Nasa was forced to explain about the monolith on mars

May 30, 2012 16:38

Ufologists insist monolith looks obvious trace of intelligent life.

Picture of the monolith of the University of Arizona

Shocking picture of Mars was made from a height of about 300 kilometers high resolution camera (HiRISE camera), mounted on the NASA probe Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter. At the Earth got this picture back in 2009. The U.S. space agency posted it on the site: the University of Arizona (University of Arizona), whose experts are responsible for the operation of the probe.

Enthusiasts — «Extraterrestrial Archaeology», diligently sought out the official images with different absurdities — Enlarge the image from Mars. And found on one of its sites very strange object. He stood out from the environment its strict rectangular shape. Sticking out of the blue like a specially installed stele, whose height is about 10 meters.

«Monolith» — the so-called stele excited UFO community, having noticed an object on Mars is very similar to the man-made. Everyone remembered, of course, science fiction Arthur C. Clarke, who described such alien creation. And the classic film «2001: A Space Odyssey» (2001: A Space Odyssey), filmed in his novel, Stanley Kubrick in 1968.

Monolith of «Space Odyssey 2001» by Arthur C. Clarke and Stanley Kubrick. This particular set on Earth. And then there is the moon, next to Jupiter and somewhere in the 20 thousand light-years from the solar system

The Internet uproar. Yes, such that with the explanation made by researchers from the University of Arizona. However, experts expressed, in the sense that the hot early. And maybe do not. According to them, the fact that the object is rectangular, has nothing to say. Like, on the Earth, and Mars is full of natural rectangular formations. And most likely probe photographed just detached stone. And we should not call it not a monolith, not an artifact, which would imply a manmade object.

Indeed, if the picture is increased, the «monolith» is no longer look lopsided stove. It is evident that he pointed at the tip.

And now — after three years — a Martian monolith some reason once again drew the attention of many Internet users. They suspected that NASA hides from them evidence that we are not alone in the universe. The previous explanation of Arizona, of course, no one remembered. The researchers had to make a new one — is more detailed.

Speaker was Jonathon Hill (Jonathon Hill), a leading expert mission Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter, Mars Officer Division (Mars Space Flight Facility at Arizona State University), who has worked with most of the images obtained from the Red Planet.

— Monolith — no more than a piece of rock, just a stone of medium size — insists Jonathon. — A flat parallelepiped it only seems. Because the resolution HiRISE camera still not enough to bring out the fine details.

Camera resolution — 30 centimeters per pixel. Crystal clear object fails. And because the pixels are square, the curved lines in the image become straight. And the illusion that the object obtochen.

Besides picture was taken while the Martian day, when the sun was very low on the horizon. As a result of the object thrown disproportionately long shadow, which strengthened its resemblance to a certain stele.

— Stone, which is called ufologists monolith stands at the foot of the cliff — among other gems — said Jonathon. — Obviously, he broke away and rolled himself. And was not someone installed.

— We do not believe aliens idiots — continues scientist. — If I were to set the monolith on Mars that it thousands or millions of years has been different, served commemorative or some store, the foot of the cliff would be the last place.

Area in which was found a Martian monolith. Circle marks its location

And yet, strangely, that the experts for the second time in a row debunk the same myth. They do not tend to do — to debunk. Usually at NASA do not pay attention to the opening of the «traces of extraterrestrial intelligence» that appear from time to time.

It’s not clean — consider ufologists. Like, all these explanations are suspect.

Vladimir Lagowski

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