Russian folk costume

Photographs from the collection of Lydia Melnikova «Russian folk costume: Touching the springs.» Collection of Russian costume — the result of repeated enograficheskih expeditions to areas of the Irkutsk region.

Russian folk costume

Collective «Watercolor» in Russian costumes

Russian folk costume

Contemporary dance collective Watercolor. Head Natalya Borodikhin

Kursk and Kharkov province. Russian costume end of XIX century

Russian folk costume

Before going to the fashion show of Russian costume

Choreographic group Watercolors

Russian traditional feminine and girlish clothes

Siberian gatherings in OTsNTiD, July 2008. Fashion show of the collection of «Touching the Spring» Lidia Melnikova.

Russian folk costume

Costume Kharkov province. Maiden bandage

Russian folk costume

Maiden bandage Kursk province Shamshura Russian North and Siberia, female kokoshnik-collection, Nizhny Novgorod bandage (collective work of students of the Irkutsk Polytechnic College)

For explanation of traditional Russian folk costume Ryazan province

Watercolor contemporary dance collective in Russian costumes …

Shamshura (Samshura). Traditional peasant hat Russian North and Siberia

Ryazan Kichko and cervical-pectoral Gaidai

Female kokoshnik-collection

Russian folk costume

For explanation of Smolensk traditional folk girl’s costume. Pestryadinny sundress.

Russian folk costume from the collection of Lydia Melnikova «Russian costume: Touching the Spring»

Russian women’s and girl’s folk costume based on Ryazan, Nizhny Novgorod, Kursk and Kharkov provinces

Showing Russian costume. Watercolor contemporary dance ensemble in Russian costumes

Russian traditional costume. Collection Lidia Melnikova «Russian costume: Touching the Spring»

Based on Russian red sundress

For explanation of the Nizhny Novgorod maiden costume. Teamwork IrPK students. Shirt, sundress, dushegreya-COROT, bandage, necklace.

Russian folk costume. Fashion show of traditional Russian costume in the center of folk art.

Demonstration collection of Russian folk costume in the yard of the Irkutsk center of folk art.

Collection «Russian costume: Touching the springs.» Author of the collection of traditional Russian costume — Lidia Melnikova (Irkutsk)

Russian folk costume from the collection of Lydia Melnikova «Russian costume: Touching the Spring»

Russian folk costume

Ladies Russian costumes Ryazan province

Natalya Borodikhin prepares display of Russian costume (collection Lidia Melnikova)

Russian folk costume

Head choreographic group «Watercolor» (Irkutsk) Nataliya Borodikhin

Melnikov Lydia M.

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