Secret weapon of the gods how indra vajra hit vitro

People always thought lightning weapon of the gods. The ancient Greeks commanded lightning Zeus the Thunderer, the Indians — the King of heaven, Indra. After having gorged itself toadstools ancient Vikings clearly discerned in the sky lightning fist Torah. Ample soul Slavs in general arming of all electricity in a row — from the pagan god Perun to Christian prophet Elijah. Mention of the exclusive power of thunder weapons can be found in any religion.

In Hindu mythology, Indra struck blacksmiths forged underground lightning-vajra giant serpent Vritra, enveloped in Groundwater. The device of any good weapons are usually kept very secret — Lightning is no exception. Although people have learned more or less protected from lightning (at the cost of the lives of several test lightning rods), to reproduce this seemingly simple electrical phenomenon, we still can not. Gods jealously guard their secrets. Today’s developers lightning weapons can only wonder how it technically backward in ancient India were able to establish industrial production vajra.

Three Faces of lightning

Before you try to find out whether it is possible to replicate real life military experience of Indian gods, we briefly summarize the little that is known to mankind of lightning. In nature, occurs three giant electrical discharges, which are accompanied by flashes and thunder in the atmosphere. Most often, we see a linear lightning, a little less of its subspecies — flat zipper, which does not hit the ground, and runs on the surface of the storm clouds. Sometimes you can see beaded zipper, which is a chain of bright luminous points. And it does rarely meet the infamous fireball. Relatively well studied only linear lightning. On the other two do not know nothing. In the laboratory, has only been obtained as the lightning — a crown, and glow discharges. With real lightning they have in common only that they are also composed of plasma.


As established in the XVIII century, Franklin and Lomonosov, linear lightning — it’s a long spark. The exact mechanism of its origin is unknown. One of the lightning theory is that before the thunderstorms local areas of land are positively charged, and the lower edge of the clouds — negative. This is because the water droplets, which are full of ominous air, the electric field of the Earth acquire a negative charge. Since the whole planet also has a negative charge, under the action of its field of negatively charged droplets move up to the clouds, and the positive — down to the ground, where they accumulate, creating a charged field. According to another theory, atmospheric charges are separated in the water cycle. For aerosol particles fumes «stick» positively and negatively charged free ions, which always abound in the atmosphere due to natural background radiation and cosmic rays. By charged aerosol particles as they rise up the updraft, grow water droplets. Around the negatively charged water condensate is in the tens of thousands of times faster, so the droplets are more severe and fly slowly. This process results in the lower parts of the clouds become negatively charged, and the upper — positively. The lower part of the cloud, «leads» to the location of a piece of land under it a positive charge.

There are other theories of ominous conditions. How it was in fact, the main thing in the end of the earth’s surface and the clouds get something like a monstrous capacitor between the plates is about to slip through discharge. But even saturated with water vapor the air is an insulator that is weakly conducts electricity. The role of giant cables connecting the clouds with the earth’s surface, play the plasma channels. At some point the clouds towards the ground at a speed of several hundred kilometers per second, begin to move about unseen, slightly luminous clusters of ionized particles — leaders. Leading the way, usually zigzag. Each leader is on his way ionize air molecules, creating a channel from the plasma with high conductivity. Near the surface from the leader in all directions rush more and more conductive branches — streamers. Once the leader reaches the ground, laid them across the channel runs through the glowing reverse (aka main) category. Speed of main discharge a hundred times more than the leader. Accordingly, the flash lasts for a split second. We have time to see the lightning because the bits are repeated several times. Because of the time intervals between the observer it seems that the lightning flashes. The diameter of the leader can be several meters, but the thickness of the discharge does not exceed a few centimeters. This scheme is a linear lightning explains a lot, but not everything. If lightning is a discharge, why it occurs at very low (on the planet) the electric field? Or, for example, why lightning are a 100 km or more, but never shorter than hundreds of meters? Behavior of beaded lightning even more mysterious. These look like regular lightning, but for some reason was divided into separate luminous segments, separated by dark constrictions. Very similar to the bright beads that stretch across the sky. Who and what is «pinched» lightning — is unknown. On this account created a lot of theories, but none of them are allowed to get in the lab is nothing even remotely like bead lightning. And finally, the prom queen — ominous fireball. Behavior of ball lightning, according to some scientists, sometimes even lies «beyond the laws of science.» Fireballs successfully classified, separated, as human beings, to the classes, families, species and subspecies, but to understand their inner nature and could not. It is known that most often they are generated by conventional lightning strike. But sometimes spontaneously. Average diameter of lightning varies from 10 to 30 cm of light they like 100-watt light bulb. Based on the level of illumination and size, scientists have made assumptions about the mass of ball lightning (6-7 g), and their energy (10 000 J, which is about the energy consumption of household elektroduhovok 10) and temperature (300-4500S). Unfortunately, these estimates also do not bring us closer to unraveling the secrets of ball lightning, lightning killer nicknamed penchant for «attack» on people. Few survivors after a meeting with a fireball report that at a short distance from it, they did not feel the heat emanating. Which, then, theoretical 4000C, I ask, can we talk? And sometimes it happens that after the explosion of tiny lightning 5-6 cm in diameter, were destroying what are the allocation of more than one million joules of energy. Keen curiosity is way movement of ball lightning. Usually, their speed is a few centimeters per second — they just float in the air stream. But sometimes, for no apparent reason, with complete calm, suddenly dart like crazy and the «rush» in one direction or another. Most of all — to people or animals.

Lightning weapons

Although lightning we understood, it can be argued that if he could accurately recreate the conditions of their appearance, they can be obtained artificially. Perhaps the man-made lightning you can even use it (in fact to manage the complex mechanism that is not necessarily thoroughly understand its structure.) We went back to the question posed at the outset. As a weapon of the gods? In other words, what was needed to Indra, Vritra to fry? To begin, suppose that Indra used conventional linear lightning. According to the description, the effect of the use of the vajra is more reminiscent of her hit. Consequently, the Indian god was a powerful drive to stock up of electrostatic charge.

The electric field between Indra and wily serpent was to reach about a billion volts. Capacity of such Indra vritrovogo capacitor will be equal to about one-thousandth of the world’s capacity, and the energy tipped the scales for a hundred billion volts. The current that leaks between Indra and the serpent, amounted to tens of millions of amperes. This is enough to melt the carrier. But Vritra had to manage to reliably grounded. With this (we must pay tribute to the Indians) Indra did not miss. Ancient frescoes depict him soaring in the clouds, while the Vritra, on the contrary, lies on the damp ground. Finally, God had to create a plasma channel between its storage of electricity and Vritra, devising a replacement leader. Then came the flame of a gas burner several kilometers long (as much as it was before the opponent of Indra), or a powerful laser beam. Means you can get easier — for example, a giant parabolic dish. If you make it a little more than a kilometer diameter, can be sent powerful sunbeam, which ionizes the air. Make all of this, in principle, possible. But how much will it cost? We have to admit that the ancients were right: Lightning — Weapons of the Gods.

On the subject: 

Secret weapons of the gods


«Video clip consciousness.» This «disease» of modern man. Arises as a consequence of zafragmentirovannosti «disk» (the brain) information garbage. Man can not synthesize and build one single sequence. Most people do not remember the long texts. They do not see the connection between time-division historical events, because they understand their figurative and fragments.

Learn to think the clips, people began to form a mosaic of the picture of small pieces. Now he does not have time to move away from the established pattern, and look at it from a distance to see the big picture.

That the computer will not get into such a state, defragment it, that is, re-distribute files (data) on the disk (the story) so that there is a continuous sequence.

Visual information provides much more information than a 1000 words. Sometimes this information is more accurate. The eye does not «buy» on poetic metaphors and pseudo-scientific terms.

As I came across a picture of a bas-relief of Mithras Modena.

Secret weapon of the gods how indra vajra hit vitro

In the right hand of Mithras — an object. This bas-relief I have not seen, but similar object seen in the hand of the statue of Zeus. Guide said it — «Lightning». Type of Zeus — God of Thunder! To the question: «why such a strange lightning form?» Guide freezes, and then said that the type of thunder and a flash of light to transmit failed, because the delicate marble …

Possible. Do not argue. So, Zeus, after a couple of thousand years, referred the subject — «lightning» in the hands of Mitra. In this case the device does not change in appearance. And if this «lightning» would draw the same only the Romans and Greeks, it could be somehow explained. But how to explain that exactly the same thing in the hands of the gods keep the Assyrians, Babylonians, Sumerians, Egyptians, Indians and Chinese. And with the time difference thousands of years and miles. Should this device give us something different in the hands of a completely different gods in a completely different time?

Here is the item:

Secret weapon of the gods how indra vajra hit vitro

Why are there lightning? There are many versions. And if we assume that the usual lightning everything is clear and «linear lightning is just a long spark» (Lomonosov), what is a ball lightning, few understand. Scientists have even divided them by species and subspecies, as animals.

Honestly and conventional (linear) lightning from clear. Read here about the physical properties of lightning, and realized that this phenomenon is still only at the stage of learning, and even worse, scientists are beginning to understand the futility of effort.

Secret weapon of the gods how indra vajra hit vitro

And then there are «beaded» lightning. They sort of beads constricted — beads, hence the name.

Secret weapon of the gods how indra vajra hit vitro

That «pinched» lightning are not known. In the laboratory, this could not be repeated. In principle, the usual lightning in labarotoriyah yet been able to reproduce.

Sometimes the behavior is generally difficult to explain lightning. There are many examples. Can zaguglit. For example, Roy Sullivan. It struck by lightning seven times. He has become a safe sex, walking in rubber boots and carried a metal objects. But in the end he hesitated and another threatened to commit suicide. So what? Lightning struck in his grave. This is not a joke. This is a true story.

It is possible that similar cases in antiquity provoke people invent all sorts of stories about their origin. But when you consider that these cases — a rarity, this option is not necessary. Too spread this myth. There are other hypotheses that lightning is the nervous system of the planet, and ball lightning is the immune system. But to prove it while no one can.

Therefore, the Thunderer Zeus is quite understandable and condemn people for what they did not need to come up with. instead, you need to look at all this from a distance.

What could be easier than to draw a zigzag, thus expressing lightning? It sort of did when we wanted to show the storm. But if you drew the gods, and not only the Thunderbolts, in their hands was not the zigzag, and a strange thing.

This item consists of three to nine rods. One center — direct, the other ends are bent and placed around the right. Portrayed as one or two spherical center of the «handle.»

This item can be seen everywhere: in the sculptures, murals, on clay, in stone, on coins. In different places of the planet. As if all conspired to portray so. Or … they had a sample. After all, in order to portray something with such repeatable, that «something» must be seen.

These images come across even in the petroglyphs:

Secret weapon of the gods how indra vajra hit vitro

The ancients saw clearly the subject-arms. This is not a figment of imagination of the artist who could not draw lightning. This is something that they have seen. The fact that these weapons, it is clear from the description of the application. Gods could hit enemies as linear zippers and metal «balls of fire». It could also be a tool. Such as cutting, such as borax or Lagundo.

As a result, any device of any good weapons are usually kept secret. And the «lightning» is no exception. Gods secrets slaves were not disclosed.

In Buddhism and Hinduism, this item is called Vajra, or Rdorzhe (Sanskrit vajra, Tibet. Rdo rje). In translation, these words mean «lightning» or «diamond»

Information from the modern dictionaries and encyclopedias:

— Vajra — short metal rod with symbolic analogy with diamond — can cut anything but himself — and lightning — the irresistible force.

— In Hindu mythology — a gear drive, Thunder Axe Indra

— Vajra is a magic wand Initiates followers

— Its forged for Indra Ushana singer.

— Vajra was forged for Indra Tvashtar

— It is made from the skeleton sage — hermit Dadhichi.

— There is a version that originally symbolized the phallus vajra bull.

— Vajra was associated with the sun.

— Quaternary or has crossed vajra symbols close to the symbolism of the wheel.

— Vajra is five bodies Dhyani Buddhas.

— Vajra means skill or upaya.

— Vajra symbolizes strength and determination.

— Vajra symbolizes the male principle, the way compassion.

— Vajra is interpreted as a sign of fertility.

— Vajra represents the absolute and indestructible, as opposed to being delusional about reality.

— Vajra in conjunction with a bell involves fusion of male and female nature.

— Vajra symbolizes the indestructible state.

— Vajra symbol luminous indestructible nature of mind.

— Vajra symbol of the power of the Buddha on the evil spirits or elementals.

Secret weapon of the gods how indra vajra hit vitro

That is, the vajra — a simple and essential item in the household.

I want once again to remember the people who like to compare everything with the phallus. One of the items at the top, if you read carefully. A feeling that a critic climbed high in the Tibetan mountains with his translator, where he found an enlightened lama who was tortured, saying «Well tell me this garbage this vajra» rather Lama, who vowed not to speak of the Unseen just showed them vsemizvestny American «facts.» The interpreter translated, as I could, and art critic wrote: «Vajra symbolizes the phallus. And the bull. » While it may have a more true story of such a statement.

Whatever it was, it is hard to imagine how Indra kills the giant serpent Vritra usual, though bullish member. As I said in another topic, a strange fantasy art in general in this regard. They just that, so phallic symbol. And for greater veracity add the word communication — «represents» Maybe Muldashev actually found in India this vajra, but what you see in the pictures above, it’s just a model. As they say the fuse is removed, the shutter distortion, but … do not shoot. Although patients can be hit.

I recall one incident that took place with the natives of one island, which left the Americans after World War II. Aborigines began to build airplanes out of straw. The planes were very similar, but they did not fly. But that did not stop praying for these natives aircraft and hope that the «gods» to go back and bring more chocolate and firewater. In a world of such cases are called — «kargokult»

With «Vajra» similar story. Having read the manuscript and watching ancient sculptures, Indians earnestly tried to use them as weapons in battle. Types of brass knuckles. They even called some of his knuckles vajra mushti. But, most likely realizing that vajra special superiority over the enemy can not be achieved, they modify it. Probably so, and there were «Shestoperov.»

Secret weapon of the gods how indra vajra hit vitro

Shestoperov but also not very perfect. Normal iron mace is much more effective. Therefore Shestoperov hardly weapon. Rather, it is a symbol of weapons. Weapons with a «sense.» For example, the model of the vajra is a symbol of the ancient weapon emits lightning. A Shestoperov — the stick of military commanders.

But this old trick to work not only as a bell for meditation, and hence we have made knife. A knife is a knife. Them because you can not just kill them.

Secret weapon of the gods how indra vajra hit vitro

Incidentally, this is the original. In the film «Shadow» with Alec Baldwin can be seen flying version of this knife.

The content itself is what it is, but because it contains an advanced form (Hegel)

In simple terms, if something is biting and barking like a dog, and it looks like a dog — then this is the dog. But if it does not bark, does not bite, and the dog is called, it is a model of a dog, stuffed animal, or a sculpture, but not the dog.

Could it be the very model of a dog a dog? That is, whether it is to perform the same function? Why a dog? What would protect. And why create those «cast the gods», which clearly say?

Somewhere I read that the form itself still has an influence on the content. The article was written about the «cardiology», a body of revolution, which in the form of 3-d has a cross section of the «heart.» And of liquid that poured into it, acquires special properties. Incidentally, the same goes for the pyramids. You can find a lot of information about that if you put something in the center of the pyramid, it is a miracle. One type even patented a way of eternal razor blade, which when placed in the pyramid is not blunts. Not tested, but that the church cupolas like cardiology and are made on the basis of the vajra-lightning — can make each.

Secret weapon of the gods how indra vajra hit vitro

Or here’s another. All familiar stuff. Crown. Symbol of power. The oldest image of the corona — Sumerian.

Secret weapon of the gods how indra vajra hit vitro

Take a closer look. This is the same «vajra». Most importantly, whether it is the Italian crown, Spanish, Austrian and Jewish «the crown of the Torah,» which in the last picture. The basis — the same design.

He — the one who shows you the lightning (Koran. 13:12)

So, what was in the hands of the gods?

The northern gods had a «lightning» a very unusual shape. «Hammer of Thor»

It looks like this:

Secret weapon of the gods how indra vajra hit vitro

At Taser looks like.

This is an ancient symbol of the Heavenly Lightning and Fire. He is known throughout northern Europe. This thunderous Weapons God. Hammer.

The German Donar-Thor Hammer was called «Mjolnir». origin of the word is unknown. Etymologists isolated Icelandic word milva (crush), Lithuanian malti (grind) and Welsh mellt (lightning). Russian «lightning» is also mentioned, but the main is not considered. Most likely because of Perun (the Russian version of the thunder god) Russian deducted from Lithuanian Perkunusa. Therefore «Molnir» probably comes from the Lithuanian «Malta» than «lightning.» Logical …

Thor — the son of the supreme god Odin Aces. The owner of thunderstorms and lightning. He pdchinyayutsya rain and wind. His mission — to fight the giants Tours. Giants — is the oldest race, which comes directly from the Chaos. Giants opponents of gods and men. And in this war, the hammer of Thor — Molnir — the most powerful and important weapon.

Someone made this zipper Brokk of the race of dwarfs who once created from the blood of Ymir. Brokk also built and other high-tech «innovation.» For example, the spear of Odin — Gungnir or ring Draupnir.

In the «specifications» of this device class «Molnir» laid back «zip» back to the owner. That is kind of a boomerang, God threw lightning at the target, but it did the trick and returned to the owner. If we remember that the lightning starts to move as ionized particles «leader» and returns a spark discharge (source), there is nothing contrary to the physics of the story there. It’s okay. The ancients did not fantasize. They are 100% aware of the properties of lightning firsthand.

The myths say that when the «end times» god Thor would die in the battle with the serpent of Midgard, the joy of the evil forces will not last forever. Lost children will find Thor’s Hammer. This will be the beginning of the «New Times» and the Gods of Light will once again reign.

Downstairs, in the photographs, coins of different countries of the Mediterranean region. Dating from 500 to 200 BC. e. On all the coins can be clearly seen the lightning-vajra. These coins are very, very much. So, in the ancient world all knew what it is and understand the importance of this subject.

Secret weapon of the gods how indra vajra hit vitro

Notice the «zipper» on the last coin. Sound familiar? This is «lily» — a heraldic symbol of the power of European kings. What does it everywhere.

Secret weapon of the gods how indra vajra hit vitro

Let’s look at two of them:

Secret weapon of the gods how indra vajra hit vitro

On the left picture, «Lily» a little older than the right. This is similar to a lily? Most likely it is a kind of device. I, for example, the character never seemed to bloom. And not me alone. Lily is so not like the lily, that some even considered him a special Masonic sign that properly considered turning. And of course then we will see a bee. William V. Pokhlebkin wrote that European courts have lilies Eastern origin, «as a constant, an essential element of ornament, often played on the expensive fabric. It is these tissues, and then the expensive clothes that were coming through the Byzantine Empire from the East to Europe, introduced already in the early Middle Ages, feudal Europe, the main consumers of luxurious fabrics, with a lily. «

Right image — a stylized. Since 1179 when Louis was incorporated into French royal coat of arms, and this was the main version of the lily emblem stamped French monarchy. The official name of the lily of the French arms of the Bourbon … fleur de lis.

Well, what kind of ornament was on the fabrics, which were brought to Europe? But, like this:

Secret weapon of the gods how indra vajra hit vitro

The most common medieval ornament oriental fabrics was «Vajra» which Europeans mistaken for lily. That is, the Europeans have forgotten about his «lightning» was a symbol of power and eastern vajra. Moreover, they found weapons of the gods lily. But is it true historians say that the Europeans are mistaken. Why is that Louis, who personally led troops to crusade and not different sentiment, paint flowers on his shield?

Quote: As part of Buddhism with the «Vajra» began to be associated, on the one hand, the original perfect nature waking consciousness, this indestructible diamond, but on the other — the very awakening, enlightenment, like a thunderclap or a momentary flash of lightning. Buddhist ritual vajra, as well as ancient Vajra, is a type of scepter symbolizing the awakened consciousness, and compassion and skillful means. Prajna and emptiness symbolizes the ritual bell. The connection of the vajra and bell crossed hands in a ritual priest symbolizes awakening as the result of the integration of wisdom and method, of emptiness and compassion. Therefore, the word Vajrayana can be translated as «The Diamond Chariot». ( / buddhism /)

What would we do not rub, the original meaning of the word vajra — weapon. Why are some perennial plants subject not there, is not clear.

Crown existed in parallel. These, for example, have a Sumerian origin. Jews have taken this kind of crowns from the Sumerians, and the Christians took over the Jews. It is natural.

Secret weapon of the gods how indra vajra hit vitro

But the barbarians were the other crown. These are:

Secret weapon of the gods how indra vajra hit vitro

Take a closer look. If the «imperial» crown hair in exactly resemble a vajra, the «King» is very similar to Thor’s hammer. Compare for yourself.


Secret weapon of the gods how indra vajra hit vitro


Secret weapon of the gods how indra vajra hit vitro


Secret weapon of the gods how indra vajra hit vitro


Secret weapon of the gods how indra vajra hit vitro

This is the same artifact that Muldashev called «old car» that flew and grind mountains. Anyway, that he told one of the local monks. China

Secret weapon of the gods how indra vajra hit vitro


Secret weapon of the gods how indra vajra hit vitro


Secret weapon of the gods how indra vajra hit vitro


Secret weapon of the gods how indra vajra hit vitro


Secret weapon of the gods how indra vajra hit vitro

Secret weapon of the gods how indra vajra hit vitro

Secret weapon of the gods how indra vajra hit vitro








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