In landfills 201 military bases began military exercises

In landfills 201 military bases stationed in Tajikistan began command post exercises with units of army air defense

Division Air Defense (NORAD) 201 military bases of the Central Military District, on the eve of the morning had been raised by the training of combat anxiety and make a march of military garrisons to landfills Lyaur, Momirak and Sambulov, have initiated command post exercises on the ground.

  • In landfills 201 military bases began military exercises

Just 4 days with military exercises will be held: combat coordination settlement issues with working tactical, technical, special, engineering, military and medical training, and the performance of more than 10 practical problems in mountainous and rough terrain.

Completed command and staff exercises of air defense compound workouts for fire control in the batteries and live fire against small low-flying targets with standard weapons.

Terms of the fire at air targets will be as close to the fighting. Before the calculations of anti-aircraft missile systems will be tasked to destroy air targets, both appointed positions, and during a short stop while driving in a convoy.

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