Undercover german submarine u977 as silent commander?


Undercover german submarine u977 as silent commander?

With every day or there is all the more and more disk imaging on German U-boats that surrendered after the war. They are, in some sources, disk imaging, and strolled to Antarctica, and favorites of the Third Reich secretly taken out of the country.

Let us consider more carefully on the memoirs of the commander of the submarine U-977 Heinz Schaffer, who surrendered last — in August 1945. By the way, this particular team ranked as the submarine export Hitler for the German border.

Undercover german submarine u977 as silent commander?

Future commander of the submarine was the offspring very wealthy parents, young people keen on sailing and wanted to be a captain. In 1938 he was sent by Pope in the United States for the study of language. After returning home in the same year, Shaffer filed documents to the Marine Cadet Corps. When the second global war, he was in the school cadets. Do not become an obstacle or stay in the United States or weak physical training, which were partly offset by the ability to shoot and excellent knowledge of the British language. At the end of three months of practice, Schaffer got on one of the warships. After the Nazis occupied France, the young man was transferred first to a French port, and then sent to the Naval Academy for the upcoming training. Then, in 1941, he was expelled for duty on a submarine stationed in Danzig. In the first campaign were attack, and the sinking of a British tanker. Noteworthy that none of the crew of the tanker Germans did not even try to help out as well as special services received a glass of brandy.

The attacks were often of surface position, the most in the night. They pop up in areas with large concentrations of enemy vessels. If successful, getting thrashed again, using the glow from the fire as backlighting for clear sight, then quickly sank. After the second campaign of the British convoys tried to kill a German submarine, but not very successfully — the Germans used the so-called «asdik» to disorient the enemy.

In his own attack boats used the strategy of «wolf pack.» Through exploration installed indicative rate movements convoy, submarines were built arc, but at the same time any of them acted independently.

In 1942, Schaffer was promoted to lieutenant. At this time, the Americans and the British have already begun to use the radar. On the German side was developed radar, which catching rays enemy radar. Despite the fact that the loss has increased, the German submarine expanded area of their actions. In this connection was organized even refueling, why use special tankers, while at the time of filling the submarine under water. In the first of these dressings and participated H.Shaffer.

When the British began bombing the German boat bases in France, the Germans built bunkers made of reinforced concrete. In one of these bins, each of which has been designed for 3 submarine in the port of Saint-Nazaire based and submarine, which was in 1943, and Shaffer. At the time, she worked in Gibraltar, and one of the tasks was a special significance — to conduct an operation off the coast of Liberia. Eventually of 8 sent to the base reference boats returned only 3, wherein only one of them to cope with the task.

Shaffer then sent to take courses submarine commanders, after he was sent not to the front, and on the training base in Pilau, where there were 36 boats. While crews were preparing to record rather short time, as the German war industry produced up to 60 submarines each month. Despite the fact that they have all been equipped with new technological developments since then (more time of being under water, simultaneous volley of 6 torpedoes in the commander’s cabin were programming devices simultaneously defeat multiple targets), losses continued to grow.

Over the entire period of the war of 720 submarines Germany lost 640, and of 40 thousand crew members killed 30 thousand. And for some reason, at the end of the war, recalled the young Captain Shaffer, which had experience in operations role. In May 1945, he became the captain of the boat U-977, which is for the entire period of the war took part in only 3 training campaigns.

And exactly at the time it all begins the most fascinating. According to the official version, Shaffer was ordered by Grand Admiral Lucifer to give up, but instead of him doing so, the new captain of the crew gathered for a council of war. In discussing the situation representation divided. Part of the crew supported Shaffer (he wanted to go to South America), 16 people refused to go across the ocean. Them with caution bolshennymi landed in Norway. The remaining crew on the submarine U-977 made the jump across the Atlantic, not surfacing 66 days. For this purpose, snorkel — a device with which the engine runs under water, in fact — is a tube through which air flows in and out the exhaust gases. By the way, in those days it was very unreliable because of the unreliability of the top flap.

Soon boat came to Argentina and August 17, 1945 gave up. A month earlier, also in Maar del Plata, and gave another submarine U-530, commanded by Otto Wermuth. The boat crew transferred allies. Shaffer spent some time in prison, but he was able to convince the Allies that Hitler he is not shipped to Argentina, then let him go. Heinz then set about writing your own memories. In general, his version almost completely repeats the official. However, some words of the creator cause diverse thoughts. This is, first, for the German base in Antarctica.

Undercover german submarine u977 as silent commander?

Naturally, the base itself is not found (and, frankly, is unlikely to be found in the future), but various rumors about her hard lot. According to some of them, specifically, there were shipped all the valuable documents and party coffers Third Reich. There also expelled and new technological developments of the SS organization «Annenerbe», and also the gene pool of civilization — the workers and engineers. A huge number of researchers believe that before the surrender, the two submarines — and the U-977 and U-530 — made the transition to Antarctica, but that’s what they were transported there — remains a mystery.

In addition, there is information about a certain Argentine city that is home to fugitive Nazi war criminals. They say that there was hiding Hitler and Eva Braun, and Muller and Bormann and Eichmann and Hess. And the means at their quite enough to ensure that no one not even think out of the existence of this city.

In his memoirs, Shaffer there is a huge amount of very controversial issues that pose a swing to tell them the truth. So, for example, he says not a word about the lack of fuel, though (if you take into account that an unlimited number of miles that has overcome boat) , The problem with refueling would have to appear. In-2, is not entirely clear why submarine was sent to combat patrols in anticipation of complete surrender. More one question — food. For some reason do not believe that the submarine left to patrol, packed to overflowing with food. In the book, the creator of only mentioned that swiftly ended soap …

Besides, was not on board maps of South America. According to Shaffer, the crew just knew the coordinates of U.S. ports from different books (in Russian sailors such a voyage was called «swim pack of» Belomor! «). Even if it is true, but in Argentina is not a port. Why, then, is coming off two German submarines arrived at one and the same, in Mar del Plata?

There are other «reservations» — the lack of any names, job titles alone. So Makar, ask whether Shaffer read the truth in the pages of his own books, no one else has. Where in reality, this submarine was walking, though there was transporting valuables in Antarctica and the top of the Reich in Argentina — is left lurking behind seven seals …

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