Cia kills and intimidates russian scientists

Please note: this is said openly. According to reports, the CIA has a special operative account Russian nuclear physicists, which, in particular, made our scientists from RFNC — VNIIEF (Arzamas-16), including the developer of nuclear weapons for the ICBM «Topol-M», «Yars «and» Mace «Yuri Faikov. CIA monitors the activities of the Russian chief designers, who are promising developments in the field of conventional arms, of critical importance to the defense of Russia.

Not yet announced the official version of the crash near Petrozavodsk, the media highlight all new. While overseas are sometimes even more active and «inventive» than Russian. For example, the Israeli newspaper Haaretz on Friday proposed to take up a version of «conspiracy.» According to her, it could be directed against five prominent Russian nuclear specialists who helped Iran to develop a nuclear program.

Five scientists from the leadership developmental Bureau (EDB) in the State Concern «Rosatom» were among the 45 passengers killed in the crash of Tu-134. A director and general designer of OKB «Hydraulic» Sergey Ryzhov, Deputy Gennady Banyuk, Chief Designer Nikolai Trunov, head of «Atomenergomash» Valery Lyalin and chief technology engineering bureau named Afrikantov Andrei Trofimov.

Trofimov, worked on the construction of nuclear power plant in Bushehr, Iran, Ryzhov was one of the leading specialists of the construction of nuclear plants in India, lists edition. All five men were flying in Petrozavodsk for a crucial meeting, where they had discussed various issues related to the development of nuclear reactors. Their deaths, as recognized in Russia, was a heavy blow to the national nuclear industry and to recover from it, take a lot of time and effort.

Russian sources say that the investigation is not intended to sabotage and said the most likely cause of human error or technical failure, despite the fact that a number of Iranian scientists have been victims of mysterious accidents, including the crash, author of the article referenced

Referring to «the Russian military sources», Haaretz reported that the dead experts participated in the creation of the Iranian nuclear reactor and is working to ensure its earthquake resistance.

It is stated that the airline, which has organized the fatal flight Moscow-Petrozavodsk, at the last minute changed planes without informing passengers, and thus made a gross violation of the procedure. As a result, the flight went old Tu-134 instead of the Canadian Bombardier CRJ-200.

Recall aircraft company «RusAir» crashed while landing near the airport in the village Besovets near Petrozavodsk on the night of June 21. Crash occurred in severe weather conditions — was a fog, rain. Besides airliner touched a power line, causing a few seconds turn the tally lights on the runway.

«Yesterday in Indonesia died three Russians — employees» Sukhoi «, deals with the maintenance of acquired in Russia fighters.

Their death is so revealing that question in its «organized» nature not.

Our guys killed.

Bodies of three engineers were found on Monday morning, September 13, in a service apartment at the air base «Sultan Hasanuddin», located in the province of South Sulawesi. ITAR-TASS reports that the cause of death of two Russians, according to the doctors, was a heart attack.

As of 15.09.2010. cause of death — suffocation.


Makassar (Indonesia), February 2, 2009 — RIA Novosti, Yekaterina Kuznetsova. Russian experts on Monday gave Indonesia three Russian Su-30MK2 fighters at the air base, «Hasanuddin» in the south of the island of Sulawesi on Monday.

As RIA Novosti said the Secretary General of the Ministry of Defence of Indonesia Shafranov Shamsuddin after the official handover of fighters, Indonesia looks forward to further cooperation with Russia in the military-technical field.

«We are grateful to Russia for the fruitful cooperation in defense and look forward to further strengthening ties in this area. This contract is strategically important to our Air Force, «- he said.

Three Su-30MK2 fighters were delivered to Indonesia in two batches — the first two aircraft arrived in the country December 26, 2008, and the third — 17 January. Official ceremony took place aircraft after Russian specialists to assemble fighters and successful test flights.

Who killed our guys? Three at once?

1. Indonesia to buy Russian aircraft. If you create a problem with their service, the next time she may prefer other brands. Especially if in Indonesia itself is also something «suddenly» happen in the coming days.

2. What kind of aircraft were Russian competitors when choosing Indonesia?

3. If you just want to create disturbances and difficulties would be the best death of one technique after another three to four months. Of course only to natural causes.

4. If you want to send a clear signal to Russia and Indonesia — the overnight die immediately three Russian peasant.

Calculate the «author» of not working — arranged in Indonesia group death of our citizens deliberately revealing. Today on the calendar in September 2010.

The month of August 2010:

— died Moscow lawyer Viktor Bout, an expert on Asian law (see «The Battle of Victor Bout»)

— Syria «drowned» a senior rank of our military intelligence. «

Indirect evidence of such operations in the speech of Senator Rick Santorum (link)

Inspector stabbed on rails

IF leading psychologists and specialists in psycho-technologies, we began to kill with 5-6 years ago, the nuclear industry for someone took seriously and thoroughly much earlier …

Reuben Nureyev, the Chief Inspector of Nuclear and Radiation Safety of Atomic Energy, in the summer of 1996 was on a business trip in Novosibirsk.

— Inspector during a task of national importance. June 21 cuts the body of the Inspector Nureyev found on railway tracks — says Doctor of Engineering, MP (1995-2003). Ivan Nikitchuk. — Death reported as a suicide, but relatives Nureyev refused to believe it: the inspector had no reason to rush for the train. The murder was never solved.

In January 2000, died on the First Deputy Minister of Atomic Energy Alexander Belosohov. He seemed to have died in an accident: riding a snowmobile. A criminal investigation into the attempted murder (initially present and this version) to institute did not.

Known nuclear physicist Lev Maximov says Belosohov was one of the defendants before the Duma commissions «uranium deal.» The Lion Maximova, who invented the clean underground plant, was attacked in July 1999.

— There was a late hour, when I entered the subway — says Leo. — I was hit on the head and with the help of electric tried disabling heart.

Maksimov was killed because the killers have put electrodes to his body, «illiterate» from a medical point of view.

Death on the road

May 13, 2001 in a car accident killed the vice-president of the concern «Rosenergoatom» Evgeny Ignatenko.

He died of his injuries on the way to the Kalinin NPP. Moreover, the collision was head-on … The car is guilty of an accident, the scene disappeared. By the way, Ignatenko was a protracted conflict with one of the heads of Minatom.

Evgeny Ignatenko — Doctor of Science, member of Academy of Natural Sciences in 1973, he worked at the Kola NPP Chief Physical Laboratory. In October 1986 he was appointed general director of «Combine» (the city of Chernobyl), established to eliminate the consequences of the Chernobyl accident. When creating the 1992 «Rosenergoatom» Ignatenko appointed head of executive management. From January 1997 — Director General of concern.

Ignatenko death was classified as an accident.

Death in the stairwell

March 2003. Killed Ph.D., professor Bugaenko (Director General of the International Centre for Nuclear Safety Minatom). The corpse of 68-year-old Bugaenko with traumatic brain injury was found in the entrance of the house № 44 on Leninsky Prospekt in Moscow.

Bugaenko murder shortly after his visit to Moscow U.S. Undersecretary of State John Bolton, in charge of the control issues for the nuclear nonproliferation regime. The focus of the negotiations that led Bolton in Moscow, was a program of Russian-Iranian cooperation in the nuclear field. A senior U.S. diplomat arrived in Moscow shortly after the U.S. released satellite images of secret Iranian nuclear facilities.

Professor Murder Bugaenko link directly to the Iranian nuclear dossier.

Kursk «Nightingale the Robber»

December 1997. B killed the deputy director of Moscow Kursk Commercial Officer Vladimir Khokhlov. The murder was never solved.

Twice in 1997, the victim of a robbery was the chief accountant of Kursk NPP Victor Koshuba. He survived.

But while the killing of honest and incorruptible, who made his way to the warm atomic sites, continue to plunder the country. With the approval of the prosecutor of the Kursk region. Arrested deputy director Vladimir Kursk Fights. He is suspected of abuse of power, embezzlement and embezzlement. Fighting would be completely unable to remember the interrogation as he garages — either 28, or 30.

In autumn 2000 the Federal Tax Police filed criminal charges against several officials of Kursk. The cases were filed in connection with tax evasion. In April 2001, Vladimir Bunchuk — former deputy ex-governor of the Kursk region. Alexander Rutskoi — was sentenced to four years in prison for abuse of office.

February 2004. Deputy Director of the KNPP killed Boris Khokhlov (namesake Vladimir Khokhlov, who was killed in 1997).

Karate Nyago

In May 2006, the sudden death of President of «fuel elements,» the captain of the first rank in retirement Alexander Nyago. He was born in Leningrad. In 1972, he graduated from the Higher Naval Engineering School. Dzerzhinsky specialty «Nuclear reactors submarines.» For over 20 years he served on the ships, in the headquarters compound of submarines of the Northern Fleet and the Leningrad naval base. From August 2001 — President of «fuel elements.» Nyago was the 58th year. He was a tennis and karate. But died «from a long illness.»

We continue to lose our best minds. Consequence — most of all — comes to a standstill. There is no witnesses, no motive for the crime. Why did they kill tens? And in very strange circumstances? Who kills them? Again, the question for the Investigative Committee of the Prosecutor General. For the FSB and SVR.

Help «AN»

TVEL — one of the world’s largest uranium mining and production of fuel for nuclear power plants. The company supplies fuel not only for Russian nuclear power plants, but also for nuclear power in Eastern Europe and the CIS countries.

By country a number of mysterious murders of famous professors. Under very strange circumstances, they die in their own houses and porches, streets, hotels, railway stations. Who hunts for our «brains»? Over the past five years — almost 30 mysterious deaths. Even dozens of victims — the erased memory …

Cmert Hotel «Slavyanka»

— I am sure that the strange series of murders would have long to attract the attention of the FSB — shared in conversation with «Argumenty Nedeli» independent military expert, PhD Yuri Bobylov. — Too many things incomprehensible. A list of the dead — a very long one.

Director of the Institute of Antimicrobial Chemotherapy, expert of the World Health Organization, Professor Leonid Stratchounski died in 741-m room hotel «Slav» (it belongs to the Ministry of Defense. — «AN») in the summer of 2005. Professor came from Smolensk and the next day was to fly to the U.S. for an international congress. He died from a blow to the head with a heavy object. Disappeared from the room laptop.

Stratchounski death coincided with a mass epidemic of hepatitis A in the Tver region (affecting more than 300 people). One version of the epidemic — the use of biological weapons. Institute Stratchounski doing just these problems.

The same strange death was known Ural scientist, laureate of State Prize of the Russian Federation Prof. Sergey Vovk. He died July 13, 2005 at the railway station in Yekaterinburg clonidine poisoning. Professor Vovk engaged inert gas xenon. His last work — «The use of xenon as a radio-.» Investigating the death of Professor Vovk engaged metropolitan Pinkerton, but out on the trail of killers and failed.

Murders unsolved.

Virus Doctor Maltseva

Some time ago, the CIA blamed the famous Russian scientist Nelly Maltsev in the transfer to Iraq of the smallpox virus, which can be used as a biological weapon Baghdad. This particularly dangerous type of virus is resistant to vaccines. The CIA believed that using rockets Iraqi military can pass the virus over long distances. U.S. intelligence has received information about it from his informant. The information was kept secret for a long time, until it was revealed the journalists of The New York Times.

A member of the International Special Committee on orthopoxvirus Russian professor Svetlana Marennikova noticed that Dr. Maltsev has proved «a good man» and all attempts to turn it into a spy simply absurd. The professor also noted that work with dangerous strains is strictly regulated. Director of the Institute of Viral Preparations RAMS Vitaly Zverev said Dr. Maltsev 20 years of professional activity supervised laboratories in the diagnosis of «peaceful» infections like herpes, measles, rubella and Paraty. Zverev said that of all the Institute smallpox strains were sent in 1994 in Novosibirsk.

Nelly Malcev died two years ago. At her death, as if nothing strange. But why in the case of the death or killing of Russian scientists so often pops up the CIA?

The interests of the Pentagon and the psi effect

— WHY killed our scientists? Apparently, because today is created unipolar world — lamented in conversation with «Argumenty Nedeli» Colonel General, Doctor of Historical Sciences Leonid Ivashov, — and everything is done so we do not develop their scientific theories, did not give the world new projects were subordinate position and soon released a beautiful our land. Of us want to make some sort of bio-robots to conquer our power, to break the Russian spirit and averaged our minds … and then we stop thinking about the cosmos.

It seems that Leonid right: someone very deliberately pulls from life’s most educated and wise. And the death of many of them is still shrouded in mystery. January 4, 2002 in St. Petersburg, was killed by a corresponding member of Russian Academy of Sciences, director of the Institute of Electrical Engineering Igor Glebov. At the end of January 2002 hammered bits Director Research Institute of Psychology RAS Brushlinskii Andrew, Director of Studies on Terrorism psychic methods. In the stolen briefcase Bruslinskii were papers on the latest techniques to find terrorists. These materials professor had to go to the Pentagon. A few months before his death, was killed Bruslinskii his deputy — Professor Valery Druzhinin. A few days after the funeral was packed bits Bruslinskii Chair of Microbiology, Medical University Professor Valery Korshunov, an expert on biological weapons and methods of control psi effects. Professor Korshunov was one of the leading Russian microbiologists. His development is actively used in laboratories in Russia, the U.S. and Canada.

Vice-Rector of the Russian State Tax Academy of the Ministry of Taxes and Duties, scientist expert in psychic protection Eldar Mammadov was also killed with baseball bats. Then he was killed by a military scientist and psychologist Michael Ionov. Of its portfolio were stolen material «intelligent decision support in the reflexive control opponent.» After numerous telephone threats poisoned microbiologist Anikin. He is involved in the control of the use of psycho-techniques.

Murders unsolved.

Direct speech

Professor Nicholas Uranov, General Director of the State Research Center for Applied Microbiology confident that followed one after another brutal murder of leading Russian scientists can not just be a coincidence!

— I believe that the ominous killing spree best minds of Russia — is the target removal, one of the channels sabotage the country. I do not know all the details of the dead colleagues, but the microbiologist Korshunova, I can say that as a result of his death stopped work in important areas of science. Hundreds, if not thousands of people in Russia because of the stop investigations were doomed.

«Scalpel soul» Academician Smirnov

After the invention and successful testing of «mental sensing systems’ transient died known academician,» the father of psychotronic weapons «Igor Smirnov. Commissioned by the Russian special services unique system of deep blind reading thoughts and information that, in contrast to a lie detector is impossible to deceive, and has remained unclaimed in government and law enforcement agencies.

Academician Smirnov active in neurolinguistic programming.

Igor Smirnov has developed technology called «scalpel soul.» «Theoretically Psychotronics improvement may make it more terrible and devastating weapon than the atomic bomb — thought Igor. — This technique can control the behavior of people, tearing the soul as food cans, changing the content of the brain in accordance with the wishes of those who run the generator. «

In addition to academic problems Smirnov psychotronic «addicted» and other scholars. Psi technologies play scientist Victor Sedletskii. It turns out that in 1982, Yuri Andropov ordered a Central Psychotronics. Basic lab housed in underground facilities, 30 km from Chernobyl. They have developed several types of psychotropic generators.

Powerful radar horizon of the complexes were directly related to the problems of psychotronic. Their constituent grid antennas work on radiation, driving delta theta rhythms of the brain. The tasks were worked on two stations horizon — Chernobyl and Krasnoyarsk. Both stations were one psychotropic system, code-named «Ball.»

Leading designer Boris Krutikov secret SRI participated in the creation of a powerful psi-generator «Gradient-4.» The work of such a generator is through the use of electromagnetic radiation to affect the human brain and body in general. Thus the body is seen as an electromechanical circuit.

Today, it is created rays that break the aircraft, missiles, and computers. Scientists argue that there are devices that interrupt electromagnetic impulses of the human brain, which leads to failure in his behavior. Under certain conditions, homo sapiens can be bio-robot.

And if our scientists so massively removed from the game, then killing them is still possible to give an explanation? Moreover, we could oppose to the West its very «advanced» invention … Why endure the competition?

Kitchen knife for Professors

APRIL 20, 2004 in Moscow, was killed matoperatsy research professor, Faculty of Computational Mathematics and Cybernetics Vyacheslav Fedorov. Professor body was found in an apartment house number 4 on the street Stoletov. Instrument of crime — an ordinary kitchen knife.

Following reporting the murder of 59-year-old professor at the Academy of National Economy under the Government of the Russian Federation Nikolai Valyagin. Professor body was found in his apartment in the street Metallurgy. Professors also killed with a kitchen knife.

In September 2005, he was convicted of the murder of 57? Proskuryakova old Irina, a professor of the St. Petersburg Mining Institute. In fact there were no witnesses of the crime, no fingerprints.

In St. Petersburg, was killed and a senior researcher at the Institute of Anthropology and Ethnography, a leading expert on international relations, Nikolai Girenko. He was a scientist of world renown. Nikolai Girenko book «Sociology tribe» became a real discovery in the science of inter-ethnic relations.

Murders unsolved.

Argument specialist

— Maybe you want to see and what is called the English version? — Said in our conversation, Doctor of Law, Professor, Expert Commission DG Anti-Corruption Sergei Maksimov, — if there were all these people large real estate in Moscow? And then — I’m sure that many of them just could not offer any resistance to the attack (true since many of the professors was gone, and 60 and over 70. — «AN»).

— And he is a wonder why many of our scientists were killed with baseball bats? — Puzzled military expert Yuri Bobylov — is a kind of style? handwriting? mark? I believe that a number of such killings may be involved in the PRC and the U.S. intelligence services.

Hammer for expert

The mysterious death of a 83-year-old Moscow professor Bondarevsky. Gregory Bondarevsky was a prominent orientalist, an expert on the North Caucasus. Specialist on Islam and the Muslim political movements; Council of the State Duma Committee on Security, the Directorate social counselor and Political Studies. He was considered one of the most respected experts on the problems of separatism and terrorism. Relatives found him with a broken head in a coma. Bondarevskiy died in hospital.

From the apartment scientist abducted two medals, three medals, two cell phones and a small amount of money.

Police officers found a stolen Order of the White Lotus — the second largest award in India. It is given for achievements in the field of culture. In 1963, the Government has awarded the Order of Mother Teresa of service to the people of India. Honor to receive it awarded a total of about forty people, among whom was a Russian professor Gregory Bondarevskiy. Kill the best of the best.

The case surfaced submarine «Kursk»

In the late summer of 2002 the whole Krasnoyarsk talked about the mysterious disappearance of Professor Bakhvalova. The famous chemist Sergei Bakhvalov left home and never returned.

He headed the Department of Physical Chemistry, Krasnoyarsk State University, and at the same time he was head of the research center «Crystal», which deals with the recycling of radioactive waste. Professor Bakhvalov invented a unique method of processing fuel for nuclear submarines and has won the tender for disposal of sunken submarine atomic submarine «Kursk». Bakhvalova dismembered body found on the outskirts of Krasnoyarsk. The investigation was faced with an unsolved mystery.

Some time after the death of Professor Bakhvalova American journalist Bill Hertz published in The Washington Times material, which suggested that the 47-year-old professor Bakhvalov could be associated … with people from «Al-Qaeda», who tried to gain access to the components of the Russian nuclear weapons.

In its submission Hertz abstracts referred to the CIA, one of which claimed that «remains a real danger of falling into the hands of terrorists of WMD (weapons of mass destruction. -» AN «), located in the former USSR.»

Head of the 12th Directorate of the Ministry of Defence, Colonel-General Igor Volynkin categorically denied allegations of an American journalist.

Professor Murder Bakhvalova unsolved.

Who else was killed

August 19, 2006 — Corresponding Member. RAS, a geneticist Leonid Korochkin.

November 10, 2006 — Deputy Director of the Hermitage Richard Dunin.

December 28, 2005 — Deputy Director for Research of the Institute of History, Archaeology and Ethnography of the Far Eastern Branch of RAS, Doctor of Historical Sciences Alexander Artemyev.

January 22, 2003 — Vice-Rector of the Moscow State Academy of Fine Chemical Technology named after MV University Victor French.

March 12, 2003 — Professor of Finance and Law Academy Vadim Ryabtsev.

June 3, 2003 — Academician of Russian Academy of Sciences, Air Force Major General Alexander Krasovsky (Academician of 40 years, lecturing in the Academy. Zhukovsky, where trained Yuri Gagarin and German Titov. — «AN»).

September 25, 2002 — Professor, Head of Department of Pathology at the Vladivostok Medical University Sergey Melnik.

December 26, 2002 — Rector of the Far Eastern State University of Fisheries, former vice-governor of Primorsky Krai Eugene Krasnov.

November 20, 2001 — Professor, Russian State Medical University Boris Svyatskiy.

July 2000 in the country in Valentinovka — Rector GITIS Sergei Isayev.

Who prevented all those honored and respected people? Who started the hunt for Russian scientists? Perhaps, the Investigation Committee of the Prosecutor General of the Russian Federation, and the FSB to pay attention to the mysterious deaths of dozens of famous Russian scientists and those who are forced to live with the memory erased?

Nuclear physicist with erased memory

Curious in the closed city of Zheleznogorsk (Krasnoyarsk Territory). In mid-October 2003 completely disappeared nuclear scientist — Deputy Head of Central Laboratory MCC 46-year-old Sergei Podoynitsyn.

According to special services, Podoynitsyn had access to classified documents. Was developing a nuclear waste nuclear fuel, manufacture of artificial emerald and high-purity materials. In the hometown of nuclear scientist back in six months. With erased memory.

By the way, today in the capital of the Serbsky Institute created a special unit, where do patients with erased memory. Sometimes memory can partially recover. The reason for this strange form of amnesia is unclear. The memory is erased artificially, a so-called lacunar amnesia. And it’s clearly not just the result of a shock, as in this case, there is retrograde amnesia.

Patients like Podoinitsyna nuclear scientists — the result of someone’s monstrous experiments. In Russia, the number of people with blurred memory is constantly growing. Scientific explanation for this phenomenon is not … Previously, active and funded by the state department and the laboratory in the Institute of Parapsychology security forces because of a lack of funds have been closed. Businesses have long been working on commercial banks, crime and political parties. Some scientists were forced to leave the cordon. More strangely passed away. It turns out that we had no psy-professionals?

Russia fall to 8 states?

In December 2000, the U.S. appeared in the press is a curious document, «Global Trends 2015. Dialogue on the future of non-governmental experts. » CIA experts believed that by 2015 Russia could collapse in 8 states. Report originally appeared on the website by the CIA. Russia it was considered as a zone of instability, as a country, which, with the border with the states of Central Asia, is very likely to fall apart in the near future by 8 states. The main reason for this separation — economic isolation and secrecy of Russia.

Prospects for the development of Russia in the CIA report estimated the following way: «Up until 2015, Moscow will be more difficult to link to global leadership ambitions in the world with drastically reduce the resources.

Will the country make the transformation and link means and ends — it is an open and critical issue for the majority of experts. The most likely outcome — Russia remains weak internally involved in the political process in the world mainly due to a permanent seat in the UN Security Council.

From this perspective, uncertainty inspires the question of whether Russia could accept the downgrade so that it did not affect the stability of the region. Russia — a country in extreme geographical and geo-economic conditions. 2/3 of Russia lies in the permafrost zone «…

Report, we recall, was published in late 2000. After some time in Russia and mysterious murders began to happen the brightest minds. Is there and there’s a connection?

— For me, there is nothing strange in the fact that the attack in the first place our leading psychologists — admitted Colonel-General Leonid Ivashov, — that psychologists have a deep understanding of our future fate. And their experience, knowledge and methods of Russian civilization trying to keep in line with our traditions. And that psychologists are the most dangerous for our opponent.

Help «AN»

In 2006, Russia recorded 23,486 murders are unsolved — 3655. The number of murders dropped by 10% detection rate was 83.7%.

«The killer chooses white lotus» and «The Death of Captain Nyago» — so the material published on the pages of «Argumenty Nedeli» 10/18/2007 and 11/28/2007 the year. In these materials, «AN» told about the mysterious murder of a prominent Russian scientists — physicists, biologists, psychologists, specialists in nuclear disarmament. For 10 years, killed more than 40 scientists. Some victims have experienced a strange kind of attack: they had erased the memory. As if someone walked eraser on brain cells …

Since then, almost three years have passed. «AN» decided to return to this subject and see if disclosed at least one murder? This is the first. Second — according to news reports, attacks on the Russian scientists are continuing. During these three years, killed a few more well-known physicists, biologists, and aircraft manufacturers. And the color of the killing of Russian science not only at home but also abroad. Washington was shot by renowned nuclear physicist Andrei Gorobets and killed in Malta expert on international nuclear issues Alexander Pick. Researcher martyrology keeps growing.

By John Law to Kiriyenko

«Dear editors! In the article «The killer chooses a white lotus,» you somehow forgot to mention the strange death of a famous Russian scientist, the author of the novels economic Andrei Vladimirovich Anikin. His latest book, «The financial crises of the Law to Kiriyenko,» still — hot bestseller, despite the fact that Professor Anikin passed away 9 years ago. He died August 29, 2001. The investigation has stalled. Maybe you could try to solve the death of a professor? Yuri Ternovskii, Novosibirsk. «

Indeed, the list of dead scientists to «AN» published in October-November 2007, no names Professor Anikin. Doctor of Economics Anikin worked at the State Committee for Foreign Economic Relations, the Institute of World Economy and International Relations. The main areas of his research — money and currency conversion in a transition economy, finance and credit in international relations, psychoanalysis in the social sciences. The scientist gave a lecture at the Higher School of Economics in Berlin, and the Institute for advanced study of the Soviet Union at Columbia University (USA) and the University of Toronto (Canada). Was a consultant to the investment bank, «Morgan Stanley & Company.» In general, knew a lot of interesting things. Who want to kill such a man deserved? And to whom he crossed the road?

Help «AN»

John Law — Scottish financier, «the father of inflation.» In 1716, France created a special Universal Bank. This bank issued paper money not backed by gold and silver. And quick burst. Financier fled abroad.

Revealed only three murders

Recall, who passed away in recent years. In this list, there are new names.

January 4, 2002 killed Igor Glebov, director of the St. Petersburg Research Institute of Mechanical Engineering.

January 30, 2002 Andrew died Brushlinskii, director of the Institute of Psychology, corresponding member of the Russian Academy of Sciences.

February 9, 2002 killed Valery Korshunov, Chair of Microbiology, Medical University them. Pirogov, one of the leading microbiologists.

March 19, 2002 was brutally beaten, but survived Sergei Karpov, Academy of Natural Sciences, Dean of the History Faculty.

August 23, 2002 shot by Alexander Wojtowicz, deputy director of the St. Petersburg Institute of Traumatology and Orthopedics.

August 17, 2002 disappeared Sergei Bakhvalov, head of the department of Physical Chemistry, Krasnoyarsk State University. His dismembered body was found 10 days later.

August 30, 2002 killed Eldar Mammadov, Deputy Rector of the Russian State Tax Academy. He was one of the leading scientists in the field of protection against «psychotronic» weapons.

October 31, 2002 attack on the well-known designer of nuclear submarines, CEO CKB «Rubin» (Saint? Petersburg) Eugene Gorigledzhana. Designer survived.

January 22, 2003 Victor killed the French, rector of the Moscow State Academy of Fine Chemical Technology.

June 3, 2003 died Alexander Krasovsky, Academician, Major General Aviation.

June 6, 2003 shot Igor Klimov, general director of «Diamond».

August 9, 2003 stabbed Gregory Bondarevskiy Professor Orientalist.

April 20, 2004 killed Vyacheslav Fyodorov, Faculty of Computational Mathematics and Cybernetics.

June 19, 2004 in St. Petersburg shot Nikolai Girenko known ethnographer.

June 2, 2005 killed Professor Leonid Stratchounski, director of the Institute of Antimicrobial Chemotherapy.

July 13, 2005 poisoned Sergey Vovk, Ph.D., winner of the State Prize.

December 28, 2005 killed Alexander Artemyev, Deputy. Director for Research of the Institute of History, Archaeology and Ethnography of the Far Eastern Branch of RAS, Doctor of Historical Sciences.

19 August 2006 at the hands of assassins killed Leonid Korochkin, a geneticist, a corresponding member of Russian Academy of Sciences.

July 12, 2008 died renowned aircraft builder Vyacheslav Salikov.

The disclosure? Homicide detectives uncovered Gregory Bondarevsky. Murderer arrested. Serving their sentences. And still managed to solve the murder of Leonid and Nikolai Girenko Stratchounski. Professor Stratchounski a victim of a burglar. Offender arrested. Girenko killed nationalists. They have already been judged. It turns out that so far only revealed three crimes.


What killed Nikolai Girenko? He was chairman of the Committee on the Rights of National Minorities of the St. Petersburg Union of Scientists, an expert of the project «Public campaign against xenophobia, racism, ethnic discrimination and anti-Semitism in Russia.» He is an expert in the trial of an extremist nationalist group «Schultz-88.» And here’s how to figure out a result, and a dog is buried.

Recently in St. Petersburg detained gang Borovikov-Vojvodina. Total — 14. 9 of them — in jail. Members of the group charged with 13 episodes of crimes under Art. 209 (armed robbery), 105 (murder), etc. During the investigation and found that mushrooms and Voevodin personally wanted revenge Nikolai Girenko. But decided to start his «scare.» This was said in court Voevodin. The very idea was Borovikov, who was killed during the arrest. Like a parrot? Rang the doorbell of a professor, but when he went to open it, a shot from a pistol. Shot was fatal. Criminals like to change the results of their academic expertise, prepared in the case of members of the «Schultz-88.» Nikolai Girenko refused. And got a bullet in the heart.

Information for consideration

Today, the U.S. is working from 10 to 15 members of RAN (in 2003 there were 7), and of the top 100 Russian scientists in the United States are home to 50.

Nuclear killing

Continue to be killed and nuclear scientists.

March 2003. Killed Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor Sergey Bugaenko, Director General of the International Centre for Nuclear Safety.

February 2004. Killed Deputy Director Boris Kalinin Khokhlov.

January 2007. Chop off the train — Moscow was thrown Head zirconium supplies of JSC «TVEL-Invest-Technology» (structure SC «Rosatom») I. Dobrunik.

February 2008. In France, in a car crash killed a nuclear physicist Arkady Mullin (he had a residence permit in Switzerland). Physicist working at the European Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN).

None of these crimes have not been solved. Death physics Mullina recognized accident.

Just the fact

In the 1990s, ceased to exist 800 research institutions.

Litvinenko emerged in Malta

Moving on. In June of this year in his apartment in Malta, in Bugibba, was killed a famous Russian expert on nuclear disarmament, the 48-year-old Alexander Pick. He headed the Department of Disarmament and Conflict Resolution of the Institute of World Economy and International Relations. The local newspaper Times Malta º F in the «Crime» reported, «the head of the deceased Russian scientist was visible dent.»

The police said, when found the body Pikayev, his computer was still running. The Western press has compared some reason the death of Alexander Pikayev the death of Alexander Litvinenko. Why?

Judge Pikayev was unique Russian specialist in monitoring nuclear disarmament. In 1996, he graduated from the U.S. Naval postgraduate and international courses on the management of defense resources. And it is possible that he had unauthorized contacts with U.S. intelligence agencies for data that are dangerous for the authorities and the Russian special services.

Will solved this murder?

Academician Arnold and catastrophe theory

There can not be surprised and death of the famous Russian mathematician, Academician Vladimir Arnold. He died in France in June this year, which, by the way, came to be treated. A friend of Arnold mathematician Maxim Kontsevich, who lives in France, has confirmed that the academician Arnold came to Paris, in order to thoroughly take care of your health.

Vladimir Arnold — one of the greatest mathematicians of the XX century, the author of works on the topology, differential equations, the theory of singularities of smooth mappings and theoretical mechanics. Many of his works have laid the basis for the entire areas in mathematics, such as catastrophe theory. Academician Arnold in 2009 was the most quoted by Russian scientists in the world. The most famous scientist was as co-author of the Kolmogorov — Arnold-Moser stability of integrable Hamiltonian systems. The scientist has written several books that have had a major impact on the development of new areas of mathematics. He — the winner of prestigious awards Kreyfurda 1982, Harvey in 1994 and Wolff 2001.

Is it too strange death in civilized France? Vladimir I. Arnold died of peritonitis from the trivial to the ultra-modern clinic.

The trap of Western intelligence agencies

We have already launched state program of returning scholars home. But it seems that their return oppose Western intelligence agencies. U.S., Britain, Canada, and Germany does not want to part with brilliant «brains» of Russia. Particularly tenacious they hold five specialist areas: physics, biology, chemistry, mathematics and geology. But recently returned to Russia Konstantin Severinov known molecular biologist, Sc.D., professor of Rutgers University in the U.S.. In Russia, he took just two laboratories — the Institute of Molecular Genetics, Russian Academy of Sciences and the Institute of Gene Biology, Russian Academy of Sciences. Recently, around the figure Severinova began scuffling. Russian-language press in the West, has described the story of how he allegedly had already bought a return ticket because his lab did not receive any money. But Severinov denied these allegations. He continues to work.

Other stories are less optimistic. Nobel Laureate in Physics, a student of the great Landau Alexei Abrikosov convinced that if he returned to Moscow, he will surely go blind. A normal doctors in Russia allegedly not. Scientist surrendered tickets left to work at the Argonne National Laboratory in Chicago. Famous biochemist Vitaly Lyashkovskogo long treated «men in gray suits» after he expressed the desire to leave the United States. Lyashkovskogo brought to a heart attack. Another victim of Western intelligence agencies — the famous nuclear physicist Andrei Gorobets. He expressed the desire to return to Russia. With physicist met several times CIA agents. Persuaded not to leave. Gorobets refused. Nuclear scientist was shot dead in the center of Washington. The murder was never solved.

— I am sure that the killing of scientists should be attractive to the Russian security services — shared in the conversation with «AN» independent military expert known Ph.D. Yuri Bobylov.

It seems that there is no interest in our security services in these killings do not show.

Besieged from all sides

And scientists are still dying. In mid-July of this year happened two high-profile murders in suburban Schelkovo and Zhukovsky. Cracked down on those involved in space and aircraft industry.

The city Shchelkovo killed General Director of «NGO instrumentation» of the Federal Space Agency (Roskosmos) Alexander Frolov. Law enforcement officials have worked perfectly and quickly calculated killer. But about him not give any information. Perhaps this is another «Greek» with erased memory?

Zhukovsky was brutally murdered in the famous aircraft manufacturers, Ph.D., winner of the State Prize of Gennady Pavlovtsy. He was deputy director of the Central hydrodynamic Institute. Scientist killed, and the house was set on fire to cover up the crime. By the way, the professor was working on a fifth generation fighter aircraft. The killer was not found. This will be another «Vistula» matter?

It turns out that Russia is surrounded on all sides: the killing of scientists are continuing, as are continuing to move the «brains» behind the border. Those who want to go back, get a bullet in the forehead. Or threat. And everything else fall into the black list. In danger, even those who live abroad in the affluent countries like Malta. If the hunt — you can not hide, even in Malta …

To the bulb?

But how can a society to live without scientists? «For just one light bulb people have to feed the scientists at all times» — once wrote a Scottish physicist James Maxwell. And, by the way, who invented it, this light bulb? Who lit our lives? No, it’s not Italian Leonardo da Vinci, who was working on the invention of the kerosene lamp.

The first electric light bulb (just like the first electric candle) invented the Russian electrical engineer Paul apples. Then dozens of inventors tried to create an electric incandescent lamp. That invented the light bulb is also Russian engineer Alexander Lodygin. In 1873, two lamps Lodygina burned in the streets of St. Petersburg. And lit grad Peter with a «window» to Europe.

And now, it looks like we care less? Russia loses scientific potential in all areas. Do not be surprised the numbers: today Russian know-how owned by 0.2-0.3% of the world market of high technology products. U.S. share — 36%, Japan — 30%, Germany — 16%. Russia continues to slowly move down into the abyss …

«The Reader thoughts» and «Ears walls»

Igor Smirnov, the Academy of Natural Sciences, died suddenly at 54? Year life in 2004. This was some kind of strange death … Academician Smirnov — a very interesting fate. His father — the Minister of State Security of the USSR Viktor Abakumov was arrested during the life of Stalin. Smirnov — the name of the mother of the scientist. He managed to develop a system of objective testing, revealing absolutely killers, sadists and potential criminals in the selection of a job in the police, in a nuclear power and aviation. Academician developed unique computer systems «The Reader thoughts», «Hidden interrogation» and «Ears walls.» Unique technology trehkorpusnaya bypassed Americans with their lie detectors. Person being questioned, and he does not even know about it.

What else invented Academician Smirnov? CD omophorion — a prototype of the universal key to the human psyche. One has only to put it in the computer, as activates all internal resources of the body. But then the unbelievable happened … A few weeks before the death of Academician TSDZH journalists were invited to the press conference, «psychotronic weapons in the fight against human disease.» And at the press conference, Igor Smirnov, has admitted that the drive was stolen. Pirated copies have appeared in different parts of Moscow.

— When copying a simple stamping will be allowed a minimum of 30% distortion, — explained the scientist. — This is enough to make the subconscious is not that information. And people will be out of control. Managing people can even be used for training suicide bombers. And it does not necessarily bring the man to the trance. There are special ways of unconscious influence. And modern science knows about two dozen types of tampering on the psyche.

One can recall the «noble» act of the KGB Chairman Vadim Bakatin. December 5, 1991 he gave the official representative of the CIA, Robert Strauss wiretapping scheme outside the U.S. Embassy in Moscow. Who do a good job with Mr. Bakatin?

The third trumpet: Who is calling?

What happens to the other part of the scientists? With young and still unrecognized?

«The Russian economy, they say, because today there are two pipes — oil and gas. It is for them our natural resources running out abroad. But other than oil and gas, we have regularly works third pipe. By funneling her «brains» — wrote in a letter to the editor Alexander Kondratyev from Yekaterinburg.

Abroad from Russia have already left more than 800 thousand researchers (according to other sources — 1.5 million). Leave the country every year and 15% of graduates. Emigration remains at 15 thousand people a year. Today, nearly a quarter of the U.S. technology industry keeps on immigrants from Russia. Scientists from Russia, living in the U.S., provide 20-25% of the U.S. production of high technology, which is about 10% of the world market. In Russia there is another form of brain drain — internal. Specialist lives in Russia, but Western companies operating in international grants. Loss of the state from such a brain drain — more than 700 million dollars a year.

What is the conclusion? The destruction of the scientific environment (as well as the murder of scientists) is systemic. And no one-time infusion — grants for young scientists or creation science city of the «Skolkovo» — APB position in science will not save. Scientists living in Russia, advised the authorities to return to the unique system of education, which we had to restructuring. A special services need to pay attention to a series of bizarre murders.

«Greek» with the erased memory

But who kills the colors of the Russian nation?

Recently, the Centre for Forensic Medicine. Serbian appeared curious sick. He was brought from Kaluga. But after a while he began to speak in Greek. «I have lived in Greece. I stand on the deck and see Greece, but I do not see myself there. I seemed to have erased «- explains the» Greek «psychiatrists. He turns out to be perfectly driven a car and shoot accurately. And brilliantly versed in military technology. But doctors have been unable to «wake up» the entire memory Greek.

— These patients at the Centre. Serbian lot — told «AN» Elena Rusalkina, Deputy Director of the Research Institute of Psy. — A strange disease in 99% of «mowing» of men aged 18 to 45 years. It robs memory, but very selectively. These patients remember how to drive a car or play soccer as a shower and a razor. What unites them? No traces of a traumatic brain injury, severe headache and nausea. But the blood test does not detect.

In Moscow, due to odd patients convene a special meeting of psychiatrists. Examine patients with blurred memory, they made a decision: it is contrary to all medical laws, including Ribot. This law states that the vessel is filled with layers of human memory. Psychiatrists decided, due to the strange state of the toxic effects of a chemical. But this is a new substance.

Alarming fact. Some time ago, Russia was patented invention «mental sensing systems.» The author was known academician Igor Smirnov. After testing his invention academician died suddenly. The unique system of deep blind reading the thoughts and information remained unclaimed in government and law enforcement agencies. But it is — and this is proven — has long been used in criminal circles.

Perhaps it is in this key mysterious murders? By the way, some killer, who are sometimes caught in the act, claim to have no memories of the atrocities.

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