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November 30, 2011 17:43

Instant magic — A technique change your life in the simplest way possible.

Modern Mysticism defines magic as changing reality by force of will. You strive to ensure that something is wrong, and it happens.

Traditionally performed by such magic rituals. Rituals can be as simple or complex. Some of them are folk remedies and requires only household items. They look very simple, but when performed in conjunction with the will and the desire to become magical rituals. Activities such as cooking, sewing and gardening along with dancing, singing and playing with dolls can be a part of folk magic.

 Many of our prejudices evolved from folk magic. For example, throwing a pinch of salt over your shoulder when randomly scattered salt shaker, lies a special meaning. When I started my way, I was told that salt naturally absorb harmful energy. Salt is used in all types of protective spells. Spilled salt can be seen as a hostile presence around you energy. It could be someone’s unkind thoughts or words that folk tradition is the evil eye by a desire to cause harm. Salt «reacts» with harmful energy. In order to get rid of the damage, you throw salt attracts negative energy behind them to leave the evil in the past, and not carry it in your future. When you realize what was going on, it ceases to be a prejudice, and becomes a magical ritual.

Elaborate rituals can be found in other traditions of a formalized system of Wicca (a religion based on the knowledge of nature and the natural cycles. It includes different concepts and consists of many blocks. Its main directions set out in the Book of Shadows) to ceremonial magic and magicians Lodges. Even many religious ceremonies originated in the more ancient and mystical rituals. These rituals include specific words and movements with special objects or without them. Magical orders of wizards and witches have their tried and true methods of creation spells, special magic tricks. Although sometimes the art of magic and alchemy are divided into higher and lower forms of magic, and both can be a challenge in its own way.

These more complex methods are based on a system of analogies. In magic, all things are connected to each other. Certain objects have common properties with some ideas and phenomena. Shine like gold sunlight. One is related to the other, as well as the moonlight coming from the silver. Sun and Moon — male and female, the rational and the intuitive. Systems are based on analogies these properties from a complex doctrine and theory. These systems establish a connection with the events in astrology, symbols, herbs, stones, colors and metals. Finding similarities between your desires and appropriate rituals, resources and coordination, you create the effect. Instant magic takes the best features of these systems, and connects into a harmonious whole. It is the simplicity of folk magic, art, and the logic of different styles of magic, but instead of focusing on external tools the focus is on internal tools. Own experiences, the ability to sense and manipulate energy and union with God — this is the greatest tools of all.

Instant magic spell makes accessible at any time. The result does not always work right away, but, having made some of these spells, you will still feel the effects after application.

Instantaneous changes often occur when you start with changing your inner reality. Most often, the practice of witchcraft rituals focused on the use to change the environment and people around them. The majority of the spells in this book are based on the use of energy, in order to change yourself, not the outside world. When you change your inner reality, change your point of view and communicate with the outside world. If you transform your attitude to the situation in the inner world, and you transform a similar situation in the outside world. Practicing magic long enough, you come to understand what is known to mystics throughout the ages — between the outer and inner world, there are only small differences. It all depends on perspective.

Imagine that you are in a situation where your co-worker or family member does something to annoy you. This may be perfectly innocent action, such as the constant tapping his foot, which acts on your nerves. Over time, it irritates you stronger and stronger. You ask the person to stop banging his foot, but it is an unconscious habit, so he comes back to it, though not on purpose. It distracts you from pressing matters. What are you doing?

Most of the beginners to practice magic spell created, aimed at forcing the man to stop banging his foot forever. They see themselves as powerful magicians who can immediately affect this. One could argue that to do so is unethical because it deprives a person of liberty by force to knock his foot so that if so inclined. He’s no harm. These objections are not without foundation. Freedom of choice should be the first priority. You can change yourself and your reactions to you is no longer irritated. You have the sovereign power over you. So use it well! We are here to control himself, as well as to influence the outside world. If you are worried and annoyed someone, it is unlikely that this is due to his foot tapping. Just you frustrated and gradually steam stimulation, making mountains out of molehills. If you really have magical powers claimed by most of the witches, the simple little things annoy you will not. Think of this person as your spiritual teacher who makes you look inside and use magic against himself. Our opponents, and not very serious, can be our greatest teachers.

Many people forget that sense of magic in the conversion and the biggest — is becoming the world’s domestic, not external. Initially external magical changes seem more impressive, but the interior are much longer. They give the strongest effect. Anyone can learn to do the basic spells and get good results, but practitioners who continually improve their spirit and magical skills, eventually reaching deep concentration, peace, health, and true confidence — these are the magicians that make me the biggest impression .

«Instant Magic» contains spells that cause changes in both the internal and the external world, but do not forget that you are the connecting point between the two. Your relationships with these worlds — this is where the magic is manifested most strongly. Since external spells can take more time to manifest in the physical world, the results may not be immediate, but your ability to take action and to be responsible to ourselves is almost instantaneous. Magic allows us to act when problems arise. In some cases, symptoms may be right. Many witches and wizards have the ability to enter into relation with the man in an inaccessible location and get a phone call or email during the day.

At first glance, a technique used instant magic, be just auto-training, based on self-persuasion and visualization. Considering these techniques, I realized that I like the modern use of magic, which can be found at the Board meeting or in the rehabilitation groups, based on the reality on the ancient principles of magic. My interest in the instant magic grew from an understanding of these techniques. The first «spell», which I learned from the art of witchcraft, were very similar to those that can be found in this book. They are embodied by the will, intention, light meditative state and rapid visualization and serve me well to this day.

Later I met a wizard who said that I practice «not real» magic, because they do not possess the true art of witchcraft. For them, the spell — a recipe that they were taken from the books of magical ritual of their teachers, bearing the name of the Book of Shadows. They believed that such spells are more effective as traditional and based on mysticism. These most witches do not quite understand how and why they work, and just followed the recipe. Although my technique is more flexible and imaginative, it is devoid of magic spells and ingredients, so my aponenty not perceive it as a real magic.

I knew my magic works, though still not felt appropriate to their traditional practices. I felt like I was missing something, and continued his studies of traditional ways. I have studied the system of analogies, formal rituals, astrology and science of herbs. All these techniques are excellent, effective, and I use them, but still be attracted to his quick, daily spells. I developed them, added new ones, using the knowledge of more complex forms of magic, and the abandoning of subject devices. I went on visualization and suggestions, although they still are my basics. As I began to feel better energy, I began to apply his will with her. My visualization become more symbolic, yet more effective. I summarized his knowledge and, more importantly, in the service of my instant magic its strengthening ties with the elements, planets, and color.

Through these experiments and my confidence grew. Increased my understanding. My spiritual strength. Through the connection aspect of magic, the most important for me, I found a way that could be used anywhere, anytime.

I considered myself an expert in the development of this technique has not yet discovered that is not unique. Some of the techniques and methods seemed my special and unique, but then I discovered that the idea of instant magic, magic energy with some forms of analogies, but not without the use of objects, used by many practitioners. I know someone who is focused on the monotonous repetition of words. There are some who prays to God or spirits. Many continue to focus on the energy of their desires. But it works, and everything is instantaneous forms of magic. The idea of eliminating the use of magical tools is not so new as you might think. Doreen Valiente, better known as the high priestess of Gerald Gardner and society, according to rumors, the mother of modern Wicca, writes about this in his book, «Natural Magic». In the chapter entitled «The Magic of the mind», it tells the story of Karagoz.

«At the end of the eighteenth century lived a remarkable man named Mehmet Karagoz. He was known as the Albanian sorcerer. People from Asia and Europe sought his advice and told stories about his extraordinary strength. He was born in a remote area of mountains and wild Tartar. His father was a shaman, priests primitive religion of those places. In his youth, he seemed so devoid of innate abilities, his father found him incapable of learning the craft, believing that in the future son will not be able to take his place. Instead, he gave Mehmet practical advice: «Believe in the possibility that you intend to do to keep this firmly in your mind, and then it will happen.» He told him to practice constantly, and then one day, his strength and ability to develop, and it is fully mastered by them. Instructions father formed the basis of magical career Mehmet Karagoz. He traveled the world in search of knowledge, and finally settled in Albania, where he founded his own school, and became one of the most famous and mysterious magicians. He did not resort to the help of rituals, and acted by the power of his mind. «

Karagoz history shows that the most important factor for the magic — is the faith and the concentration of the mind, not the tools and that traditional magic is practiced from time immemorial. This book presents a lot of different techniques, in order to give you more techniques to focus the mind and the direction of your aspirations. Studying them, you will find what aspects of instant magic work better for you. You do not need to use them all. Do not get lost because of the variety of choice. Variety, it would seem, makes the system too complicated, but the options give you the freedom to choose the techniques that work for you.

Follow my instructions. Look at what you have to light a spark of magic curiosity? What makes ruffling his hair and run a tingling on the back? It is there you will find your magic. Then you will learn the knowledge and craftsmanship to the creation of its own instant spells, which can be used as needed to make changes in their lives.

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