Former head of the federal property management agency arrested in moscow on charges of fraud amounting to over 10 billion rubles

Tver tribunal authorized capital now conclusion arrested the former manager of the territorial Federal Property Management Agency of Moscow Anatoly Shesteryuka, suspect in the case of fraud with the objects of the municipal fixed assets total price above 10 billion rubles.

So makarom Tribunal granted the request of the investigation on measures of restraint for Shesteryuka, which was arrested recently on charges of attempted fraud with 100 objects of municipal fixed assets in the capital.

In support of the application the investigator said in court that he was investigated by the sin committed by an organized group, a number of participants is up to this time is not set, and one wanted. According to the investigator, Shesteryuk, being at large, can kill real confirmation of the case, to put pressure on witnesses or abscond abroad.

The investigator identified that the investigation was not complete, and he was joined by three new episodes involvement Shesteryuka which are checked.

In turn, Shesteryuk objected to the detention, and his lawyer told the press that he is in charge huge number of inconsistencies.

Responding to questions from the judge Lena Stashina, Shesteryuk explained that the Pope is a 2-young kids, has a perfect reputation and does not want to provide the obstacle course of the investigation. Protecting Shesteryuka filed a motion for his release on bail in the amount of 3,000,000 rubles, or bail officers Lomonosov Moscow State University Faculty of Law, where Shesteryuk teaches part-time.

About an hour arbitrator Stashina handy for analyzing the parties’ positions, then it made a ruling, in which the position of a named-based investigation, and the election in respect of Shesteryuka other preventive measures, not including detention unfeasible.

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