The vedas of the universe and heritage of the ancestors of humanity

The vedas of the universe and heritage of the ancestors of humanity

1. Slavic-Aryan Vedas


Slavic-Aryan Vedas (the «Vedas»), in a broad sense are not exactly outlined circle of ancient documents and Slavic Aryan people, including both well-dated and have authorship of the work, and transmitted orally and written recently folk legends, tales, epics and etc.

In a narrow sense, the Vedas are meant only «Santa Perun Veda» (Book of Knowledge and Wisdom of Perun), consisting of nine books, dictated by our ancestors, the God Perun, our remote ancestors in his third arrival to Earth in an aircraft Wightman 40,009 years ago.

To date, the Russian language is translated and published only the first book of the Vedas.

In general, the Vedas contain deep knowledge of nature and reflect the history of humanity on Earth in the last few hundred thousand years — at least, not less than 600 000 years.

They also provide a prediction of future events Perun to 40,176 years into the future, ie to this day, and another 167 years to come.

Veda on the basis, which were originally recorded, are divided into three main groups:

— Santa — is a plate of gold or other precious metal that is resistant to corrosion, which is applied by stamping text characters and filling them with paint. Then, these plates shall be three rings in the form of books or processed in salary and oak framed in red cloth;

— Harati — are sheets or rolls of high quality parchment with texts;

— Volhvari — the wooden planks with carved or written texts.

The oldest known documents — is Santa.

Originally it was «Santa Vedas Perun» called the Vedas, but they have a mention of the other Vedas, which even then, that more than 40 000 years ago, called the Old Ones and which today either lost or stored in secret places, and yet for some reason not disclosed.

Santee reflect the deepest ancient knowledge. You could even say that they are the repository of knowledge.

Incidentally, the Indian Vedas — is only part of the Slavic-Aryan Vedas, sent to India by the Aryans around 5000 years ago.

The vedas of the universe and heritage of the ancestors of humanity

Harati were usually copies of Santa or perhaps extracts from Santa, for a wider use in priestly environment. The oldest Harati — a «Harati Light» (Book of Wisdom), which were recorded 28,736 years ago (or, more precisely, from August 20 to September 20, summer 26 731 BC). As Harati record easier said than done chasing Santa on gold, the vast chronological information recorded in this form. For example, Harati called «Avesta,» were recorded at 12,000 cowhide 7513 years ago with the chronology of the war Slavic-Aryan peoples from the Chinese.

The conclusion of peace between the warring parties was called The Creation of the World, Star Temple (S.M.Z.H.). A star temple called summer in our old calendar, which was signed this world. In the chronology of the Earth, this was the first World War, and the event was so awesome, and the victory is so vital to the white race, which was the starting point for the introduction of a new era.

Since then, all the white people thought the summer of creation. And this calendar was abolished only in 1700 by Peter I Romanov, who forced upon us the Byzantine calendar, because only through the Byzantine Empire Romanovs came to power.

But she «Avesta» was destroyed by Alexander the Great, at the instigation of the Egyptian priests, in order to Creation of the World, Star Temple does not shed light on the «creation of the world» as described under their dictation in the Bible.

Among volhvarey be called «Vlesovu Book», written (perhaps gradually and multiple authors) on wooden boards and reflect history of Southeast Europe for a thousand years before the baptism of Kievan Rus.

Volhvari intended for the Magi — our ancient clergy conservatives, hence the name of the documents. Volhvari methodically destroyed the Christian Church.

In ancient times the Slavic-Aryan people, there are four main messages — one for each main genera of the White Race.

The oldest of the surviving documents, ie Santa, were recorded h’Ariyskimi Ancient Runes or runes, as they are called. Ancient Runes is not letters or characters in our modern sense, but a kind of secret images that convey a huge amount of ancient knowledge. They include dozens of characters to be written by a common feature, which is called heaven. Warning signs and numbers, and beech, and the individual objects or phenomena — or frequently used, or very important.

In ancient times, runes h’Ariyskaya served as the main base for the creation of simplified forms of writing: the ancient Sanskrit, the Devil and cuts, Devanagari, Norse runes, and more. She, along with other writings Slavonic-Aryan Clans, also became the basis of all modern alphabets, beginning and ending with drevneslavyanskago Cyrillic and Latin. So, not to Cyril Methodius invented our letter — they have only created one of its convenient options that were caused by the spread of Christianity in the Slavic languages.

It should be added that the Slavic-Aryan Vedas keep clerics custodians or Kapenov-Ynglings, ie Keepers of the Ancient Wisdom, the Slavic-Aryan pagan temple (temple) Ancient Russian Orthodox Old Believers Church Ynglings. Exact storage nowhere indicated as our Ancient Wisdom certain forces tried to destroy for the last thousand years. Who ends up being the action of these forces, and the keepers of the Vedas began to translate them into Russian and publish.

To date, with the reductions translated only one of nine books «Santa Perun Veda». But it is — in the narrow sense of the Vedas. In a wider sense, the Vedas pieces stored in different places all the white people — descendants of Slavic-Aryan Clans who first inhabited the Earth. Incidentally, it should be noted that Ingle (hence the name of the church of the Old Believers) — is a stream rather energy in all its forms, which comes from a single, incomprehensible God, the Creator of Ra-M-Hi. This flow occurs in the center of the cluster of matter in the formation of galaxies and is associated with the birth of stars.

Except Ra-M-Hee Our ancestors worshiped their ancestors and curators, whom also considered gods.

They also devised a special way that allows the focus and the will of many people to control the forces of nature, for example, to call the rain (and people — like little gods, so they for great things you had to combine their will and mental energy.)

These images are also called gods. Thus, our ancestors were three kinds of gods, led by those whom they called Ra-M-Hoy.

2. Our Galaxy

First you need to remember that the visible part of our galaxy is a disk diameter of 30 kpc, which contains about 200 billion stars, which are grouped in four curved sleeves.

We can see the Galaxy summer nights edge in the form of the Milky Way.

The word «galaxy» comes from the word grecheskago «galactik’s» — milky. Therefore, our observations (even with telescopes and radio telescopes) galactic arms are virtually inaccessible to modern science believes that there are only two.

In fact, four of them and our ancestors knew for sure. Widely used of swastikas (discredited by the Nazis) — this is the sign for our galaxy. There are also relevant in the Ancient Rune h’Ariyskom letter indicating the object universe.

Our galaxy is not always existed and will always exist. Galaxies in the universe are born out of the primary foremothers (ether), and passing cycle, dying to once again give birth to new galaxies, as is done with grass or leaves of trees during the summer.

In other words, the universe is the fluctuation of matter in space and time, and the universe is always there.

The cycle of development of any galaxy is described in detail in the aforementioned «The Book of Wisdom.» Such a description is found in the ancient document from India Blavatsky used to write his book, «The Secret Doctrine».

Life is immanent to all forms of matter at all levels of scale and appears at certain stages of its evolution. Similarly, it is manifested in the formation of matter in the form of stars and planets in the organic form in which we know it.

But intelligent life capable of self-propagation from one star to the planet planets of other stars, as it develops, the accumulation of a critical mass and achieve a certain level of technical progress, in which the possibility of building interstellar spaceships.

It is obvious that with the beginning of our galaxy, the stars began to light closer to the center. Therefore, life in the organic form was first born (or, more precisely, the apparent) there.

Consequently, the highest level of spiritual and physical development reached the people who live closer to the center of the galaxy and must appear to us by the Gods.

3. Solar system

Our solar system is located in the Orion arm closer to the periphery of the galaxy, at a distance of about 10 kpc from the center.

Therefore organic life on it could come in two ways: samozaroditsya or to be listed higher civilization from the stars, which are closer to the center of the galaxy.

Vedas tell that people appeared on Earth by their migration to large spacecraft Vaitmar with planets of other star systems.

And on Earth at that time were only plants and animals, but the monkey who did not manage to level proevolyutsionirovat intelligent beings, what are the people.

Our ancestors had more accurate information not only on the Galaxy, but also about our own solar system than we have now.

In particular, they were well aware of its history and its structure. They knew that a part of our solar system, called the System Yarily-Sun, has 27 planets and large asteroids called Earth.

Our planet is called Midgard-Earth, in the name of which now have only the generic name — the Earth.

Other planets may have different names:

Earth Horse (Mercury)

Shimmering Earth (Venus)

Oreya Earth (Mars)

Land Perun (Jupiter)

Stribog Earth (Saturn)

Land of Indra (Chiron, the asteroid 2060),

Land Varuna (Uranus)

Land of (Neptune)

Land Wii (Pluto).

Destroyed more than 153 000 years ago, Earth Day’s now called Phaeton, was there, where now is the asteroid belt — between Mars and Jupiter.

Top of the Earth was populated by people on Mars and Dee were already navigatorstva space station and communication of our ancestors.

Only recently it was reported that Mars once had indeed Sea and possibly the planet was habitable.

Other planets in the solar system is still not known to our astronomers (in parentheses are the periods of revolution around the Sun in Earth years):

Land of Veles (46.78) — between Chiron and Uranus

Land Semargl (485.49)

Earth one (689.69)

Lada Land (883.6)

Land Udrzetsa (1147.38)

Land Radogosta (1952.41)

Land of the Torah (2537.75)

Land of Provence (3556)

Croda Earth (3888)

Polkan Earth (4752)

Land of the Dragon (5904)

Rugiya Earth (6912)

Chura Earth (9504),

Dogody land (11664)

Earth Dime (15,552).

In another look, and the system of the Earth and his companions, which our ancestors called Moons.

Midgard-earth first had two of the Moon — the current month now with a period of 29.3 days and Lelia a period of 7 days (it probably went to seven-day week).

About 143 000 years ago, our world was transferred from the lost Moon Fattah Dei and is located between the orbits of the Month and Lely with a period of 13 days.

Lelia destroyed in the summer of 109 806 BC, and Fattah — in the summer of 11,008 BC as a result of earthlings sverhmoschnago weapons, which led to the world’s disasters and dregs of humanity back to the Stone Age.

Runetotem According to the chronicles, 300,000 years ago, the appearance of the Midgard-Earth was completely different.

The Sahara was the sea. Indian Ocean — the land. Gibraltarskago Strait was not.

Rusko on the plains, where Moscow is located, was the Western Sea.

In the Arctic Ocean was a large continent Da’Arias. A copy card Daarija, which was copied in the year 1595 Merkaterom the wall of one of the pyramids in Giza (Egypt).

Western Siberia filled West Sea. In Omsk was a large island of Buyan. Daar linked to the mainland by the Isthmus of mountain — Riphean (Ural) mountains.

The Volga River flows into the Black Sea. And, most importantly, the planet had no tilt on its axis and has a warm and mild climate in northern latitudes than at present. .

4. The Great War in the Galaxy

Midgard-Earth is almost the Line, which separates the central, favorable for life of the galaxy, from the peripheral part of it, in which there is a shortage of natural resources, and most importantly, energy (Ingle).

All of these shortcomings are clearly seen, even within our planet: at the poles — the cold and the ice at the equator — the heat and the desert, in the middle latitudes — appearing with a period of 25,920 years because of the precession of the Earth’s glaciers, forcing people to migrate and animals.

And even in the same place for a summer is a cold winter, the rainy season, the summer heat. People have to do for the winter supply of food, firewood, warm clothing.

As a result, on a plan Chernobog, fighting for the good site residence, timber, oil, coal, gas, metals, etc. field, ending conflicts and wars, including world.

At the same time, closer to the center of the galaxy have planets have several suns, their entire surface is uniformly heated, including the nucleus of the galaxy, people do not need space heating, warm clothes, do not suffer from lack of food and water.

All their activities are focused on the right kind of extension, to care for their neighbors, the accumulation and transfer of knowledge, the development of spirituality.

Slavic-Aryan Vedas tell that in the universe there are many worlds — both on our scale level, and on the other, including a very, very low levels.

The transition of the living sentient being from one world into a more subtle world is possible only with the loss of the dense body, and only with the development of increasingly high spirituality.

Therefore, there is the so-called Golden Path of Spiritual Development, which has its own laws related to, first of all, the availability of knowledge.

The Vedas say that in ancient times Chernobog decided to bypass the Universal Laws of climbing the Golden Way of Spiritual Development, remove Security Seals with the Secret of the Ancient Wisdom of his world for the worlds lowest in the hope that by the law of God will be taken off for him Compliance Security Seals from the Secret of the Ancient Wisdom the worlds highest.

Glorious belbogs united Light Forces to defend the divine law, as a result, the Great untied Assa — a war against the dark forces of the lower realms. Light Forces won, but part of Ancient Knowledge still hit the lower realms.

Having gained knowledge, representatives of these worlds began to climb the Golden Path of Spiritual Development.

However, they are not able to distinguish between good and evil, and began to try to enter the baser forms of life in the border region with the world of darkness, where she Heavenly Halls (constellation) Mokos (Big Dipper), Rada (Orion), and race (Greater and Lesser Lion).

That dark forces were unable to penetrate the bright Earth Gods defenders was established protective abroad, which has passed through the Earth and the stars of the Halls, as well as through the worlds of Reveal (our world), Navi (the world of the dead) and the right (the world of the gods.)

Our planet is also on this line, and humanity has witnessed and participated in wars.

5. Our ancestors

In ancient times, the Midgard-Earth was at the intersection of space eight paths that linked the inhabited earth in nine Halls of Light Worlds, including Abode race, inhabited only by representatives of the Great (White) Race or Rasichi.

At the time, representatives of the White Humanity is first occupied and obzhili Midgard-Earth.

The ancestral home of many of our ancestors is the solar system with the sun in the Zlata Abode Race.

Births of White people living on Earth in the solar system, it was his Dazhdbog-Sun (now — Beta Lion or Denebola).

It is called Yarovelikim Zlata Sun, it is more for exposure to bright light flux, the size and mass than Yarylo-Sun.

Zlata revolves around the Sun-Earth Ingard, the period of which is 576 days.

Ingard Earth has two Moons: Most of the moon with an orbital period of 36 days and Small Moon with a period of 9 days.

The system Zlata Sun on Ingard-earth there is a biological life, similar to life on Midgard-earth.

In one of the battles of the Great Assy at the above Vaitmar the Line ship carrying migrants — including Ingard Earth, was damaged and forced landed on Midgard-earth.

Vaitmar down to the northern continent, which was named the star travelers Daar (Gift of the Gods Gift of Aryans).

On Vaitmar were four genera Allied Lands of the Great Race: Childbirth Aryans — and h’Ariytsy da’Ariytsy; Childbirth Slavs — Russ and Svyatoruss. These were people with white skin and the growth of more than 2 meters, but there were differences in growth in hair color, the color of the iris, and blood group.

Da’Ariytsy had silver (gray, steel), the color of eyes and light brown, almost whitish hair.

H’Ariytsy had green eyes and light brown hair.

Heavenly (blue, cornflower blue, lake) color of eyes and hair from whitish to dark-brown were at Svyatoruss.

Rassam had fire (brown, light brown, yellow) eyes and dark brown hair.

Eye color depends on what kind of sun light to people of these genera on their home ground in the course of their evolution. Aryans differed from Svyatoruss Russenia and by the fact that he was able to recognize where the false information (Injustice), and where — true. This was due to the fact that the Aryans had experience fighting the dark forces, protecting the Earth.

After repairs Vaitmar, the crew flew (ie returned «to heaven»), and some stayed on Midgard-Earth as the planet they liked, and many of them, by the time of departure, time to be born «earthly» children. Those who remained on the Midgard-earth were called aces. Aces — the descendants of the heavenly gods living on Midgard-earth. A further area of settlement was called Asiey (after Asia), since it was originally settled by Asa. After the settlement, there were also names «Russenia», «Rasichi.»

This was followed by migration to the Ingard-earth people of the white race on Midgard-Earth, Daar. Resettled people in Midgard-earth remembered their ancient homeland and called themselves not only as «Dazhdbogovy grandchildren,» ie, descendants of the Clans of the Great Race, which lived under the glow Dazhdbog-Sun. Living on the Midgard-earth were called the Great Race, and those living on Ingard-Earth — ancient race.

6. Different people

On Midgard-earth people live with a different skin color and a certain territory of residence.

Earthly humanity has ancestors who came to the Midgard-Earth at different times from different Halls of Heaven and have their skin color: Great Race — white, of the Dragon — yellow, Fiery Serpent — red; Gloomy Heath — black Pekelnogo World — gray.

Allies of the White race in a battle with the forces of darkness were people from the Hall of the Great Dragon. They were allowed to live in the world by providing a space in the South East, the rising of the sun-Yarily. This is — a modern China.

Other allies, people in the Hall of the Fire Snake, determined the place on land in the West (Atlantic) Ocean. Later, with the coming to them Births Great Race, the land became known as Antlan, ie Land of Ants. The ancient Greeks called it Atlantis. After the death of Antlan 13 000 years ago, the righteous people on the Redskins Vaitmar transported to the Americas.

In ancient times the possession of the great country of black people covered not only the African continent, but also part of the Indian subcontinent.

Rasichi once rescued some people with black skin, dying on various lands in the Halls Dismal wasteland devastated by the forces of darkness, by resettling them on the continent of Africa and India. Then part of the Black People rescued from the lost planet Dei. Indian tribes of Dravidian and Negro belonged to the Naga people and worshiped the Goddess Kali Ma — Black Mother Goddess and the Black Dragons.

Their rituals were accompanied by bloody human sacrifices. Therefore, our ancestors gave them the Vedas — the sacred texts, now known as the Indian Vedas (Hindu). Upon learning of the eternal heavenly law — such as the Law of Karma, reincarnation, Reincarnation, Rita and others — they refused obscene things.

All of the above people though they differ in color, but have the same genotype.

Gate of the Great Race and other peoples and tribes in the Midgard-earth program, are pekelnogo world, secretly getting on Midgard-Earth, so their territories to be determined. In the Vedas, they are called the stranger, and the places of their primary habitat — hell.

As indicated by the Vedas, they had gray skin, eyes the color of darkness, were originally androgynous (hermaphrodites), could be a woman or man (depending on the phases of the moon changed their sexual orientation). Create all sorts of false religious cults. Hankered after all someone else’s. All their thoughts were only about power.

The purpose of the foreigners — to disturb the harmony prevailing in the world of light and destroy the descendant of Heaven and the Great Race, as only they can give them a fitting rebuff. Gray men arrived on Midgard-earth in small amounts at different times. But in large numbers, as evidenced by the Vedas, the last time they arrived about 6000 years ago and took the vacant land on the island of Sri Lanka.

The leaders called Strangers Koshcheev that use gray men for their own purposes. Outsiders have a different genotype, as originally bisexual. But iriniruya (mixing of genes and field level) between the rest of the people, they have turned into gay things, but having a large enough layer of individuals with genetic disorders and sex (homosexuals, lesbians, sadists, masochists, mentally retarded, etc.) Because a steady blur genetic foundation of other nations.

The desire for dominion over others as a result of the mixing of peoples and should be considered by society as pathology.

7. The gods of our ancestors

On Midgard-Earth repeatedly came Gods (patrons, curators, ancestors of humans), and talked with the descendants of the Great Race, giving them wisdom (history and precepts of the Ancestors, knowledge of growing crops, the device community life extension childbirth, parenting, etc.) .

Passed 165,032 flight from the time when the Goddess Tara visited Midgard-Earth. She is the younger sister of God Tarh, nazvannago Dazhbog (who gave the ancient Veda).

North Star in the Slavic-Aryan people in the name in honor of this beautiful Goddess — Tara (and, possibly, on the contrary, if a woman had flown with the star).

Tarkh was a patron (curator) of Eastern Siberia and the Far East, and Tara — Western Siberia. Were known as the territories — Tarhtara, pereinachennye descended into Tartarus, and then migrated to the name of the people of the Tatars.

More than 40 000 years ago from Urai-Earth in the Hall of the Eagle at Svarog (Sky) Circle, third visit to Midgard-Earth God Perun. Patron god of warriors and many genera of the Great Race. -God of Thunder, managing lightning, the son of God Svarog and Lada Virgin.

After the first three celestial battle between light and darkness, when the defeated forces of Light, God Pe-Rune-Midgard descended to earth to tell people of the events and what is in store for the future of the Earth, the coming of the dark times.

Dark times, it is a period of life when they no longer honor the gods of heaven and live canon and begin to live by the laws that they impose representatives pekelnago world.

They teach the people themselves to make laws and live by them, and thus, contribute to the life, lead to the degradation and destruction.

There is a legend that God Perun several times visited the Midgard-earth to tell the Secret Wisdom of the Elders and Priests Clans of the Holy Race, how to prepare for a dark, serious times, when our sleeve Svastichnoy galaxies will pass through the space, subordinated to the forces of the dark worlds of hell .

At this time the bright gods drop out of their people, as they do not invade other people’s space forces subordinate to these worlds.

With the arms of our galaxy from these spaces, bright gods will visit again Childbirth Great Race. Start light time begins in summer 7521 from Sacred S.M.Z.H. or in the summer of 2012.

Then on the Midgard-Earth arrived Dazhdbog — Tarkh Perunovich God, God the Keeper of the ancient Great Wisdom. Was called Give-god (giving God) for what gave them the Great Race and the descendant of the Heavenly Nine Santee (books). These Santee were recorded by ancient runes and contained the sacred ancient Vedas, the Commandments Tarh Perunovicha and his teachings.

All residents in the various worlds (in galaxies, star systems) and on the ground, where representatives of ancient family, living up to the Ancient Wisdom, childbirth and the foundations of the Rules, which adheres to Rod.

After visiting tarhi Perunovichem God of our Ancestors, they began to call themselves «Dazhdbogovy grandchildren.» Our Ancestors visited many other gods.

8. The death of the moon Lely

First Great Flood occurred as a result of the destruction of the moon Lely, one of the three moons revolve around Midgard-Earth.

Here’s how to tell the ancient sources about this event:

«Chad, you are mine! Know walks the Earth by the Sun, but my words will not pass by you! And about ancient times, people, remember! Of a great flood, to exterminate the people of the fall on the mother land of fire! «

(«Bird Songs Gamayun»).

«You live on Midgard quietly for a long time, has established itself as the world … I remember the deeds of the Vedas Dazhdbog he violated an Koshcheev strongholds that were nearest the moon … Tarkh not allowed to destroy the insidious Koshcheev Midgard is destroyed … Deyu

These Koschei, the rulers of the Grays, vanished along with the Moon in is paid off … But luchasti Midgard freedom Daar, hidden … The Great Flood Waters of the Moon that Flood had done, on earth from heaven they fell rainbow, because the moon was split into parts and Ratiu in Svarozhich Midgard down … «

(«Santee Perun Veda»).

Once on Midgard-Earth hit the water and debris of the destroyed moon Lely, changed not only the appearance of the Earth, and temperature on the surface, since the beginning of its axis pendulum swings. Started a great chill.

However, not all children of the Great Race Births and Rod Heaven died with Daar. People have been warned about the high priest Savior coming from the death Daarija of Great Flood, and started to move in advance of the Eurasian continent.

It was organized 15 settlement of Daarija. For 15 years people have moved in, the Stone of the isthmus between the Eastern and Western seas to the south.

It is now known the name Stone, Stone Belt, Riphean and the Ural Mountains. 111,812 years ago, there was their complete resettlement.

Part of the people escaped by climbing on small aircraft Wightman to Earth orbit and back after the flood back.

Other move (teleport) through the «gates mezhdumirya» in the halls of the Bear in possession da’Ariytsev.

After the Great Flood of our great ancestors inhabited a large island in the East Sea, called Desperado. Now it is in Western and Eastern Siberia.

Hence began the resettlement of the Holy (White) Race in nine of the compass. Blessed land of Asia, or the Holy Land Race — an area of modern Western and Eastern Siberia from Rhipaean mountains (the Urals) to h’Ariyskago Sea (Lake Baikal). This area is called Belorechye, Pyatireche, Seven Rivers.

The name «Belorechye» comes from the name of the river Iriy (Iriy quietest, Il-quiet, Irtysh), which was considered a White, pure, sacred river and along which our ancestors first settled.

After the retreat Zapadnago and Eastern seas, the Great Race Births occupied lands, formerly sea floor. Pyatireche — land, washed by the rivers Irtysh, Ob, Yenisei, Angara and Lena, where they gradually dispersed.

Later, when there was a warming after the First Great cooling and glacier retreated, the Great Race Genera also settled along the rivers Ishim and Tobol. Since Pyatireche turned to Seven Rivers.

With the development of the land east of the Ural Mountains, each received an appropriate name.

In the north, in the lower reaches of the Ob River, between the Ob and the Ural Mountains — Siberia.

Further south, on the banks of the Irtysh, is, in fact, Belovodye.

Eastern Siberia, on the other side of the Ob is Lukomorye.

Located south of Lukomorye Yugor that comes to Erie Mountains (Mongolskago Altai).

The capital of our ancestors at the time was the city of Erie Asgard (Ac — God, New York — a city together — the city of the Gods), which was founded in the summer of 5028 of Great Migrations of Daarija Russenia in the feast of the Three Moons Taylet month, the ninth day 102 summer Krugoleta Chisloboga — ancient calendar (104,778 summer BC).

Asgard was demolished in the summer of 7038 from S.M.Z.H. (Summer 1530 AD) Dzungaria — come from the northern provinces of Arima (China).

Old men, women and children hid in the caves, and then went to the monasteries. Today, in place of Asgard is the city of Omsk.

In memory of the deliverance from the Flood, and the great migration of the Great Race in Genera 16th summer appeared peculiar rite — Paskhet with deep inner meaning, committed people and all Orthodox Christians.

This ceremony is all too familiar. On Paskhet dyed eggs collide with each other, checking, whose egg stronger. Broken egg called egg Koshcheev, ie Cherish shattered moon with databases of strangers, and the whole egg called force Tarh Dazhdbog.

In use also appeared Koshchei tale of immortal, whose death was in the egg (on the moon Lele) somewhere on the top of a tall oak tree (actually in heaven).

As a result, the first cold snap of the Great Northern Hemisphere Midgard-ground for a third summer was covered with snow. Because of the lack of food for people and animals began Great Migrations descendent of heaven beyond the Ural mountains that protect the western frontier Holy Russenia.

H’Ariysky Rod led by the Great Leader came to the invariant of the West (Atlanticheskago) Ocean by Wightman crossed to the island in the ocean, in which lived the beardless people with skin the color of a flame of fire Svyaschennago (people with red skin).

In the land built houses of the Great Leader (temple) Trident God of the Seas and Oceans (God Nia), who patronized the people, protecting them from the forces of evil. The island became known as Earth or Antlan Ants (in ancient Greek — Atlantis).

9. The death of the moon Fattah

However, the lives of our ancestors in the Midgard-earth underwent another test.

As the Vedas, the great wealth otumanil head chiefs and priests. Laziness and the desire of others overshadowed their mind.

And they began to lie to the gods and the people began to live by their own laws, in violation of covenants Wise ancestors and the laws of God, the Creator of the One.

And they began to use the power of the elements (possibly the gravitational weapons) Midgard-ground to achieve their goals.

13,013 years ago in a battle between the people and priests of the White Race Antlan Moon Fattah was destroyed. But in this case, a huge piece of Fatty crashed into the Earth, resulting in a change in the inclination of the Earth’s axis 23 degrees and changed the continental shape (hence — the modern word «fatal»).

Jarilo-Sun has to pass through to the other Heavenly Halls Svarog Circle. The huge wave went around the earth three times, which led to the death of Antlan and other islands.

Increased volcanic activity has led to the pollution of the atmosphere, which was one of the reasons for the cooling and glaciation. It took many centuries before it was cleaned atmosphere, and the glaciers retreated to the poles.

After the death of Antlan, righteous Race Pure Light Wightman moved to the territory of the Great Country Ta-Chemie, which is east of Antlan and south of the Great Venei (Europe).

Tribes lived there with skin the color of darkness (negros) and tribes with skin the color of the Setting Sun — the ancestors of some Semitic peoples, especially the Arabs.

Ta-Kem — so the old country, which existed in the north of the African continent, in the territory of modern Egypt.

From ancient Egyptian lore know that this country was founded by nine White Gods who came from the North.

Under the White Gods, in this case, white-skinned priests hiding — dedicated to the ancient knowledge. They certainly were Gods for Negroid population of ancient Egypt. The Greeks called them the Cimmerians.

White Gods created the state of Egypt and handed over to the local population sixteen secrets:

ability to build homes and churches,

mastery of the technique of agriculture,





martial art





secrets of embalming,

secret science

institution of the priesthood,

Institute of Pharaoh

use of natural resources.

All of this knowledge from the Egyptians were the first dynasties. Four clans of the Great Race, one after another, were taught the Ancient Wisdom of new Priests. Their knowledge was so vast, so you can quickly organize into a powerful civilization.

The term of a state known for Egypt — 12-13000 years ago. Route the white priests were in Egypt, is now known: Belovodye (Russenia) — Antlan (Atlantis) — Ancient Egypt.

10. Antsky Union and snakes shafts

In what part of the Clans of the Great Race because of severe drought has moved to the lower reaches of the Danube River, and then — the Middle Dnieper. In these territories, there was a powerful Antsky Union, whose name speaks for itself.

On medieval maps called Kievan Rus Antes tribes living in the forest steppe zone along the 50th parallel from Western Ukraine to Don.

Time of their existence by references in historical sources — from the summer of 375 (the first mention of antah) in summer 602 (the last mention of antah) BC But a more objective sources based on carbon analysis, the so-called dragons shafts show that Antsky Union existed, at least millennium.

Shaft length snakes — about 1,000 kilometers (some estimate their length reaches up to 1500 and even 2000 km), which is comparable with the length of the Great Wall. Shaft depth — 200 km.

They were built with the II century BC to VII century AD, that is, a thousand years. More than 600 km of shafts held by Drevlyane earth (shingles from the south), and the rest — in Polyana (length shafts in the Kiev area is 800 km).

And the interesting thing: first residents of the two shafts were built like and land separately (first shafts located just 60 kilometers from Kiev), but both lines of shafts methodically moved to the south. This means that they have had one owner.

Moreover, the shafts were built on a single plan in both lands, and with the IV century, they were docked. Shaft as fast Zhitomir 120 km was built at all straightforward, thus protecting, two land immediately.

At that time in Europe rampaged Huns. Hun king Attila defeated emperors of Constantinople and Rome, the Pope before him could hardly beg mercy.

He was stopped only in the summer of 451, 200 km from Paris (at the time — Lu). Huns conquered dozens of kingdoms, but Antsky Union then could not conquer!

Thus, the first half of the first millennium was filled with struggle Antskogo alliance against Sarmatian, Gothic, Hun and Avar aggression, which, strictly speaking, is constructed serpents shafts.

From this we can also conclude that Rod Antskogo Union living in the forest-steppe zone, were settled and peaceful, but always fighting for their independence.

Only the Christianization of the Slavs and the division of the Christian church and the Catholic Faithful split Antsky Union in two.

From the eastern part, after coming from the north of Rurik, Kievan Rus was formed, and from the west — a number of Central European Slavic countries.

Names such countries as bulg-Air (Bulgaria), Hung-Air (Hungary), speak for themselves in favor antsko-ariyskago origin.

Slavic they considered, apparently, from the right-Slavia, which spiritually united as Aryan and Slavic birth.

In Slavic Births in Antskogo union were related languages that survived until now.

According to modern linguistic data, the Ukrainian language closest Belarus (84% lexical matches), Polish (70% lexical matches), a little further Slovak and Czech, belonging to the same subgroup.

The Russian language the closest Bulgarian (73% matches), Serbian (66%), slightly less than Croatian, Macedonian and Slovenian, which constitute the second subgroup. The Ukrainian and Russian 62% of the total vocabulary (44% of total morphemic morphemic and 18% similar).

The author of this article in full «shoveled» Polish-Russian Private dictionary 10 000 words. It was found that between the Ukrainian and Polish words of the dictionary has 96% similarity, while that between the Ukrainian and Russian — only 80%.

The remaining 4% of the words of the Polish language are either German or English, or drevnepolskogo origin.

11. Ukraine — the successor of Atlantis

After falling to the ground and a huge piece of Fatty shift its axis, for thousands of years there was a transition, ie, oscillation, when, after a global cooling that were local cooling, then warming duration at 300-500 years.

During these warming events in Egypt observed drought. During one of these droughts are not living there at the best land Antes moved north, to Europe, to their relatives. They settled in the Danube basin and the middle Dnieper.

Thus, the modern Ukraine is the successor state, which was in Atlantis. This is indicated by many facts.

1. This, as mentioned above, directly speak Slavic-Aryan Vedas.

2. This is evidenced by Old Slavic name of Atlantis — Antlan (land Ants), because it is the Ukrainian word «lan» just means arable, and in a broader sense — a fertile, rich soil or land dwelling, because people are not infertile lands settled.

3. Byzantine historians called the Eastern Slavs Antes.

4. In the first half of I millennium BC in South-Eastern Europe existed Antsky powerful union. Later Eastern Antskogo Union turned to the Kievan Rus, and its main land — in present-day Ukraine.

5. We have plenty of names such as Anton Antonov.

6. In addition, the chief god of Atlantis (Antlan) was the god of the sea states with a trident (the Egyptians — Poseidon, and the Greeks — Neptune). Apparently, the trident was the emblem of the rulers and Atlantis. Trident — the main element of the coat of arms of Kiev Russia and now Ukraine.

7. Furthermore, Ukrainian half different from Russian grammar. If we consider that the grammar is changed to 2-5% in a thousand years, the need for such a change from 10 000 to 25 000 years, which could occur with a single primary language of our ancestors, when they moved to the part of Atlantis.

At the same time, be aware that it has been around 2000-3000 years from the time that the Antes returned to the territory of today’s Ukraine, then, went the convergence of Russian and Ukrainian languages (ie, the reverse process).

Russian as the language was brought to the main cities of Kievan Rus Ruric, their entourage, traders and other migrants from the north. So he was the official language of Kievan Rus. And in villages and remote towns to speak Ukrainian.

8. Then the name of the country «Ukraine» (the edge) does not fit with the central position of the settlers in Europe. Rather, the name refers to the settlements of the Slavs by the sea, on the island, that is, in Atlantis. From there it migrated here, having lost its primary importance. Those Slavs called ukr’inami, stole-intsami, from what has gone, apparently, the name of the modern country — Ukraine.

9. The reality of Atlantis and the flood (the evidence to date is so much that there is no doubt as to their reality).

10. The reality of a great drought in Egypt (recorded by ancient historians), which led to migration.

Thus, the already reasonable to establish the fact that Ukraine is a significant part of the population is a descendant of the population of Atlantis. Apparently and ancient knowledge can be stored somewhere within the country. Then it becomes clear and strong interest in her to outsiders.

11. Ancient units of length and time.

Our ancestors were sacred numbers: 3, 4, 7, 9, 16, 33, 40, 108, 144, 369. Until now, we use these numbers: in 16 years to get a passport, on the 9 th and 40 th day commemorate the dead, etc. Our ancestors had 9 of the world. If each of them divided into 40 parts, you get a circle of 360 degrees, which we use today.

Each day was divided into 16 hours, each hour contains 144 parts, each part was 1,296 shares, each share — 72 moments in every moment — 760 jiffies every Mige — 160 whitefish.

In order to understand what the values of our ancestors operated enough to give one simple example, one of the smallest particles of time in the Slavic-Aryan people called the «signal.»

She portrayed Rune as lightning. The most rapid movement from one place to another was estimated at sigah. Hence the old Russian expressions such as «whitefish», «siganut.»

Why then is 1 whitefish, in modern units of time?

Response raises any: in one second contains 300,244,992 whitefish, whitefish and 1 is approximately 30 electromagnetic wave cesium atom, taken as a basis for modern atomic clocks (or about 1/300 of a second billion).

Why did our ancestors needed such small quantities?

The answer is simple — for measurement of ultrafast processes.

Thus, the ancient expression «whitefish», «siganut» in modern language can only mean «teleport».

And the greatest value of the distance «far distance» is about 1.4 light-summer.

Obviously, such a unit length needed only to describe distances to other star systems.

Similarly and greatest period of time «Svarog Circle» was equal to the period of precession of the Earth’s axis in 25,920 years, which somehow goes unnoticed by his contemporaries, the scale used to living a human life, and no time scale of existence of mankind and ice ages.

12. Ancient Slavic-Aryan calendar

What is our Ancestors calendar of people who lived in the Ingard-earth. The very name of the calendar came from the phrase «God’s Gift of Christmas Carols.»

Summer road Yarily the starry sky of the Sun among the Slavic peoples called Svarog Circle. Svarog Circle itself was divided into 16 parts, and they were called the choir or the Halls (constellations) which, in turn, is divided into nine rooms each.

Thus, Svarog Circle consisted of 144 parts and each part has its unique match Heavenly Fleece.

Full cycle Daariyskago Krugoleta Chisloboga consisted of 144 years, which corresponds to divisions Svarog Circle on 180 parts (Who started the 137 th Krugoleta this summer).

Of these, 15 were for 365 days, and every 16 th was a sacred and contained more than 4 days in honor Paskhet.

New Summer fell on the autumnal equinox, ie on September 22.

Every summer was nine months and consisted of three seasons: spring, fall and winter. For each season is three months. Here is a typical example of one of the summer:

1. Ramhat September 22 — November 1, 2003 summer.

2. Islet 2 November 2003 summer. — December 11, 2003 of the summer.

3. December 12, 2003 Beylet summer. — January 21, 2004 summer.

4. January 22, 2004 Geylet summer. — March 1, 2004 summer.

5. Daylet March 2, 2004 summer. — April 11, 2004 summer.

6. April 12, 2004 Elet summer. — May 21 2004 summer.

7. Veylet 22mA 2004 summer. — July 1, 2004 summer.

8. Heylet July 2, 2004 summer. — August 10, 2004 summer.

9. Toylet 11 August 2004 summer. — September 20, 2004 summer.

Simple summer months with different amounts of days: from 41 a day in the odd and even 40 days. In Sacred Summer in each month was for 41 day.

On the number of days per month and the sacred number 40 appeared the phrase «forty times forty», «forty times better on time than never forty times,» etc.

What had negative dates. If you needed to specify the oldest date, used the most ancient events, from which you and counting.

For example, now there is:

Summer 2004 the birth of Christ;

Summer 7513 from the Creation in the Star Temple;

Summer of 13 013 of Great cold snap;

40009 Summer of third visit Wightman Perun;

Summer 106 783 from the base of the Asgard Iriyskago;

Summer of 111,812 of Great Migrations of Daarija;

Summer 142,995 from the Three Moons;

Summer 153,371 from Assa Dei;

Summer Time 165,035 from Tara, the daughter of Perun;

Summer Time 604,379 from three suns …

In ancient times, the Slavs week consisted of 9 days (apparently, according to the period of revolution of the Moon around the Little Ingard-earth), in which there is no protection, and Sunday there was only Rusko Christians.

Belarusians, Ukrainians, Poles, Czechs, Serbs and other Slavs last day to this day is called «Week».

The ancient Rusich environment was not as triteynik, and for Friday were: shestitsa, sedmitsa, osmitsa and Property of the Week — the day in which a rest from his own works (do nothing).

On this day, ordered to go to his relatives, provedyvat them and rejoice together.

And to those of the adventures were not chaotic (I went to his brother in a nearby village, and at this time he went to the other road for me), apparently there were some rules. Ukrainian church — these are the rules.

The mention of the ancient names of the days of the week are preserved in folk tales, «and on the first week, he went to the Capital City» («The Little Humpbacked Horse»), «that’s really osmitsa a week later came» («Stone Bowl»).

Slavic-Aryan Vedas contain much more information about the structure of the universe and the history of mankind, than could fit in this modest review article.

But I would hope that it would trigger all the people who met her, to the independent search of ancient knowledge, the revival of ancient wisdom and education of high spirituality in themselves, their children, relatives and friends in order to gain real human happiness.


Slavic-Aryan Vedas. — Omsk, «Asgard», parts 1-4, 2001-2002;

NA Beetle «Cosmology». — Kharkov: «Model of the Universe», 2000, 464 p.

NA Beetle

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