Iran has a stealth drone

Iran has a stealth drone

Iran announced the development of an unmanned aircraft, invisible to radar, reports Agence France-Presse on Thursday, May 9 with reference to the Iranian news agency Mehr.


According to Iranian Defense Minister Ahmad Vahidi, drone, received the title of Epic, is also capable of flying long distances at high altitude and hit the enemy target. Other technical features of the UAV Epic Defense Minister unspecified, to reports.


In February, Iran unveiled a new fighter Qaher-313, which, according to the authorities, has the ability to evade radar, landing on rather short runways. With all this it was noted that development is brand new «defense project.»


Middle of April, it became clear that held successful tests medium-range missiles class «land-sea» with land-based platforms, reports gaze. For a day or two before the Iranian agency Farc said that Iranian military officials said the successful test 3 new missiles.


«Three types of missiles developed by the army and the defense industry of the country, have been successfully tested in the last exercise of ground forces», — quotes agency Lieutenant-General of the Iranian army Kiumarsa Heydari.


General did not specify the properties of the new missiles, but noted that the question of missiles «ground-to-ground» tests which have not previously been conducted. According to him, they differ from missiles Naze’at 10 and Fajr 5 (Farge-5), which were tested during military exercises in the midst of March.

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