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Introduction of new technology stroitelsva homes by GeoDome




One of the main factors that reduce energy consumption in the Dome, is its shape. By eliminating the angles, we get rid of 30% of the wall area, adding as much to the floor area. This in turn reduces the heat loss through the walls and roof to the same 30%.


Building codes require a certain coefficient of thermal insulation for walls and roof, which is called the "coefficient of heat transfer resistance."
Simply put, this ratio shows how much the walls and roof are able to retain heat in the house. In 1974, this ratio was equal to 19. Now — 30 in the far south, 38 in the central and southern states, and 49 in the far north. We offer economical kits, which make it easy to build a dome with a resistance factor of 44, 55 and even 66.



1.2. The system is so reliable that it is used for construction in extreme conditions. Greenland glacier, Mount Elbrus. Our domes withstand heat, cold, high winds and earthquakes — tested Nature.

2. It's beautiful.

2.1. Domes are stunningly beautiful both externally and internally. A great space under the vault of the dome, in the living room with a second light can not provide any other form.

2.2. Free layout of the dome allows to embody the most daring design decisions.

3. It is eco-friendly.

3.1. Our domes are constructed of wood. We use the latest achievements of the construction industry to meet the stringent requirements of sustainability, energy efficiency and security.

3.2. The dome — is a natural form for humans.

4. This effectively.

4.1. Dome — the efficient use of the internal volume.

4.2. Operating costs of the dome is 60% lower than in the traditional, rectangular, coextensive home.

5. This health.

5.1. Our canopies are always a lot of light and clean, fresh air — it's physiological health!

5.2. Ergonomic space of the dome is always a good mood, lack of stress — mental health!



Price (sets)

7.9 m (26 ') diameter 197800 rubles.
8.8 m (29 ') diameter 220800 rubles.
9.1 m (30 ') diameter 246200 rubles.
10.9 m (36 ') diameter 285200 rubles.
12.1 m (40 ') diameter 317400 rubles.
13.7 m (45 ') diameter 368,000 rubles.
14m (46 ') diameter 381800 rubles.
14.3 m (47 ') diameter 386400rub.
14.9 m (49 ') diameter 395600 rubles.
18.2 m (60 ') diameter of 455,000 rubles
Model 4300 22.5 m (74 ') diameter 593400 rubles.

Do you have a museum or a modern comfortable home?

It's time to accept the fact that you live in the XXI century and enjoy life!


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