Mini armored pav1 badger

Mini armored pav1 badger

Development of means of protection from enemy bullets and shells always constrained feature similar systems. In most cases the weight of the coat grows in proportion to the level of protection. In the field of wearable remedies is the best way affects the body armor, helmets, etc. Protection that can withstand a shot of any type of small guns, will weigh a lot in order to be carried on the person. In this regard, at times there are different projects of self-propelled armored personal protective equipment. Became one of the last mini-armored PAV1 Badger.

Middle of the two thousandth’s American company Howe and Howe Technologies, taking orders from the California Bureau Civil Protection Services, has joined the ranks of companies trying to make a tool for special units having excellent performance and protection for all this does not restrict the mobility of the user. The design department of the company formerly engaged in the creation of self-propelled boats military use, went on more trivial way. New remedy was supposed to perform in a small self-propelled vehicle, capable of carrying just 1 person. The project has received index PAV1 (Personal Assault Vehicle — «Personal assault transport») and the title of Badger («Badger»).

In developing ultralight armored vehicle «Badger» intensively used by the previous generation projects propelled platforms. Ultimately, the foundation of a new mini armored car was the original crawler. In the rear of the machine positioned compact diesel engine capacity of 25 horsepower. When the combat weight of the armored car, not exceeding ton, even a power plant capable of providing sufficient mobility. Pretty wide tracks are rewound using the drive wheel in the front of the machine. Box is located inside the housing units between the undercarriage. Machine PAV1 received 5 road wheels with rubber tires on board. With all this back pair also makes the function guide wheels.

Specifically, over the bat boxes on the machine Badger habitable volume provided with the driver’s cab-shooter. Noteworthy that the engine is placed immediately behind the armored car driver’s seat. Such measures had to go in order to minimize the dimensions of the finished machine. The same factor justified her body contours. Armored cabin «Badger» consists of several rovnenko iron panels, coupled together at angles. For an overview of the first models and serial standards PAV1 glazing had the highest part of the body, is also quite a large window on the front page. For boarding and leaving the upper glazing machine can be folded back and up, like a lantern fighters.

According to reports, the thickness of the armor plates tracked vehicle can protect the driver from the fire with pistols and submachine guns, also, under certain circumstances, and submachine guns. These properties allow the armored car protection PAV1 participate in various police operations when there is a need in the storming of the premises with armed offenders. Undercover car Badger Armor Special Forces soldier may enter the building or room and eliminate armed enemy. Due to the small dimensions of the body «Badger» is able to work even in the criteria for buildings — its width does not exceed 32 inches (a little more than 80 cm).

Own built-in weapons «Personal assault transport» does not. Right instrument can be mounted on a remote-controlled turret on the roof or in a special housing unit mounting on the front page. So Makar, Badger car can be equipped with at least how necessary tool or special equipment is required to perform certain tasks. This can be a small gun, non-lethal weapons, lighting systems, etc. Lack of self-built weapons justified the need to make PAV1 universal multipurpose machine.

A certain amount of «Badgers’ first model was purchased by the customer and a pioneer project: security organization Civil Protection Services. These machines are used on a limited training and actual operations in the criteria. Unfortunately, precise data on the number of armored cars and made the experience of their implementation are not available, as the first operator does not open lusts similar information. Nevertheless, some conclusions can be drawn from future development of the project. Show in 2007 mini-armored PAV1 in subsequent years been crafted and refined.

The resulting PAV 1.2 armored car had received a few differences from the baseline model. Changes were first body armor. Thickness and shape plates nekordinalno changed and added Kevlar inside destroyed. With this refreshed «Badger» can withstand not only the firing of certain types of guns, and grenade or small improvised explosive device. Also modified the chassis a little, withdrawing from it a pair of rollers. For the convenience of the driver’s hand-pick a new PAV 1.2 through a huge door on the side. Its dimensions are such that the side is given almost the entire left side of the armored car. Technical properties, the ability to install and non-lethal weapons systems, combat abilities, etc. remained the same.

In 2009-2010, a small armored car refreshed successfully passed the tests and was offered to prospective clients. According to some reports, soon after the appearance of this company offers Howe and Howe Technologies has entered into several contracts to supply the latest technology to different customers. Because of the unusual form and specific tactical niche ultralight armored PAV1 and PAV 1.2 run small batches of a few units here and sent to customers. For obvious reasons, the latter is not in a hurry to show off your purchase, and open information on its practical application. And because «Badgers» and other special self-propelled machines of Howe and Howe Technologies — all at their own potential — in most cases, are perceived by the public as only some technical curiosity.

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