The company «3d bioprinting solutions has opened a laboratory of biotechnology research

Fund «Skolkovo» announces the opening of September 6, 2013 private biotechnology research laboratory of its resident company «3D Solutions Bioprinting», which is engaged in the development of practical technologies for Reproductive Medicine in Russia and sells innovative project to develop methods for three-dimensional organ biopechati.

  • The company «3d bioprinting solutions has opened a laboratory of biotechnology research

Work on developing the methodology and implementation of a three-dimensional biopechati tissues and organs is by far one of the most modern trends in medicine and Bioengineering. Using the technology of three-dimensional biopechati (bioprinting) of autologous stem cells from the patient may be the solution to the problem of immune compatibility, and eventually open the possibility of obtaining prototypes and effective ways tkanezamescheniya allowing fully recover health.

In long-term plans Scientific Group Laboratory of Biotechnology Research- Work on making the kidneys, and more approximate term — the creation of universal tissue constructs. 

«I am very pleased that the idea of laboratory technology to create three-dimensional biological objects to realize it was not long — said Helena Lifschitz, director of medical projects, biomedical cluster, the Fund «Skolkovo». — This was made possible thanks to the fact that there was an investor, the company «Invitro» interested in the fact that in Russia there are also opportunities. It is a technology that changes the way: we will be able to produce «spare parts» for the people that have been lost due to disease or injury. This, of course, technology of the future, but not-too-distant future. I think that in our lifetime we, if we will not see a retail store selling human organs created by the printer, then, at least, will witness the successful transplants thus created man lost organs. I am very pleased that the Foundation contributed to the development of the project of our resident «3D Bioprinting Solutions.» I assure you that we will continue to participate in it bude, developing important technologies of the future. «

  • The company «3d bioprinting solutions has opened a laboratory of biotechnology research

«Today is a special day — we are witnessing the birth of a new era — said Alexander Ostrovsky, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the company «Invitro» CEO «3D Bioprinting Solutions.» — 3D bioprinting — is an emerging technology that will be one of the foundations of the future. We — a high-tech company, our work is based on robotics, advanced biotech. As they say, to even stay in place all the time you need to move forward, and we all have to run even faster. We are in the «Invitro» as investors in the project want to create the future with their own hands. In this case, we set ourselves another important goal: We want to create a platform for our scientists. Them to work freely and comfortably in their own country. «

«Recently, our organization together with the Institute» Skolteh «has created a center for the study of stem cells, which we will also pay particular attention to technology 3D Printing living organ — commented Sergey Kiselev, Professor, Ph.D., Head. laboratories of the Institute of General Genetics. NI Vavilov. — In order to make human organs — the heart, skin, or vessel — you need to organize cells into a certain shape, it requires 3D Printing. We will work very closely with both of these technologies, so with these interesting professionals. I hope that very soon there starts knocking the printer. «

«In recent years we have been actively introducing very high-tech operation — told Vladimir Abramov, PhD, head of the department of cell and tissue Technology Research Institute. NV Sklifosofskiy. — We rolled out a program for the development of transplantation. Now nobody will be surprised by transplantation of the liver or kidneys, but we are already transplanted lungs, and recently successfully transplanted small intestine. But in addition to organ transplantation, which is nature itself, we pay great attention to the development of biomedical cell technologies. Institute. Sklifosofskiy can be a good basis for the testing of these advanced projects, and I want to assure you that we will always be glad to cooperate. «

Opening biotechnology research lab was supported by the Health Department of the City of Moscow.

Laboratory of Biotechnology ResearchThe mission of the Laboratory «3D Bioprinting Solutions» is the practical development and implementation of technology 3D-biopechati in regenerative medicine in Russia. The company was founded in 2013. A high score of the expert board of the Fund «Skolkovo», a resident of the Fund since 2013. Constructed and equipped with modern research laboratory in Moscow (Kashira highway).Formed an international team of researchers (in the first team includes: 1 Sc.D., 1 PhD, PhD 1, 2 doctors Ph.D.). Combined intellectual potential and a unique experience of leading experts in the industry of regenerative medicine. Collaboration is carried out at the international level research groups working on the principles of evidence-based medicine.Work has begun in accordance with the approved concept under the supervision of tissue engineer, inventor of the printing technology and biofabrikatsii VA Mironov, MD, Ph.D., professor, department of three-dimensional technology, CTI, Brazil, Engineering School of the Department of Chemical and Biological Engineering of the State University of Virginia, USA. Author patents «Production of vascular prostheses of nanofibers», «Apparatus for the production of tissue sferoydov», «Hydrogel for bulk tissue constructs,» etc.

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