Iran has found the tomb asc 12 000 years!

According to data obtained from the presumptive enough reliable data source photos show found the sarcophagus and find in it the body of an ancient magician. All information supposedly obtained verbally, I have not been tested. Detection time — Spring 2008. As a result of the displacement of ground tomb came to light and the cultural layer of the remnants of the ancient city. Elects offered to buy the find for the appropriate amount. They have been denied. Then offered to arrange Hiroshima, with the emergence of another «Ben Laden», etc. but they calmed down. While there is a fight. At the time of opening of the tomb in several deaths, some are in a coma to this day. Name Magician — Jaromir. The body is biologically active. Territory: Iran — Kurdistan — Senai. No accurate data. Age — about 12,000 years.

The oldest known finds of the Russian state. Post-Flood period. Direct descendants of the Magi Jaromir and residents of the ancient city — the State «with methane.» The existence of this I had no idea. Together with the sarcophagus found 5 gold books and maps of the ancient Russian state. All labels in plain modern man Russian. Legible. They know about the find one, especially secret information. Several people in the Russian Orthodox Church and the Government. With Jaromir recently active but mentally communicate representatives confessions, most of all Sufis, and others. Wakes up to a personal contact, after bring together representatives of all confessions.

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