About the book of light and the slavicaryan vedas

The second book in the series «Slavic-Aryan Vedas» included «The Book of Light» or «Harati Light» (Harati means writing on parchment). In the primary source «Harati Light» was recorded Tragami (Daariyskoe letter), but in this edition of the origin was the text written Hariyskimi runes and translated more than 250 years ago. The translation was printed with large reductions (omissions marked dots), which has generated interest among readers, all wanted to know the most complete version of this treatise. Therefore, this article is intended to some extent to satisfy their curiosity.

It turned out that the motives of the «Book of Light» can be traced in many ancient manuscripts of the Slavs. This and «Veda word» published in 1871, S. Verkovich, Russian folk tales, epics of the Volga Bulgars, chronicles the Russian principalities and even legends of the Knights Templar in Moscow. Information from the «Book of Light» were partly to Moscow representatives of the Order at a time when the tsarist police during searches of the Old Believers in Siberia was withdrawing all the materials that were related to the ancient faith. Thus, the information from the «Book of Light» came to the Russian Templars (in this order included representatives of the imperial family of Russia) were a Christian treatment and became part of their legend. When Soviet power in the 20-30 years has to deal with the representatives of this order, the Knights Templar documents in Moscow, after their arrests were journalists and were published in 2003 in a book edited by AL Nikitin, «The Order of the Knights Templar Russian.» In order to prove that the source of information for all the above materials was one, do a little comparison. In «The Book of Light» Reference is standing one step above the people and called Leahy (from the word light). In modern Christian terminology they are called angels, but a Greek word and before the adoption of Christianity, had no circulation in Russia. Therefore, our figurative concept applicable to this mighty creature is LEGI. They live in the sixteen-dimensional world and have sixteen senses. The task that Leahy set a is to help people in their spiritual ascent. This implies different ranks Legs. There Leahy-savers (like guardian angels), Leahy-Conductors (mourners in other worlds), Leahy Death (help with the death of the soul separate from the body), Leahy Light (lightening per person), Leahy Teachers (also called a fork) and etc. So that’s Legah-Pitchfork and Vilva, there is mention of all the above materials. Look.

Forks and Vilva in Slavic rusichej

Forks (Sybil) — is one of the many bits of Legs. They helped the oppressed, treated people predicted the future. Another called them samovily, Samodiva, famously-reach. The word «Villa» comes from the «twist» — it seems to be spinning cloud tow and pulls out her silver threads rain. Forks are sometimes considered prophetic and spinners, as share and Nedolya (Srecha and Nesrecha). Forks are mentioned in many of the chronicles and ancient manuscripts, «believe in Perun and Hors … and forks, the same number of distant sestrenits, glagolyut neveglasi mnyat and their goddesses and so put they need.» Lift satellites in the sky — Vilva. These spirits are worn by air in the form of winged serpents and send down to earth fertile rains. Each Vilva (by Western egregor) protects some country or other entities or individuals. Guarding their community Vilva fighting among themselves in heaven — this happens thunderstorms to rain or vice versa, is draughty.

The tradition of the Pitchfork-Stakes at Bulgarian Pomaks

Bulgarians, Pomaks in his songs paid homage forks honor as gods, because according to tradition it was believed that they flew down from heaven as messengers of the highest gods to teach people science and all kinds of cases. When Pitchfork went to the ground, the day they were home to the mountains, and at night they went through the cities and villages and taught the people, as Vila share means that all she knows. One Bulgarian king named Kresnik, known at the time the medicine man, taught that pitchfork-shares were at a level above the people, so they worshiped the Bulgarians. In Bulgarian songs are called not only to Pitchfork-shares and the Vedas-Samadivami. In addition to Bel in Bulgarian songs mentioned similar creatures, but calling snakes (Vilva see above). The ancient Slavs believed that Pitchfork-Shares, and Snake Vilva were not people, but were once sinless beings and to help humanity, to fly back to earth and became the guardians of the people, and can, and give them to enlighten their bodies, but when people began to sin, the highest gods were angry and did not send them over to the ground, and those who at that time were on the ground, because of complicity in human sins, remained with the people, and commanded them during the day

climb into the mountains, and at night to walk the earth and educate people.

Legend of Pitchfork Russian Templar

(Hereinafter, all materials are given free paraphrase Moscow Templar legends, but using the Slavic terminology)

In a series of infinity of space there is one, which is a giant ball, the surface of which is the boundary of the infinite. Here and there, the ball almost in contact with the other infinite, too, is in the form of balls, and in places where the space between the cone formed spherical infinities are worlds which are as it were, a pyramid or a cone, three sides and the base of which is a concave surface . In this infinity on one of the planets land-lived people. Prevailed among the people faith taught them that they know the will of the Almighty God, and that all the balloons land, including those that revolve around the giant suns, all infinity, filled with all sorts of celestial bodies, one day merge into one giant body around that there will be no planets or comets or cosmic dust. In this powerful fire burning gigantic sun come together all the spirits, which will also all creatures that live on land, including humans. The fire of the sun will be the atmosphere, food and soil for all the spirits, the sun is a gigantic crowd. It burns without residue all imperfect. Incinerate all the dark, the fire having other properties than those who perceived the bodies known to us, will put these spirits in such perfect beings, which is no need to leave them indefinitely, and they will go in a completely different, nothing to do with our own and other infinities not having an impact, and there is unspeakably solemn and brilliant turn around their lives, about which little can be said, as there are no words to portray that life. And when the sun is a giant abandoned last perfume on it assembled, then it will burn and break his ashes for energy, keeping an in itself is nothing, and nothing will turn these energon. And something from nothing will be purified by fire; reappear bright neo-energon, then electrons, atoms, cells, body. On the ground, lost world of infinities formed new abode.

With people, lived forks, measure the material things they have begun and ended with the fourth sixteenth dimension. It was a different ality (re-ality is a repeat of the same majoring, that is, a parallel world). Forks knew higher than people, faith, echoes the one in the future over-space beams. Faith Fork taught that after going full circle in the new world, the giant sun lying need to climb to a new world beyond this, and then have to make the ascent, and so striving for new achievements, will have to go up and up, and will be incredibly beautiful this new enormous progress. And people who had come to Forks, settled between them and the people began to teach his wisdom. Their doctrine also says that in the unknown, but, in any case, huge intervals electrons transferred from the old to the new reality, once in the environment similar to that which was in their infinity, again up the body, such as those possessed by these being in a previous life. But here the people came Koschei led Czernebog and retreated Forks, trying to escape the blows of swords and fire shock Koshcheev copies. GATES forks in his kingdom, and Koschei remained for a time in the country people, and taking their views, were among them preachers. And get a load of people of their teaching. Koschei then departed, and the people still live many thousands of years, live their lives in their teaching.

Vilva (egregors) the Templars

Higher Gods decided to go down, taking the form of an appropriate, in the worlds of the gods below the rulers lie, and, taking the form of the inhabitants of these worlds, to snatch the evil that exists there yet. Appeared in the worlds of Light Spirits Higher Gods, took on the spirit of these and a loss of surprise. Something like memories flashed at them, and they felt that they once lived in the world of bright spirits themselves were the same as they were, until he rose to its height. They tried to speak with light spirits, urging them not to allow into their world of dark beginning, but did not understand their past. And understand the highest gods that little good will in order to convey their wishes alien, that is clear to the highest, is not understood by the lower. Tried to talk to the other space, but to no avail. A lot of discussions and they finally decided to send to distant worlds is one of a myriad of features of its order to the property, this became a separate entity, and in the worlds, in the low lying, are consolidated raznomyslyaschih, and then forced them to arrange their lives on the basis, to be given to them from above. Higher gods spoke: «We send them our own who combine property into one. Together, the stronger will be the utter, and they will be easier to fight against evil. Send them then our property that Vilva (Egregor) is called, and which can be separated from us in the gutter cast. Yes, it will become the very essence of the individual, combining own who were in the lower ranks. » Threw away one of the features of higher own, and so there were Vilva. In the worlds of high Vilva play a minor role, because every one of the inhabitants of these worlds is strong and sharply defined personality. But in the lands inhabited by people covered Vilva whole nations, large and small, covering the entire profession, which included large and small groups of people, coverage of different political and religious groups, and weld them so that each of them as a single unit would be. Vilva welded together various groups of people, but, nevertheless, often Vilva leave one group, gave her break up and tightly linked any part of the collapsed mass ….

And because of these materials can be concluded on the single source of information, which was at the heart of all these stories. Now, let us recall the basic information «Book of Light» on the structure of our reality and struggle of dark and light start, which is the driving force behind the development of the world.

Our Reality

Our world is a yellow sun, but a grain of sand of the universe, the sun and there are whole systems of suns, all the colors of the rainbow shining — the sun purple, pink, green, sun flowers, there we have not seen before, colors, infrared, ultraviolet, and other unknown to us. Their number is infinite, limitless diversity, infinite expanse of space that divides them. All these worlds are nothing compared to the other worlds, beyond our spatial universe lie and boundless diversity. In our universe there is the Golden path that are harmonious worlds, and they go like this: People Leahy, Arlegi, Arana, Worlds glow, World Nirvana Worlds beginnings, World Spiritual Force, World Knowledge, World of Harmony, Peace Spiritual Light, Worlds spiritual heritage, World Law, Worlds of Creation, The World of Truth, Worlds patrons and so on to the highest global rules. Highest in our universe Gods (Perun, Veles, Stribog, etc.) on the goodness of his down and arranged their spaces between space Arlegov and Aran, that is closer to those in need to stretch your camp. Spaces, located along the Golden Way — This is our world three dimensions of space and one of time, space Legs — 16 measurements, space Arlegov — 256, space Aran — 2562 and so on. There are also intermediate spaces — five, seven, twelve, and smaller dimensions. But other than spaces, located on the gold road, there are extraneous spaces: time, space, wandering spirits, to change the images, shadows, sounds, numbers, and the world of madness, which included the most difficult elements of chaos. Spaces, located on the gold road, more harmonized, more complete in its manifestations, than the intermediate spaces, because, although the space of five dimensions there are more possibilities for the development of the spirits, but because of insecurity it often breaks into chaos. Examples of spaces smaller measurements can serve worlds Sounds, Shadow Mirror, forever changing the way in which there are constant metamorphosis. All these spaces are not separate, but interpenetrate each other, so that where one space is raging sea and the other boils noisy fight or forest. The cause of the transition from one space to another is to change lines of spirits and karma. And the endless space, these spaces are separated, are like the streets in the city, where in the form of spirits can meet different worlds, while going into another space they must obey its laws.

Riot Chernobog

Myrna years ago in space Arlegov 256 measurements was ace. Arleg Chernobog, rebelled against the established laws of climbing the Golden Way, and he said: «Let Arlegi subvert the silence from his space to the lower spaces. And then they withdraw the law and compliance for our Seal of Silence with the highest spaces, and opens a clear path to the Golden path, and all the spirits will rise up and become close to God Svarog. » But met resistance in the face of Chernobog Bjelobog guarding the press, and his attempt failed. Then rang on Space rallying cry Chernobog — Legs he called to his aid. Came to his dark Leahy, and came to him unbidden Koschei Arlegi and dark, short, all the dark kingdom flew to him. Can Light Arlegi resist such forces and tore Chernobog first the silence, print knowledge, and knowledge is widely spread over the cosmos. In turn, if the pipe sounded Light Arlegov seeing that they alone can not protect the Seal of Silence — they had called to the aid of all the forces of light. Came to them bright Leahy and Arana did not want to Czernebog fight, considering its free. The call of the Light Arlegov responded and began. They surrounded the whole cosmos Arlegov mystical magic circle comets, and in this space, time has stopped. But another property had a magic circle began — the property is not let a personal alien to him and just throw it all out myself. So were kicked out of him Arlegi dark, and dark Koschei Leahy, and they fell into darkness, and was thrown out of it and light Leahy, and dropped them into his space sixteen measurements. But after luster, splendor and luxury of space Arlegov endlessly gray and dim them their space to show and some of them decided to take it off and try to space Arlegov rise again. Not rely on their own strength, light Leahy called for help Natural forces, and mighty chorea produced attack. But the diamond wall met their mysterious magic circle of comets, and Leahy were discarded. And since now their karma was aggravated by the fact that the higher spirits to fight each other, they used the elemental forces, the forces of the mystical, they could not be kept in a space measuring sixteen and fell in the space of eight measurements. And in space Arlegov continued ACCA. Remain at large Chernobog, and no word of reproach he was told not only excommunicated him from his mystical Arlegi meetings ….

And now, remembering the major events for more information

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The process of creation

In the beginning was unknowable Ra-Ha-M, which was everywhere and there was no place where it was not. He wanted to create something new and appeared in a new reality. Then he pulled away, and there was a void (something) to form a number of infinities. And rushed away into the void of large and small bundles of rays are scattered shower of gold star, forming a sphere in space rules, and moved on. Large rays reached the limit of the first infinity and on the boundary of its overflowed Ocean glittered formed Nav. Very weakened reached the limits of its small rays and went intermittently, then flashing, then extinguished. So they passed through the area of the first ray and spilled Sea forming a brilliant reality. Then came forth from Ramhi emanation, and it filled the Nav and reality, but broke and collapsed part of the Navi, pausing at the limits of the Abyss (Nav divided into light and dark). All are flawed and imperfect becomes infinite as the distance from Ramhi as distancing creates imperfection and imperfection is all that is not original. Because anything coming from Ramhi, brings life, it emerged in the rights of the higher gods. And when it comes to their appeal Ramhi, then they always go in pairs, in the infinity of universes out there and do.

Creator of our universe furnished our heavenly Svarog identified emanation of pure souls higher. Goddess Lada (Locality Giver) created material House. They began to fall on the higher spirits Chaos, who was waiting in the fertilization. And the spirits will fulfill creators and modified the Chaos expanding it to 1) the absolute light, clean, with layers of light simple, 2) ordinary light, 3) fire, 4) water 5) air 6) land, 7) space, 8) time 9) darkness, etc. In the upper part of the universe where he showed the world of rules — there are higher Gods, have put in an absolutely pure light. Govern from the upper world reflected his home — so filled world of fame. At the beginning of the reflected seed fell Svarog and appeared invincible Arana (Gods advocates boundaries between the worlds of the rights and fame). In the light of the world simply Slavi appeared Arlegi and Leahy. The four basic elements, along with other principles have formed the land of peace Reveal, which sheltered embodied spirits of men. In other established principles grown from seeds Svarog spirits temporary causes, and others. There were demons in the darkness. And in absolute darkness, and the darkness simple upadana seeds Svarog and there have extremely powerful spirits that immediately began to struggle with the terrible gloom and darkness, not wanting to stay in the beginning, which is called the mist and darkness, and they wanted to get up and take a seat next Born with God. Those were dark Arlegi, Koschei and dark Leahy. They went up very quickly, but on the way they have not learned to distinguish between good and evil, carrying the persistence of elements of chaos. They went up to as long as not met with Aran, who have vowed not to miss anything in the overlying spaces that have the elements of chaos. Some gods are higher in the worlds of the right to move their camps Aran space below, immediately after Arlegami as close to those in need have wished to be. Chernobog Arlegi and dark, which was not allowed Arana announced to the war, but because of the inability to resist Aran replaced it with a war with inferior spirits and the people they interfere in their rise to the top, thinking thereby to force Aran to the assignment. Has made repeated attempts to break them up, such as during chorea Arlegov in space, but failed, and only then through his demons, they began to seize land from the people who dwell in them.

Away from us is the union of the infinities of strange, is not of our order infinities. And for these infinities Oros, super-separating them from the emptiness, the new super-stretched worlds. One of these worlds inhabited by Nirvana. These creatures at will to reach incredible heights, almost half of infinity equals, and could decrease again in an incredible amount of time, and then they were equal to that being, for which the electron was a giant sun. Full-length straightened giants and rose to his mighty wings invisible, penetrating through infinity, located at the top, and down to the lower classes, we do not understand, then the super-giants remaining, then transformed into an incredibly small. Nirvana so tired of their activities and went into hibernation. Doing nothing, trying not to think about outliving their seasons Nirvana.

Closed space

There, where light does not reach our stars, is the world of cold fire. And there is no night there, and there is light and clear the atmosphere, for the fire, the matter constituting the worlds, without exact boundaries vseochischayuschy, and it always shines its smooth, quiet multicolored paint, vaguely reminiscent of our Northern Lights. And this fire is out there measuring. Body of the inhabitants of these worlds are woven out of the same fire, and they can communicate with each other only by means of a special emanation and by reading the thoughts. And the fiery emanation, as if standing behind Legs, gave people a reason to depict them with wings. And Leahy constantly occupied by other spirits. And though it may seem strange to people, but also the «death», carried by the leagues Elements of Death, there is an absolute good, in response to a call for help. Sometimes, like a breath of Legs sweeps, and then they are going to their mighty giant chorea: a year of 800 Earth years, gather them together, for a total rush the whole cosmos to the upper rise. Then Brown, learning about what is happening in space Legs, throw to break into this chorea, to connect with her, and the total wind power in the top of the break.

And the last time it met chorea. Barely begun to climb Leahy as Koschei, Chernobog and natural forces attacked them. But they have dropped steadily and continued its ascent legs of chorea. Already kerf advance guard in the magical mystical belt of comets, they hacked it, and chorea was ready to enter the arlegovsky space. But there Arlegi and stopped Leahy and again full circle mystery of comets, and broken, with severe injuries to his fallen chorea space. Terrible decline of energy, sadness swept Legs. And they decided to explore space in the other direction, and they flew through space mezhkosmicheskie further and further. Flew to the Dark Kingdom, and asked the spirits of darkness: «What is beyond your space?» Answer the spirits of darkness, «There is nothing.» Leahy asked again — «What is outside the Nothing?» Brown posted: — «Some of us tried to get abroad Nothing, they wrapped themselves haze that could not absorb them nothing, and rushed at him, but none of them returned «. Leahy then decided to follow the example of the Dark — is shrouded in mist and rushed into nothingness. For a long time they were flying, and gradually dissolve Nothing protects their gloom. And they felt that little haze is so small that it is not enough for a return trip. But nothing could be seen ahead, and they all flew on, and almost ended the stock mist, they had seized. But here, as if a giant wall impassable unfolded before them, and they flew along it, and for a long time went by, until opened the gate in front of them, and they came to the area for nothing lying. And once again reached Oros, where they have not met anyone, but they flew farther. And then realize Leahy, that they no longer fall in the lower classes, and in the top of the climb. Moving into a new Oros and see that they found themselves in a space above the space people sprawled, for: deep at the top and bottom of the abyss of the One. Leahy then made an attempt in the other direction to explore space, extending from its macrocosm in the microcosm. They became mysteriously decline, going from one level to the next lower and lower exploring life on elementary particles and found that the atoms are densely populated, like the planets, worlds of the living conscious beings. But here in the next transition, came to them an echo of life of some unknown space and they realized that once again returned to his legs to space. (Our reality has the properties of a Möbius strip). So many worlds highest available, with the positive embodiment of the creature, but as many worlds and negative down the Golden Way is located.


Our entire universe is living by the laws of the laws of rhythm or Rita. Therefore the value of meteorites in the process of transformation of spirits huge. Ritnye various activities for all creatures living spaces are imperative, because only through them can enter into communion with the worlds highest. So rhythms creates a clean atmosphere and facilitates the spiritual uplift of all beings. Often attend the ritual meeting distinguished guests, and their emanations overshadow members Rita. And it does not matter whether there is a prescription from pyrite or not, because the whole thing in the participants and their longing for the heights. Therefore, we can not just use old Rita, but its rhythms set the committed actions. And therefore still creating new Rita for various high goals.


At the beginning of the Earth is a solid, strong incandescent ocean. When it has cooled to a certain extent, were thrown at him some seeds. Formed the initial living matter, but it is arranged in layers. Layer lying deeper in very small quantity, is less then the white rays permeate the sun. This happened a difference in the properties of the layers. When the cooling of the Earth has reached what the temperature is lower than the temperature of the sun, then the seeds of spirits created Svarog, got into the substance. The lines of force of the spirits began to unite around a substance forming the physical body. Due to the constant modification of lines is the development of a shower of various creatures. Since the Earth in the universe and the sun around which the Earth rotates different, this caused the formation of different types of people. And though — the soul of all potentially equal, but the matter is not yet exhausted, people raznstvuyut together.


At a time when our land was lit up not yet managed to turn yellow white sun, settled on the northern mainland four kinds of people: Aryans Hariytsy, Raseny and Svyatoruss. Life expectancy for them was very long, so that they may be considered immortal. However, they died, tired of life, and a wonderful holiday they believed his death, because we knew that it was an easy transition to a new life was. The fight with monstrous beasts to some extent they do harden. The crust then fell, then rose, often subtle way and sometimes very plainly. But when approached big revolution in the spaces of the sky far, when the priests were waiting for the fall to Earth one of its three moons, and as a result of this fall, flooding Daarija mainland, where they lived, they were prepared to relocate to another continent (Eurasia). Migrated kind mentioned that the Supreme God is one, but that at the same time and multiple. It can simultaneously be in untold heights and loved ones on Earth and the Sun, may enter into any creation of their own, be it a person or smallest infusoria, whether the spirit of light, or the spirits of light exists, or a creature that lives on an electron around an atom rotating. And, yet, he is one, as a single person, though it myriads of suns atoms and electrons revolving around them, in which living creatures, people like. In atoms creatures living on the electron, can be the Supreme God, if wills to be. After all, men have more to him than a living creature on the electron. He is everywhere, and where it will, there is blowing. He is all-powerful and can, if it wishes, to cease to exist for us.


In one of the infinities emerged quasi-earth and her quasi-humans — aces eternal life lived. Since in this infinity is not allowed Leahy Death spirits and the like, which may interrupt the life. And there were in the infinity, complete immobility in the worlds, but the life, death is not darkened. Reaching a certain age, men-aces renew their body and become young again, without losing their spiritual attainments. Have been billions of years. Boredom bodily life, longing for an inability to reach that output from the scope of this infinity, captured aces. They took possession of despair. And they found the alleged outcome of his position. With something similar to opium, they have achieved a state in which they threw the bodies of the soul and the body, these remained unchanged in its immobility. They dreamed strange dreams about other worlds infinities of other infinitely great God Rod. And when it was time to wake up, they are in terror unchanging life. And it is time for the Gods by Leahy Defenders appealed to the gods for help steward Assam and got the answer: «Sling entire population of this space where death is possible.» Rejoiced aces. And the gods have thrown all the defenders of the living spaces in our world, which opened wide the door to them.


One dark Arlegov realized that helping others lift themselves and he arrived in the area Irov where had the time, length, width, depth and height but was not. And arriving there, he realized that it is necessary to transfer the weak spirits who Irami called, in the sphere where they are the fourth dimension — depth — can get. And when they were transferred to our infinity, then its threshold set before them their strange gods Higher power mirrors. And they are reflected in these mirrors as having four dimensions, because these mirrors did not reduce the number of dimensions, and to increase them. And get a new dimension, came from Ira mystical mirror and become men. Dark to light up Arleg Arlegam and they offered to stay with them, but the former Dark Arleg decided to go to the Dark Arlegam to, to talk about relocation Irov and preaching he always added, «Do what I do, and you too will rise to light Arlegam «.


Many thousands of years ago, the proportion of people living on the mainland, called the Atlantean. There lived representatives of Red and white people who came from the north. Ants live exceptionally long, many times greater than the longest life of modern man. If the ant died, but when he wanted to go to another world or to visit it. In these cases, the soul left his body atlas, and it burned. Land has not been finally arranged, and human souls infinitely more difficult was the struggle against chaos and Leahy decided to sacrifice — to come down to the people and help them in the fight against chaos and in the dispensation of the Earth. Leahy first rush-light conductors, followed by the remaining digits and Legs (forks, etc.). Golden rain they came down to earth. Went approached Antu and if it was good and clean, and his aura was bright, he was a member and was connected with it. If the ant was angry and his dark aura, it is easy to stand beside, becoming its Legom Guardian. When connected with a person Leahy so strengthened his spirit and soul, protecting them with his astral body, which they compared to the people it was an order of magnitude more powerful (demons is not possible to deal with obsession). Leahy brought tremendous knowledge. This was accompanied by a manifestation of the power of Ants: everyone could hand movement to destroy the enemy. Ants know how numerous worlds that lie behind the cosmos golden-yellow sun, and that, along with this cosmos, there are spaces of various spirits. They knew that the infinite number of infinitely inhabited by intelligent beings. And the main thing that stands above the highest gods Great Ramha which it is impossible to define and which is neither a single epithet, available in the language of spirits and humans. One that can only say, «He is.» Atlanta knew that their most bizarre fantasies are incomplete reflection far in other infinite things, that unearthly worlds and infinity disappear when they passed through the incarnation she dreamed of the spiritual, and disappearing, turning into nothing, which again will ever be Jehovah. And in the vast meadows of their vast forests praised Antes higher gods, no begging, but a lot like remembering.

But not everyone can take into your body alien spirit leg and began to appear on the children of family alliances between people who have a Legs (which by the way was called O-leagues) and ordinary people. The beauty of the daughters of men attracted Legs, like they were looking for in contrast to the latter. Leahy thought his mission done and decided to leave the ground without dropping his human body, and transforming them into the fiery element. But they repeated their traditional mistake, calling upon the elemental forces. On the ground, began terrible hurricane, earthquake. Part of the Ants went to high mountains. And when the day of the disaster, and the elements of releases to land one of its moons (Fatou), then Australia has become, and went Vsesokrushayuschaya wave three times bypassed the land, then the earthquake plunged the continent of Atlantis in the ocean waves. The future generations of ants increasingly obscured consciousness Legs in people’s souls, and gradually, people have lost the memory of its origin.

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The Ethiopian people face

Denounced demons Czernebog of trouble, threatening darkness. So far, nothing has still moving, and moving, it absorbs all encounters. It has absorbed part of darkness and gloom, and a lot of demons, even dark Arlegi have to run away from him and the dark realm of retreats at his approach. Rushed dark Arlegi and deployed its front before nothing. Thundered the worlds Chernobog call for help, and the whole cosmos Arlegovsky rushed to his aid and was with him in the great struggle with nothing. Arlegi thrown in Nothing comet cars and cosmic dust, and nothing has absorbed cast and turn into nothing. Then they threw back the Moon and planets, but nothing has absorbed and, turning them into nothing. And were thrown into Nothing sun and nebulae, but swallowed them and nothing nothing worth. Then thrown into Nothing Blonde Arlegi their mystical sun, but even they absorbed nothing and nothing worth. Then prischlos Arana for help, and were close to the dark and hit Arlegami Arana Nothing in his mystic swords. And there, where the mystical sword blows struck, broke into Nothing mystical lights. There are spirits of Space and stretched filament from the light by the fire, and then came the spirits of Time, time, and rolled its waves on these threads on and on. Nothing stopped, gradually disappearing, and the spirits realize that it is not scary, and one after another began to fly to their limits. Lingered awhile dark Arlegi, but they flew away.

When dark Arlegi in his rise met desolate space lands, they found they forgotten souls of plants and animals. And indignation injustice committed against these creatures are left to vegetate, and abide in a steady state, while all rise up, embraced the dark Arlegov. And they decided to stay with them to create the conditions for their growth. That on those lands not already people greatly facilitated their work. So they decided to create their body of new people. Changed to that of the environment, and had to create new lines of force, which resulted later in the bodies of men, animals. But many of the problems could not solve Arlegi dark, and they appealed for help to Czernebog. With a converted dark Arlegi animal bodies into human bodies with the Ethiopian type of person. But they lacked the ability to distinguish between good and evil, and did not know Chernobog and former dark Arlegi how to invest in them this ability. And they decided to move them to the ground, where people already live, what they would have gained from this ability.


As he tried to light one of Arlegov attract great people of the Jews on the path of Light. But Arana told him: «In vain do you come back! It is useless to preach the doctrine of love. Take them only by force from the ground and transferring to other spaces could try to change them. Only when it will not be on earth these people, it will be possible to think about the triumph of the scientific world there. But he was firm in his decision and said Aran Arleg that he still wants to try. Welcomed his decision Arlegi bright and early, you take from him his mystical sun all that could not make the Earth, told him to leave it, if possible, the intention, which is still out of it will not work, and it is useless it will be a convergence. «No there is no hope — they said — that will enlighten their highest teachings of mysticism, they will not be able to climb up to it …» But was adamant Arleg Light, leaving the greatest, he began to descend further into the gutter. So he came to the area Legs, and they told him, «only darker emanations own Jewish people, and as it may be ideal to individual members, yet, sooner or later, for all of them coming point of no return, when they become materialists.» But despite this, it is also supported his decision to try Leahy lead

Jewish people to the path of Light. And he began to walk among the Jewish people, and he saw many fine young men and women with light impulses, and children with wonderful instincts, who took his teaching (this is precisely what was the mission of Christ, and not to pay other people into slaves of Israel) but each time the materiality Has strong spirituality and eventually prevailed over her.


One of the men decided to get answers to their questions from the God Family. And he began to call for help Lega Death (if the soul has received all of that can be found on Earth, it is easy death confronts a man). Appeared before him, he lay down and said, «You want to go up to God Rod, but you have to die for it! Show the life of the other dimensions it is impossible, not translated soul in the world of other dimensions, and that the transition from the ground only after death is possible. » Asks the man: «In every space, I would have to die to reach God Rod?» «You’ll see what the transition from space to space, the Earth is no other way except through death.» «I’m ready» — and said the man fell dead, and came to the legs of the cosmos. A new multi-faceted and complex than Earth’s, the world spun before his mind’s eye, but his mind is still poorly perceived something new that is this world. Something was coming at him and he avoided giving the road a couple of times but he was not able to move and something strange has gone through it, as the light passes through the glass, without dissecting and pushing it. Then he himself freely and easily passed through him facing the wall, and then felt the utter impossibility go where felt nothing before him: he could not pass through the space where perhaps a little less shine a bright light. This has opened up new feelings. The man who owns his five basic feelings has 16 major and 256 Lega feelings feelings Arlega.

He heard talk among themselves Leahy, but almost nothing is understood. Only when their speeches sounded words, the Earth peculiar available to him their speech became. Man told them that he wanted to climb up to Rod, and Leahy said: «For that you have to die.» «I am ready,» — he says, and once found himself at the dying and Light Arlegov. Let him watch, on the border of their mansions standing, but now very few clear from what is around. In the earthly representation Blonde Arlegi, represented all kinds of ways. The most impossible fantasy that comes to my mind, is nothing but a fragment of the emanations of distant worlds, other infinities, sometimes quite intricately woven set of different worlds and phenomena. But this is not fiction out of nothing is really weak reflections of things.

Raised it even higher Arlegi and peace there is a hundred times more difficult and he did not understand nothing, and all the questions he wanted to ask are childish prattle. He asks them what is Nirvana. Responsible Arlegi: «Nirvana attracts those whose souls are not taken out of the world of evil and sorrow land. Nirvana — no nothing. Nirvana — complete calm, and the manifold forms of sedation. You want to know the future? Look, those would be your future if you do not see it. But once you saw it — you the power to change it. It would be so if you would not have known him, or known it, did not deny it. But once you know the future — you can do that will change it. You have the power to know the future. If you foresee — karma moves away from you. Learn to anticipate, came down again to the earth and, in anticipation, build their lives. » «As of the Earth if I come back with a left?» «As you wish: in the space of land lot. Your life on Earth — part moments of your life in the worlds. Again and again, all the new «land» go of the dead, embodied in the body of five, each time with new feelings and again three new measurements. These transitions will last as long as in the crucible of different lives soul burn in itself all those imperfections that she felt in her body, giving him too much will. And so, as if describing a horizontal giant concentric ovals about our universe, completely new take on the world of the dead, and on each new planet souls enter into new bodies, possessing new five senses and knowledgeable new three dimensions except for the time that does not change all the planets. Life on any of these planets can not be perceived by the inhabitants of our earth. And as long as people, all having the same soul will live unfair life, he rises above all the planets horizontal circles will wander. Each space has its own way of Golden, near lying spaces, and live there, those for which the term ended on one of the planets, or in one of the spaces of the cosmos, but who have not yet reached the necessary for further growth of perfection. With the ardent husband and returned for a new incarnation on earth.

End time of darkness.

Brown put his watch over the world of Midgard-earth people and separated them from the higher spaces impenetrable darkness. The time will come, the galaxy will come out of the zone controlled by the forces of darkness (-2012) and will dissipate the darkness between the earth and the sun. So about Arlegi gathered all on board. Koschei the council said: «Animals of the world, demons are busy with people, and the most stupid and bad are things in common. If people with such a jerk, like demons, unable to cope, it is not what they aspire to the upper? ‘. A Patron Gods Land said, «If you want to help people get rid of the demons. We’re ready. We will make sure that the light of the sun does not abstain from befogging blind and burn people. » Rulers of the Gods said: «When the demons are cast out and go to his gloom, we Gird their mystic circle space, and did not go out of his demons, bearing collapse into human environment. First of all, dark Arlegov, blocking the light from the sun, it is necessary to remove. They will take place at the time of Bright Arlegi, and then they will replace the horizontal part of the circle positioned bright spiral (that is, the filter is placed to reduce the harmful radiation of the sun). » Arana stood against the Dark and said: «Time has passed and the time of light approached, and for you too. You will have to leave. » Answered dark Arlegi: «We are ready, you know, that we ourselves would like to leave. But the sun will burn the people, if our darkness (haze) between the Earth and the sun will not stand. » Otveteli them Arana: «In your place Blonde Arlegi arise and their ethereal bodies unbearable for land hath light. And people do not go blind not burn down, but it will be lighter. » Said dark Arlegi: «As you are late, long before you could come, and we lost to you without a fight. I’m tired of us and the demons, and the people they enslaved. » And everything is decided on as Brown Arlegi depart their place will be bright Arlegi. Then Leahy descend to Earth, and will be included in the bodies of men, and white and red and yellow and black and gray (other than those who will be able to wake up to this point a sleeping consciousness Lega), and they will burn bodies lyarv and demons are in the subtle body people with his pure fire, turning them into ashes. After all, just as our physical body is infected with various parasites (worms, viruses, microbes), and subtle bodies affected by various vices (smoking, alcoholism, drug addiction, lying, adultery, etc.) are the demons in us adopting. And flee in terror from the burning, and not burned bodies and lyarvy demons, but most people will not survive this «cleansing fire.» Who will be many flaws in their mystical combustion temperature physical bodies will rise so much that people will die, as well as from common diseases. Thus, the light of humanity, can not tolerate the smell lyarv and demons begin to revive. Leahy has made the business leave, and will go after them in the land of bright Arlegi and will teach people of different sciences. And after a long hard work will fly Blonde Arlegi, sowing seeds of wisdom. Then descend to the earth and the enigmatic Sphinx, they will not miss new souls to the Earth in order for the land, and will not allow the death of the souls of men to go into parallel spaces. Then fly to Earth Koschei and will teach people that they are now immortal and had no will to live a life of boredom, and if people will start to weigh on earthly existence, they will teach them transferred to the prince of darkness kingdom, there to rest, eating the change. (Koschei already started to lure people to physical immortality, see V. Pyatibrat «Deep Book»). Finally the gods descend to earth advocates and they asked people, «What do you want from us? Want, we forced out of dark? «People answered them:» We would like you to give people faith in the inevitability of a joyful lifting the belief that we should not succumb to seductions cunning prince of darkness and Koshcheev! «Gods answers back:» Do you want a miracle? We can not give it. Even the highest gods will not give you such a miracle. » And people will understand that first of all the person has to want to change and say, «We will fight the prince of darkness. But if they’ve called for help Arlegov and dark elements, we can not cope with them. » Gods will answer back: «Elemental dark we set aside, and with dark Arlegami, bright talk.» And so it will go from Earth Koschei. And only people with the Ethiopian person would not want to change. Then turn Chernobog (he’s basically their patron see above) to the supreme gods with the question: «How to invest in people’s minds with the Ethiopian person distinguish between good and evil that they have not been able to buy, living close to other people?» And prompt Higher Gods him what to do. When, after the strikes began Aran lights in Nothing light and perfume spaces stretched from fire to fire, both milestones, their endless thread, and the spirits of Time rolled on these threads its endless waves went down to nothing higher gods, and created a new universe of all the things what was previously cast in Nothing. But this peace was without population. And the call Chernobog and dark Arlegov the request to teach them how to continue to raise and develop people with the Ethiopian type of person who would be most welcome. And then invite the Higher Gods these people and their teachers to take the newly created spaces, settle and work in them. Offer will be accepted and the transition will take place (the ship at 144,000 beds will carry wanting to a new place of residence).

Postscript: As we can see from the above information, the scenario of contemporary events registered for a long time. He was known in general, not only to our ancestors, but also representatives of other nations. According to the ancient Mayan calendar, the end of our time will come in the day of the winter solstice (December) 2012. Cause future disasters Indians indicate the activity of our sun. But if you carefully read the «Book of Light» we see that the sun itself is not much to change the parameters of their work. Our primary source of energy will remain more or less stable (not so easy to shake this huge and almost perpetual motion). But the flux of radiation coming from the sun to the earth still increase, because the space between the earth and the sun cleared of darkness (as well as the atmosphere of the land is cleared of smog sun shines brighter). Our galaxy’s arm in its rotation falls into a completely different area of space (without dark matter), and this will necessarily lead to climate change. Becomes hotter, but not enough to fry us. Melt the ice, some ground will go under water, but this trouble too can survive. Perhaps there will be other natural disasters, but as said in the «Book of Light», all of them with the overall effort can be resolved. But us personally to everyone, now you need to pay attention to other things to come, the consequences of which will solve all individually. Once the land is to exceed and fall into the area controlled by the forces of light, it will go Leahy and enter into the bodies of people and we all take the «Baptism of Fire» (in the words of the infamous song of «Aria»), «for the fire, the matter constituting worlds Legs vseochischayuschy have … and their bodies are woven from the fire. «

Our physical body is a symbiosis of different living creatures, each of which performs a useful function. For example, microorganisms lodged in the body processes food, other microorganisms involved in the purification of the body, and others provide useful materials for the activities of the body, etc. But there being parasites that destroy our physical body is different viruses, worms, harmful microbes, fungi it.d. Of these parasites should be periodically disposed of, otherwise, if they multiply uncontrollably we die from any serious illness (and if caught himself in time to treatment, it is easily been ill, you can remove the parasites and move on.) Similarly, our energy body is not uniform in composition and is a symbiosis of different energy beings. There are beings with positive energy, but just as well and being parasites that destroy our whole structure. Every person during his life periodically infects the physical body by different viruses, and then during treatment gets rid of them, but just as his subtle astral body picks up energy parasites popularly called demons lyarvami etc.. All our vices drunkenness, drug addiction, smoking, lying, adultery, etc. is the result of the various demons are in our energy bodies and require to meet their needs. But the most important practice of getting rid of these demons have a very poorly developed (almost none), and from this we can not go up, because our energy body, infected with these parasites, pulls us down to hell.

Earth is (as mentioned above) will go into light space and infected devils body, there will simply not be ignored (this is a kind of quarantine). Therefore cleansing leagues our energy bodies of demons, it is a kind of treatment and in whom the parasites at the time there will be little that can easily pereboleet and will live on, but one who in his life has picked up a lot of contagion, the sick will be difficult and many do not stand this internal heat will die (not sustain their physical bodies) and their souls will fall for final treatment in hell (a special unit to clean the fire of the soul). Therefore, until the time we still have (though not many) have to try to get rid of most of their vices, that would be a transition to a new life for us has passed virtually unnoticed and was accompanied by only a slight indisposition. Good luck to all on the way.

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