The disasterlong 10 years


The disasterlong 10 years

The bombing of Deh Ravud was only a mock war, and just as deadly occupation that followed.

The first in July 2002 South American planes took off bombs on the small village of Deh Ravud (Deh Rawud), where he played someone’s marriage day. Located just north of Kandahar, the village seemed protected thanks to mountain ranges of the region. For a time the inhabitants thought that war, which at prazdnichek nobody called, they will not touch. They had fun, and as it is necessary for the triumph of tradition, at times fired into the air.

But the happy event turned into rampant destruction, which will be the common memory of Deh Ravud for future generations.

It was reported that the Air Force used the U.S. B-52 bomber and a helicopter gunship AC-130 type «Ganship» against suspected terrorists. According to Afghan authorities, 40 people were killed and hundreds more injured (The Guardian newspaper on July 2, 2002).

As to be expected, to apologize to the South American military refused.

The bombing of Deh Ravud was only a mock war, and just as deadly occupation that followed. Although the «Al-Qaeda» and not an imaginary enemy, the invasion of Afghanistan and its devastation was almost disgusting and controversial answer to terrorism.

War not ceased to be vile, and 10 years after the first impacts on the poorest country in the world. This last sin against humanity in Afghanistan is a continuation of a trend that is not unique to one decade. Ill-fated Afghanistan destined to become a pawn in the great game of powerful contenders for the strategic control and easy access to natural resources. At Throughout its history, Afghanistan cruelly treated just because of its geopolitical position.

Its people, and for this war should not expect an apology. «The United States invaded Afghanistan to crush the base of operations» Al-Qaeda «, whose favorite Osama bin Laden ran the terror attacks of 9/11, and to make sure that Afghanistan does not become a safe haven for Muslim terrorists in komplote against the West, «- wrote Carmen Gentile and Jim Michaels in USA Today edition October 6. A similar justification permeates the media like a mantra.

Malalai Joya, former member of the Afghan parliament and a fighter for human rights, dared to challenge this strange rationale. In his own video message recorded on the tenth anniversary of the war and occupation of Afghanistan, she said: «Ten years ago the U.S. and NATO invaded my country under false pretenses slogan of struggle for the rights of women, human rights and democratic values. But after a decade, Afghanistan still remains the most uncivil, most corrupt and most militarized country in the world. The consequences of the so-called counterterrorism war became one of bloodshed, crimes, barbarism, human rights abuses and the rights of women who have just doubled the suffering and misfortune of our people «(published by Monthly Review on October 7).

Voennokomanduyuschie and neoconservative think tanks are desperately trying to find a background for celebration. After all, they are unable to take moral responsibility for the atrocities committed in Afghanistan under their control.

For example, the U.S. commander in Afghanistan, Gen. John Allen as ever sees «real merit, particularly in the south of the country» and considers them the result of action taken in the fight against militants Tipo what he learned in Iraq. «The insurgents are effective only in a particular closeness to the people, — he says. — When they are cut off from the general population, they have a hard time.

This is a very quixotic assessment, especially given the fact that the Taliban are not aliens from other galaxies, and, even worse, they are all still very well controlled by the state. When a group of Parisian research center the International Council on Security and Development stated that the Taliban are kept under control 72 percent of Afghanistan, NATO commanders rejected this claim as an obvious heresy (Bloomberg edition of December 8, 2008).

«Now the Taliban dictate conditions Afghanistan both politically and militarily, — said Paul Burton, Director of Policy ICOS. — There is a real danger that Afghanistan will ask overrun by the Taliban. «

Go with it, there are those who say that all this took place after President Obama approved the sending of the country for more than 30 thousand U.S. troops, the main goal was to oust the Taliban back. Such a step would have contributed to the formation of the country and prepared to Afghanistan foreign troop withdrawal in December 2014.

The basis for these statements is compiled every two year Report of the Ministry of Defense for Afghanistan, which granted to Congress. Enter additional troops led to a «tangible progress in the field of security,» the report said. It also states that «the coalition forces had been broken in rebel control over basic shelters which disrupted the work of their management and deprived them of a huge number of weapons caches and tactical supplies Fri remaining in them after the end of the previous season of the military.»

But the reality goes on working. «Taliban» is in control of the vast majority of the country’s provinces, according to data from Al Jazeera on October 7. The fact that they are almost one hundred per cent are kept under the control of the east and south, and is constantly committing attacks on other areas, confirmed by at least everyday news about how they are coordinated attacks on Afghan officials and foreign military even in the heart of Kabul. This behavior is not the Taliban says that their combat movement recedes, but, rather, that the shadow government waiting. In fact, the term «shadow governors» is used to refer to officials ‘Taliban’ control most of the country.

«Recent impressively substantiate that the U.S. and its NATO allies are losing the» Taliban «in Afghanistan war: senior officials expelled from at least some little thing» — writes south american Dr. James Petras (Global Research October 11).

What did the claim that Afghans are better because of the South American military invasion, the numbers they say about something else entirely. Unfortunately, not many who counted the number of victims in the middle of the Afghan population in the first 5 years of the war. According to UN estimates moderate, «peaceful inhabitant of 11,221 had been killed since 2006, of them 1,462 in the first six months of this year.» (LA Times on October 7).

German news agency Der Spiegel last March were posted three photos. Were depicted on their South American fighters (known as the team defeats — Kill Team), posing with mutilated people of Kandahar last year. They are very few were horrendous, and hardly ever showed any «tangible progress.»

«With the Obama administration’s civilian loss increased to 24 per cent — said Malalai Joya. — And the result of a sharp increase in the number of American soldier was the increase in murders, crimes, violence, destruction, pain and misery. «

And still no apology. As if the sons and daughters of Afghanistan — some numbers that are irrelevant and extraneous.

After a decade of war in Afghanistan, we stand in solidarity with the victims of war, Malalayey Joya and her ever-proud people.

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