Cloned animals


This year marks fifteen years after the world learned of the cloned sheep Dolly. Photo story for you today about the lesser-known clones of other animals.


1. When the company «BioArts International» decided to conduct an experiment to clone a dog, the choice fell on the German shepherd dog tracker. On this heroic dog repeatedly written media. September 11, 2001 this heroic dog for almost two days without rest worked in the ruins of New York City shopping center in search of victims. In June 2009 came to light five healthy puppies — Clone Tracker.




2. These white kittens handwork geneticists from South Korea. A team of scientists has created three clones cats with modified DNA. The skin of these animals glows red when exposed to ultraviolet rays. Korean researchers believe that their work will help in the treatment of genetic diseases in humans and animals.



3. This handsome Maine Coon Little Nicky (Little Nicky) is also a clone and was born in September 2004 after the death of seventeen-year old cat Nicky, a senior. The mistress of the old cat is very fond of her pet, and therefore decided to clone, paying him 50,000 dollars. It was the first cloning for commercial purposes.



4. In the Korean customs are six cloned dogs — bloodhounds. Their cloning cost the state 240 thousand dollars. This experiment was caused by the fact that out of all the dogs in only 35 percent of the observed excellent sense of smell and the ability to search for drugs. Among the clones are trained dogs that percentage is much higher and reaches 90.



5. Biologist — a geneticist from Korea Hwang Usok in 2011 demonstrated to the world eight puppies cloned wild coyote. This species is on the brink of extinction.



6. In Dubai, in 2009 came the first cloned camel Inzhas. Scientist — reproductologist Lulu Skidmo calls this work a real breakthrough. According to the scientist, his research will help to reproduce the most productive milch camels and fastest sports camels.



7. These clones oxen were born in 2008 in Japan. Biomaterial for them were the frozen cells, two oxen, who died in 1993.



8. Puppy Snoopy is considered one of the major scientific achievements of 2005. Dog has been cloned from the ear African greyhound scientists from Korea Hwang Usok. Later, the scientist has often been seen in the adulteration of their labors. But the authenticity of the cloning of a puppy confirmed by other famous scientists and geneticists.



9. In the Veterinary College of Texas December 22, 2001 was born shorthair cat — a clone of Sisi. In color baby does not look like his mother. Scientists attribute this to the X-chromosome inactivation. In 2006 she became a mother Sisi, having given birth to four tiny kittens conceived naturally. This is the first cloned animal, has given a full-fledged offspring.



10. Calf in the picture — the result of a double cloning. It was cloned from cells previously been cloned animal.



11. The most famous cloned animal, Dolly the sheep. She was born in July 2006 and lived for a little less than eight years. Animal died from severe arthritis associated with low mobility.



12. The picture shows the Dolly and her creator scientist Ian Wilmut of England.

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