Football and politics

Main conclusions of Ukraine Yulia Tymoshenko Demonstrated bruises on their own fragile body was not buried a bit of EURO-2012 in their own country. European favorites, litsezrev abrasions and scratches on the ex-Prime Minister’s solid, so impressed that it is sensitive to any time stated refusal to travel to Ukraine for the Euro football championship matches. «Gas Princess», which is serving a seven-year term in the Kharkov colony maintained and continues to maintain that the guards to allow yourself to use her brute force. These messages are representatives of the Ukrainian Justice argued that Ms. Tymoshenko she could apply for these beatings themselves in order to attract the attention of the European Union. It seems that there may be, but the scandal with bruises Tymoshenko could not go far enough in Ukraine. In the towns of the country, which hosted the soccer tournament matches, next to the recreational sector for the fans, by representatives of BYuT put their tents.

Europe was preparing to witness the scandal around Julia Tymoshenko can bury Euro2012. Some European politicians are going without coming to Ukraine, to look not only how the ball flying into the net from the blows of European Football hitters, and how to grow up and are spreading bruises on the body of a Lady with a scythe.

But the bruises Julia Tymoshenko did not become a prerequisite for the failure of Euro 2012. Do not belittled pros European Championship and famous «vociferous» FEMEN, who tried to block the self-feeding route of the football teams to the stadiums. Apparently, the girls decided to immediately destroy such makarom 2-hare — run the political order and get to know the guys a non-trivial method as taught by the website Only busty opponents involvement of Ukraine in the sport instantly tied the Ukrainian law enforcement was carried into the parked police cars for personages overheated «groupies.»

In general, most policies have not crumpled up memories of football, which is not the Russian and Ukrainian football players. Neither one nor the other have not been able to show all the best properties of its own, and therefore are not able to go to the playoffs of the prestigious tournament. That’s why medals went completely the other players who are not confused or naked breasts FEMEN, no bruises Tymoshenko Tymoshenko. This again proves that football and politics are the same inseparable.

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