Syrian special forces ready for operations in the u s

Syrian special forces ready for operations in the u s

As said a senior source in the Ministry of Defense of Syria, to the United States in the area shortly planted legally and illegally in the several hundred employees of Syrian forces for special purposes «Al Vaadat al-Qassam Brigades.» Battle groups numbering from 3 to 7 people are equipped with all necessary and have the purpose of holding its own sabotage operations in the event of U.S. attack on Syria.

They include staff are European, Asian and Latin American appearance, perfectly understand the British language, many of them served in similar units of other states.

All employees have been trained to adapt to the United States, many of them have been in this country more than once.

The objectives of the operation will control facilities and infrastructure in the more populous states in the U.S. — steel roads, electric substations, power plants, waterworks, oil and gas terminals, the military, in the main, air and naval bases. As a result, the U.S. operations will suffer harm to many billions of dollars.

Terrorist acts against civilians will be held.

As noted by the officer, the decision was made to Syrian control, based on the experience of wars in Yugoslavia, Iraq, Libya, where the reflection of anger consisted purely defensive strategy that these countries advance doomed to defeat. «War in the defense do not win …» — said the source.

Special Forces mission to Syria made in 1958, at the present time contain one division and eighteen separate regiments (groups) commandos. Their training was Russian military instructors.

In 60 years of Syrian commandos committed numerous attacks on Israeli countryside where ambushed convoys of vehicles with the introduction of jet rocket launchers.

In 1973, during the war a day or Judgment, mixed unit of soldiers of the 82nd Airborne Battalion and the 1st group of commandos after a brutal melee captured’s intelligence and command and control point on Mount Hermon in the Golan Heights.

In 1982, a group in Lebanon Syrian commandos armed with RPG-7 anti-tank «Fagot» and «Milan», which is covered the retreat of the Syrian 1st Armored Division. Organizing a series of ambushes, they could significantly slow the advance of the armies of Israel motorized columns. Battle group of 4-6 commandos, acting from ambushes, almost tore the coming Israeli soldiers.

SWAT Syria is estimated to professionals, perfectly prepared, has secured a successful experience of fighting in the area of ​​Israel, Lebanon, and Syria itself in, where last year alone, they killed several thousand foreign mercenaries, including current employees of foreign special services.

The Ministry of Defense of Syria believe in the success of operations in the event of them, because the United States in his estimation, is not ready to conduct combat operations on its territory.

Created by Colonel Matveev, a military expert

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