Cuban spy in the united states received a life sentence

Society We offer you a translation of fragments of Article Evan Perez «Spy for Cuba gets life» with today’s edition of The Wall Street Journal.

A former State Department analyst and privileged great-grandson of the inventor Alexander Graham Bell’s telephone, which was a Cuban spy, justifying a Friday, July 16 for his decades of work for Fidel Castro before you get a life sentence.

73-year-old Walter Kendal Myers and his 72-year-old wife Gvendalin admitted that they are almost 30 years passed secret information to Cuban intelligence.

Myers admitted in a court of espionage and fraud by electronic means.

Mrs. Myers was sentenced to 81 months in prison after, she confessed to participating in a conspiracy to gather and transmit information related to national defense. It is likely to sit four and a half years.

Communism admired from a safe distance

Prosecutor Gordon Harvey called the couple «traitors.» If they so much loved the Cuban people, Harvey said, so why should Mr. Myers does not distribute his wealth to the poor in the country? They are fond of Castro’s revolution, but moved to Cuba, because only wanted to get involved in the revolution «from a safe distance,» said the prosecutor.

The case of this pair, which surfaced after the exposure of a network of Russian spies, scouts reinforces allegations that foreign spies continue to operate in the United States, despite the fact that the «cold war» has long been over.

On a couple of confessions, Mr. Myers and his wife, who had the nickname code «Agent 202» and «Agent 123», were recruited by Cuban intelligence service at the end of the 1970s, when the «Cold War» is still was very tense.

Helped defend the revolution

According to the investigators of the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), Mr. Myers went to work and spy in the State Department, where he received access to the documents marked «highly confidential.» (…)

FBI voiced what specific information conveyed Myers Cubans. But prosecutors noted in the case file that the Cuban intelligence become famous for that information resold to other countries, including Russia and China, but groups such as the Irish Republican Army.

Before his arrest in 2009, the couple expelled encrypted messages karotkahvalevym transmitter and transmit information by replacing trolleys in a supermarket in Washington, and while traveling to Trinidad, Brazil and other places. (…)

«We’ve been doing this for 30 years for his ideals and beliefs» — Myers said in court. They are not guided by the «anti-Americanism», he added, their aim was rather to «help the Cuban people defend their revolution.» (…)

Cont letarskuyu origin

Mr. Myers grew up in a wealthy family as a descendant of Alexander Graham Bell and grandson Gilberta Grosvenara, the first publisher of the magazine «National Geographic».

He attended a private school with boarding and respectable Brown University. From the first marriage he left two children. Mrs. Myers was born in Sioux City, Iowa, and raised four children in South Dakota before marrying Mr. Myers.

Judge Reggie Walton said it’s family background of Mr. Myers and compared it with the fate of his own family, which started its way into American slavery.

The judge said he had «cause misunderstanding,» the statement of Mr. Myers about his aid to the Cuban people, if you take into account how the Cuban regime refers to the rights of man. Walton added that, despite the experience of his ancestors in America, «America is not the devil, as you may seem.»

After adchytannya their statements before the court, the couple returned to the place for the defendants, smiling to their children, who were sitting in the first row of seats for observers. Pets wiped tears.

Charmed by Fidel

A pair of essentially ended its occupation of espionage in 2007, when Mr. Myers left the State Department to retire, fearing that they might be exposed.

But an undercover FBI agent, pretending to be the curator of the new Cuban couples spent with them several meetings in Washington hotels in 2009. Mrs. Myers reacted to this new curator with suspicion, but the support of her husband, who was very excited about the prospect of recovery for Cubans. (…)

The pair admitted to an FBI agent during these meetings that the highest point of their career was a secret mission to Cuba in 1995 and the four-hour meeting with the Fidel Castro.

«Fidel — perfect, just perfect» — confessed in a flood of candor, Mr. Meyer, an undercover FBI agent, as the last notes, which were presented to the court.

Ms. Myers then also responded: «He is … the most incredible … statesman … the last hundred years, thank God!»

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