Secret power who are the archons

November 11, 2012 10:27

Archons — 12 members of a secret organization led by the 13th member of her head Ahriman (Abraxas or Satan), claiming to be a complete world domination. These are the people that are woven together in their lodges and secret societies, global capital, politics and religion, those who manages the world’s bankers and who is behind them. This so-called leaders of the World Government.

The origin of the Archons

At various times, they were called differently. For example, one of the most influential circles Archons since ancient times known as «Freemasons». From the trunk grows many branches. There are also so-called «Brotherhood of the Snake», «The Fellowship of the Dragon», «Illuminati», «Freemasons» and other secret societies. Historians are still trying to figure out which of them from what happened. But only more confused. Why?

Because the purpose of the archons as shuffle and confuse all that, few guessed and get to the true essence of all these secret societies. And the idea is simple. The vast majority of the secret societies is a pawn in the hands of the archons to manipulate Ahriman.

Ahriman only plays on the weaknesses of people. And one of these weaknesses is the subconscious attraction of people to the mysteries. Here, too, are affected not only the spiritual impulse of man, his desire to break free from the chain of reincarnations through secret knowledge, but often banal selfish ambitions have knowledge of data for power over their peers. That is why the vast majority of secret societies and thrives under archons. And given the fact that people do not just want to learn the secret knowledge, but also to create around himself his «empire», we have that to date almost all the world is ruled by secret world government — the Archons.

In the East, from ancient times it was believed that the main center of opposition to evil and dark forces in the world is Shambhala, serving as the primary source of knowledge and of great spiritual power. However, within the human society in opposition to evil and the same archon serve the people themselves, following the spiritual path — such people from antiquity called Arhats. Just a little difference, a couple of letters, and which opposing goals!

The fact that there is a slight difference in the title, so it’s thanks to word of mouth. For the first were Arhats, propagate spiritual knowledge. And soon there were also those who were the ancient Greek sages were called archons, highlighting the preferred method Archons modify and distort what has gained popularity among people because of Arhats. This trail runs counter to all human civilizations, as if people are not called by the two sides.

Archons are working on the principles of Ahriman. The principles are the substitution of Ahriman and reorientation of spiritual knowledge in tangible objectives for wealth and prosperity in the temporary material world. But this is a trick, an illusion of wealth. Like he said the same thing about the spiritual, and that Bodhisattva Shambhala, but so skillfully distort the truth in favor of the matter, that the person does not notice the particulars of a global substitution, change the direction of the path in the opposite direction. But man, in which more spiritual, this substitution will understand and will open. Ahriman only plays on the weaknesses of men, lust desires to animals, no matter what a beautiful verbal form it would not clothed.

The word «archons» comes from the Greek word «archontes», which means «old men», «grandparents», «chief», «ruler.» Much later, orthodox Christians began to treat them as «servants of the devil.» Gnostics also guided by the ancient knowledge, embodied with archons spiritual rulers, the creators of the material cosmos, the power of which can be overcome only by a spiritual man. But in general, they said, the power of the Archons is on God’s plan in a very complicated relationship. Given the opposition Arhats and Archons for thousands of years, this is, of course, they are partly right.

Supreme Archon, or whether it is called «Archon of this world,» which is similar to the «prince of this world» is Ahriman … But in earlier times his name as the Supreme Archon sounded like Abraxas, as interpreted now — «the spirit of the cosmic whole, which not absolutely evil, was in ignorance, taking himself for the absolute God. » The legend of a story can take only one who is ignorant of the knowledge and the structure of the world. For smart is this hint, hint.

The principles of the Archons

This material world is Ahriman, Satan. Arhats so for a long time had to meet in secret societies, trying to bring people to the maximum benefit. Not only because it is like this, but in order to maintain the purity of the knowledge, in order to use them to people to resist Archons. But for Arhats, in contrast to the archons, such secrecy has been a double-edged sword. Because sometimes help Arhats become for many people so meaningful and spiritually significant that the memory of ordinary people was secured fame and respect to such a secret organization. But this is a rumor, people, without realizing it was loaded Arhats harm. As soon as their secret organization of people became very popular and well-known, quite simply, found out about it too many archons immediately focused their power not just to the destruction of the organization, and even worse on the substitution of domestic ideology of the organization by introducing it their people and the destruction of its heads Arhats. That is, the appearance of ordinary people, not knowledgeable about the internal affairs of a secret society, the organization remained in effect, but the spiritual essence of it was already empty. Playing on its popularity and even sometimes using the names of destroyed by them Arahants, Archons have manipulated their own way of human minds.

In history there are a classic example, as in ancient Egypt, a powerful organization «Free masons» Arhats created by Imhotep, evolved over time into a secret society, «Freemasons» Archons.

Fear mongering and use it to hold people in obedience — is one of the most important and effective tools Archons, for in them the principles of «only the servant is pleasing in the case, who is more afraid of the death of his master.»

Minions Archons often speaking of some of his organization, stressed isolated phrase about the huge number of his followers. For what? In order to, first, psychologically affect a particular person that phrase about mass, they say, many times with them, then they have better. In this case, of course, ignored mechanisms as recruited and «zombie» these people and what are the real targets of the organization. But as for these very billion believers, many of whom come to the religions of the world, precisely because they are looking for God, looking for the path of spiritual perfection. And these grains of spiritual knowledge, which have been preserved in the traditions of the same Sumer, ancient Egyptians and other peoples, and which contains, for example, in that same Bible — and they attract people. Thanks to them, a man of spiritual search and follows a particular religion. But this does not mean that it belongs entirely to the top of this religion. A person who seeks God in the process of learning too have many questions to their «pastors» to which they either do not know the answer or can not answer quite frankly under the policy of a particular religious organization. The fact that the Archons minions declare that they are backed by billions of believers, it does not mean that these billions are the same as those minions.

One of the favorite methods of the Archons — replace people desired illusion. And for fine phrases Archons, in fact, is the change of direction of the person in the opposite direction, toward the matter. A man may not notice this because of lack of knowledge and thinking that goes on the spiritual path, just like many people, for example, touted this «hermetic science.» After all, he has no idea who the organizers of this process, which arhontskie organization they are (and what are the real objectives of the organizations), as well as what they need this mass distribution is similar in terms of the people.

External circumstances arising from the inner world of man. The more people will become man, the more it will control your thoughts and desires, the more freedom to take showers and fewer places his consciousness into the maelstrom of politics Archons, understanding the true reality of this world. And the more the world of free men spiritually, the more will weaken the power of the Archons of the people and the sooner humanity will create a «golden millennium.» So everything starts with a good clean in the first place, your own thoughts!

Archons are very afraid of the spiritually strong, free personality, because they know how to have unpredictable it can affect the consciousness of nations.

Substitution of spiritual values in ancient Egypt

This consists of what? In the traditional ancient Egyptian state religion (and at its center was located Imhotep in Memphis) prevailed ethical values. That is the easiest person to know his thinking in an accessible form, that this life is temporary, that the body is mortal, what is the soul and energy environment (same shell Ca and so on). Even, in a sense, he was aware, in modern terms, about the processes of reincarnation. Only an understanding of the ancient Egyptians was either in the form of the transition to the heavenly fields, or as a journey of the soul in different divisions of the Duat hour and return it with the time in the first hours of the division, where she fell in his other life. People are not afraid of death, they died in faith and recited in his prayers, «Osiris, I will die and be reborn,» «I’ll live as Osiris. He disappeared when he died, and I will not disappear after I die. «

That is, people living here, in this world, sought their good, righteous life (and, in fact, his taming of the animal and the spiritual principle) earn a better living conditions in the next life. In fact, it so happened, only the processes of reincarnation proceed in a somewhat different way than people imagine. But it does not matter. Importantly, as a person in life becomes a man! When Imhotep and his disciples a spiritual aspiration was the most publicity.

What did the priests of the Archons? First creating their secret religious teaching, they, in fact, all very cleverly turned inside out, tying a person wants in life is not to the spiritual, and to the top of his animal. As the new religion in Egypt was formed mainly come from Asia (which at that time in Mesopotamia were already fortified pockets of the Archons), then it is based on much of the steel is magic, not ethical beliefs. That is, they made it so that now the future of man beyond the grave did not depend on its in vivo behavior of the righteous, and his knowledge of magic formulas, care of and compliance of the complicated religious rituals. These magic formula, of course, knew only «selected» priests. Man was still true for a long time to serve them before they open it any of these «dummy». Later, when such a concept was introduced en masse, then the priests and did turned this religion is very profitable, enriching their companies selling supposedly magical formulas. For greater appeal to the «buyers» priests embellished his concept afterlife paradise popular rumors about the spiritual achievements of pupils Imhotep, hodivshimi among the people.

For example, there were rumors that some students spiritually powerful Imhotep did not die like ordinary mortals, and after his death became a shining spirits, as it is said, «replenish the army of God,» and according to ancient Egyptians accompanied his God in his journey on hazards night. That they become one with God, but at the same time do not lose their individuality. They deserve their temporary life eternal life in the kingdom of light. Basically, the way it was, just not in such a fabulous form, as it is presented gossip.

So, what did the priests of the Archons? They are prescribed in its concept that if a person is going to believe and practice their religion is, and not some other religious concept of Egypt, anyone who believes them after his death will be chosen among the dead. After his death, he is transformed into a shining spirit and will be accompanied by the god Ra in his journey through the Duat. But his happy existence in the next world depends entirely on what the formula will get this man the priests in his life, which will allow him to reach a particular division in the next world.

Well, as always, was attributed to the traditional political formula of the archons, they say, who is not with us is against us. Human enemies of Ra declared all who do not worship him on the ground. These people are doomed to suffer the priests in the «lake of eternal fire!»

Archons plans for the coming years

Archons expect global wars over the generations. And, according to their calculations, this generation has to catch the third world war. Archons scheduled three dates at the beginning of a new global war, according to the geopolitical situation and the level of training of the population to these events. The first date — is December 23, 2012, already raspiarenny the world through indirect advertising as a possible date for the end of the world. The second date — this is 2017. The third date — 2025. This is the key dates on which they focus, and base their calculations. Although, of course, there may be changes, as in any other plane … Basically, their preparation for these events can easily see and track. Their methods are practically unchanged in history flashed and repeated many times. All this will be done by the old elementary scheme.

The first thing they do is try to weaken its serious opponent who can actually prevent them from realizing their plans. For this, they resort to provocative or destructive policy in the State, through its people, or if they do it will turn out poorly, will try to impose a state under their control countries. Naturally, if necessary, arranging in these countries coups or revolutions in order to bring it to power their puppet government.

Second, what they do, it is artificially held a «world crisis», because most of the world’s capital is in their hands. And the creation of the «right» situation on world markets to their usual thing. Remember, even if the previous artificially created world crisis and the subsequent second world war … Also, in order to create a mood of society before World War III, Archons artificially create a «world food crisis» from which, first of all, the poor will suffer. In a world with no apparent reason suddenly becomes sharply there is a shortage of food, leading to starvation in the Third World, and to a significant increase in food prices, even in developed countries. The excuse will serve as «assumptions», which, obviously, this is all due to global warming and the problem of overpopulation of the planet. Such a «statement» respectively inspire hungry desire to quickly reduce the size of the human population in their favor.

It should be noted that with modern technology is quite possible to turn the Sahara desert into a blooming garden and feed the fruits most of the population. And this is not to mention the fact that the Earth plenty of fertile soil for such a thing as hunger did not exist on this planet.

And third, most importantly, they are going to finance and arrange some unnecessary wars, anyone with some third world countries, but with the participation of the U.S. as a «world policeman ratuyuschego for democracy around the world.» In these wars, of course, people will die, including ordinary American boys who do not know the whole background of this war will be dying to believe that their lives to defend democracy and the interests of his country on foreign soil. People will die, therefore, discontent among the American population — increase. Using this social unrest, Archons at the right time blamed for all the troubles his next puppet president, attribute it to his «failed policies» and at the same time try to persuade allies and people of the country to believe that conventional wars are not effective: military operations are expensive These protracted war (although Archons themselves fund and the opposing party), in which loss of life and sense in this. That is, money and human lives are wasted, and the sense of it is not. As a consequence, society will form the opinion that the U.S. should have the right to put a nuclear first strike on such «bad, undemocratic» countries that do not fit well in any way in politics Archons. This opinion will settle in the minds of men that the Americans as a «free country» and «world power» should have the right to put a nuclear first strike. It’s cheaper and most importantly, do not die of their guys in the fight for «democracy in the world.»

Well, to make people believe that nuclear war is a must, they will manipulate the economy as «the most powerful country.» As is usually done Archons. Initially, the economy artificially raised, people learn to live well. And then there is «external enemy» country. At this time the archons triggered a sharp decline in the economy, gets a serious economic crisis. As a result, many people become unemployed. Public opinion is very unfriendly. Yes, the press is actively being discussed topic as their main «enemy» in this time of getting rich, and makes «assumptions» that seems so «our people are getting poorer by the day.» This is a provocation unwittingly causing people brought up on the dominant qualities of animals began, envy, anger, and a very negative attitude toward «getting rich at their expense» to the state. Ultimately, these assumptions press into being the charges from the government, which suggests that all of the economic woes of the country, won, because the «bad state.» And man, is in a difficult financial situation (but still remember how he lived well and comfortably in their «free prosperous country»), and seeing how rich other country (because of which he alleged was poor), subconsciously reoriented with the enemy within on the outside, without even thinking, why in fact there are all these crises and who creates them. That is, citizens begin «in absentia» hate the country to which they point henchmen Archons.

Further more. People will begin to mentally prepare for what should be the first to use nuclear weapons — is fast and punish «democratic country» because of which «all get poorer.» Thus, the Archons attempt to start a global war, where, of course, a lot of people will die, including those who wanted such a «punishment».

Archons expect that if they do not ideologically conquer the world and become one dictator in the form of «world government», after this global war, they will rule the world unchallenged. And all over the world finally reign their «unity government» that will obey all the remaining people in the world. They count on the fact that in the new generations of people will be cultivated only slavish psychology based on animals early and clean arimanovskih printsitah. But … this raises another question. Who will need a human civilization with the absolute dominant animal nature?

War arranges a handful of people. The rest of their large retinue slave — just six of which live short-term sop to the Archons and entertain their Manechka authority granted to them and did not even suggest that the Archons are just cannon fodder. These six are hoping for their «bright future», so diligently fulfill all orders of their masters, leading the world to a third world war, and do not even realize that they and their children will also suffer from this war and their lives will break on the frame as vidioplenka nuclear «mushroom».

Antiarhontskoe society

Archons a plan, and we, the people, choose to agree with their choice, or to defend his. Indeed, a common choice depends entirely on the personal choice of each, from its inner superiority or spiritual desires or animal deception. Why Archons are pushing us to war on the revolution, international conflicts, and we go herd like sheep, and kill their own kind, not even thinking about the consequences? Because the Archons are interested in forming people are not capable of independent thought, the search for patterns and actions. They are interested in slaves, which the mass media can be manipulated, imposing standards of the Archons: how to look, act and think, what to keep political and life orientation. They keep the people in fear of poverty, hunger, material deprivation, fear for their own lives and health. The man comes to believe that this is what life is really that it is his destiny. Nothing of the kind! Man is always free to personal choice! All fears are born of the animal, from his total fear of death. But any mortal matter — it’s the law. However, the person in charge and fine, he’s not just a piece of cloth, and not a slave, it has great spiritual power that can turn it into a Real Man, the one entity, which is much higher than the material world. Freed from the lies, one is freed from stupidity. Getting to know the truth, he becomes stronger and smarter. The more the world of smart, spiritually free people, the harder it will become archon implement their plans, the less will be their impact on people. And if the truth be know everything and people will make the right choice, the archons, no one will dictate terms. After all, in fact they are nothing. Archons of the pitiful bunch. In the hands of the people solution: give in to provocation Archons and bring the world to a global war, or the power to throw the Archons and create a golden age of this civilization. In the hands of the people of the future world. It’s simple. Must be those who are afraid of the Archons. Must be a man!

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