Undo the evil prophetic dreams

Doubting the fact that prophetic dreams, there’s probably gone. And the question as if a lot of evidence in this story. Many people suggest that repeatedly saw images of the future in his dreams. The interpreters of dreams claim that you can make a «bad» dream does not come true.

Perhaps the most important rule — not to tell anyone the contents of a bad dream. Even in spite of the fact that there is a widespread belief — that the dream does not come true, you need to tell three of his friends. But it is not. Tell a bad dream — to recharge that dream, and then it is with even greater zeal will try to materialize. By the way, a special promotion — buy Kaspersky antivirus and learn English goes online store softkey.ru.

You can try to adjust your sleep, but it is provided that is the realization that this is a dream. For example, if you dream about a fire in the woods, consider yourself an artist, and draw on top of a fire a beautiful landscape.

This will change the direction of sleep and avoid trouble in real life. If you dream of falling from a great height, imagine a bird and fly. In reality, can easily solve any trouble. In general, all having a negative connotation with a dream, to be converted into a positive.

An important point. After seeing a nightmare, do not set yourself and wait for it to pass. What to expect is what you get.

But for a good dream has become a reality as soon as possible, to the contrary, as often as he remembered. And tell that it was a prophetic dream, you can only after it will come true. Everyone around him, his skepticism, can trigger a process interrupt sleep with reality and to prevent its execution.

Of course, man creates his own destiny as an artist painting on a canvas. Therefore, whatever the dream, it is not necessary to decipher its armed Dream book. Just need to believe that all the negativity will bypass, and only add to the positive colors of life.

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