Turkey will build eight new frigates


Turkish Defense Ministry has decided izderzhat seven billion dollars for the construction of eight new frigates of Project TF2000, reports Defense News. As expected, the project will be implemented in two steps, the first of which is the role of one of the foreign companies will be built four ships. In the second step, the Turkish Defense Ministry will allocate funds for the construction of 4 more frigates.

According to the Secretariat of the military industry (SSM) Turkey, in the construction of ships ready to assume the role of Lockheed Martin, BAE Systems and Navantia. Last ship must be passed before the end of the Navy in 2023, the year of the century with the formation of the Turkish Republic. The project also perceive the role of the Turkish company Aselsan, which will develop a functional radar.

The development of the project TF2000 frigate engaged in Naval Institute of Turkey with the second half of the 1990s. In 2007, the military industry to the Turkish government approved the purchase of four ships, also an option to build another 2-frigates. TF2000 to complement the maritime component of the air defense system Turkey.

According to the draft TF2000 with a displacement of more than 6 thousand tons will be able to reach speeds up to 28 knots. The ships will be armed with cruise missiles and anti-aircraft missiles, clear type is not yet defined. Specifically, the Department of Defense Turkey wants to agree with the United States to supply missiles SM-2. In the air group TF2000 will call a multi-purpose helicopter S-70B2 Seahawk and unmanned aerial vehicle.

Meanwhile, in the SSM said that the project TF2000 frigates will be the last program that implemented in the interests of the Turkish Navy, in which foreign companies are participating. All ships next projects will be absolutely developed and built by Turkish companies.

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