Ancient artifacts on the moon mysteries of the moon

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Ancient artifacts on the moon mysteries of the moon

Robot head. In the crater. On the moon. Photo:

It’s about extraterrestrial structures on the Moon, as well as traces of intelligent beings on our nearest cosmic body.

Washington. March 21, 1996 National Press Club.

«… NASA scientists and engineers involved in the implementation of programs to study the moon and Mars, reported the results of processing the information. First announced the existence of artificial structures on the moon, and man-made objects. «

 At the briefing, and mentioned the fact that the Soviet Union had once also part of the photographs on irrefutable evidence of the presence on the moon signs of reasonable activity. And although the nature of this activity has not been established, thousands of photos and video of the documents received «Apollo» and military space station, «Clementine», revealed and topographically indicate numerous areas of the lunar surface, where they were discovered and are well marked, the facts, the traces extraterrestrial activity. At the briefing, were shown videos and pictures made by U.S. astronauts during the program «Apollo». The question of why this information is not brought to the public before, NASA specialists answered: «… 20 years ago it was hard to predict how people will react to the news that someone was on the moon, or have in our time. In addition, there were other reasons not related to NASA. «

Some researchers believe that the structure of the moon were created by alien civilizations, and used as a transshipment base for their activities on the Earth.

These conjectures are confirmed in the legends and myths of different nations of the world. Many kilometers of the ruins of lunar cities, huge transparent dome, many tunnels and other constructions make scientists reconsider their views on issues related to our perception of the moon. Its appearance and features of its motion relative to the earth — and today remains a mystery to researchers.

On the surface, we thought of our satellite, found a large number of buildings, it is clearly in their artificial origin.

«Some partially destroyed objects on the lunar surface can not be attributed to the natural geological formations» — experts say — «They present a complex organization and geometrical structure.»

Near the crater Tycho discovered a mysterious terrasopodobnye making rock. The concentric hexahedral generation and availability tunnel entrance on the side of the terrace is hard to explain natural processes. It is more like an open development ore rock.

Fig. 1. Possible archaeological sites of the moon or the traces of intelligence.

Moon surprised his riddles

Fig. 2. Aerial view of the ruins of the city of Ashur drevneassiriyskoy resembles a lunar lattice structure.

NASA has at its disposal large archives of astronomical observations, which suggest that our nearest neighbor, the Moon is not all fit into the framework of barren and uninhabited desert. Lots of interesting facts can be found in the «Catalogue of NASA lunar anomalies», containing observations of strange lunar transient phenomena (KLYA) on our satellite from 1540 to the present day. The most complete catalog of this data has been published by NASA in 1978.

In this respect, the facts are interesting observations on the moon mysterious phenomena of astronomical archives to missile period.

1064 «Star huge brightness appeared in the circle of the moon in a few days after its separation from the Sun (Chronicle Malvetsiya Ya)» [1].

1540 Many people have seen the star on the body of the Moon «directly between the ends of her fingers’ (old English Chronicle). [1]

1668 November 26 «… The star is below the body of the moon, in its horns» (J. Dzhosselin. «Two trips to New England,» 1675). [1]

1737 March 1. During a total solar eclipse was observed odd spot of light on the disc of the moon in the Sea of Crises. The spot was visible until prevented sunlight. [1]

1794 March 7. Seen mysterious light on the dark side of the moon (given the old figure). [1]

1874 Czech astronomer Safarik seen moving on the lunar disk glowing object, which then left the moon and flew off into space. [2]

1875. Astronomer Schroeter watched the moon bright spot, moving in a straight line from the Mare Imbrium to the north. The second is the bright spot appeared in the south. The design speed of their movement relative to the surface of the moon was 63 miles / hour (110 km / h). [2]

1888 July 15. On the dark side of the moon, in the northern part of the lunar Caucasus, Holden saw a bright «star» of the first magnitude &nsbp; [1].

1910 From France watched from the surface of the moon started a body similar to the missile. [2]

1912 American astronomer Harris observed a dark object about 50 miles (80 km), moving around the moon, and it was seen as his shadow moved across the surface of the moon. [2]

1943 May. Morning. «Suddenly I heard someone of the men shouted:» Look in the middle of the darkened moon shining star. » We looked, and sure: last month, and next MRC-bright star. Stood there amazed hubbub, they say, as it is through the Moon star can shine? She suddenly began to move. Gradually came out of the lunar disk, rounded it and began to move away … All I have described can confirm my fellow soldiers, who survived «Zaitsev [1].

1954 or 1955 October-November. 21-23 hours. Full Moon. Muscovite VI Tics, who was in the city of Ordzhonikidze, the naked eye watched from the upper edge of the moon is separated kakya oblong luminous point and turning sharply to the right, quickly spread through the right side of the disc of the moon, then again, turned sharply and connected to the lower part of the moon. All observation lasted about 6 seconds, the track of the flight is held about two seconds. [1]

1955 May 24 «In the southern horn of a narrow crescent [Moon], where the sun touches the vertices of Leibniz, were two bright spots. … Also among them was another light, weaker than the other two, but he was riding and a spark, and finally, it was separated from the weak beam of light, which soared vertically into the sky above the Moon, flaring up during the ascent and at the same time went out at the base, and then disappeared. Full length of the beam, excluding the projection is about 100 miles (160 km), and he climbed 2 seconds, maybe a little more … I tried to manipulate the image in the telescope’s field of view to see if a similar effect occur only due to the optical characteristics of the instrument, but to no avail , so that the phenomenon, perhaps, is the real «(English astronomer VA Firsov) [1].

7-10 August 1955 Watching the moon in a homemade telescope, VV Yaremenko (Novocherkassk) witnessed as «above the disk [Moon] parallel to the edge, at a distance of about 0.2 lunar radius luminous body flew like a star third value in the ordinary observation. Flying a third of the circumference (it took 4-5 seconds) the body of the steep path descended to the lunar surface. Of course, it was not a projection of a meteorite falling to Earth. The body was big enough and … run! And no artificial satellites in those days did not exist «. [1]

1959 F. Almora and other members of the Astronomical Society of the Barcelona star was the dark ellipsoidal object which maneuvered to 2000 km above the lunar surface and crossed the lunar disk for 35 minutes, then reappeared like a satellite. Its diameter was estimated to be 35 km (D Drake «messenger from the stars»). [2]

1963 A team of astronomers Flegstafskoy Observatory (Arizona) was observed on the Moon 31 the same luminous object, each with a length of 5 km and a width of 0.3 km. These objects were moving in a clear order, and in between moving small objects with a diameter of about 150 meters on the moon also observed giant dome, which changed the coloring and did not have the shadow, as it absorbs sunlight. [2]

1964 Astronomers Harris and Cross observed over the Sea of Tranquility in one hour moves at a speed of 32 km / h white spot, which gradually decreased in size. In the same year there was another spot, move for two hours at 80 km / h [2].

1967 Montreal astronomers observed in the Sea of Tranquility dark rectangular spot, moving from west to east. [2]

Thus, in the example shown, can clearly see that on the moon before the rocket observation period occurred very mysterious objects were making reasonable maneuvers. For example, around the Moon, described by VI Timakova and VV Yaremenko, as the researchers lunar phenomena Arkhipov AV requires tremendous speed of 1000 km / s and accelerations of the order of 46’000 g. In terms of traditional rocketry and physics, this is impossible. Such properties are only UFO observed in the atmosphere. [1]

Ancient artifacts on the moon mysteries of the moon

uc. 3. Sea of Tranquility: Blair Cuspids. Abnormal structures — seven obelisks that are clearly cast shadows from the morning sun. The largest obelisk has a height of about 200 meters. For 2 and 3 obelisks shadow bent like a hockey stick. Abnormal structures may be interstellar ships, ancient ruins and high cliffs. Materials Lunar Orbiter II LO2-61H3.gif (345k file).

According to Dr. Richard Shorthill NASA: «If the cuspids were the result of a number of geophysical processes, then of course you can expect to obelisks were distributed randomly. In fact, according to the results of triangulation d system with coordinates x, y, z, there are regular geometric formations: the angles, six isosceles triangles and two axes consisting of three points each. «

Fig. 3. Unidentified object on the surface of the moon. District WALLACE WOLFF B.

The relevance of the search of ancient human artifacts on the surface of celestial bodies pointed out by many authors (eg A.Klark, Shklovsky, K.Sagan, Dzh.V.Foster, A.R.Freytas, M.Dzh.Karlotto, D. L.Holms). Main objective of the study is to develop a method to find a candidate to archaeological sites of the moon and traces of intelligent beings, as well as cataloging the most interesting areas and sites for further study.


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Luna … the secret area

Doc. a film about the mysterious manifestations of extraterrestrial civilizations on the moon, strange lights, unknown spacecraft, UFOs. In short, we have made it clear that the Moon is already taken. That is why, say the filmmakers were stopped suddenly all the lunar program

Moon surprised his riddles

Ancient artifacts on the moon mysteries of the moon

The American newspaper «New York Times» appeared sensational article «On the Moon found a human skeleton.» The publication refers to the astrophysics of China Mao Kahn. It was he back in 1998 shocked the scientific world, presenting at a conference in Beijing photo, where the surface of the moon is clearly visible imprint of a human foot. Now astrophysicist presented scientific world pictures, where are the human skeleton, reports

Seen on the surface of the moon, such small details can be technically possible. Possibilities of modern optics allow the orbit of the Earth’s header text spread out on the ground of newspapers. But why a «reliable source in the U.S.» that is referenced Mao Cannes, no hurry officially promulgate these photos.

Back in the early 70’s sensation went around the world. American satellite «Viking-1» flew around Mars and from the obtained images, which are clearly visible cone construction. Not far from them were carved out of the rock face of a giant man. In appearance they were clearly artificial.

All this is not in keeping with accepted scientific concept and scholars unanimously agreed that it is just a natural phenomenon and the play of light and shadow. But still the talk of the fact that we are not the only in this universe are not abated among journalists and the public. And it was the reason.

In the late 60’s Time Nobel Prize researcher Pollack entered into the computer, all data on the planet Earth, the soil, the atmosphere, cosmic and solar radiation, all physical parameters and all known scientific data on living things. He asked the computer on the planet with such conditions can be a protein life. Computer response was unequivocal: no. On a planet where absolute solvent-water, which is abundant and where eventually break the glass and metal, the birth of a protein substance is not possible. The experiment was repeated later at the Kiev Institute of Cybernetics and was obtained the same result.

This question Pollack computer was not accidental. A little earlier scientists have made the surprising discovery that all living beings on this planet have the biological code. It was not possible to stand in the world of theory of origin of life and its evolution. But the fact remains. And some scientists have come to believe that life on earth originated by a higher intelligence. And the Earth is something like a laboratory, where more evolved beings to experiment on genetic engineering.

Those who laugh at all these conclusions, it was not really a laughing matter, when astronaut Neil Armstrong first saw the back side of the moon, cried, forgetting all the instructions that he sees the spacecraft. Service response was instantaneous flight control, communication was interrupted. Later this exclamation was disavowed. Armstrong never again did not stutter on spacecraft.

Let’s take a look at what generally is a moon, and most importantly, where does it come on our horizon. Scientists, astronomers concluded that 20,000 years ago, it was not at all. They suggest that, because of what that space accident, she left its orbit and into the field of gravity. But this explanation is not enough who are satisfied. Over many years of research specialists are faced with wandering planets. Meteorites and comets much, but what would wander «real» world does not. After all, on the moon there is volcanic activity, because it is considered a «living» planet. Then was born the hypothesis that the Moon is nothing more than a space ship that someone manages. After all, the moon is situated very interesting. She turns around its axis so that we do not see the reverse side. That’s just on the other side, we do not see and said Armstrong spacecraft.

Chinese astrophysicist Mao Kahn said that Americans deliberately withhold information from the public, describing their actions as criminal. He accused the U.S. government of hiding the stunning facts by saying that the picture of the human foot print they hid 20 years, and a picture of the human skeleton for even longer. He believes that these images are the property of all mankind.

Space and U.S. intelligence agencies no it does not comment on the words of the Chinese astrophysicist. Even after his claims that he has more than 1,000 photos taken by NASA, which clearly shows the footprint of the human skeleton. The most interesting is that, as was no comment, and there was no denial of this information from the responsible parties.

As already mentioned above, to date, optical functions allow to make the smallest detail. So studying the pictures of the human skeleton can be seen that a person in life wore jeans. In the airless atmosphere is not a decomposition of body tissues. Thus, if a person was killed on the moon that would remain the entire corpse, not a skeleton. Consequently, the death occurred in another place, and on the moon somehow was now only a skeleton. Here involuntarily reminded of people talk about their abduction by aliens. In any case, Mao Kan no doubt that it is a print pictures legs of a man and a human skeleton and that extraterrestrials regularly interfere in our lives. But people do not know the whole truth until the Americans not to declassify the information available to them and will not make it available to mankind, states Mao Cannes.

Moon — another reality

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