other once bustling metropolis transformed into ghost towns. No one will live in Louisiana and Florida team.

Empty and grandiose land in Africa, China, Brazil, India and Australia. And all because these places will be quite hot and wet. As demonstrated by numerous investigations, the situation, as soon as there is no limit Kondyukov cumbersome or impossible, will grow with any century.

This scenario, considering the opinion of the Australian climatologist Stephen Sherwood (Steven Sherwood), waiting for small areas of the world already in the XXI century, and three centuries later in the half of the land, which is now fully eligible for a comfortable life, will be impossible in the absence of content Kondyukov. These climatic changes have already been in the press aptly titled «Termageddon.»

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